Stacey leanns pussy fucked like a spreadeagle pornstars and brunette

Stacey leanns pussy fucked like a spreadeagle pornstars and brunette
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It is strange how fortuitous my love for rimming Asian girls' asses began. I had always admired a nice piece of female behind, but never considered licking that tight little puckered rosebud before - I thought it was dirty and would probably taste bad. But that all changed one evening with a girl whose name I now can't even remember. I remember how she looked though.

She was a young girl, around 18 or 19.

Super cute, with a firm yet soft, nubile body - slender, but with deposits of puppy fat still lingering in all the right places - that is only possible at her age. She had fair skin with adorable, doll-like oriental features. Her hair was long and black, and hung half way down her back, though only reached between her shoulder blades when she wore it in a ponytail, as she nearly always did.

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Apart from her eyebrows, eyelashes and that ponytail, she was hairless and silky smooth from top to tail. Her breasts were not large, but fit her frame well. Perky, well-rounded mounds, each a perfect handful. Her nipples were small, round and always hard.

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Her ass was well-rounded and juicy, with nice firm butt cheeks. All in all she was a tasty little treat. She was on top of me in the 69 position, sitting on my face and sucking my cock, when I first noticed her tiny little rosebud puckering and winking at me. I kissed the backs of her thighs, and ran my tongue along the sensitive skin between her pussy lips and her thigh, all the while keeping my eye on her asshole.

I plunged my tongue in to her tight snatch as I reached around to fondle her firm young titties. The taste of her honey pot had a strong tang to it, not unpleasant. But I was drawn inexorably to that taboo orifice of her back door.

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All this time, Dinda (that might have been her name) was sucking my cock expertly. I had picked her up at a food stall in the city; and, although she seemed innocent enough (especially in her plaid skirt and ponytail), I could tell she had enjoyed her fair share of naughty experiences, despite her age. She was certainly no stranger to cock sucking, as I was happy to discover.

Dinda took my cock into her warm wet mouth with a slurp, engulfing my prick in her saliva. Her lips and tongue slowly ran up and down my glistening shaft as her pretty head bobbed up and down.

While she was pleasuring my cock with her mouth, her fingers were going to work on my balls, gently teasing and tugging them, lightly stroking them with her long nails. But my mind was somewhere else. Despite the tangy taste of her twat, my tongue was longing to take a turn at that tight temptation against which my nose was tapping as I tongue-fucked her tender teenage snatch. I bent my neck, and kissed her plump little Asian butt cheeks, enjoying the contrast of her smooth softness against my rough, unshaven face.

Kisses turned to licks, and licks to playful bites. My tongue ventured out and ran up the length of her ass crack. It tasted good, and I was getting excited.

The second time my tongue slid its way along the crack of Dinda's ass, I took my time, savouring the unfamiliar taste and texture. Dinda's butt crack was as clean and smooth as every other part of her beautiful young body. Contrary to what I had believed, her butt tasted great, even better than pussy.

Much better in fact. This gave me the confidence to continue. Getting bolder, I moved my tongue up to find that tight pucker of her girly anus that had been winking and teasing me for so long. I slowly pushed my tongue forward, probing and pressing at that most intimate and taboo of her holes, feeling it clench and unclench in response to my japan hot moms sex move oral assault. The taste was exquisite.

Hearing no protests from her lips (just the sloppy sucking and slurping as she sucked my prick), I decided to push ahead. I thrust my tongue past the tight ring of her anus, pressing deep inside the tightness of her bottom. While I tongue-fucked her pretty little rosebud, my hands were kneading her round ass, spreading her cheeks so I could bury my tongue even deeper in her behind.

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I may not have known it at the time, but I had just discovered my new passion. The taste was surprisingly delicious, and it felt so sublimely nasty and naughty the perfect way to express my excitement as I got my dick sucked by a willing young hottie. As I rimmed her pretty Asian ass, Dinda let my cock fall out of her mouth with a soft plop. "You're licking the wrong hole", she said, saliva drooling from her lips down to my slippery wet cock head. "No I'm not", I replied, immediately returning to performing analingous on the sweet female butt before me.

"Not there", she insisted, rocking her hips so that her butthole moved slightly away from my mouth, to be replaced by her newly shaved pussy. I poked my tongue in there to show her I knew where it was, and then lapped back up to her beautiful brown booty hole.

Dinda squirmed. "No", she repeated, more urgently now. Lick my pussy it feels strange when you lick my ass. I'm not sure I cutie with hot ass and dangling tits fucked it.

Not wanting to force the issue, but unable to keep my tongue away from her anus while her butt was in my face, I rolled over so that Dinda was on her back. I turned around to face her, cock in hand. My prick was rock hard now from the combination of Dinda's blowjob and all the erotic anal play.

She spread her legs, and arched her back as I slowly worked my cock inside her incredibly tight pussy. This girl was not a virgin, but she either hadn't had many cocks in her or they hadn't been big.

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It was a very, very tight fit. Her extreme tightness meant I had to take things slowly, thrusting in and out of her with long, slow, deliberate strokes. It also meant I was getting highly stimulated and getting very close very fast.

I couldn't hold it any longer. I thrust in her hard and fast, burying my cock deep. I felt a stab of pain caused by the friction from her tight snatch. It felt almost as if I had torn something from my cock.

But it didn't matter. I was past the point of no return. I shuddered as my orgasm took hold, biting down hard on Dinda's right nipple, my hands squeezing her butt cheeks and pulling them apart.

My finger found her anus as her pussy filled with my warm seed. My cock spasmed as it shot load after load inside her. The friction of her Asian love tunnel eased, my cum providing much needed lubricant. My dick began to thrust in and out of her in a jerky fashion as my finger began to press inside her asshole, helped along by the cum leaking from her Asian twat.

After some time lying like this, I was spent. Eventually, I eased my finger from her ass, and my cock from her cunt, and went to clean myself up. That was the last time I saw Dinda, but not the last time I've rimmed a girl's asshole.