Busty passenger gets banged and footjob in the backseat blowjob and bigtits

Busty passenger gets banged and footjob in the backseat blowjob and bigtits
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Tracy And Dad I met Brad on line back in 1996 when incest sites were all over the Internet. The laws were a lot different then. For instance, while it was illegal to post or download kiddy porn, it was legal to view it. This included actual photographs of little girls getting fucked while they sucked, the whole nine yards. Brad started his own chat room on Excite under the heading of "Relationships." The following is his story as I remember it.

There is a certain surreal quality to it that makes me want to cry for him, his daughter Tracy and his ex wife. **** Brad came home from work and found his wife naked and passed out. She was naked and he could smell the pungent aroma of recent sex in the living room. There were six empty beer cans on the floor. Their four-year-old daughter Tracy was watching television in the kitchen.

He took a pitcher of ice water out of the fridge and poured it all over his wife. As soon as she started to regain consciousness he took her into the shower and helped her get cleaned up. The next morning he got his wife checked into a hospital, took his daughter to work with him and searched for a live in baby sitter. Dorothea, petite girlfriend has anal in the morning pretty young Hispanic was sent over from the state employment agency.

He moved her in and tried to run his small machine shop as he worked an eight-hour day. For the next two years his wife was in and out of psych wards in a continual cycle. She would come home, wash her antidepressants down with beer and go on a sexual rampage.

Then she would come down, repent, and finally go through the same cycle of psych ward, home, beer and pills, go out or bring men home for an afternoon of sex, and repent once more after she sobered up. Dorothea stayed with them through all those cycles. Finally the day came when he was locked out of his house and served with divorce papers. His now ex-wife and daughter moved to San Francisco.

Dorothea stayed behind and moved in with Brad on a temporary basis. Brad finally sued and got joint custody.

This meant Tracy lived with her mother during the school year and with Brad during the summer months. Tracy was six the first summer she lived with her father. Dorothea had moved out just a month before Tracy came to stay with him. The first night she climbed in with her father in the middle of the night. Brad was not even aware of her when she climbed in. The next morning Tracy was snuggled up against him. "I got lonely, Daddy," she told him.

He kissed her and they got dressed. She went to work with Brad and played out back of the shop with twin girls her age that came to work every day with their mother, a secretary in the shop next door. He took her out to eat at lunchtime and tried to get reacquainted with his daughter. He became angry and even considered taking a quick trip up to San Francisco to kill his ex.

That one never got past the thinking stage. When they got back from lunch Brad made one decision to take the rest of the day off. His contracted jobs were well ahead of schedule.

"Irene," he told his secretary, "This is a TGIF type Friday. Tracy and I are going to take the rest of today off and go away for the weekend." Irene, a motherly woman in her sixties smiled and nodded.

Brad told Milt his machinist and Jimmy, the shop helper the same. He handed them both their paychecks and left. When they were a short distance from the shop Tracy told him, "I missed you Daddy." She snuggled up against him and sighed. She also placed a possessive hand on his right thigh. She giggled when his leg twitched. Once back at the apartment he asked her, "You want to go swimming?" "Uh huh," she answered. "Did you bring a swim suit?" "I don't have one," she told him.

"No matter," he grinned. You just wear your panties. I'll get my trunks on and we'll get in the water." Tracy had a great time splashing around after they got in the water. Brad watched her and became angry all over again how the courts of California favored a psychotic slut over a hard working father.

It seemed so unfair. Then he turned his attention back to his daughter. Tracy was splashing with a young boy about her age. He relaxed and watched them have fun and just be kids. She had begun to turn pink across the shoulders. "Come on, Honey, time to go in." When she got out of the water and hurried to him he saw she might as well be naked. Her tiny Venus mound showed clearly through her wet panties. "That was fun, Daddy, let's do it some more tomorrow." "Yeah," he laughed.

"But first we baisee par un etranger devant son copain french amateur you a swim suit. You look naked there." They went inside and he told her to get ready to go shopping. The clothing she brought with her was all old and worn looking.

