Blonde teen vera bliss wants huge cock in her mouth and pussy

Blonde teen vera bliss wants huge cock in her mouth and pussy
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These are the Stories I write to my master. each one is different, but some things might be the same from story to story, and some might repeat. they are not continuous. So I arrive for the weekend, we decided that when I got there we would go together and get tested for HIV.

So I thought that was all we were going to do. You had other things in mind, you pulled me into your room and kissed me passionately. You pulled up my skirt, seeing that I was wearing panties, you frowned. Naughty girl, you'll be punished for that later, you reach over and pick up a box, you kick apart my legs and bend me over so my hands and head are leaning against the wall.

You slip in two large vibrating eggs, one in my pussy and one in my ass. You slip the remote controls into your pocket. You the tie a rope tightly around my waist knotting it against my clit, wrapping it up tight between my pussy lips and through my ass and tying it to the waist rope.

You then drop my skirt back down, tap my ass and say come on let's go. You grab my hand, and drive me to the nurses office where we get tested, your hand keeps slipping into your pocket and flicking the vibrator on and off, keeping me constantly aroused. Making sure that I am squirming in my seat.

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Luckily I am wearing a black skirt, because when you pat me on the bum as we are walking out you can feel that my skirt is drenched. All internal presents leyla peachbloom creampie scene our way home you make me call friends and family so they know I'm ok and then you switch off my phone, we make a detour to a spa where you had made an appointment for me for a colonic cleanse.

You whisper in my ear to slip into the bathroom and take out the eggs, and wipe my juices off my legs where they have short haired redhead whore blows cock in glory hole stockings and lingerie trickling down. You call me your dirty little slut, it makes me smile.

I do as you command and then go and have my colonic irrigation. When we get home you slipped a blindfold over my eyes and a collar on my neck you lead me to the bed. You undress me and sit me up against the wall you tie ropes tightly around my left knee and thigh, tying my calf to my thigh and then you wrap it around the back of my neck, through the ring on the collar, and back down and tie the rope to my right knee and thigh.

You then take another rope and you tie my forearms together behind my head, stretching my arms up, you then run the rope down my back and tie it to the waist rope of my crotch rope. Pulling it tight stretching my arms up and back. You then tie a rope tightly around my ankle tying each toe tightly to my ankle, you then run the rope up behind me through my waist rope and back down to the other foot, repeating the process stretching my legs far apart, tying them tightly, so I am so open and available to you.

You then tell me that you own me, and I am yours to do with what ever you like. You insert a drip into my wrist which is by my ear.

In the drip is just saline. For now. You take out the catheter kit and proceed to insert it. Once that's done you lube up my clean ass and proceed to stretch it with your fingers, one finger, the two, when you get to four I start getting a little vocal, so you stop and I breathe a sigh of relief until you shove the ball gag in my mouth to shut me up you then dip your fingers into the lube again and proceed to shove your whole fist up my ass.

You can see I'm in pain, I'm trying to get away from you but my tight bondage won't let me. After awhile you pull your fist out and replace it with a huge butt plug, pushing it hard into my ass, you can hear the squealing through the ball gag.

I heave a sigh of relief once its in. You can see my boobs heaving as I pant in relief. But its not for long, I can feel you wipe something cold and wet and sticky over my boobs, you then proceed to whisper in my ear, " You are mine to do with what I want, and this for wearing panties, you naughty slave." And you decorate my boobs with needles, taking delight in hearing me squeal and pant and try to escape every single needle that you push through my skin. Once you have about 12 in each boob, you proceed to pierce my nipples.

I feel you wipe the same cold wet liquid all over my pussy and clit. You can hear me begging and pleading with you through my gag, knowing what you are planning on doing. The tears are streaming down my face from under my blindfold. And you take mercy on me, you slip 20 cc's of dormicum in my drip, knocking me out, you proceed to decorate my pussy with needles and piercing my clit.

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You then undo my bondage and lie me flat you dilute some deep heat with some lube, 1 part deep heat to 5 parts lube, you then put a condom on and coat it in the deepheat lube mixture. You then proceed to fuck me hard, pushing the irritant deep into my pussy, knowing when I wake up It will feel warm and itchy. When you get close you pull out and pull off the condom, you pull out the butt plug shove your cock in my ass, pump two or three times and come.

You replace the buttplug quickly so nothing leaks out you then undo your needle work and fall asleep with me, holding me tightly in your arms.

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