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Bigtits amateur brunette butt asses porn star brunette teen milf
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When I came too after my first multi fuck I was still in the dark room Mr. Miller had brought me to in the dance club. I was naked and covered in cum. I heard soft moaning and looked around. Mr. Miller was sitting on the couch and Ginger was between his legs sucking his long hard cock slowly in and out of her mouth. As I watched I felt my nipples harden, and my cunt get wet from my own juices.

I must have made a noise because Mr. Miller looked over at me and smiled. "The baby slut is awake Ginger, go suck her clean." Ginger let his cock fall out of her mouth, and Mr. Miller took it in his hand very slowly stroking it up and down as he watched her crawl over to me. She smiled then leaned down and I felt her tongue flick over my wet cunt. I moaned. Mr. Miller kept stroking himself watching. "You have three different men's cum in you slut, three men filled your little slit to over flowing.

Now Ginger is going to suck it out." And she did. I felt her tongue thrust into me, then her mouth start sucking and I was lost. Her mouth was so much softer than a man's, and I felt her sucking and pulling the cum out of me drinking it down.

Knowing that she was a nasty cunt like I was made me hotter and wetter for her. I started bucking my hips up, fucking against her mouth as she ate me.

Ginger moaned as she sucked the men's cum out of me, and Mr. Miller laughed stroking himself. "I've never met a young cunt that's as slutty as you. You love this don't you?" I moaned, then nodded. "Yes sir, yes I love anything at my cunt. I love you watching this bitch eat me." This was the right thing to say because Mr. Miller jerked himself hard then stopped panting. "You almost made me cum whore.

Ginger, get the toys." Ginger stopped sucking my cunt and went to a little hidden box by the couch. She pulled out some things I'd never seen. One was a pale pink little thing that was shaped like a bulb, it looked very strange. The other was neon blue and at least two feet long, but I could tell each end was slotted and sloped like a man's cock. She smiled as she came towards me, then looked at Mr. Miller. He smiled down at me still stroking his hard cock.

"Pick your ass up and spread it for Ginger cunt." I instantly lifted my ass up, spreading the cheeks open and Ginger took the bulb shaped toy and slammed it right up my dry asshole. I screamed. I love being fucked in the ass but it always hurts at first. Ginger seemed to know exactly what to do though, she worked the butt plug into my ass deep then leaned back.

She took the blue dildo then and began feeding it into my already dripping wet cunt. I couldn't help but to start bucking on it right away, I loved being double penetrated and my young fourteen year old body was desperate for more.

Mr. Miller sat forward stroking his hard cock, smiling. "Feed that snake up her slutty cunt Ginger." Ginger pushed a good ten inches of the blue cock up my cunt, then facing me started working the other end up her own shaved pussy. "Come on baby girl, fuck me." She whispered as she pulled me to a sitting position.

She pushed my head towards her huge tits. "Suck me baby…come on be a good slut for me." And I started sucking her hard nipples, raising one hand to knead and pinch the other large breast in my small hand. Ginger hooked her legs over mine, and shoved forward. A little more of the blue dildo went into me, but suddenly her hot pussy was rubbing against mine as she impaled herself on the rest of the double cock's length.

Once she was positioned she started grinding her pussy up against mine, fucking me with our shared dildo and she grabbed my titties and kneaded them hard while I sucked on hers.

I noticed Mr. Miller really beating his hard cock, he got up and walked over to stand next to us. "Fuck each other my cunts, dirty whores playing with each other. Suck me." and I saw him slap Ginger's face with his chubby blonde milf stranger loves the cock cock. She opened her mouth and started sucking his hard cock mature with a huge appetite for cocks, slurping and licking on it.

Then she pulled my head off her nipple and kissed me open mouthed like she had before. I could taste Mr. Miller's precum in her mouth.

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I was loving it, I started grinding my cunt over the dildo up in me and fucking my pussy against Ginger's, I was about to cum being fucked by a girl! Ginger pulled away and turned my head forcing it to Mr. Miller's cock, and soon we were both licking and slurping his hard cock while he pushed his hips forward. He moaned and grabbed my hair roughly.

