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Charming hole of a pretty teen plowed hard
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Just the other day Allison's dad, Sean, had a meeting with a very important client and he said to her as they were leaving the house, "Allison, You remember that big deal I keep speaking about?" She looked up from lacing up red sandals and nodded, "Yes, I remember" He was putting on his coat and for just a minute his brown eyes were hidden by the tail.

"Well, His name is Micheal and he is bringing his son, Jason along and for that reason we will be having the meeting in their summer stay." "So, this means?" Allison wasn't exactly sure about staying a whole weekend in someone elses house.

She'd rather her dad and her got a room and met them somewhere. "It means, Allison, that you will be on entertainment duty. I'll need you to keep his son company so Micheal and I can do business." He paused for a moment to check out his features in the mirror and then looked back to her.

"Babysit! What if I want to go down to the pool?" she grumbled and sat back in the chair, crossing her legs while adjusting he skirt. ".this is so unfair" I mumbled. Allison's dad always found things she said to be rather 'dramatic' in nature. "No, he's about your age. Maybe a year or two older and I'm sure he can swim just fine" He turned around to grab his keys and briefcase off the table and nodded her out the door.

She hopped up and snatched her backpack, skipping out the door. ", what does he look like?" They got in the car and fastened their seatbelts while he was backing out of the drive. "He's 17, he's 5'11 with blonde hair and blue eyes.

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Micheal always talks about how well he plays football so I'm assuming he's a well-built young man" she could feel his eyes on her and just blushed slightly, adjusting herself in the seat to refocus and not seem too interested. "Oh" He laughed and nudged her shoulder a bit, "What!" Allison looked back out the window as they drove. Pulling into the passanger pickup she kept her eyes peeled for a sexy blonde.

While she was looking, one particularly cute brunette caught her eye. She told her dad, "be right back" and got out of the car. Wanting to make sure she looked perfect she adjusted he jean mini skirt and brushed out the wrinkles from sitting so long from her tank. It was super hot outside so she jammed all her brown hair into a messy bun and proceeded to introduce herself. "Hi, I'm Allison" He took her hand and smiled, raising it to his lips and pressed them against the back of it. All shecould do was smile and melt into those big beautiful eyes.

Before she could say anything else he began to speak. Italian. He was italian and she had no idea what he was saying.but he was gorgeous.

Allison simply smiled and laughed, trying to hold a conversation for awhile and every now and then brushing a few strands of his long black hair from his eye line. "ALLISON!" she jumped at the sound of her name and turned back to he dad who had Micheal and his young fur pie filled by old cock at his side. "Oh, I'm in trouble."she waved goodbye to the lone Italian boy and ran over to greet them both, hand extended.

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"Hi. that would be me." chuckling nervously, she looked over to Micheal's son, Jason who had his hands in his pockets with a smart-ass look on his face. Allison shothim a questioning look in return before looking to Micheal and smiling. "I'm sorry, he was asking where the restroom was. How was your flight?" Micheal was pretty good-looking, 6'2, dirty blonde hair. You could even tell he was well toned underneath his blazer. Random conversations lead to the arrival of Micheal's summer share. "Sean, there's only two bedrooms, Would you mind Jason and Alli sharing?

There's a futon inside this one that Jason could sleep on, Alli can have the bed.Do you she smiled back she could hear Jason giving her smart remarks while walking into what is now thier quarters.

"What -is- your problem?!" Allison demanded to know. Her bag dropped to the bed and her hand rested against he hip afterwards. "Do I amuse you?" Jason shook his head and layed across the futon, grabbing a magazine and skimming through it. Allison's eyes rolled as she began to unpack her things, huffing slightly to herself. "You realize he's married right?" She scoffed and laughed loudly.

"You realize, I'm totally not into him like that" He laughed before sitting up and shaking his head at her. "You're such a liar" his hands went to the back of his head."I'm not, you're reading into things too much." she finished gathering what she needed and went into the bathroom to change. She had a normal green and white stripped bikini and a pair of laced white sandals. "If you're into older men that's cool." She stopped with one leg in and one leg out of the bikini bottoms, almost falling over at his statement.

"Omg. whatever!" as she finished getting dressed Allison quickly grabbed her towel and headed out to the patio to get some sun. Making sure to flaunt everything she had in front of Jason.purposely swaying her hips in his direction. After laying out her towel and laying down to get some rays she closed her eyes and put her headphones on to begin listening to her MP3 player.

Meanwhile, Sean, Allison's dad and Micheal were in the other room talk about the evenings events. Sean had excused himself and headed to the restoom when Micheal came to the window in the mainroom that overlooked the patio.

He old guy seduces a juvenile luscious hottie outside with his hands in his pockets, glimpsing down at Aliison's young body. Jason grabbed him by the arm and shook his head. "She's not gonna let you fuck her, dad.

Give it up" He chuckled at his son."No worries, kiddo." he initiated a quick play fight and then Jason went back inside, closing the door behind him.leaving Micheal to stand outside, gazing over Allison. ".she doesn't have to -let- me do anything." He licked his lips as a hunger grew in his eyes and then headed back inside.

-To be continued-