Sexy tattooed maid pov fuck and facial

Sexy tattooed maid pov fuck and facial
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I wasn't in a good mood. I knew she was cheating on me, but I had no hard evidence to put to her. Fuck, looking back I should of just confronted her and gotten it over with. but I didn't. Instead, her conscience caught up with her. She didn't do the normal thing, and beg for my forgiveness first. nope. She was her usual self.

She wanted to get fucked senseless. I honestly still don't know how I got this woman to screw me in the first place, but I had a nymphomaniac for a fuck toy. We had a friend and his girlfriend over, and we wanted to fuck. They were swinging, we were swinging, but neither of the woman wanted to get fully naked in front of two horny bastards.

So, me and my slut called the bathroom and our friends got the couch. Cramming the two of us into that tiny room was a pathetic excuse. but it was our best bet. My family would be home soon, and if we were in the bathroom we had a locked door. Hearing our friends getting into it, we ourselves start to grope and grind against each other. Slipping each others clothes off, I slip a hand over her mound and another around her throat. Pushing her up against anal banging for a dirty luscious bitch wall, I rub my middle finger into her slit and find her clit.

Choking off her air supply just enough to make her panic I begin to push her towards her first orgasm. I slide my finger off her clit into her cunt and find it already soaking wet.

Getting it moist, I slide my finger back to her clit and go at it with vigor that only a teen can conjure up. She starts to buck against me gasping for air and to ride my hand to orgasm. I loosen my grip on her throat and let her gasp in air. I see her eyes start to glaze over as she slips into her first orgasm.

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Pulling my hand away gentle, I lean forward and start to suck in her right nipple. I feel her move to grab my hand and push it back, but I beat her to it and shove her hands against the wall as I take advantage of her state of desperation. Feeling my dick rubbing against her leg, I stand up until it's right against her hole.

Looking down at her, I see her staring back with a begging look on her face. She then says to me that she wants it in her ass. We'd only tried it twice before.

Once at my behest, and the second time when she was drunk off of tequila. Only on that second time was I able to slip into her. Trust me. she screamed, but I was able to get in for about a minute or two. I guess having a girth of five inches was abit more then a small girl like her could take.

But here she was asking for it, sober as can be. She noticed my hesitation at a sexual offer, which latina stewardess gets her pussy banged at the pawnshop rare, and assures me she knows what she's getting into.

She slips her hands free of me, turns around in between me and the wall. Pushing her ass out, she gets more space and then she instructs me to stick it into her hot pussy.

Rubbing my head up and down her slit, I position it in place and slide into her. Sliding into her velvet sheath I feel a moan escape my lips, and hear her moan in unison. Reaching around, I start to rub her slit as I begin to thrust in and out of her.

My balls are swinging back and forth in the hot bathroom. I hear her skin slapping against mine as we pick up pace.

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She then tells me she's as ready as she'll ever be. Pulling her self forward, she twist and drops in front of me and takes my dick into her mouth. She doesn't suck it clean, but gets her spit all over it.

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Standing back up, she smiles as a bit of spit rolls down her chin. She wipes it off, turning back around, and thrusts her ass back at me. Reaching around, she gently takes a hold of my cock and carefully guides it to her rosebud.

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Taking a small step forward so I can enter her, she places me at her asshole, and tells me to slowly push into her. Taking back control, I slip the head of my dick into her ass. I feel her squirm under me, letting out a gasp.

Pushing further into her, she starts to pant as I stretch her mostly virgin asshole open. Not caring if I hurt her at this point, I slide as much as I can into her with out her screaming her lungs out. She's begging for me to slow down at this point, but I don't really care.

She's fuckin someone on the side, and I'm getting my own before I lose the chance. Before she can stop me, I'm hilt deep in her asshole. She actually moans at this point, and I feel her ass convulse on my dick as she cums her first time.

Pulling my cock out half way, I reach up and grab her red hair and pull her head back, then thrust back into her shit hole. This time she lets out a small scream before I pull back out, and thrust back in. I start a rhythm, pushing in and out of her tight, hot ass hole as I pull on her hair. I keep this up for three minutes, then I hold my self hilt deep as I reach around again with my hand and go for the clit. I start to rub it as I'm all the way in her, and I feel her still spasming ass clamp down hard again as she cums a second time.

Gathering up some of her girl juice with my hand, I slide three real amateur fuck while her husband is upstairs my fingers into her mouth as I pull her head back. While she's trying to clean herself off of my hand I start to jam my cock in and out of her. She twists her head away from my hand, and starts to brne sis kjabar jasti choda for me to shoot my load into her.

She starts to whine, saying how it would feel to have my cum shooting squirt after squirt into her rectum. Pushing her self back and forth on me, she matches my rhythm. Taking one hand off the wall, she reaches under her snatch and gently grabs my balls and tells me she'll milk them until I explode in her. I feel that familiar throb, and tingle in my balls as my orgasm approaches.

Slowing myself down, I smile and tell her to brace herself. Moaning with anticipation, she scoots up against the wall and tells me she's ready.

Pulling back, I nearly plop out of her ass, then I ram back in over and over until I thrust one more time and drop my load into her ass. Holed full hardcore anal with petite holly hendrix feel her ass clench even tighter as my jizz shoots out. I hear her scream as she cums with me, possibly from the hot semen filling her bowels. I realize one hand is holding her hips on me, as my other is tweaking her nipple ferociously.

My balls empty now, I slide out of her and am just able to wrap my arm around her before she slips from my lack of support. I sit down the toilet, and plop her on my lap. Placing her head on my shoulder she smiles weakly at me and states that that was the most fun she'd had in a while. Smiling, knowing she wouldn't be able to walk right when her mom picked her up later, I agreed.

Popping open the bathroom door, I lean out and tell my friends to either cum quickly or get dressed cause I had to get my whore laid down before she realized how sore her ass was.