Brunette teen in stockings fucked and facialed

Brunette teen in stockings fucked and facialed
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She was the most beautiful thing that I have seen in a long time. Fresh out of college and looking to making it on her own. She came to my door looking for the apartment I had for rent in my building, but as I stood there staring at her large round breast stretching her t-shirt and those incredible hazel eyes that glittered with excitement I knew I had to have her here but where I was free to watch her.

I apologized telling her that I had just rented out the apartment she came inquiring about, and lustful latina nikki kay gets freaky with tutor interracial and smalltits I watched her face fall as turned to walk away I knew I had her. "Oh, I just remembered, I have a small one room flat in the back of the building that is empty.

It isn't much, but it has a full bathroom, and if you want it I can let you rent it at a lesser cost," I said to her as she stopped in her tracks and listened.

She nodded her head and I took her to the back of the building and showed it to her. "I know it's not much, but you would have your own private entrance, and since it's small, I can rent it to you for half of what I would have rented the other place to you," I continued saying as she walked around looking at everything as she pondering everything over in her head. "Well, it needs to be painted and cleaned up," she stated as she ran her hand over the dusty counter.

"Yeah," I stated, "Here is the best offer I can make sweet sexy chick jade noir loves fucking hard meat. I will waive the security deposited if you want to come in to do the cleaning and painting. I don't have much time myself to do it, but I can make sure you have all the supplies and paint you need to get the job done.

I'll even let you pick the colors." Her eyes got wider as I spoke and could see the wheels turning in her head, so I went in for the kill. "I'll tell you what, I'll even let you pay your first month rent when all the work is done, and you're all moved in." As she clapped her hands together and started bouncing up and down I knew I had her. We went back to my apartment and signed all the paper work and I gave her all the cleaning supplies I had so she could get started.

While she sat in my kitchen I called the hardware store I always use, and told them that she would be in getting paint and supplies and that they needed to put it on my tab. After I hung up and told her she was all set, she jumped up hugged me, and hurried out the door. I had this apartment added to the back of my building years ago, and set it up perfectly so that it couldn't be seen from anywhere.

I know it sounds bad, but I tend to be extremely shy with beautiful girls, and rent this place out so that I can watched them through the window that is set off to one side and that I can see the entire apartment including in the bathroom if they keep the door open. As I was leaving to head off to work, I slipped around back and looked in the window, and she was inside busily working and scrubbing the wall making her little ass shake in small circles.

I instantly got hard feeling my 9 inch cock stretching against my jeans. I smiled to myself knowing I made the right decision and headed off to work. When I got home later that evening I went around back to see if she was still there, and when I peeked in the window and all I could see was her perfect round ass sticking out of the oven as she cleaned it.

I stood there watching it wiggle back and forth for a few minutes before I went around back and knocked on the door, then walked in. As I opened the door and walked in she crawled out of the oven and smiled when she saw me. "Wow you've gotten a lot done today," I said to her as I looked at how clean everything was. "Yeah, I really need to get moved in as quickly as possible, because I need to be out of my dorm by the end of the week," she says as I walk into the bathroom and seen how clean it was.

"Did you get the paint and stuff yet?" "No, not yet. I have to see if I can get one of my friends to come and get me because I don't have a car," she stated looking down to the floor in disappointment. "He why do I take you over, and help you get the stuff, and if you would like I can take you home, and I will bring everything back here for you. That way you can get a good night sleep and be back here early in the morning. Since this place is so small, it shouldn't take you but a day to paint it, and a day for drying, and then you can be moving in by Thursday." "Oh that would be great!" she exclaims.

"I just finished cleaning the oven, and I am getting tired and hungry. If you're sure it's not much trouble I would greatly appreciate it." "Nope, no trouble at all," I tell her. "Get your stuff and let's get going.

If you want I can stop at a drive thru on our way to your dorm, so we kinky amateur ass spanking tube porn grab dinner.

I haven't picked up anything for myself yet either." She smiled and nodded as she gathered up her stuff and headed to the door. She stopped just before she shut the light off and admired what she had accomplished today, then shut the door and locked it.

We drove to the hardware store as she told me about how she just finished and graduated but doesn't want to go back to the small town she is from. She is determined to make it on her own and show her father that she can do it. I listened as she rambled on steeling glances at her and trying to keep myself from getting a hard on as my eyes traveled along her well shaped legs that were hidden under her tight jeans, the tight t-shirt that showed off her perfect breast, up her to her lovely neck that was covered by her fascinating lovely hottie loves kissing during sex light brown hair.

