Stunning cutie is pissing and pleasing smooth fuckbox

Stunning cutie is pissing and pleasing smooth fuckbox
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Hey there everyone, this is my first story (of many. Within this series and others that aren't). Please give me some CC. Thanks!

PS, this is going to be a story with about 5 parts if you all like it and want more! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ As my parents pulled their girl put eel in vagina back out of the driveway, I couldn't have been more excited.

Dealing with them during the Summer had become an absolute pain in the ass since I started high school, and after having dealt with them all throughout Freshman year, now that I was in the Summer before I became a Sophomore, I was elated to have any time on my own and away from them. Just as exciting as alone time however, was the fact that I was at my cousin's house, where I could be a glutton and a sloth for an entire night.

My omahunter teen girl licks chubby mature big tits Jen was fortunate enough to be much richer than my immediate side of the family and could afford her pretty sizable house with a pool to accommodate her, her husband Harold, and their two daughters Bailey and Shae.

Harold was usually out of the house, with his job calling him out of the country at least three times a year. Bailey was the older sister, and although both siblings had been active and social growing up, now that Bailey was just entering high school, she seems to be more reserved most of the time, often getting into fights with her parents.

Of course, she could have been decently social and still be no match for her sister Shae. Shae was now in 7th grade and was without a doubt the most popular girl in her middle school. She was seemingly destined to be on cheer in high school, was in all the right cliques, had tons of jocks wrapped around her finger. On this particular alans rains story con xxx, the day that I would be sleeping over at their house, Jen and Harold both happened to be home, Bailey was holed up in her room, and Shae and her friend Lizzie were having a sleepover.

As I approached the house with my backpack, my cousin threw open the door and immediately wrapped me in a tight hug. "Noah! It's so good to see you!" she said, squeezing me so hard that I thought my eyes would pop out. "It's good to see you too!" I said back.

"I've been looking forward to this all month!" "Well I'm glad. You have free range of the house and the pool. We have tons of food, just make anything and everything you want." She said. I realized that I hadn't eaten since this morning, and the 2 hour drive with my parents had my stomach grumbling loudly. "Thank you so much. I'm probably going to eat something now, then go swim for a while," I said, starting to walk with Jen towards the kitchen.

"Great! Well just let me know if you need anything," she said, disappearing down the hallway to the other side of the house, into her room. I found a frozen pizza to cook, planning on eating any leftovers that I had for dinner later on. I heard a lot of noise upstairs while I made it. Figuring that the noise was just Shae and Lizzie, I ignored it and started to eat once my pizza was done. I should have been paying more attention though, because as I was distracted on my phone, Shae and Lizzie ran into the kitchen, stole two slices each, then retreated back upstairs to Shae's room.

"Aw come on, what the hell?" I shouted behind them, hearing them giggle at the misfortune they knew they had just caused for me. I ended up finishing what was left of the pizza within the next 10 minutes and went to the hallway bathroom to change into my swim trunks. I would be sleeping in the living room tonight on one of their couches, and since Shae's room was connected to Bailey's via a shared bathroom, Shae and Lizzie would also be sleeping in the living room on an air mattress to avoid annoying Bailey.

As I was changing (and more importantly, while I had my pants down), I had the weirdest feeling that I was being watched.

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I was facing sideways to the door when I felt this feeling and turned immediately towards the door, which promptly shut. I heard giggling and the patter of footsteps run away from the bathroom, then upstairs. Although I was incredibly worried about what they might have just seen, I tried to ignore what had just happened, and eventually made my way out back to the pool.

I found an inflatable raft bed to lay down on, and eventually drifted off to sleep on top of the water. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ When I woke back up, it was dark outside. I got out of the pool and checked the time on my phone.

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10:30PM. I figured I should at least get ready for bed. When I re-entered the living room, I was surprised by what I saw. Shae and Lizzie were already asleep, at least 3 hours before I had expected them to be. Feeling glad that I hadn't made much noise coming into the house, I ran to the bathroom, changed into a t-shirt and boxers, and laid back onto the couch.

I knew I wouldn't be able to sleep immediately, but I still closed my eyes in hopes of possibly speeding up the process. After about 5 minutes, I heard noise from the air mattress.

It sounded at first like one person sitting up, then two. "Wow, he's out quick for someone who just slept in a pool for 3 hours," I heard Lizzie say. "Yeah," said Shae, "My mom says that's just how people get sometimes once they get to high school.

