Hot ass teen i trusted him and he d his priesthood authority

Hot ass teen i trusted him and he d his priesthood authority
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Jill was a beautiful young woman who had just turned 19, she was somewhat naïve and had only had one sexual partner before and that was about a year ago. The guy had broken her hymen and he had come even before he had fully penetrated her and was wearing a condom during the entire 2 minutes of her first sexual encounter.

Jill was to say the least just a little disappointed with her first sexual encounter and she had not found anyone that she wanted to repeat the process with until she met an older guy at work named Jared. Jill was about 5'6" she was what some would say was a little chubby, but she was also very shapely and she had a very firm ass that she worked very hard to keep amateur big tits ride glasses and wife sharing cum i will catch any perp with a phat at the gym.

Jill did not consider herself to be "hot", but she had the prettiest smile and the biggest brown eyes and her breasts were full and perky! Jill met Jared at work, he was much older than her being 45 years old and he was married. Jill was enchanted by Jared as he was very chivalrous and opened doors for women and said please and thank you and he was just a nice man in her eyes.

Jared did all the things that guys of Jill's age seemed to have forgotten or didn't do simply because they were asses in her eyes.

Jill would find herself at night laying in bed thinking of Jared and playing with her neatly trimmed pussy until she would cum. After the feelings or her orgasms subsided she would lay there and dream what it would feel like to have a man cum in her pussy and she wanted it so badly to be Jared, as I told you Jill had not had that experience, nor had she ever sucked a cock.

Jill knew it was just a fantasy since Jared was married to a woman that Jill had seen at the office and she was in her words, a 10. As time went by, she and Jared flirted innocently at the office and she noticed that Jared always watched her walk by, especially when she wore something tight that accentuated her ass.

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She also liked to expose just enough cleavage to be sexy, but not so much to be inappropriate. Then one night it happened, Jill's car was in the shop and really severe thunderstorm had hit, Jill was going to have to take the bus that night, but being a gentleman Jared offered to give her a ride. Jill accepted the gracious offer and they loaded in to his car and headed for her apartment in the driving rain and wind.

They arrived at Jill's apartment and she invited Jared to come up and see her apartment. At first Jared said "I don't think my wife would approve." As he smiled wryly. Jill looked at him and said, "I won't tell a soul." "Ok, I guess it won't hurt to come up for a minute." Jared said as he thought to himself "THIS IS CRAZY!" Jill and Jared got soaked to the bone as they quickly ran to her doorway and up the stairs. Once upstairs, Jill got them both a towel to dry off with.

Jill took off her thin jacket and not realizing it, her white shirt was also soaked and Jared caught a glimpse of her breasts through her shirt, embarrassed Jill apologized as her face turned red, "I'm sorry Jared." "That's ok, It was a nice view anyway." Jared stammered. Jill red face turned to a look of passion as she realized Jared found her as attractive as she did him!

Jill stood there dripping and faced Jared with her soaked shirt and he just stared at her and she knew he was undressing her with his eyes! Lesbians in high heels eating on sofa breathing sped up and she began to get butterflies in her stomach as Jared slowly grabbed her hand. "Jill, you are so very sexy.

I have fantasized about you many times!" Jared said in a soft voice. "I have thought about you too Jared, mostly when I'm in bed at night!" Jill cooed. Jill turned and lead Jared back to her bedroom. Once there she and Jared embraced and began to kiss deeply. Jill's head was racing with thoughts as Jared kissed her more deeply. Jared looked at her and began to undress Jill and even though she felt like a scared little girl, she was excited and she could feel her pussy getting wet as she anticipated what may happen next.

Jill stood there with her bare breasts exposed to Jared who drank in the sight of her perky breasts with her herd pink dollar sized nipples. Jared gently cupped her breasts as he rubbed her nipples. Jill's knees felt like rubber at this point and she slowly reached down and felt Jared growing hardness.

His cock seemed to be quite large or at least larger than the 2 minute guy that had taken her virginity. Jill unbuckled his pants and they fell to the floor and then she pulled his boxers down and she grabbed his soft warm cock gently in her hand. She was amazed at how silky smooth his cock felt and it seemed to be getting bigger and bigger! Jared's fingers had found Jill's neatly trimmed pussy and he began to rub her clit as she swayed back and forth. Jill loved the tenderness in which Jared kissed her and fondled her breasts and pussy.

Jill closed her xxx simll 10 yes pron as Jared's fingers rubbed her clit softly, but with just enough pressure to send waves of pleasure through her body. Jill thought to herself, "I want to suck my first cock so bad, I wanna taste his cum!" Jill said, "Jared, I want to suck your cock!

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I'm probably not very good at it, but I want to suck you until you cum!" Jared smiled as he laid on the bed slowly stroking his cock. "Sure Jill, whatever you want." Jill sat next to him and began to examine his cock, it was about 8 inches she guessed. The head was huge and their were thick red veins running along the thick shaft.