As my eyes kept going upwards, licking my lips as I saw her plump pink lips, cute little nose, and those gorgeous hazel eyes. As she brushed her hair from her eyes and tucked it behind her ear, I couldn't help to think how I wanted to nibble on those cute little earlobes. We made it everywhere in no time at all, and I dropped her off at her dorm with her telling me she would see me tomorrow.

I smiled and thought to myself, how much was I going to see. She was at the apartment at 6:00 in the morning and started painting right way. By the time I was headed to work I stopped out back to check on her, and she had raven ray and riley reid sperm swap bathroom painted and was almost have way around the main room. When she saw me she explained that she was hoping that if she got it painted early enough then she could move in tomorrow night.

I smiled as I told her no problem and headed to work. When I got home, I went straight out back and looked in the window. The lights were off, and she was nowhere to be seen.

I knew she had gotten the painting done and would see her tomorrow with her stuff. The next day I left for work and thought about her all day long. As I got out of my car I noticed a truck slicking out of the side alley of the building and thought I would go investigate even though I knew what it was for. As I came around the back she was standing on the porch giving two guys directions on where to put her dresser as two girls were carrying boxes in. She saw me and told me that she got some of her friends to help her move her stuff and that if it was ok that she stayed here tonight.

I told her it was no problem and that since there was only a week and a half left of the month, she can pay her first month rent on the first. She squealed and through her arms around me in a big hug. She then told me that she starts her new job on Monday, and she would get her first paycheck on the first. I left going to my apartment and kept watch to see when her friends all left so I could go and watch her in first night in her new apartment.

It was after 9:00 when I saw the truck pull out filled with her friends. I gave it about 10 minutes then slipped out of my apartment quickly and quietly went out back. Dressed in my black jeans, black shoes, and black sweatshirt with the hood up so no one could see my face, I slipped into my spot behind the bushes in the best window and looked in. I was shocked when I could see that the bathroom door was open, and she was in the shower.

I had purposely set the tub in front of the bathroom door and had a glass sliding shower door installed so if they did shower with the door open, I would have a wonderful view of all their movements.

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There she stood in all her glory with nothing but the water from the shower covering her beautiful naked body. Her hands running over every inch of her as she rinsed the soap off of her, then she bent and shut the water off. Opening the shower door to grab her towel my breath caught in my throat as the light glistened off her smooth wet skin.

I could see everything from her smooth flat stomach, her round perky breast with the tan erect nipples, and most of all her clean shaven mound that was begging for someone to touch it. My hand slipped into my pants as I started stroking my quickly harden staff.

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She stepped out of the shower, dried off, hung up her towel, flipped the light off, and walked out of the bathroom wearing nothing at all. I couldn't believe my luck, she was the kind of girl who liked to stay nude and even slept nude.

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She did a couple of small things around the room that my mind didn't grasp because I was so focused on her beautiful body, then she slide into bed flipped the light off and went to sleep. I quickly rushed back to my apartment and jacked myself off till I came hard to the images of her in my head. So this was she cant suck it all tube porn my life went for months after she moved in.

we both got home from work about the same time, I would go into my place, change into my black clothing and then sit outside her window watching her evening routine until she shut the light off to go to sleep. Then I would rush into my apartment and jack myself off again thinking of how much I would love to feel my cock buried inside that sweet pussy. I was completely happy with watching her and wanting her from a distance until one night it all changed.

It started out like every other night. When I got to her window she was in the shower, but she did something I had never seen her do before while in the shower.

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As she rinsed off the soap from her smooth, firm, wet body, she slipped a hand between her legs, and her head went back with what I could guess to be a soft moan. My mouth fell open. As I watched her hand move in between her legs for a few moments her other hand slapped against the wall and stayed there for support. I was feeling my pants getting even tighter over my quickly growing cock. As I watched her shutter slightly and slowly pull her hand out from between her legs, dry off, and leave the bathroom like she did every other night, I was dump founded with what I just watched.

Thinking this was the best night ever, I had no idea I was in for more. She walked over to a bag on the counter, took out a movie, and slipped it in the DVD player. I was shocked once again as a porn came up on the TV and she sat on her daybed naked and watched the seen unfold in front of her.

As she watched the TV and I watched her hand slowly slide down her stomach and back to her smooth shaven pussy again, while her other hand moved up to her well rounded breast and started massaging one. I couldn't believe my luck as I sat and watched her. After a few minutes of watching her play with herself, she suddenly stopped, and opened the drawer to sany lone xxx new 2019 stand next to her and pulled out a 8 inch long purple dildo.

She stared at it for a few seconds and then back to the TV, watching as the couple on the screen were going at it doggie style.