At the children's clothing store he was informed, "You will have to go back to the fitting room with sunny leone xxx 2019 fucking storys. We do not permit unattended children back there." "Come on little squirt." He led her back and began to fit her in a swimsuit. They finally decided on a two-piece set that left little to the imagination. While she tried on her panties and skirts he got an erection watching her.

That surprised him. He had never felt the urge to fool around with little girls before. He decided it was because he had not had sex since Dorothea had moved out to live with another family. "You got a woody, Daddy," Tracy giggled and gave it a squeeze. "Ah yeah." He was embarrassed. "Let's go," she said and tugged at his hand. Once home they watched television for a while and went out to eat. After pizza and a few games Brad took her home a troubled man.

When he had seen his daughter's Venus mound in the clothing store he had let his finger rub lightly over it. Tracy saw his erection through his pants and squeezed it and laughed. He had liked it. Then he realized he had made a decision. He wanted sex with his daughter. That night she told him, "I want to sleep with you, Daddy." "Okay," he answered. Since he got in bed naked so did she. She snuggled up against him and he hugged her bare body closer to him.

They went to sleep. She grabbed hold of his hard penis in her sleep and he woke up hard and ready. He fucked her hand until he cum on her and on himself.

He got up and started the shower. "I'm all yucky," Tracy told him and stepped in next to him. "You got a woody," she said as he became hard once again.

"It looks that way." His conscience bothered him as he asked her, "You want to hold it?" She grabbed hold and it got harder. "You want to kiss it?" he asked. "Uh huh," she said and placed her lips against the head. "Suck it," he whispered. "Okay." She opened her mouth and took the head in her mouth. In a couple of minutes he cum and she gagged. "Yuck!" Brad led her out of the shower and dried her off. He laid her on the bed and sat down beside her. He fondled his daughter and asked, "Do you like this?" "Uh huh," busty babe riding boyfriend in the bathroom pov answered.

"How about this?" he asked and slipped the end of his little finger in her. "Ouch!" "I'm sorry, I'll be more careful." He stroked her vagina and made certain he rubbed the area where she would grow a clit some day. She spread her legs wider and he slipped his little hot doll shares her massive marangos pornstar hardcore in again, just a little.

"I like that," she said. After a while she had enough and said, "No more." "Honey," you must never tell anyone else what we are doing. I could get in a lot of trouble if anyone found out, especially your mother. "I know, Daddy. Perry licked my pussy and Mom caught him and the cops took him away. This will be our secret." They loafed around the house all morning, had tacos for lunch and went to a movie in the afternoon. When they got home they undressed and Tracy sucked him again.

This time she did not gag. Brad worked his little finger in her a little deeper. Then he slipped the tip of his tongue in her.

She loved it. That set the modus of their relationship for the rest of the summer. "I don't want to go home, Daddy," she told him.

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She clung tightly to her father. "I don't want to go back to that old shit house and crazy Mom. Brad got a haggard look as he answered, "I'll get my lawyer busy and try to find some way for me to get custody.

They put a lot of tongue into their last goodbye kiss and she got on the plane. Brad went back to the empty existence he had before Tracy came to visit for the summer.

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The lawyer could find no way to obtain custody for Brad. Brad learned to send clothing and not money to Tracy. She told him on one of her secret phone calls her mother took any money and bought liquor with it. He made all his support payments on time and also sent her clothing. At least his daughter was dressed decently. **** The following summer was a repeat of the previous one.

He worked in the shop four days a week and spent Friday through Sunday with his daughter. He had hired a single mom with a ten-year-old son to watch over her while he was at work.

At the end of the third week of her stay she dropped a bombshell. "Danny wants to fuck me." "Mary's son Danny?" "Yeah. He showed me his cock and it's a little bigger than your finger." "Do you want to?" "Uh huh, if it's okay with you." "Is this something you really want to do?" Brad felt jealous. At the same time he knew he had already opened Pandora's box and there was no turning back. "Yes, Daddy, I think I want to. I would rather it was you, but you're too big still." "In that case we better go over and talk to Danny's mother." "Why?" She had not counted on this.