"Lick my balls and ass cunt, do it good." And I buried my face under him while Ginger sucked his hard cock down. Old Mr. Miller never made me lick his ass, but I was so hot I lapped at Mr. Miller's balls for a moment, then let me tongue run around the rim of his asshole. He moaned. "That's it slut, tongue my ass. Shove it up in there nasty baby girl." I shuddered as Ginger ground against me, and pushed my tongue deep up Mr.

Miller's ass. I came right then, it was so nasty to be tonguing someone's ass I loved it. Mr. Miller let out a yell, and pushed us both away. He aimed his cock and shot huge sticky amounts of big tit teen shows off on webcam all over our mouths and tits. Panting he squatted down, pushing me back and put his limp cock in my mouth. "Lick it up cunt…" and I started sucking and cleaning it right away.

He told Ginger she was done, and though I felt her hot foursome session with two ravishing starlets she left the dildo stuffed up my own cunt as I cleaned Mr. Miller's cock. When he thought I was finished he stood up. "You are so ready slut." I had no idea what he thought I was ready for, but I was more than willing.

He told me to go shower in a little room down the hall and put on what I'd find when I came out. I was disappointed when I got out of the shower to find just a plain old blue jean mini skirt and a cute little top, with a bra. I had hoped Mr. Miller would dress me like the women in the club, just a thong and bare breasted. He had other plans though. He'd called my parents and told them our car broke down, he was really sorry but he'd make sure I was safe for the night and bring me back in the morning.

Then he took me to a really run down part of down. "This is where the runaways go slut. Get out there and find me a little girl, younger than you and tell her we'll feed hertell her anything but get her back to the car." I was a little stunned, he wanted a girl younger than me?

How was I supposed to do that, could I do it? It was one thing to whore myself I loved it but I knew he didn't just plan to feed anyone I brought back. While I sat thinking about it he slapped me hard across the face, then grabbed a tit through my shirt and twisted it painfully. "Do what I say whore! Now, get me fresh cunt." I hate to admit it, but that actually made me wet in my little skirt. I slid out of the car, knowing that I was stalking these kids, setting up a little girl to get raped and I was wet thinking about it.

I realized I was a sick little girl, but it felt so good. It took me awhile, most of the kids were my age or older. The few that might not have been were too scared to go with me. Then I found this one little girl all by herself in a box. She looked pretty scared, but fresh she wasn't even dirty yet.

I asked her what her name was, and she told me and I asked her how old she was, twelve she said. She was perfect, she had pretty blonde hair and blue eyes, she had no tits at all.

She had run away from an orphanage because they were going to adopt her to two gay men, and that was 'wrong' she said. I had to laugh, knowing what Mr. Miller had planned for her, she should have gone with the gays. I coaxed her with me telling her that me and my dad were looking to help the street kids, get them a meal and find them a better shelter.

She was too young, stupid and new on the streets to be scared of me. When I got her back to the car Mr. Miller smiled darkly at me and nodded. "Good girl." He was so sweet to the little girl, had her sit on the outside away from him, and just kept telling her how she was safe now.

He never touched her, or me on the drive to the hotel he'd rented while I was gone. We went up to the room, I guess he told the clerk we were his daughters. He promised her that after a bath we'd get her fed, and then work on finding her a safe place to stay. She was relieved about being able to bathe.

She came out wrapped in one of the overlarge fluffy bathrobes from the hotel. "My clothes?" she asked and Mr. miller told her he'd sent them to be cleaned. While she was bathing we'd ordered hamburgers and cokes from room service and I'd seen Mr. Miller dump a clear liquid into her coke. She only got through half her coke before she was passed out on the table. Mr. Miller picked up her and took her to the bed, he slipped the robe off her and lay her naked little body on the huge bed in the room.

He looked her over and moaned.

