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Nasty teen cannot wait to take hefty pecker monstercock and interracial
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CHAPTER 16: FINALE Claire sank down into the majestic reef. Beautiful tropical fish swam among the colorful coral. She kicked her flippered feet and swam forward, taking in the view.

The warm sun shone down through the clear water, feeling wonderful against her skin, clad only in scuba gear and the tiniest bikini she could find and still qualify for swimming areas that weren't nude beaches. A friendly dolphin swam up and chattered a greeting. She reached out and pet its snout. A giant sea turtle swam past and she grabbed hold of its shell and took it for a ride for a minute or two.

An octopus wanted to play next. She reached out to touch it and it wrapped its sucker-covered arm around her wrist. She smiled behind her breathing mask. Then it grabbed her other wrist too. How cute, what a tame fellow this was.

She stopped smiling when it swam over her head to get behind her, pulling her arms up and back, and took hold of her legs as well. She struggled as it pulled her down into the seaweed. She felt tiny legs skittering over her skin and watched as a pair of crabs easily snatched both pieces of her bikini away and made off with them.

An eel swam towards her helpless naked form. A rush of bubbles floating up from her mask signified her scream as it made a beeline for her crotch. It entered her pussy and squirmed deep inside. The starfish that were stuck to her breasts - when did those get there?

- squeezed them hard. She moved from fear to panic when the second eel appeared. She felt it push easily past her asshole and far up her rear passage. Her rapid but deep breaths through the scuba mask echoed in her ears.

These kind of sea creatures never attack humans, what was going on? Don't stop. She needed to get free before she ran out of air down here. Please, more. How could the whole ocean turn against her? Yesssss, harder, faster, almost there. - - - Her eyes opened while she was already screaming in orgasm. Within moments, Gruthsorik's hands tightened on her breasts as he also came. She felt his cum erupting into her ass and pussy via the four tentacles inside.

She remembered now. She was so sore last night that she could barely move. Gruthsorik had helped her get cleaned up and then went to bed with her. Her back was pressed up against his chest, they were "spooning" to the extent they could given their height difference.

Claire gave off a short moan of approval and said, "Good morning," in that playful way that a woman does when waking up in bed with a particular guy for the first time. "And good morning to you," Gruthsorik said. "Did you sleep well?" "Oh yes, especially right at the end there," she said. She snuggled against his body, enjoying the feeling of the cum and tentacles still deep within her. Mother fuck, she was hungry though. She hated to break this perfect moment for something as mundane as food.

Then she had a deliciously wicked idea. "Would you be a dear and do me a favor?" she asked. "Certainly. Just name it," the demon said. "Do exactly as I say, no additions. Go into my kitchen, get two slices of bread out of the fridge, put them in the toaster and turn it on. Then get a bowl from the cupboard and a spoon from the drawer. Grab some cereal from the pantry and pour it into the bowl. Put the toast on a plate when it's done and bring it all back here." "Alright. I'll be right back," Gruthsorik said, his tentacles withdrawing from inside her.

She clamped her hands down over her pussy and ass as soon as they pulled free. A few minutes later, Gruthsorik returned with the food. "I brought what you asked, but aren't these supposed to have butter and milk or something?" "I've got it taken care of. Put them on the bed, please." He set them down on the bed and Claire knelt over them, then took her hands away from between her legs.

Twin double loads of demon spunk poured out over the cereal and toast. She moaned as she worked her muscles, squeezing out every drop she could. Then she sat back and ate a bite of toast and a spoonful of the cereal. She moaned again and said, "You make the most wonderful breakfast." She ate every last bite and then licked the plate and bowl clean for good measure.

She dropped back onto her pillow and lazily slid her fingers into her pussy, then brought them to her mouth and licked them. "There's one thing I'm still curious about." "Oh? What's that?" Gruthsorik asked. "Your name," she said, then paused to run her tongue across her fingers before dipping them into her pussy again. "You never told me about it." "There's not much to tell," he said. "A long time ago, when demons and the other nonhuman races were still common, I had some.

acquaintances among them. It's what they called me. I don't remember who gave it to me. It's not even how it's properly pronounced, just the closest thing to it your phonetic system can manage." "A demon language?" Claire said, before putting her fingers into her mouth. "One that was ancient but already falling out of use as far back as I can remember. I've got a good ear for learning languages, but I never heard enough of it to get a handle on it.

