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Slutty lesbian peaches are opening up and fist fucking anals
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Wendy and I bade our guest's farewell at about 10:30 that Saturday evening. Then we headed for he bathroom to prepare for our games. "Fred and Ethel are kind of boring aren't they Wendy?" Its Heather and Roger dear, yes, but they have potential." Wendy was not yet my wife, I had knocked her up when she was still living in LA and married.

Her husband, who had been bisexual, suddenly decided to go all the way and had no further use for her pussy. She had moved north with me to a suburb just outside of Oakland where I bought a house for use. "What kind of potential do you see in them?" "Lets see the are young, and reasonable attractive, maybe we could party with them sometime." "I get the feeling they are a just a wee bit up tight, what did you have in mind to loosen them up?" "Haven't figured that out yet, but will let you know when I do." She grinned.

The house had been a four bedroom, we didn't need that many so the bath for the master bedroom had been remodeled into a gigantic bath from the extra bedroom. In the bath we both stripped, Wendy had introduced me to enema's saying they were kept you in pretty masseuse fucked and jizzed on ass by her client pornstars hardcore health, plus they were a lot of fun.

She did me, then I did her, once cleaned inside we showered and headed to bed. Personally detest the word 'buff' to describe a persons physique, buff is what you do when you wax the car. However, buff was what Wendy was, in shape, tanned all over with legs that never needed stockings to make you drool. She had exquisite breasts with large new balke xxx porn xxx and areolas, a flat stomach and an ass that you just wanted to hold in your hands and kiss.

Her face was pretty with a turned up nose and large liquid brown eyes and this framed with natural blond hair cut short in a DA haircut. She was also a pervert. Our son was with Wendy's mother for the evening, I had the feeling her mother was eying me. I am about half way between the two of them in age. That would have to wait for another time; her mother at 50 was still hot.

We were propped up on the pillows finishing the last of our drinks from earlier female fake taxi heist makes sexy driver horny for a good fucking in cab I looked at her pussy. Since the birth she hadn't trimmed the hair nor had she had a bikini was and it looked great. "You know Wendy it would be super if you didn't get a wax job and didn't trim your hair, it looks so beautiful all full and curly like that." "Come on!" "No completely serious, it just drives me nuts seeing that warm next there.

Look at it this way when you are at the beach or even out watering the trees in that skimpy little bikini of yours every man in the neighborhood over the age of fourteen and half these women run in the house and beat off. But if had a few of those curly hairs sticking out they would have to beat off twice." "You really think I have that effect on men and women." "Honey you are sex on a stick, and if they knew how kinky you were, they wouldn't need to go in the house they'd just come all over themselves right on the spot." "Me, kinky?" "Dear you are as kinky as twenty feet of logging chain." "Where to you get those similes, or is that a metaphor." "One of the two, you forget that I am a poor old farm boy, and you are a big city sophisticated girl who just amazes me." "Right, like your not kinky, who let Sammie fuck him in the ass on his visit to see the kid." "Fair point, it was I, but who gave me the enema, greased me up and guided the cock into me." "Well." "And, who sucked me off while Sammie fucked me?" "Lets change the subject, eat me tonight, go down on me." "Don't I always." "Yes, but tonight is special, I've just started my period and my cunt is all bloody, feeling sort of insecure tonight, but if you ate me out, blood an all it would ease my mind." "Just like the Hell's Angel's." "What?" "The Hell's Angels have a special shoulder patch for members that eat their girl friends when as they crudely say the girls is on the rag." "I'll give you something special, just make love to me with your mouth, suck me off." So I did.

Cunnilingus while the woman is menstruating may not be everyone's cup of tea; if the woman is as clean as Wendy it is really just a matter of personal esthetic considerations. I started by sucking and licking her toes, one foot then the other. Then kissed and licked my way up her calves and thighs, then licked the folds around her cunt, the obligingly spread her legs and I ran my tongue from her little rose bud asshole up to her clit and back, then kissed and sucked her cunt.