"Honey, if he hit on you this openly then he has done this before and I have a hunch she knows he is fucking." Brad led Tracy over to Mary's apartment. Tracy was a little scared.

"Hi, come on in," Mary greeted them. Brad got right to the point. "Danny asked Tracy for sex." He noticed the way she tensed up but did not go into protective denials. "From what Tracy told me, Danny is quite active. "Well…" She still could think of nothing to say. Her red face told Brad she was well aware of her son's sexual activities. "What are your thoughts on this?" Brad wanted to proceed at a slow pace until he saw what her reaction would be.

"Can I tell you what I really think?" she asked. "Please do." "Look, the only way to keep a kid from screwing would be to put him in a cage. There is no way I can watch my son twenty-four hours a day. Kids are going to be kids." "So you think we should just shine it on and ignore them?" "Jesus! Brad I don't know what to do. You can't stop kids from being kids." She looked at him and gave a defeated sigh. "I have one solution," Brad told her. "What?" "Supervised sex," he told her in a flat voice.

Tracy and Mary both looked at him with disbelief." "You what?" she exclaimed. "You mean…?" She could not finish the sentence. "You heard me right the first time." He turned to Tracy, "Is this okay with you?" "Sure," she answered. She looked at her father and laughed to herself.

"I trust my daughter. She will refuse Danny unless we are both present. Call Danny in here." "Danny, get in here." By the act of calling her son in she had agreed without saying anything.

"Brad here and I have decided that if you want to screw Tracy you have to do it in front of us. There will be no sneaking around like before when you got in trouble" Danny looked at Brad, then his mother.

Tracy spoke up. "If you try to sneak around I'll tell my dad and he will beat the shit out of you." She grinned and said, "Let's do it now. Right here on the floor." Danny looked scared. Tracy removed her two-piece and stood naked. "Come here," she told him. She slid his swim trunks down and told him to step out of them. She lay down on the carpet and said, "Come here." The scared boy got on top of her and slipped his penis inside her.

She grunted. "That hurt. He's big." Danny pumped his hips and went in and out of her at a fast pace. Mary watched, not really believing what she saw. "Ooh! He exclaimed as he had a dry orgasm.

He rolled over one day with a real swinger amateur milf on livecam exhibitionnist and threesome his back and grinned. "I'm sore. It hurt more than I thought it would." Tracy put her swimsuit back on. "I'm going home, Daddy." Brad had a hard on.

Mary looked at the bulge in his swim trunks. He laughed, "That was a turn on, wasn't it?" Mary nodded. Brad slipped his trunks down and shoved his penis against Mary's mouth. "Cool!" Danny exclaimed. He and Brad grinned at each other. "Suck it. Mom. I want to watch." She did not help or resist.

"Suck me." Brad said. She began to suck, still in a daze. When he shot in her mouth, she gagged and swallowed. "I never did that before." "You okay with everything?" Brad asked. "I guess, I don't know. I'm confused. I don't know." She looked at Brad, helpless and unsure of herself. "Let's the four of us go out for pizza." Brad felt now was the time to cement the relationship and head off any second thoughts Mary might have.

"I rather have Chinese," Danny said. "Okay, let's go." Mary got up off the couch and followed Brad and Danny outside. She walked in a daze. They went by Brad's apartment and collected Tracy. Once in the long cab pickup Danny leaned over the front seat and said, "Mom, kiss me." She turned her face toward him.

He placed his lips on hers and slipped his tongue in her mouth. She started to pull back then stopped. She returned his kiss. Finally Danny broke away to catch his breath. "That was good," he told her. "Interesting day, huh?" Bras asked her.

"You still okay with everything?" Tracy asked her. "You almost cum when you watched us fuck. I bet you did it with your dad." Mary nodded. "Yes," she answered. "Did your mom get mad when she found out?" "No, she was relieved. She said she would rather my father had sex with me so she did not have to." Mary shook her head and seemed to come out of her trance.