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magma wet machs maul auf ich muss fresh young cunt. You did good whore. Strip and get on the bed with her." I was there in seconds flat, partly I was turned on about Mr. Miller taking out his cock and rubbing it over the little girl, but honestly I was turned on about helping him rape her too. He smiled when he saw my nipples were hard. "You sick cunt, you want to do this don't you?" I licked my lips and nodded.

"yes sir." He stroked his cock "Good, then lean down and suck those baby nipples, get them hard." I knew if I did this, I was completely lost, but I couldn't help it. I leaned over and took one of the unconscious girls baby nipples into my mouth. She didn't make a sound but as I started sucking it popped up hard in my mouth. Mr. Miller moved around I heard something click, he was taking pictures of me sucking this baby girl's tits.

"Move to the other one slut." I sucked the other baby nipple till it was hard too, and Mr. Miller spread the girl's legs wide open on the bed. He snapped a few close ups of her naked baby cunt then set the camera aside. "Eat that baby cunt…lick her and get her sloppy wet like you are." I got down and ran my tongue across her soft baby lips, and when I felt Mr. Miller's fingers shove up my own dripping cunt I shoved my tongue up her bald slit and came hard.

"You sick cunt, rape her baby pussy with your tongue. You nasty fucking whore." Mr. Miller was panting as he watched me eat the twelve year old pussy. I licked and sucked at her till she was wet with my spit and some of her own little baby juices. She never moved while I licked and sucked at her sweet young cunt, and I was disappointed.

I had hoped she'd wake up and love it as much as I had loved being raped by Mr. Miller's father. Mr. Miller took pictures of me licking her bald cunt, then had me climb on the bed and straddle the girl's face. She was still unconscious but I rubbed my own shaved young pussy against her mouth while Mr. Miller snapped more pictures.

I played with my nipples as I did. I couldn't help it, I slender wiska blows on two big rods pornstars and cumshot so turned on and my body was aching to cum and cum. Mr. Miller told me to suck her nipples again and as I did he leaned over her and slapped her face, gently not like he slapped me earlier. He slapped her a few times until she begin to moan and come around.

"There she is … hello sweetheart how do you feel?" The girl looked up at him with wide blue eyes, that I could tell were a little cloudy from the drug and she started to cry. I knew she was scared, I'd have been too so I sucked harder at one of her little nipples and rubbed the other one gently in my hand. She started to answer Mr. Miller but then just moaned in reaction to my sucking on her nipple.

I saw Mr. Miller grin broadly. "Feel good honey? My whore's been getting you all sexed up and wet for me." He knelt by her now, showing her his huge eleven inch cock, stroking it right in front of her face. I felt my own mouth water as I watched him, and slid a hand down to finger my dripping cunt. "Please … please stop." she all but whispered her voice was breathy and sounded even younger than she was.

"You don't like her sucking your nips honey?" Mr. Miller was smiling coldly. "They're awfully perky for you not to like it." They where, her nipples had risen up off her flat chest and stood like to little pink stones at attention. She looked down at me and I looked up sucking her hard little nipple in my mouth.

I opened my mouth and let her watch me swirl my tongue around her bud.

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She moaned again and shook her head. "No… no…" but she arched up at the same time so I closed my mouth back over her nipple as she fed it to me. Mr. Miller laughed now rubbing his hard cock against her mouth. "It's ok to like it honey. If feels so good doesn't it?" I could tell she was scared and confused, like I had been at the beginning. It obviously felt good to her but she knew it was wrong.

I figured the drug that Mr. Miller had given her was helping because I watched her squirm in pleasure as I slid my hand down to rub her bald cunt which was more than a little wet. Mr. Miller watched as I rubbed her wet slit and he stroked his hard cock.

The little girl was squirming against my hand moaning. "Eat her whore, eat her little cunt till she cums and loves it." Mr. Miller said as he shoved my head down her body. The girl squirmed more, and moaned. I knew she was liking it and didn't care if it was because she was drugged or not. I got back between her legs and she spread them for me, then I was lapping her bald cunt while she was awake. Man she was either as much of a slut as I am or the drug really lovable czech girls spread their butts with ass plug and huge magic wa. As soon as I slid my hot tongue into her bald cunt, she moaned and bucked her hips up.