"Oh you bastard, you mother fucker, I can't believe your blowing me while I'm bleeding. You really like it don't you." With that she wrapped those beautiful legs around my neck, I stuck my tongue in her and she worked out on it till she started cuming. On about the fifth or sixth orgasm she ejaculated a clear fluid into my mouth, and cut off my air supply she held me to tight. Figured it was time to stop.

She was breathing as if she had just run five miles and it took a couple minutes to catch her breath. "Baby that was great." She finally got out. "Its not over yet." I replied then I lifted her legs onto my shoulders and went after her rectum, licking, sucking it and inserting my tongue. This led to some more heavy breathing on her part. When it was nice and sloppy I got up and moved up her body. Stopping at her breasts to nip at her tits, that caused her to wiggle a little.

Then I inserted entered her backdoor and began to fuck her. "You bastard I should have known." She whispered. "Shut up and fuck." I replied. We kissed and she licked my face tasting her self, and probably curious as to what she tasted like during her period. It didn't take long for me to cum, she was very tight, and her little ass was twitching a mile a minute as she milked my cock with it. We relaxed in the after glow, I softened and my cock popped out.

Wendy leaned over and whispered: "Clean teacher students xxxx class storys sex stories up." Then she changed positions and mounted my face for me to lick her clean as she got herself into a position for 69 and licked my cock and balls. When I got hard again almost immediately she went to work sucking me until I shot in her mouth she continued to suck until I was soft, my mouth and tongue caused her to pop again.

Then we were quiet.

The two of us must have been more tired then we realized, plus a couple of drink because neither of us remember anything after that final lick. I awoke the next morning staring at her cunt, which was approximately an inch from my nose, so I leaned down kissed it and give it a friendly little lick.

"Oh you're a wake." She said as she gave my cock a kiss in response. "Hang on big boy, lets start the day off right." Moving she squatted on my face and proceed to urinate into my mouth, I licked and sucked her as she did; she wiggled, squirmed and was on the verge of cuming. She took my cock in her mouth and drank me as I urinated into her mouth.

This was a commitment to one another, you cannot get much more intimate than that. She turned around, grabbed my cock and sat on it, and we proceeded to rid me of my early morning piss hard on. After a quick shower we went out of the patio for out Sunday morning breakfast. "I think I have the answer to our neighbors, getting them to loosen up." "Not drugs I hope?" "No, you know I have that up for you." "Good, then what is your solution to turn them on?" "Absinthe." "Isn't it illegal?" "Nope, there are liquor stores right here in Oakland that carry it.

We do the whole New Orleans thing, you know drizzle a shot or two over a sugar cube in some sort of a party idea, and after three shots of that those two uptight assholes will become loose as a goose." "Now who's using the country metaphors?" "Shut up, don't be an asshole yourself.

If you're not quiet I'll tell everyone you like to eat me when I'm on the rag." "Hell I'm proud of it, besides every man you meet would do the same thing just to get an up close view of that beautiful cunt of yours." "Flattery naughty wife nicole gangbanged by everybody at a club get you the opportunity to eat me again." Our porch is high off the ground with a three-foot high no peak railing, so no one saw me get down on my hands and knees and eat her out while she finished her coffee and breakfast xxx sex kerala kutty 18 19 story download com. We talked about her plan to seduce our new neighbors and decided we had better try the Absinthe ourselves first.

No sense inviting them over then passing out ourselves. You have of course heard the: One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, Floor. Well it should be One Absinthe, Two Absinthe, Totally absent. The following Sat. night after our son was to bed we tried the stuff. Just like they say, drizzle a shot over a sugar cube it turns cloudy, it has a distinct licorice taste, similar to some Italian liquors.

Of course the underlying alcohol was 75% or 150 proof on the stuff Wendy bought. The fourth shot had us both walleyed, we staggered into the bath for our usually Saturday night routine.

Wendy got a really wild hair up her ass, and got out her nine-inch dildo with anchor and harness and insisted on fucking me doggy style. When she was satisfied I was sufficiently fucked we went after each other with our mouths and every other part of our bodies.

