Blonde teen wake up the stretch and swap

Blonde teen wake up the stretch and swap
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Made in Notepad and then pasted here. enjoy! more coming soon. "Oh, ohhhh!" Tom pulls down his pants, while never letting his eye off the peep hole.

Every Sunday night, these same five girls have gathered here and done amazing sexual things to each other in this abandoned old shack. Dan pulls out his stiffening cock and slowly strokes it.

Inside the four women are completely naked, and surrounding a donkey this time. They are taking turns sucking on the donkey's hugely disproportional dick, rubbing their breasts up and down its shaft and pressing their bodies all over the donkey.

The donkey stands still and quite all this time, as if in a trance. The women gyrate against the donkey's coarse fur, and one of them moves to the front and starts kissing the donkey on the mouth, letting his tongue wander around her mouth, and down her throat. They're all on the very brink of an orgasm, and so is the donkey, who starts shaking and shuddering as he blows his load into a bowl that the woman have ready, but they don't stop in their attentions, even when the donkey goes limp.

The one with long dark hair and a beautiful figure pulls the blond out from under the donkey, then puts the donkey's entire dick in her mouth.

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The donkey can't stand still as she starts sucking hard on his entire member, and soon Tom can see the dick slowly making it's way down her throat at it expands.

The blond, not to be put off, goes to the rear of the donkey and starts sucking it's balls, taking one huge testicle in her mouth and then the other, switching between the two. To Tom's amazement, the donkey's dick seems to have gone all the way down the dark haired one's throat, but she doesn't seem to be having any trouble breathing. Again, after another couple minutes of this the donkey starts shaking and shuddering, with him penis still bottomed out in this mysterious woman's throat.

Tom can actually see her stomach expanding as she chugs the cum. "Ah!" Tom accidentally lets out a sharp breath as he cums onto the wall of the shack, and immediately all five woman stop, and look directly at Tom. Tom's cock suddenly hangs nasty chick roughly fucked in the woods, and he pisses himself.

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He tries to pull up his pants quickly, and glances down for an instant, but when he looks back up the women are gone. "Gotcha Tom." Says the long, dark haired one, grabbing one of his thin arms, while another woman grabs his other arm. "Yeah, looks like we caught a peeper!" Several woman giggle, and Tom is pulled to his feet.

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They drag him inside, and he doesn't even struggle. He's still in shock, with his pants half down, being dragged backwards by these two insane woman like a sack of potatoes. Once inside, he sees the other half of the room which he was unable to view from his peep-hole, and among many sex toys that catch his eyes, there is a large, coffin sized, glass box with a padlock on the side.

They throw him on the dirty floor, and surround him. "Well, what should we do to him girls" asks the dark haired girl. "What should be his punishment" "Maybe we could have him join us in the ritual" suggested a petite brunette. "Maybe…" says the long, dark haired girl, who is obviously the leader. The way she says it is an unmistakable no, and she's trying to get them to say what she's thinking.

The rest of the girls catch on quickly. "Have sex with him until he cries" "Make the donkey have sex with him until he cries." "Make him eat us out, then make him let the donkey eat him out" "Those are all very good ideas girls…" says the dark haired girl, but obviously is uncertain. Finally the tall, short, dark haired one that had been quiet steps up, and everyone hushes. "Perhaps this would be the perfect opportunity for… it" A smile plays across her lips, which is matched by the leader chick.

All the other girls smile too, then they all pounce on Tom, mia khalifa full movies sex stories storys grabbing a limb, and the leader chick grabs hold of his head.

Tom's instincts kick in, and he regains control of his body, but as much as he struggles he can't escape them. They seem unnaturally strong, and they lift him high in the air, then stuff him in the glass coffin, locking him in quickly. "Let me out!" Screams Tom, finding his voice, and banging on the glass. The women ignore him, and the leader goes over to a cabinet and takes out a huge two gallon jar filled to the brim with some mirky, red liquid.

In the liquid there are thousands of long, blood red worms. She takes the worms over to the coffin, and the women start chanting, joining hands around the coffin.

This seems to excite the worms inside of the jar, and they start wiggling twice as fast. Right then Tom notices for the first time holes in the lid, and the woman deftly places upturns the jar on a hole right above his crotch, not spilling a drop.

The worms torrent through, like a facet, and begin burying Tom's crotch,he starts pushing them off franticly, but it isn't near fast enough. Suddenly Tom feels a biting pain in his penis, and sees a worm halfway into his pee hole. He tries to pull it out, but it has a firm anchor in him, and is too slippery.

Very quickly it's inside of him, and he can feel it's cold body making it's way deeper into him. He had been wrong about the jar, there was no liquid in it, only worms. He feels one after another slip between his fingers, then down his urethra, even though he has a tight grip on the head of his penis. Now, there's a sharp biting at the base of his balls, and then several actually on his balls.

Tom screams as the worms burrow into his ball sack and beyond, even though the pain is minimal after the first stinging bites. They are now flowing down his penis, and starting to flow into his ballsack, when Tom feels two simultaneous bites on his nipples, and looks down in time to see two thick red worms start to wiggle their way into his nipples.

They even start to enter his ass, and Tom starts freaking out, his hands slapping his crotch, grabbing at his ass, and clutching at his chest to no avail. More and more start to wiggle into him, and he sexy ivy rides a long black shaft feel them working their way deeper inside of him.

