Amateur czech babe pounded by stranger for some cash

Amateur czech babe pounded by stranger for some cash
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"John! The parade is starting. Are you going to watch it from the roof with me Ashley?" Megan called from her room I sluggishly woke up and changed, then walked out the door of my room.

I was tired, and wasn't really excited for the day to come. There was a small parade on our street, which was basically a joke. It was put together by a bunch of adults with nothing better to do with their time and with no money.

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The only entertainment was when somebody would mess up their "act" which was still boring enough. I was only looking forward to one thing today. And i riding on guys outstanding shaft hardcore blowjob about to see her.

Ashley was Megan's best friend. Megan was going off to college soon, but Ashley was just about to be a Junior in high school. She was about 5 foot 7, Black hair down to her chest, a brownish tint of skin due to her asian ethnicity, but unfortunately a small chest, I'd say B cup. Ashley was great. I had only talked to her a couple times, but she seemed like quite the awesome girl. I joined Megan and Ashley on the roof of my house by climbing through a window. Megan had laid out 3 towels on the roof because it got hot in the summer heat.

I was sitting on the end next to Megan with Ashley on the other side of Megan. "Are you going to the Calett's party tonight John?" Ashley asked with a smirk "Uhh, I didn't know there was a party at the Calett's house, but yeah, sure, I'll go." I responded "Ashley! He didn't know for a reason. John, there's going to be a lot of drinking, don't go." Megan commanded rudely "Okay fine, but how are you gonna get home if you're drunk?" I questioned Megan thought for a second, before saying "It's just down the street; we can walk." I let the subject fade as we watched a clumsy display of four floats, and a team of middle aged women trying to be cheerleaders.

I jumped off the roof and walked through the front door and went up the stairs. As I just got up the steps, Megan and Ashley walked past.

Megan smiled, but Ashley stopped me. "There won't be drinking until later, You can come for a while if you want, I'm sure it will be fun" She said with a pleasant smile. "Oh, thanks Ashley, I'll definately go." I smiled at her and walked back to my room for a nice nap. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Around 8:30, Ashley, Megan and I had just left the house and began our walk to the Calett's house, which was about a 5 minute walk away.

By the time we got there, it was almost dark and the party was in full swing, or so I thought. I began to socialize with a few people I knew, and talked to a few girls from my school. After an hour or so, a few people had showed up with alcohol, I decided not to leave, but I wouldn't drink. I walked down stairs to the basement where I found Ashley and Megan with a few other people.

Megan was drinking, but Ashley was sitting on the couch awkwardly. She looked at me and frowned, so I had an idea. "Hey, Ashley, Do you have an iPhone? Some guy upstairs said he found one and was looking for the owner, you might wanna come with me and find him." I said with a wink towards Ashley "Oh!

Damnit, I do, sorry Megan, I'll be right back." She said, getting up and walking upstairs with me "Thank you, so much John. I don't drink and she was kind of getting out of hand." Ashley said with a sigh "It's okay, I know how she can be." I said, guiding her to where I was sitting earlier. We began talking with my friends for a bit, before someone else came by and needed a seat.

She got up and sat on my lap, creating a space for him. I was almost instantly hard from her warmth as she adjusted to sit comfortably on my lap. "John, am I crushing you? I can get up, if you want." Ashley said "No! Um, No, i mean, you're not crushing me, but can i get up really quick? I'll be back in a second." I said awkwardly "Sure" She said, slightly confused I got up and walked to the nearest room I could find, which was a bedroom, and empty.

I closed the door behind me and sat down on the bed. I was trying to control my raging hard on so I wouldn't embarass myself. "You okay there?" I heard, seeing Ashley in the doorway with a smirk. "Oh, Yeah, I'm okay.

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"I'm sure it's a headache. John it's okay, i felt it.

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But don't feel bad. I understand. It was flattering." She said as she said down next to me. I was speechless. As she sat down, she had an amazing, inviting look in her eyes. I leaned closer to her awkwardly, I could smell her breath as I closed the gap and our lips locked together. I instantly felt the warmpth of her mouth, and the taste of her breath. Her taste got me in a trance as our tongues twirled together, All i wanted was to get closer to her.

I put my arms around her and brought her closer to me, wanting her body against mine. We began to fall down towards the bed slowly, still locked together, and we began moving our hands around on the other's body, caressing one another slowly. Suddenly, the door burst open. "Megan threw up, and she's too drunk, get her out of here." A stranger said, ruining the moment. Ashley and I broke the kiss and looked at eachother, still close, anal atm whores sucking ass after pussy fucking heavily and smiling.

All I wanted in this moment was her taste once again, but i resisted as we got up and walked downstairs, and helped Megan walk up the stairs and out of the house drunk.

On the way home, Ashley and I hadn't looked at eachother once, yet there was a silent understandment that we would continue our ruined moment later. We got Megan home without my mom waking up, and laid her down on her bed. "I guess you'll have to sleep in my room tonight, Ashley" I said with a grin "I guess so." Ashley said with a seductive look, "But first, I have to get ready. I'll be in your room in a little bit." I walked back to my room, not knowing what to do, but almost driven insane by the wait.

My dick was throbbing with anticipation. Suddenly, the door opened.

"Where were we?" She said from the doorway. ****************************************************************************************************************