"Fathers are best," Tracy said with a knowing grin. "You and your dad?" Mary asked, surprised. "We don't fuck yet because he is too big. But her sure eats pussy good. He says I give great head." Mary's eyes got wider. "How long?" "Oh just since I was six. Next year we fuck. I want to feel his cum in me. Gloria is eleven and she says she loves to feel her dad cum inside her." "Gloria Sandoval?" Mary asked, not certain whether to believe Tracy or not. "That's what Danny says. Ask him." "She lets me eat her pussy," Danny told his mother.

"Oh my god," Mary started to learn the world was not always what it seemed. "Mary," Brad told her. "You know Danny is doing to want sex from you on a regular basis, don't you?" "I tried not to think about it. This is all so two big dicks for two ravishing starlets to me." Brad pulled into the restaurant parking lot. They all got out and joined the rest of the people in swim attire waiting for a abby cross drinks a load of cum. Brad looked at the crowd.

"Let's order takeout. This is too crowded." Everyone agreed. As soon as they got their order they left. Before they pulled out of the parking lot Danny said, "Kiss me, Mom." She returned his kiss. He slipped his hand down the front of her top and played with her breast.

They kept it up all the way home. They took the food into Brad's apartment and watched TV while they ate. Tracy turned it to one of the two porn channels available. Mary was fascinated. Danny and Tracy made kiddy remarks and Brad finished his meal.

While Mary watched the movie Danny undid her top and began to suck on her breasts. Tracy joined him. "Let's go into the living room," Brad told them He got up and dropped his shorts. As the kids let go of Mary's breasts Brad took her hand and led her into the living room. He undid the side hook and pulled the bottom of Mary's swim suit down. She stepped out and lay down on the thick carpet. Brad licked her pussy a few times. Danny wanted a turn. She watched the movie while Danny licked her to climax.

"Do me Danny, get me wet inside and fuck me again." Brad slowly entered Mary's pussy and brought her to a climax. He brought her up again and cum inside her. Her reaction was a surprise to Brad as she moaned. "I want Danny to fuck me." After Mary had a gigantic orgasm, Danny rolled off and Tracy buried her face in Mary's pussy. Tracy came to a screaming climax.

For the rest of the summer the four had sex together. Brad was still too large and Tracy was too small when Tracy went back to San Francisco with a new wardrobe. She also brought two other things back with her, a backpack with a secret compartment and a videophone to hide in the secret compartment.

Just before her ninth birthday Tracy called Brad in the middle of the night. "Daddy," she sobbed, "Come get me. Ralph beat me and raped me." "Call 911 and tell the police. I'll be on the first flight up there." He got out of bed, took a fast shower and began to call the airlines. It was ten in the morning before he could get a flight out. He called from the airport. "Irene, you take care of the business end. Tell Milt to bid the jobs and the two of you keep things running.

Hire another man to take my place. I don't know how long I am going to be gone." "See you when you get back," his secretary told him. In San Francisco he met with one bureaucratic delay after another.

He hired an attorney and got an emergency hearing. The rapist had left and now the mother yeng soon boy sex were trying to sweep everything under the rug. The damage suit against the San Francisco child welfare department was looming large unless they could make it all go away.

"Your honor, there is no proof a rape ever took place outside the raving of an emotionally disturbed child." Almost as if bored, Brad's attorney tossed a set of photos of a badly bruised child and then added a medical report. The report stated she had definitely been traumatized by something the size of an adult penis. "Your honor, she could have slipped and fallen." "Note the findings of the medical report where there were teeth marks on the inside of the little girl's thighs." He still sounded almost bored.

"Your honor, granted something may have happened, it was the boyfriend and not the mother who did it. To deprive this woman of her only child would have very bad effects. She is under psychiatric care right now. Her therapist is here to testify as to the effect losing her daughter will have on this poor woman." "If I may," Brad's attorney interjected.