I tongue fucked her while I fingered myself. Mr. Miller stayed on the bed stroking his cock, talking. "Eat that baby cunt, tongue that tight little hole … fucking whores both of you." He was beating his cock fast, and I thought he was going to cum. The girl did she arched up and panted, then let out a loud moan and I tasted her cumjuice in my mouth. I sucked and sucked lapping it up as she moaned obviously loving her first conscious cum. Mr. Miller got off the bed, his eleven inch cock standing straight up, he was panting hard.

"Shit, you little cunts are so hot." He pulled me off the girl, and told me to go put on the present in the bag. I watched as he took my place.

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He lapped her dripping bald slit, then slowly slid a finger inside her. She went wild when his finger pushed up her, she fucked him back.

I saw her eyes rolling in her head, she was drugged and loving it, no more inhibitions she was just fucking his finger hard. The 'present' turned out to be a thong with a dildo sticking out the front of it.

I had never seen a strap on before, but I figured it out. I put it on, and felt suddenly very dirty and horny as I looked casting francais franco canadienne deacutechaineacutee sasha paradis tireacutee en levrette au casti my body and saw the six inch plastic cock sticking out from me. Mr. Miller pulled away from the girl frail japanese slut munches on a fat dick the bed and she whimpered as his two fingers slid out of her now dripping cunt.

She spread her legs wider and humped air. He laughed as he picked up the camera he'd set down. "Don't worry cunt, you nasty hole is going to be full soon." Then he looked at me, snapping pictures of me holding my 'cock' "Don't just stand there, pop the slut's cherry." The inside of the thong was rough, and every time I moved the dildo-cock in front it rubbed up against my hard clit. I was dripping wet as I walked to the edge of the bed and pointed the dildo at that little girl's wet hole.

She looked up at me, her blue eyes glazed and drugged but all she did was spread her legs and whimper. Mr. Miller moved around the room taking shots at different angles. "Go on, fuck her … nasty little sluts getting each other off." I pushed the head of the dildo into her cunt and watched her tiny hole start to stretch open. The rough edges of the thong pressed up against my clit as I pushed forward and both me and the little girl moaned. I pushed the dildo further in and she whimpered as it hit something that made it stop.

Mr. Miller put his camera down and got behind me, watching. "Shit, bust her cherry girl." And he pushed my ass forward making me shove the six inch dildo all the way into the girl in front of me. She screamed, and I came as I raped her virgin cunt.

Mr. Miller guided my hips for awhile, pushing them back and forth making me fuck the little girl who was now moaning and bucking up against the dildo. He took his hands away, and then I felt his cock rubbing my asshole. He slammed into me from behind, pushing me forward making my dildo go deeper into the little girl.

Then I was sandwhiched between them. Mr. Miller pumped my ass hard which made me fuck forward to the little girl.

It was like he was fucking us both, and we were both cumming hard for him. He must have been really turned on, because it didn't take long before he was spewing hot cum up my shitchute and pulling out. He climbed over me and shoved his cock down that girl's throat. "Lick this shit clean bitch." He growled. For the rest of the night we fucked and sucked each other. Mr. Miller tried to get the girl to put on the strap on and fuck me with it but she wouldn't do it.

She obviously enjoyed both the dildo and Mr. Miller's cock driving into her cunt and ass though. She even ate me twice sucking out Mr.

Miller's cum once. I was a little stunned, in just over a year I'd gone from being raped to helping my master rape another girl, and I loved it. I knew for sure I'd always be a nasty slut and hoped Mr. Miller planned to keep me around for a long time. As we dumped the drugged girl off the next morning heading for home, I got my wish. Mr. Miller began explaining to me his plan for getting my parents to not only let me stay with him permanently, but be quiet about him fucking me.

I was wet and ready to put it into action.