His balls were smooth and large and she was still struck by how smooth and warm his cock was. Jill had seen some porn and she saw how those girls sucked a cock so she slowly licked the entire length of his shaft up to the head and she flicked and swirled her tongue around his shaft and then she slowly put her wet warm lips over the head as she slowly began to suck on it. It felt as smooth and warm in her mouth as it did in her hands.

Her pussy was soaked and she could feel the wetness between her legs. As she slowly sucked Jared's cock, he moaned and laid there enjoying the feeling Jill was giving him. "That feel so fucking good Jill!" He groaned. Jill just smiled and felt good that she was doing it right. Jill thought, "I wonder how long it will take him to cum and how much will come out?" Jill slowly worked her mouth down on his shaft and she sucked slowly while playing with Jared's big balls.

Jill loved the feeling of having a cock in her mouth and giving pleasure to Jared! "Come closer" Jared asked and Jill laid with her pussy next to Jared and he began to finger her pussy and rub her clit. Jill almost came as his finger slid up her pussy and he put his thumb on her clit. Jill was overcome by the feeling and began to get a rhythm sucking his cock. Jared grabbed her thighs and pulled her over and she was now straddling his face! Jared began to lick and suck Jill's pussy and as he did, Jill was overcome by waves of pleasure and she sucked his cocked furiously to meet his licking and sucking!

Jill was beginning to cum and did her best to keep sucking even though her pussy was quivering with the hardest orgasm she'd ever felt in her pussy! Jared began to slowly buck his hips and groan at the same time. "I'm going to fucking cum!" he announced. This was one of the things Jill had fantasized about as her mind raced and her pussy convulsed and finally Jared began to spurt his hot thick cum in to her mouth! As his cock erupted in her mouth, her orgasm became more intense and her head was spinning!

Jill sucked as the cum kept shooting into her mouth! "It's so hot and thick and salty!" Jill thought as Jared's cock kept spurting in her mouth. Jill swallowed his cum and horny hottie nina kayy tongues thick babe betty bang loved every ounce that spurted in her mouth! Jared's cock finally stopped its eruption and he pussy slowly calmed down to just small spasms and she crawled off and laid next to Jared.

"That was fucking awesome!" Jared said quietly. "Umm, ya that felt so good. Yours is the first cock I've every sucked!" Jill said quietly. "Really? You did great!" Jared assured her. "I want you to fuck me and cum inside my pussy Jared, I've never had anybody cum in my pussy either!" Jill asked nervously.

"I'd be glad too!" Jared said. Jill and Jared kissed passionately for awhile and Jill stroked his hardening cock as he rubbed her wet pussy. Soon Jared was fully erect and Jill knew she was about to get fucked silly.

Jill laid on her back and Jared sucked her pert tits and Jill just moaned approvingly. Jared kissed and sucked as his hard warm cock rubbed on her inner thigh.

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Jared moved down and licked and sucked Jill's pussy until she began to moan. Jared grabbed her thighs and slowly put his big cockhead on her wet pussy slit.

Jill moaned as she felt Jared's throbbing cock rubbing her pussy. Jared moved his hips back and then slowly forward until the head began to slide up her pussy. "You are fucking tight Jill!" Jared said as his big cock began to spread her pussy apart!

Jill felt his warm cock entering her and she gasped as his cock slide all the way in to her. Jared began to slowly fuck her as her pinched her dollar sized pink nipples. Jill groaned as his cock explored her pussy and she could feel his balls rubbing against her ass as he slowly thrust in to her.

"Your pussy is really fucking tight, I mean really tight!" Jared moaned as his cock popped in and out of her! "Oh, your cock is so fucking big Jared, fuck me, cum in my pussy!" Jill begged. Jared sped up his strokes and then lifted her hips on to a pillow and then slide in to her pussy and Jill thought his cock was going to puncture her stomach. Jared's cock was so deep in her pussy and she could not stop her pussy from cumming.

Jill was coming the entire time as Jared fucked her and the intensity of her orgasm was once again increasing with each thrust of Jared's big hard cock! Jared was thrusting as deeply in to her wet pussy as he could and suddenly the moment Jill had dreamt of was about to come true, "I'm going to fucking cum in you Jill!" Jared announced. He grunted and Jill could feel a warmth inside of her that she never had before and her pussy felt gooey as Jared shot streams of cum busty lawyers enjoy felons big throbbing cock her!

"Oh fuck, I'm cumming, Jared fuck me, don't stop cumming in me!" Jill screamed! Jill's pussy put a death grip on Jared's cock as he dumped cum in to her and her pussy grabbed his cock and milked every ounce from it! Jill's pussy quivered and quaked as the warmth spread through her body!

Jared slowly withdrew his cock and Jill felt his cum ooze down across her ass!

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Jared rolled off and they both lay there, their body still tingling from the steamy cumfest. "I love your pussy Jill!" Jared said as he caught his breath.

"I love your cock Jared, you're the first to cum in my pussy, it was awesome!" "We should do this again sometime!" Jared said as he got dressed slowly. "Yes we should." As Jill laid there with cum still seeping from her pussy.