Hot teen girl gina valentina is one sweet teenager dish and shes no stranger to raunchy

Hot teen girl gina valentina is one sweet teenager dish and shes no stranger to raunchy
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I apologize for any lack of paragraph spacing and indentation as I am still figuring out how the format works on this site. Also I do tend mix different 'encounters' for a more condensed and interesting story-line, but the sunny leone desi sexy storys are of Devin and I and the basic story-line are true.

kisses x "What was that about?" My best friend Miranda asked me as we collected our books for Biology. "What was what about?" I ask her as I shut my locker. "With Devin just now." She clarifies. I busy myself with stacking my books in order, feigning nonchalance. "He never hugs you, he never even speaks to you." She continues. "It's like you've had cooties since second grade." I shrug. "He hugs me sometimes." I argue. "Whatever." Miranda scoffs. "I bet he is using you to work some angle with Sarah the slut." At the mention of Devin's girlfriend's name I am instantly grumpy.

"How so?" I challenge out of curiosity. "Well you know what they say; 'There is nothing hotter than a guy who loves his sister." she says looking back down the hall suspiciously.

I feel my face heating as I realize the ironic accuracy of Miranda's words. If only she knew. I spend the rest of the day at school sulking.

I knew shouldn't be so jealous of Sarah, after all Devin wasn't jealous of my boyfriend Grant. But whether it be pride or hormones I ignore Devin when he waves at me before second period pretending I don't notice him, and catch a ride home with Miranda instead of taking the bus. I get home before the bus has dropped off Devin and take the time to call Grant.

I hadn't spoken to him in almost four days, but then xxx sxa sex stories story mmm weren't really a social couple. While I cared for Grant and may possibly have loved him, he was a bore to talk to.

He was good however at 2 boys 1 girl sexy story about the important stuff. "Hey Kassidy." He says as he answers on the third ring. "Hi." I say and plop on the couch. "What's up?" He asks sounding genuinely curious. "Nothing much." I lie. "Just feeling really hormonal lately." I explain on a sigh.

"I'm sorry Kas." He says. "Want me to come pick you up later? Maybe we can go for ice cream." I smile at his go-to suggestion whenever I am feeling down. Ice Cream and Stephen Sommer movies.

"Yeah." I say beginning to feel happy again. "Let me tell my dad." "Alright. I'll be there around 5:30?" He suggests. "Sounds good." I say. We say the traditional goodbye and hang up. Grant is what you would call a genuinely good guy. He is polite, reliable, trustworthy, and reasonable. He knows how to make me happy and we get along. The fact that we go to different schools and have different friends doesn't seem to affect our relationship negatively.

Dad gets home from work and I alert him on my plans for the evening then go hop in the shower to make myself pretty and fresh for Grant. My boyfriend.

Not Devin. My brother. Or so I tell myself. I finish shaving my legs and washing my hair when I hear a soft knock on the door. I shut the shower curtain and call out "Come in!" The door opens and closes and I listen for footsteps to determine if it is my dad or Carol. However there is no sound except for the occasional rustle of clothes. I pause to get a better listen and nearly scream when the shower curtain is wrenched open. I glare at Devin who is looking at me in full amusement and absolutely no clothes.

"Go away." I grumble and turn away from him, a very hard task indeed since all I want to do is look at him. "God you have a beautiful ass." He says and steps up behind me placing his hands on it. His hands are large and warm and no matter how hard I will my mind to do so, I can't move away. He is absolutely gorgeous and just thinking about him standing so close has me fully aroused. His long fingers slip between my thighs and push into me causing me to press against him.

"Shhhhh." He whispered in my ear shushing me. I wasn't even aware I had made a noise.

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He presses his front firmly to my back wrapping his arms around me. I can feel every lean, hard, inch of him against my back, as hot water cascades over us.

"What was wrong at school today?" He asks. "Nothing." I sigh knowing I can't tell him. "Just something Miranda said." I say not entirely lying. "Hmm." He says wisely keeping his thoughts about my best friend to himself.

I am distracted by the feeling of his arousal pressing into my lower back and I let myself relax into him. He is so solid and real, so completely mine for the moment. There are sparks of electricity in my stomach and a warming humm in my veins. He grinds his hips against me and I gasp silently as my pussy grows heavy.

Devin runs his hands the length of my back the way a blind man would, caressing every slope, feeling every dip. He spreads my thighs further apart, careful not to let me slip, then slides his hands up to my breasts to grope their fleshy roundness. His throbbing cock had moved to slip and rest between my thighs, causing me to rock my hips as my pussy lips slid over his hard, warm length. Devin kisses between my shoulder blades as his tortures my nipples, squeezing, pinching, pulling, twisting, groping.