Just scattered words and phrases, and a lot of names." Her fingers slid out of her mouth with a smack. "That's fascinating though. An entirely unknown language, and probably a corresponding culture, that possibly predates human history." "Before my time," he said, "and some things are better off forgotten." "Time?

Wait, what time is it?" She turned to check her bedside clock. "Dammit. I'd better call in." She withdrew her fingers from her pussy again, got out of bed and walked naked out into her house while continuing to lick them off. She went to where she'd left her tablet computer the night before.

She looked up the guard shack's external phone number and dialed her phone. "Hello? Yes, it's me. Listen, after the incident yesterday a Core of Engineers crew should be in to repair the damage.

Yes. I want to keep us out of each other's hair and I have nothing pressing going on there so I'm going to work out of my house today. You know how to reach me. Okay, thanks." She hung up the phone and saw that Gruthsorik had followed her out. "That's done. Now for this," she said. She tapped away at the computer for several minutes, and when she was satisfied she dug around in her purse and retrieved a USB flash drive. She plugged it into the computer and saved a file to it. She removed the drive and held it up for Gruthsorik to see.

"This is for you." "Thank you. What is it?" He asked. "It's the recipe for the pharmaceutical cocktail I created to keep myself heathy even though I've been fucking you constantly. Just in case someone else needs it someday," she said with a wink and a smile, and set the drive down on a table. She had also just mom blowjob cum and small flat teen hd seducing my stepplayfellows son a contraceptive drug mix to the list just to make sure, and a dire but unspecific warning against adding any new girls to the situation without starting them on the treatment first.

She was happy to be an enabler, but she couldn't let this out without the necessary safeguards. Claire's face turned serious as she said, "Listen, I can't tell you how much I would love to keep you here, but it won't be too long before somebody else realizes that too and sends a capture team here to check for you.

They'll also start tracking my movements to see if I've got you stashed somewhere else or plans to meet up with you. Hell, there's probably going to be a tap on my phones and someone reading my mail for the rest of my life. Even if. even if I left with you right now, because of the secrets I know, it would escalate the hunt from black ops to every possible resource at all levels of law enforcement nationwide.

There's no scenario in which I could evade them for long. Alone, you have a chance. "When you go, get as far away as you can as fast as you can. You should probably leave the country, but don't tell me where, and not Mexico.

It's too close, too obvious. They know to look for you now, rape cases with unusual details will be scrutinized. Especially now, while the trail is still warm, they'll be tracking every reported rape and assault in the country, so try to hold out as long as you can." "How long do we have?" Gruthsorik said, nodding. "We should be safe for the rest of today.

Beyond that I wouldn't want to risk it." It would take at least that long for her reports to filter up to people who were allowed to read them, for them to wonder if she might not be objective any more when it came to Gruthsorik, and for the order to scrutinize her in the hope of catching him to come back down the pipeline.

"Then we'd better make good see nasty asian rubs her cunt japanese hardcore of the time we have," he said. She grinned devilishly in agreement. "But first, I need a shower." She walked back towards her bedroom, then stopped, looked back over her shoulder, and motioned with her finger. "Well, come on." - - - She stepped into her shower, but didn't turn the water on.

She turned back around to face Gruthsorik. "Now fuck me, but when you need to cum, pull everything away and put them up here," she said, motioning to the showerhead. Gruthsorik grinned and instantly his dozen tentacles rushed teacher and student sex vidiebony the shower and took possession of her body.

She moaned as the thrusting demon flesh pounded back and forth deep inside her. She licked and sucked the tentacle in her mouth. She felt them dancing over her clit and nipples. Her body went tense as her muffled scream announced her orgasm. Quick as a flash, the tentacles left her body.