Wendy wanted to invite them over the next Saturday; I nixed that and suggested we needed a couple more Saturdays to get use to Absinthe. So for the next three Saturday's Wendy played cowgirl each Saturday night riding me like her favorite stud. The big Saturday night arrived, we sent our boy back out with his grandmother for the evening. She was beginning to look hotter and hotter to me; after all, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Wendy and I made up a big tray, with aged cheddar cheese, pepperoni, and small sausages.

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It made sense not to let the two of them have that Absinthe hit an empty stomach. They arrived at 7:30, on sexy girl with big tits takes a facial cumshot from two huge cocks hc warm late August evening, it was just getting dark, and it was so pleasant we asked them to join us in on the deck.

"Roger, Heather," I said, "just let you know, the deck is completely hidden from the ground below, no one can see a thing, you know in case we play silly games later on." Wendy then made a big production of the first shot of Absinthe. Downed hers in one gulp and asked our guests to follow suite. "Well, that calls for another." She said grinning and went through the whole rigmarole of pouring four more shots over sugar cubes watching it turn cloudy then down the hatch.

We discussed the neighborhood, Wendy and I allowed as how we were new too, so it was nice to have someone new to share our learning experience with. By quarter of nine Heather and Roger were in the bag after four shots of New Orleans rocket fuel.

Wendy made her move, she was wearing tight hot pants with a tube top. It had attracted Roger's eyes from the moment he walked in. Of course no bra or panties, the hot pants had big butt bbw cowgirls cock riding slutz small wet spot near her opening, so Roger was looking back and forth like to snap his neck. I had Heather next to me on the couch while Wendy was next Roger on the love seat.

Turning to Heather I whispered in her ear: "Watch carefully now." Wendy pulled her tube top down and picked up one of Rogers hands and placed it on her left tit. Then she leaned forward and kissed him. Heather went bug-eyed. I turned to her and began to unbutton her blouse: "Now the games begin Heather." She sort of looked at me, I leaned forward and kissed her, she froze for a second then began to respond in the mean time I continued to disrobe her, when I had her naked I removed my sport shirt and trousers.

By this time Wendy had her hot pants off and Roger naked. He looked a little shocky to me. Being the good host I got up and poured another round of Absinthe handing one glass to Wendy who poured it down Roger and poured the other down Heather.

There was some gulping, but no attempts to escape. Wendy leaned into Rogers lap and kissed his little prick then sucked him for a minute. When he was hard she jumped to her feet grabbing his hand: "Come on Roger join me in the bathroom for a minute you need to get ready for the fun." She walked over to where I was seated with Heather, leaned down and kissed Heather and explored her mouth for a minute with her tongue.

Then she held her boob in front of Heathers mouth and said: "Kiss it." Heather did. We were on the right track. I needed to keep Heather busy while Wendy introduced Roger to an enema. Easiest thing was to just go down on her. I spread her legs, and kneeled on the floor and ate her.

By the time Wendy brought Roger back Heather was wet sloppy and cuming all over. "Come on Heather time for you to see inside." I led her toward the door, then stopped: "See Heather Roger and Wendy are getting to know one another." Pointing to the couch where Wendy was in the process of sucking Roger.

Heather was just a tad confused in the bathroom, so I demonstrated how an enema works on myself. That almost sobered her. She interrupted my dissertation by saying: "I have to go." "Go where?" "I, ah, you know have to go." Dancing from one foot to the other.

I was still sitting on the commode: "Come over here to me Heather, I'll show you what true friends do for one another." She came over reluctantly; I spread her legs apart and locked my mouth onto her cunt. Then began to massage her ass cheeks. She didn't respond at first, so I broke the lip lock looked up smiling and said: "Its okay just let go, Roger just did this for Wendy I'm sure." She was of course neither as clean nor as tasty as Wendy, but she did have another orgasm while I drank her.

Then her turn on the commode and I inserted the nozzle in her and cleaned her out. We showered and returned to the porch still naked. Timing was just about perfect Roger was in the process of tossing his cookies into Wendy's mouth. I poured them both another shot of Absinthe and they both downed it.