"My client will settle for sole custody of his badly injured daughter and one million dollars to be placed in a trust fund to be used solely for her treatment and therapy. She and not my client shall receive any money left when she reaches the age of twenty-three. Of course my fees are also a part of the package." The posturing attorney for the state tried to ridicule the whole motion. "I do have another alternative. Rather my client does. He will go to the papers and the attorney general and demand a full investigation into why a raving lunatic was given primary custody over a stable parent who has met all his obligations where his child was concerned.

There is a record of neglect and abuse by both the mother and the welfare department." "I believe a gag order will stop that end play." The state attorney smiled. The smile disappeared. "Fuck you," Brad told him. "I already anticipated that and have ready for mailing a package of press releases already addressed and ready if I make a call.

If I go to jail they get mailed out. If this mess is swept under the rug they get mailed out. "San Francisco already has so many lawsuits against it this just might be the one that brings the whole thing down.

That's my daughter, you phony cocksucker. I dare you to call my bluff." "That's enough of that. This matter will be set-aside until next week. Is the fifteenth at ten AM agreeable?" Brads lawyer agreed.

"I have to check my calendar, your honor. Dugobas cupi cupita main sex indo may have prior obligations." "Fine," Brad told him, "I'll just go ahead and have a press conference today." The judge said, "Rearrange your schedule." "One more thing, your honor." Brad's attorney looked angry for the first time.

"Yes?" "My client has been denied access to his daughter. However the mother has full access even though every time she enters the girl's room the poor child becomes hysterical." "My god, what is the matter with you people?" the judge exclaimed.

Brad got a court order to see his daughter. **** "Daddy, you came. She said you never wanted to see me again because someone fucked me. I hate her. Please don't make me go back to her." "Honey, next week you can come live with me forever. If the court refuses I have a bunch of records where other dads have been cheated. Either they do the right thing or they get hurt big time." "What are you doing here?" his ex wife demanded as she entered the room.

They told me you were blocked from coming in here and contaminating everything." "Make her get out, please Daddy!" Tracy shrieked. "She said busty hot sexy gorgeous hottie hardcore and bondage was going to kill me. Please Daddy." She began to sob. "Get out of here now," Grad ordered. "I'm going to call security." After her mother left Tracy pulled on his sleeve and whispered, "How did I do?" "God, you little shit," he whispered back.

"I thought you were for real." The rest of the visit Brad talked about Mary and Danny. He used double talk in case there were any listening devices. When the nurse came in and told him it was time to leave he told her, "Hang in there, Baby. After next week this will be over or somebody is in deep trouble." When he got outside the hospital his ex and a strange man were waiting. Hey man, "I'm the guy that little bitch said raped her. She wanted it. She was so loose you must have been fuckin' her for a long time." Brad exploded.

He started swinging his fists and knocked the much larger man to the sidewalk. By the time security was notified and pulled Brad away he had jumped up and down on the man and seriously injured him. "Call the cops," Brad ordered. "We did," one security cop said. "That son of a bitch raped my daughter.

His name is Ralph. Ask her." "Hoo boy, Houston, we got a problem." "Oh? What's the problem?" "He works for Child Protective Services." Just then the police arrived, grabbed Brad and cuffed him. As they started to shove him into the back of the police cruiser, one of the hospital security said, "I think you want to go easy with this man. He claims this guy raped his daughter. She is up in the children's wing listed as a possible rape victim." "We'll go ask her." One cop said.

"You will leave her alone unless you want more trouble," Brad told them. "Nobody talks to her unless my attorney is there to see that all the rules are obeyed." They let him go. The next afternoon his lawyer called him. "Want to come down to the signing? The police went to your ex-wife's place and she admitted she watched her boyfriend rape your daughter. She blamed it on the meds. You and your daughter are two nine hundred pound gorillas they want to go away." The next morning Brad, Tracy and a check for one million dollars were on the plane back to San Diego.

They snuggled on the plane. "Daddy, I don't want any sex. I hurt real bad yet." In the next breath she asked, "Can she make me go back?" "No," he told her in a firm voice. "If she tries I'll kill her." "Good." **** Mary and Danny met them as they parked his pick up. Mary rushed up and kissed her on the mouth. "Welcome home," she said. "Hi," Danny told her. "I cum in Mom last night." Mary blushed. She kissed Brad.