"God you're so sexy Kas." He says into my ear, his voice vibrating through his chest. Never in a million years did I think my brother would fuck and make passionate love to me. It was beautiful and surreal. suddenly he thrusts into me, grunting slightly, in one solid, fluid thrust. I gasp in surprise. Devin has suddenly become more than just my brother, he is my lover, my companion, a vital part of me. My eyes water with both emotion and the warm feeling of being filled by him.

We stayed connected for several sensual moments, letting the arousal and anticipation spike. Slowly he torturously slides out of me until just his tip is in mt entrance. I whimper and he shushes me softly as he slowly slides back into me with each inch going farther than I expected.

"You're so perfect." He moans in awe when he is fully sheathed inside of me. He begins a steady pace moving only slightly faster than before. I am about to moan when there is a knock at the door.

"Kas." Carol calls from outside the door. Devin and I both freeze and I feel panic setting in to replace the thrall. The doorknob jungles and I am grateful to hear that Devin has locked it. I look back at him to see what I should do as she knocks again. "Answer." he whispers. "Y-yeah?!" I call.

"Can I use the bathroom? Your father is taking forever in ours." She explains through the door. I panic again. "Uh.okay." I say and step out of the shower closing the curtain behind me. I am thankful for all of the steam and dim lights. The way our bathroom teen london halle von is in town on vacation with her boyassociate set up, is you can see the shower from the door but not from the toilet.

I open the door and Carol looks at me gratefully. I give her the best smile I can manage then slip back into the shower with Devin.

I listen as Carol goes about hoping she won't take long. Devin presses back against me only I no longer feel sexy and lost in arousal like before. I try and gently shrug him off but he only pulls me closer. "So have you decided on a prom dress yet?" Carol asks causing me to jump. "Kind of." I answer trying not to sound annoyed. "I still need to order it." I fight to keep my voice calm as Devin reaches between our bodies.

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I suddenly realize what he is doing but before I can stop him he slides into me again. "Are you thinking the blue one?" She asks. I gather my breath and try to stomp out my new found arousal. "Yes." I say trying not to moan the words as Devin begins moving his hips.

The wicked boy. "Oh, good, you look good in pink but the blue brings out your complexion." Carol says and I don't respond as I don't trust anything intelligent to come out. "Do we need to go shoe shopping?" She asks further. "N-no." I answer between Devin's thrusts, cursing him and worshiping him at the same time. "You sure?" "Yes." I say wanting to scream the words.

Carol flushes the toilet and I have never been more grateful. Devin grabs my thigh lifting my leg for better access and I let my head fall forward and bite down on a moan. Carol takes forever and a day to wash her hands and I want so badly to make some sort of noise. I clear my throat and humm as it is the only noise I feel safe making. Devin's breathing becomes labored as he works hard behind me picking up speed but not going to fast as to make much sound.

Finally the sink shuts off and Carol leaves the bathroom. Devin wrenches open the shower and I give a protestant moan at his carelessness. He presses me against the tile wall and I brace myself on my hands as he begins fucking me faster. The tile is cool against my hands and cheek, a contrast to the hot water and Devin's hot body pounding into me.

He reaches a hand around and presses down on my clit slowly massaging it causing my to jolt slightly. I feel the pressure build up and work to fight it off, not wanting this to end so soon. "Devin." I whimper quietly. "Go ahead Kas." He says and it's all the encouragement I need. my insides possessively grab ahold of him as I ride out my rough orgasm. It's hard and not too fast but not long enough. Devin comes shortly after me, allowing his hot sticky seed to fill my insides.

We really must use protection next time, I remind myself. I make a note to ask my doctor about birth control. I wonder if Devin ever comes inside of Sarah, but quickly squash the thought and bring myself back to the moment with Devin as we relax in the afterglow. After a few long moments where Devin gently rinses us off, he leans forward to switch off the water. "Do you want to go to Hall's for dinner?" He asks lela star with romi rain between my shoulder-blades.

"Can't." I say regretfully. "I have plans with Grant already." "Oh." He says and I feel my stomach flutter at the disappointment in his voice. He waits a moment longer then pulls away from me to grab a towel and dry off his hair.

He hands me a towel but takes it from me after a moment and begins to dry me off himself. I feel warm, and content and happier than ever. I don't allow the thought that he doesn't actually belong to me sour our sweet moments.

To be continued . Feel free to comment with ideas you may have, I am open to creativity, also your commented thoughts on the story are very much appreciated.

kisses xxx ;)