Getting up from Rogers groin Wendy walked over Heather grinned at her and opened her mouth: "I just sucked your husband off, now let's us get better acquainted" Embracing Wendy kissed her and soon Heather responded. Soon Heather was given an nipple to suck and in a few minutes Wendy offered to let Heather suck i like it rough now fuck me hard cunt, the girls wrapped themselves around one another and began to get very well acquainted.

I sat down next to Roger on the couch and said: "Gee it looks like the girls really like one another doesn't it, they are getting very friendly over there." "Yeah." Was about the best he could manage, he was in shock.

Putting my arm around him I whispered: "Its time you got to know me better." I held up my cock and gently pushed his head into my lap, "Suck me Roger." Then I fed him my cock.

It was turning out to be a fun evening, Heather was eating Wendy's pussy as if she was a member of Dykes on Bikes, and Roger was blowing me. Wendy had called this one right.

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I didn't want to disappoint Roger so holding his head in place I came in deep in him mouth. Still hard I walked over to the girls, Wendy saw me coming and flipped herself on top with her ass in the air. She was wet and sloppy apparently Heather like the little rosebud too. I entered her and began to fuck her.

Meanwhile the girls were in overdrive as they both we shooting off like machine guns.

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Just as I was about to cum, Simone peach cream on a black dick blackcock girl tapped Wendy on the shoulder, she popped up pulled my dick from her ass and pushed into Heathers mouth, I leaned forward and fucked her mouth and shot my second load of the evening, Heather didn't break stride she sucked it all in like a good little trooper.

Roger was kind of left out, but only for a second. Wendy went over to where he was sitting, probably contemplating the fact he had just sucked a cock, grabbed him and pushed and pulled him till he was on top of Heather. Wendy rolled Heather on to her belly then directed Roger's cock up Heather's ass.

Nature began to take its course. Wendy came over to me, all sweaty, covered in cum and various other fluids smelling just wonderful, She kissed me, and grabbed my cock masturbating me furiously as let me taste Heathers cunt mixed in her mouth. Once I was hard she let me over to the ass fucking couple and pushed my cock into Roger.

To say the least he was surprised, and Heather was almost squashed by the weight. The third time may be a charm, but it took me forever to cum, I figured Roger would be bow legged for couple of days. Heather was a complete sobbing wreck, begging not to make her cum any more. Roger was just a wreck. Once we separated, Wendy told them how to finish he even. She got them into a 69, instructing them to clean out each other's ass.

So like a good couple we sat there on the couch and watched our neighbors fornicate on our porch. Finally they collapsed, the absinthe hit them and they were out. We got a quilt and covered them, then went in and showered. "So was it worth it?" I asked. "Yep, did you enjoy yourself?" "Yep, now I want to fuck my wife, or soon to be wife." "It's been two weeks since my period, I am at my most fertile time tonight, I'm probably giving off a fuck me odor." "Maybe I don't know, that is a bit too subtle for me, those things are pretty subliminal." "How about this, drink me and see if you can taste any difference." Wendy grabbed my head mounted my mouth and let loose.

I got hard. "Can't tell." I said wiping excess urine off my face, "How about me, do I taste different." Pulling he head down to my cock where she drank. When completed, she got up: "Nope, can't tell either, we covered again you know, and after a nice clean shower." "We just got our neighbors off us that's all. If you're worried about getting pregnant again, tell you what after we fuck, I'll clean your cunt out with my tongue, that should do it." "You smooth talking mother fucker you talked me into it." The excitement seducing our neighbors lasted well into the morning hours, finally about four we collapsed.

Then next morning, or rather afternoon we found Heather and Roger had disappeared, not even a thank you note. We tried calling and they didn't answer. They avoided us on the street and within two weeks had moved. On an evening walk arm in arm we gazed at the empty house. "Looks like we will have to break ava and kota milf teen fucking sucking threesome a new neighbor." Said Heather.

"Yep, looks that way, next time we have to try someone that can handle their own sexuality." "Amen to that, hey I got my period, you didn't knock me up, wanna go home and eat me?" "Sounds like a plan to me you smooth talking devil you."