"He actually did. It was real erotic." "Well, that was all the important news." Brad took Tracy's hand and led her into the apartment. He turned to Mary and Danny; "We need a nap right now. We have been through a lot.

Let's go out to dinner tonight and celebrate." They nodded and left. "Let's get naked and you hold me, Daddy. My pussy is real sore yet." When she took her clothing off Brad got angry all over again.

Her groin area was a mass of Technicolor bruises. He cuddled with her on the bed and went to sleep. Tracy stayed awake a while longer, luxuriating in the feelings of safety. Then she too drifted off. Brad woke up with a hard on. Tracy had his penis in her mouth. She played with his balls and sucked harder. Just as he came fully awake he exploded in her mouth. She swallowed and kept sucking until he was empty.

"I thought you were too sore," he said. "Daddy, my pussy is sore, hardcore with hot playgirl smalltits and blowjob my mouth. When I woke up I wanted to suck you off. So I did." She wiped her lips on the back of her hand and hugged him.

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"You know, as soon as I don't hurt any more I want you to fuck me. I want you to cum in me and make a baby." "That might not be a good idea. I have heard all those tales about birth defects. Also, I want you to year old eve was born to fuck deapthroat large ass older so there won't be any problems. You are too young to have a baby." "I'm old enough to fuck and not old enough to get pregnant." "Life's a bitch and then you weaken," he told her.

They drove over to Coronado for dinner that evening. Danny was on his best behavior. After dinner Mary suggested they go over to her place and "have fun." "My pussy still hurts real bad," Tracy told her. Brad laughed, "You know Mary, you were such a prude when we started." She was serious as she answered him.

"No, I was afraid. I told you my father and I had sex. It started when I was ten as continued until I went away to college. "I heard all the daddy and daughter jokes and felt like I was soiled or something. I loved sex with him. We never got any static from Mama. I think she wanted some pussy too and was afraid to say so." They ended up naked in Mary's apartment. She and Danny were both shocked at the extent of Tracy's injuries.

"Oh you poor thing," she said and kissed the bruises. She spread Tracy's lips and gave her clit a good tonguing. Tracy responded. Danny came over and asked her to suck his cock "Okay," she said and began to give him head.

He noticed Danny was getting bigger. "Oh shit!" Tracy exclaimed. She pushed Danny away and looked down at Mary still licking her clit. "Oh wow!" I just had my first orgasm. "It was great!" Brad moved over and entered Mary dog fashion. Ten minutes later he went off. Tracy only received oral sex for the following month.

Then Brad began to work at entering her. It took a week to just get the head in. He took his time. A month later he hit bottom.

Tracy had multiple orgasms. She screamed and loved every one of them.

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A couple of the neighbors began to look at them strangely. It was time to move. "Let's get a place together," Brad told Mary. "God knows I can afford it. " "Where?" Mary wanted to know. "I have been looking and I found a place south east of town on fifteen acres. It is irrigated and has its own deep well. It was built by a Mexican who wanted to be safe from the troubles on that side of the border and did not get moved fast enough.

I intend to buy it using Tracy's money. This will be a great investment opportunity. The widow will sell it for a song. Want to?" "Sounds like a winner to me," Danny said. A month later they moved in to the mini palace. "Now I can cum as loud as I want," Tracy said.

Mary had another thought. I can't keep this place up by myself, it's too big." "Hey, Mom, that's the first time I ever heard you say anything was too big." Danny laughed and Brad and Tracy joined in. "Well, since you are paying for the house, I'll pay for the maid service." Brad smiled at them. I have to go into the shop today, let me see what I can find. Tracy and Danny both wanted to go." At the shop, Brad dropped mom and son full friends bombshell.

"Milt, you and Irene have been running this place mostly without me. If you would like, you run the place. You make all bidding decisions and Irene you handle the business end. Anything you can't agree on, come see me. I keep fifty-one percent. You split forty-nine percent between you.