Slowly without taking her eyes off the screen she slid the toy into her and started working it in and out. The seen in front of me became too much to handle as I watched her fuck herself with her toy, moaning with each thrust. I can't say what came over me. Maybe it's been years of watching beautiful women through this window. Maybe it was the fact that I thought she was the most beautiful woman I have ever seen and wanted her more than anyone else.

Maybe it was the fact that she made it so easy to talk to her, and I wasn't a nervous fool around her. Whatever the reason was, I had no control from my mind to my body as I stood and slowly slipped the window open then climbed through. She didn't hear me enter, and was moaning fairly loud as she kept thrusting the toy in and out of her pussy. When I reached the side of the bed I rubbed my hand over my harden cock inside my jeans, then reached out and laid my hand on top of her hand that was holding her toy.

Her eyes opened as I took the toy from her and started thrusting it in and out of her. My other hand slid up her stomach, and cupped her perfect breast.

Although there was shock and surprised in her eyes as she stared at me, a soft moan escaped from her lips. I looked down at her as I moved her toy in and out faster and began rubbing and pinching her nipples. I left my hood up so that she couldn't see my face just in case she decided to report this to the police afterwards.

Her moans grow loader and her body began shaking as I pounded her pussy with the toy. I knew she was getting close, so I leaned over sucked as nipple into my mouth and slid my hand down to her clit and began to rub it firmly. This sent her over the edge, and she began to scream and buck. Her eyes rolled back into her head as she came hard. Seeing this I couldn't control myself any longer, and as she was cumming I pulled out her toy, pulled down my pants, stepped up to the edge of the bed and lined my cock up to her pulsing hole.

I knew my cock was about an inch longer then her toy, but I realized as I was about to enter her that i was a good inch wider if not more than her toy. Her eyes were still closed and she was breathing heavy as I started to push in.

I sank half way in her when her eyes flew open and her mouth opened letting out a half scream of protest and a half moan of pleasure. Pulling back and thrusting in again sank me all the way in and her body shook and she grasped the sheets on the bed, placing her feet on the edge of the bed and started pushing herself away.

Not wanting her to get away I grabbed her shoulders, pulled her back down and started to slowly thrust in and out of her. At first she pushed against me, trying to free horny lesbian sluts put on a college lesbian show, but as I continued ponding her, her protest slowly turned into lust and she started rocking her hips pushing me even deeper.

When I heard her scream out, "Oh fuck yes…&hellip.yes!" I knew she was mine and that I had her until I was finished. Grabbing both her legs I throw them up over my shoulders and grabbed her hips thrusting harder and deeper. She rocked, bucked, shocked, and screamed as I drove in and out of her as fast as I could. Taking one hand and rubbing her clit hard I felt her body coming close to her climax.

Sliding her body closer to the end of the bed, angling her body upwards even more and driving downward into her even deeper. This sends her over the edge and she screams into ecstasy. "Oh my fucking god…&hellip. I'm cumming…&hellip. Oh fuck yes…&hellip. I…… can't…&hellip.believe……&hellip.this………&………happening!" Her body thrashing around as I feel her pussy gripping my cock and soaking me with her juices while her fingers dig into my arms.

Feeling her release sends me to go over the edge myself, and not wanting to cum in her, I grab the back of her head by her hair, pull out of her, and shove myself into her mouth as I begin to explode. She didn't protest or fight me, she just starts sucking and bobbing her head up and down on my cock milking me of every last drop. As I finish blowing my load, I let go of her head, reach down pulling my pants up and head to the window that I came in through. She lay on the bed panting and watching me leave when her shake voice stopped me just as I was about to slip out.

"Will I…… see you again?" she asked me while panting. I stood there starting at her knowing she couldn't see my face, than I slowly nodded yes. As I slid on leg out the window I hear, "Who are you?" Stopping and staring at her again, I let my eyes rack over her beautiful body from head to toe then back up again.

She looked so amazing lying there naked after begin fucked so hard. I forced my voice to sound deep and whispered, "Go on the pill so I can cum in you next time." She smiled and shook her head eagerly and with that I turned and went out the window moving to my own place quickly so that she had no time to check and see where I went.

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The next day she came knocking on my door asking if there were ever any reports of a peeping tom in the area. I told her no then asked why. She told me she was just wondering and asked for a lift across town. She told of how she had an appointment with her doctor today, and she would catch the train home later, but appreciate the ride. I smiled to myself knowing why she was headed to the doctors and told her it was no problem since my office was that way anyways.

So this is how my life went from here on out. I would watch her from her window every night, making sure she never saw me when she would go to the window and look for me. Of course she never knew who she was looking for. After I knew she had been on the pill for over a month I planned my next visited to the inside of her room.