His chests starts to swell from the amount of worms inside of him, and he can feel three separate pools of worms deep inside his gut; one deep in his ass, one in his bladder, and the last one at the end of a tunnel that they had all dug where his balls were. Tom tries to grab his dick and balls again to stem the tide, but it's no use, and unbelievably Tom thinks his penis must be shrinking.

He doesn't remember it being that thin or short, even when flaccid. His ball sack is being stretched tight with all the worms entering him and fighting to work their way deeper inside of him, and he can feel them wiggling slimily right next to his balls, but slowly he starts to find that he can't feel his balls against the worms anymore.

Tom's chest is now enormously swollen, so much so that his chest jiggles with his every movement, and his nipples have stretched and elongated, now accommodating two or three worms at a time, while his pee hole is fitting twice that, and his ball sack seems to be emptying and refilling at a rate similar to a water hose.

Tom feels like he needs to poo and pee badly, and so he does, spilling out pounds of worms, and forcing one worm after another out of his pee hole in a steady stream. Much to Tom's confusion, he can't feel his penis anymore either, and when he reaches down to try and pull out the worms from his penis, he finds that he can't find it.

He cups his hand over his crotch, and under the layer of worms that are rushing into him, he can't feel anything, not his balls or his dick. Tom screams louder, watching the worms flow into his crotch as his chest keeps expanding, and watches for what seems like forever, suddenly as if it were happening to someone else and not him. Dreamily, he watches the last few of the worms make their way into him, and then he lets his head fall back, exhausted. His belly is now distended as if he were pregnant.

"Do you think it was a good idea to use them all" asks the brunette. "I just wanted to make sure it worked completely is all," replies the leader. "it should be interesting to see how horny he, oops, I mean she will be with all of those estrogen parasites. Two gallons of those aught to have quite the appetite." "You're so cruel, I love you." "I love you too, I love all of you." And they all huddle together and start kissing.

Tom groans loudly, and sits up. The women gasp. "She's beautiful! What happened to her" The brunette gets tolerant looks from the other four. "We made a batch of these worms that feed off estrogen a little while back." Explains the blond.

"They're supposed to be both a revenge and a pleasure. Remember we gave you one at the initiation" "Yeah, but they didn't do anything to me. They just made him into a her." "Well, they're parasites, and need estrogen to survive. Give them to a woman, and no problem. They just go straight up your snatch and you're a little more horny from then on. We thought we were going to use them on some prissy virgin cheerleaders, and see how much longer they're virgins.

I had no idea that they would do that to a guy though." "Well, I did." interrupts the leader. "I knew that if the worms had no source of estrogen, they'd go to the nearest animal and make it create estrogen.

The fact that it made him beautiful lela star with romi rain just a evolutionary thing, if your hotter you'll get more action, and therefore more estrogen for the worms.

You might not have noticed it, but your breasts did get bigger and firmer, and you lost some weight around your waist.

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You don't even have acne anymore." "Oh God." Says Tom, trying to lift his head. He reaches down toward his crotch, past his swollen stomach, and instead of his usual ball sack and dick combo, he finds only a flat, smooth surface. That sure wakes him up, and he sits up straight, cracking his head on the lid.

"Let her out." Order the leader. The lock is undone, and Tom is able to sit up. Her belly is visibly shrinking, and her figure is starting to emerge. In seconds, the bulge is gone. Tom now has a tight waist, an shapely butt, large, perky breasts, longs, flowing blond hair, a models face, long, slender legs, and two neat little pussy lips with a neat trim of hair.

she will never actually need to put on makeup, as her perfect face would actually be marred by any alteration. Tom stares at his pussy, then touches it. It's tightly closed together, but the pleasure she gets from just lightly touching it causes a shiver to run down her body. she looks around at the women as if she were about to cry, a horrified look on her lesbian adorable babes know a lot about satisfaction.

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"Don't worry Tom," says the blond brightly. "We'll take care of you and show you how everything works down there. We can even have some fun tonight." Tom chokes on her words, then finally whispers.

"Undo it." "We can't Tom." Says the leader. "It's kinda slutty busty counselor diana prince fucks her patient, but why would you want to go back to being a guy so soon when you could see what it's like to be a woman for a while" She reaches out and grabs Tom's crotch, rubbing her finger up her tightly closed slit, and causing her to gasp. Tom's cunt starts to heat up, and in seconds is becoming slick.

Her pussy starts to swell as blood rushes to it, pushing her lips outward into a mound and to the side, splitting her cunt open and letting the folds start to show.

"My name's Melissa, and I think we'll get to be the best of friends." She starts to pull at Tom's pussy folds, and she starts panting, a funny feeling building up inside of her, an instinctual need for something heating up her crotch and her insides. "What will we name you hmm" "my name is Tom!! change me back now!!!" "too bad, your name is Tomgirl now" She starts sliding her finger up and down Tom's cunt, rubbing her lips and now moving in a circular motion.

"Mmmm, yes." Tom starts to gyrate her hips, and that's when Melissa inserts a finger into her wet, hot sex hole. her cunt unconsciously grips at her finger, and she cries out in pleasure. "You're now Tomgirl, like the girls that want to be boys, got it" She is now finger fucking her and she lays back in the coffin, pressing her cunt into the air to fry and get more of Melissa's finger in her. "Yes, yes, ohHHH YESSS!" Tom screams out as her very first orgasm hits her like a tidal wave, her pussy clenching tight on Mellisa's finger.