She reached out to the wall to steady herself as she closed her eyes and turned her face towards the showerhead. She heard Gruthsorik scream as a torrent of cum washed down onto her. She moaned as she felt it running down her body, over her breasts, down her back, over her pussy, between her ass cheeks, down her legs. She raised her hands to her hair and kneaded it in like shampoo, then ran them all over herself, rubbing it into her skin, moaning all the while.

She wiped her eyes clear and turned, opened then and flashed a huge gooey smile at Gruthsorik. "There. All clean." Her pussy dripped at the irony. She was no such thing. In fact, she'd never felt so dirty in her life and she loved it. Gruthsorik smiled back and chuckled. Claire's eyes fell upon a new idea.

"Say, have you ever used that on a girl?" "What?" he asked, confused. "This," she said as she took hold of his tail.

It had a limited range of motion and was certainly nowhere near prehensile like the tentacles, but was strong and tapered to a promising looking point. "No, I. that's never even occurred to me," he said.

Claire had already hopped up to sit on the countertop and spread her legs. She took hold of the tail and maneuvered it into her pussy. With two hands she eased it in deeper as its thickness increased. "Ohhh. That's. very interesting," Gruthsorik mused. He began to move his hips forward and back, letting his tail slide in and out of her sopping wet pussy. With that help she was able to manage it with one hand and moved the other hand to her clit.

Her moans built in intensity until finally she screamed and came. - - - The only time they spent over the course of the day not fucking was recuperating in between fucking. Also a few breaks for Claire to eat some food, with Gruthsorik's special sauce added of course. Now, though, she was in her bedroom alone, fulfilling a request that he had made.

She took a shower, a real one this time, and spent a little extra time fixing her hair. She didn't have much by way of fancy lingerie, makeup, or jewelry, but what she did have she made use dirty itch milf anal drilling japanese and hardcore. She put on an old bridesmaid dress that fortunately still fit better than she expected. Once finished, she stepped out into the main room where Gruthsorik awaited. He let out a low whistle and said, "You clean up well, Dr.

Thompson." It was of course an understatement. She was gorgeous. She looked him over in return. He had taken a human form again, but rather than the usual forgettable nobody he was devastatingly handsome and had garbed himself in a reasonable facsimile of a tuxedo.

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"So do you," she said, resisting the urge to demand that he take her now. He started some music on her stereo, something soft and romantic he'd found, and offered his hand to her.

"May I have this dance?" She took his hand and they danced slowly around the room, holding each other close. Actually, neither of them knew any proper dance steps, but they faked it pretty well. After a couple songs he led her by the hand back to her bedroom.

They sat down on the bed and kissed tenderly for a long while. Claire wanted to throw him down on the bed, strip, and jump on him, but she waited for him to reach behind her and slowly pull her zipper down. She stood up and eased the dress to the floor revealing the sexy black lacy lingerie. Mature and girl xxx full story pulled her back down to the bed and started kissing across the newly exposed flesh.

Claire moaned and said, "You're amazingly good at foreplay considering your usual idea of it is to tie a girl up and rip her clothes off." "I'm even surprising myself," Gruthsorik replied.

He altered his own appearance to similarly be in a state of half dress, just down to the tuxedo shirt and underwear. He kissed her breasts and eased her bra off, giving his lips access to her nipples. Eventually he started moving slowly down her body. When he reached her legs she moaned, spread them, and laid back on the bed. He teased her thighs, gently and briefly brushing his lips over her panties as he switched back and forth between them.

Finally he raised her legs up and pulled the panties down their length ever so slowly. Then he went right back to teasing her thighs. She squirmed in anticipation and began playing with her breasts. At long last Claire felt Gruthsorik's tongue breech her pussy lips. She moaned loudly brutally fisting his hot girlfriend in bondage he licked and sucked her clit. "Yesssssss, suck my pussy, oh God you're so good at this," she said.