Treat your salaries as advances against quarterly dividends. We'll incorporate." "Can I come to work here when I get older?" Danny asked. "Me too," Tracy said. "We'll see when the time comes." Brad led them out and they went maid hunting.

They did not find a maid. However they did find two half grown Fila hounds, perhaps the biggest and most fierce watchdogs in the world. Once home the dogs were let out of their travel cage and permitted to sniff around their new homes.

"Sorry about no maids," Brad told her. "I did find two dogs though." "We need to ride into Tecate and go shopping. We need groceries and those dogs will eat a ton of food a day." Mary gave the dogs the steaks planned for supper.

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"I need a car and the kids need bikes," Mary announced. "Tomorrow," Brad told her. They drove to the Tecate market barely on the American side of the border. They loaded up on groceries and went home. A surprise awaited them. The dogs, Wilbur and Orville had a Mexican woman and two young teenagers trapped in a corner of the yard. "Okay, dogs, back off." Brad pulled on their collars and they obeyed.

Mary spoke Spanish. She was angry. "This is Maria. The two kids are Juanita and Juan. They are thirteen and twins." "The coyotero who brought them naughty stepsis punished by her stepbro for smoking outside the border abandoned them when the border patrol came by. They ran and hid and slipped through our front gate They have been standing there too scared to move. I noticed Juanita had pissed.

I ran down her leg. "Mary, you take them inside. Danny and Tracy will help me carry in the groceries while you get our guests cleaned up." See if we have anything that will fit them. Minutes later Mary told Brad, "That girl gas been sucking cock at five dollars a blowjob to raise the money to buy their way over here. What with living expenses and all, she blew over five hundred tourists." Mary was angry.

"Well, if she wants work here, tell her she has it. But you better also tell her what our stunning shyla receives a proper anal pounding is." He turned to Tracy.

"What do you think, Honey?" "I think Juan I kind of cute." She grinned. Mary explained their life style to Maria. She got scared. Then she explained that if Maria and the kids would be offended I would take them into San Diego and she could try for work there.

She looked at Brad, then Mary. She shrugged and nodded. Mary started the barbecue in the back yard and prepared grilled hotdogs. While they were cooking Mary told him, "These kids are Maria's brother and sister.

Their folks died and she has been trying to take care of them for the last year any way she could." "Are you okay with this?" He asked Maria. Mary translated. She nodded and said something with a sour look on her face.

"She said one cock was not as bad as a whole bunch of them to suck." "You explain to her that she does not have to suck or fuck anybody she doesn't want to. Here she is a maid and not a whore." Mary explained. Maria's eyes got big.

"No mas?" she asked in a wondering voice. Mary reassured her mouth and pussy belonged to her and nobody else. Brad laughed and explained Danny might want to fuck her. It was up to her whether she wanted to or not. Again Mary translated. Then Mary kissed her on the mouth and told her that went for any pussy too.

Danny came in with Juanita. He had hold of her ass. She blushed but did not try to stop him. She was almost overflowing one of Tracy's bikinis. Her hairy pussy showed on both sides of the cloth. Tracy made her grand entrance. Juan fit nicely in a pair of Danny's shorts except his cock hung out the bottom of the leg.

"We all showered together and his cock is bigger than my dad's," she announced. She grabbed it and squeezed. Maria blushed and looked guilty. Mary caught the guilty look too. "Is everybody down here in this end of the state incestuous?" Of course Brad sampled Juanita the first night and Danny crawled between Maria's legs.

Tracy and Mary went sixty-nine. Later Danny got his mother in the ass for the first time. She loved it. She said her father used to do her in the butt when she had her periods. **** Brad related this over a four-month period of time. He claimed His daughter was now fourteen and had gone off the pill. They were in a monogamous relationship while he tried to get her pregnant.

He decided the risk was not too great for three eyed kids or whatever. Danny wanted to get his mother pregnant and the new maid Fortuna thought it was cute. She had a son by her father. Brad stated he had gotten it all off his chest and was not coming back on line. I never heard from him again.