There's just so much on their mind during the day, that their bodies basically give in at night." "Weird." said Lizzie. "So do you still want to do this, or.??" I wondered what she meant, but kept my eyes closed. "Definitely. How else will we know?" said Shae. I heard them both slowly crawl off the air mattress and towards my general direction.

Eventually I could feel them right next to me, as they slowly started to pull the blanket I was using down and off of me. Eventually, the blanket was at my shins, exposing my boxer-clad lower body to their gaze. "Shit," whispered Shae, "We have to get it out of there." "It?" I thought. No, there's no way they mean. I felt a hand on my crotch. It lightly reached through the hole in the front and felt around for my cock.

I'd never thought of Shae (or anyone in my family for that matter) in a sexual way. Of course, now that I knew that she and her friend wanted to use me to "educate" themselves about the male body, my mind naturally wandered. Shae was incredibly attractive, that could not be argued against.

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She was pretty tiny for her age, with darker skin that was usually tan that she got from her father. Due to her taking gymnastics most of her childhood in preparation for cheer in high school, her legs were nicely toned and nicely long in proportion to her body. Her boobs had just barely started to get larger from puberty, but anyone with half a brain could tell that in a few years, they would be a very nice pair.

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Her friend Lizzie, on the other hand, was taller than Shae, with classic blonde hair that curled at its tips and very pale skin.

She had long legs as well, but they weren't toned like Shae's. Her boobs had already started to get pretty sizable, but I didn't think they would stay larger than Shae's for much longer. After realizing within a few seconds that I was actually pretty alright with what was taking place, I made the decision to continue faking sleep to see what Shae and Lizzie's full plans were.

At this point, the hand in my pants had pulled my cock out of the front of my boxers.

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It was already starting to harden as I heard them start talking again. "So, she said you just stroke it like this." said Shae. I assumed that meant it was her hand that was starting to stroke my dick. "And then what?" said Lizzie, after a short while. "Well," said Shae, "She said that unless you want to have sex, you can put it in your mouth and it feels really good for him." I held my breath.

They weren't actually about to give me a blowjob, were they? I felt a mouth start to engulf my cock in soft warmth. It didn't go very far down though.

"Yeah, like that." said Shae. So the mouth must have belonged to Lizzie. Lizzie's mouth pulled off for a second. "I think it's too dry. I can't go down too far." she said. "We could try licking it, she said that would help too." said Shae. I then felt not one, but two wet tongues running up and down the sides of my cock. One tongue (I don't know who it belonged to) even ventured a few times down to my balls for a second, then would lick back up to the tip.

Eventually, they must have thought that my cock was wet enough to be taken into their mouths again, because I felt one of them do exactly that. "That looks way easier," said Lizzie. Shae was giving me head. And she was a prodigy at it. I hadn't had but a few blowjobs at this point in my life, but Shae was a natural pro. She even swirled her tongue around the head while she bobbed on it. Eventually, I felt the feeling that I was about to cum soon.

It hadn't been my intention to let them finish me off, but I now had no choice in the matter. the feeling kept rising in me until it had nowhere else to go. Hot gfs tiresome trip ends up in an awesome lesbian sextape made sure my eyes stayed shut and my body didn't convulse too much, and then heard Shae make a noise as the first spurt hit the back of her throat.

She started using her hand in addition to her mouth as I emptied my balls into her throat. She pulled off before I had fully finished. I felt some of my own jizz run down my leg onto the blanket, and I heard Shae swallow. "Wow, you said you'd tell me when he was going to finish so we could both try it," said Lizzie. "Sorry," said Shae, "I didn't know he was so close. It's crazy that he was able to sleep through that." "What would you have done if he had woke up?" replied Lizzie.

"I don't know," said Shae. "I can't imagine he would have wanted me to stop, at least according to what she told us." I'd have to try and meet this sexually promiscuous friend of theirs some time. Eventually, after they stopped chatting about what had just happened, I drifted off to sleep.

In all honesty, I probably needed to clean myself and the blanket, but I didn't want to risk scaring them if I woke up. I woke up the next morning seemingly before everyone else in the house. The blanket I had originally used the previous night was gone, replaced by a new one. I slowly got out of "bed" and made my way to the kitchen to get some cereal.

I brought my breakfast out to the pool to relax while I ate. I eventually heard the door open behind me. "So do you want to explain this?" said Harold, holding the cum-stained blanket from last night.