If only every guy could telepathically read a woman's pleasure responses, she thought. She screamed as she came. He climbed into the bed, also "naked" now, his firm, muscled chest completed the image of the delicious hunk of man that had set her desires burning and her pussy gushing. His hard cock was actually only a little above average size, he was really playing this one straight.

He laid down on top of her and eased it into her waiting cunt. Only a tentacle demon could find missionary position a new and novel experience. That didn't matter though. What mattered was having him inside her. He fucked her slowly and sensually, his warm body tight against hers.

"Ohhhh fuck, I didn't know this way could still feel so good," Claire exclaimed. Her orgasm built tantalizingly slowly but erupted strong. Gruthsorik moved back down and ate her pussy again, and after bringing her off again he returned brazzers movie long time english missionary.

When she came once more she convinced him to be a little more adventuresome and climbed on top of him for a sixty-nine. She enjoyed the feeling of dick in her mouth while his tongue worked its magic again. After that, she slid her wet pussy down onto his rod and rode him cowgirl, but slowly and deliberately, preserving the theme. He had lamented that he never gets to see and experience women looking their best, as they don't get dressed up and then go somewhere alone and isolated.

At best he would find girls dressed for clubbing, or like whores (many of them actual whores), but that was an entirely different kind of sexy, with no elegance to it. He said maybe just once it would be nice to treat a lady the way a lady ought to be treated.

Or maybe, Claire thought, he wanted just once to treat her like a lady. "So was it everything you were hoping for?" Claire asked when they were finished, their limbs tangled together and his cock still firm inside her. "Mmm, that and more," he said, and kissed her. Claire giggled. "So you enjoyed slumming it like a human." "Let's just say it was quite an interesting and memorable experience," he said. "How about now we treat a nympho slut the way a nympho slut needs to be treated," she said.

"I want to experience my demon some more." Gruthsorik smiled and got out of the bed. His cock, however, did not leave her pussy. In fact it pushed in deeper as its length extended from his body. Claire pulled her legs up against her body and took hold of her ankles to expose her pussy and ass to the three tentacles that were moving in to join the first. He growled as his body resumed its large, fierce demon shape. The tentacles filled her up, and pounded her fast and hard.

Two more tentacles grabbed her legs, allowing her to drop her hands to her tits. She squeezed them tightly and pinched her nipples while yelling encouragement to her beastly lover. It was taking way too long. It never took this long. She craved another orgasm, she needed to cum. She could feel it deep inside waiting to burst but she couldn't coax it out.

"More," she cried out in between moans. "I need more. Please, give me more!" Her screams reached a new intensity as Gruthsorik responded by pushing another tentacle into both her pussy and her ass. Her arms flew out to her sides and she clutched tightly at the bed sheets as the six tentacles rammed into her over and over. The pleasure was intense but still she wasn't cumming.

"More!" she begged. "More! More!" She shrieked as a fourth tentacle jammed deep into her pussy. Her body rocked with the force of seven everything butt audrey rose with amber rayne thrusting back and forth deep inside her. She could hear Gruthsorik grunting and moaning at the intensity they both felt from it. Getting there. The orgasm was so close she could almost touch it.

So close but still just out of reach. "More! Moooooore!" As the fifth tentacle forced itself into her pussy, her screams shot up an octave and her body exploded. Everything went white, then black. - - - Claire wasn't sure if she had opened her eyes or not. Wait, yes, they were open, it was just dark in the room.

How long had it been since she blacked out? Her body trembled and her pussy and ass tingled with memory of the orgasm. Wow. That one had been beyond words. She had to peel herself up off of her sheets, made sticky due to her sweat and the river of cum that had no doubt flowed out of her holes. She stumbled to the light switch on wobbly legs and turned it on.

She was alone. She made her way into the main area of the house and checked the table where she had left the flash drive. It was gone, but in its place was a handwritten note: "Claire, I've never said good-bye to anybody in my entire life and now I'm saying it to you for the second time. Thank you for everything you have done for me.

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You are an amazing woman. Be well." She smiled and a single tear rolled down her cheek. THE END - With apologies to Ms. Rice for the title and thanks to all those who helped inspired this. - - - This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.