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Sweet juvenile pretty gal licked by pold guy
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Over the next few nights David, Kate and Sally enjoyed each other but they were all thinking the same thing. There was one big step that Kate, especially, wanted to take and she wondered whether David would be prepared to take that step with her.

Now she had turned 16, Kate had knew she was legally old enough to have proper sex with a boy but of course it would have to be a secret, as she shuddered to think what her mother would say if she found out.

Although she didn't have a regular boyfriend, a couple of the older boys in the village had made advances to her which she had rejected. She was only too aware of how pretty she was and her mother had warned her that other boys would try and "take advantage" of her, as she had put it. David was the only boy she had really let herself go with, as he was so friendly and, of course, the opportunity was there every night. It was a couple of weeks before she had the chance to broach the subject with David.

The two of them were out walking in the woods, and her younger sister, Sally was having to go to the doctor's that morning with their mother for a check-up. "David… it's good fun what we do isn't it?" Kate turned to him as they walked darkko teen barley legal teen gets anal fucking in hand through the woods.

David nodded and agreed. He wondered if perhaps Kate was going to suggest a session out here, just the two of them. He was quite keen on the prospect as he felt sure that Kate might be willing to let him go "all the way".

His appetite had been whetted by his experience with Mrs. Ellis and he was very keen to persuade Kate. "Do you want to play around here? In the woods?" David asked casually. This was more than Kate had in mind. "It's not that. It's just that… I wanted to ask you something." Kate stopped and turned to face David. They were alone, not far from their usual clearing, and David wondered what she was going to say.

"You know I'm 16 now don't you?" David nodded. "Well I'm old enough now aren't I? You know…old enough to do it properly." David swallowed hard. This was going to be easier than he thought! "Yes, yes you are. I'm not, but that doesn't really matter does it?" David added hastily, not wanting to spoil his chances.

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This latter point hadn't occurred to Kate but she swiftly dismissed it. She desperately wanted David and he was obviously keen! "What about Sally?" David put into words what both of them had been thinking. "She's a bit young isn't she?" Kate replied. David shook its head. This was not what he had meant and he explained that he wondered how they would be able to "do it" without Sally being around.

Kate had already thought of this. "Well you always come to our bed don't you? Why don't I come to yours? Sally usually falls deeply asleep quite quickly and I could sneak over and we could be really quiet." David pondered this. He thought it would be very difficult to do what they wanted to do quietly without Sally noticing, but in the back of his mind it occurred to him he did not really mind if Sally noticed.

The thought of making love to Kate was exciting enough, but the additional danger involved, with the possibility of Sally seeing or hearing them, gave him an extra thrill. He quickly agreed and Kate suggested she try and sneak across that night. * Neither of them had any difficulty in staying awake that night and, sure enough, within a few minutes of settling down Sally was fast asleep. Kate gave Sally a final nudged to make sure and then quietly slipped out of bed and padded across to David's little hideaway.

She carefully parted the curtains and saw the faint pale glow of his body as he lay on top of his bed. He was definitely ready! She quickly slipped off her nightie and crouched down.

She put her finger to his lips to make sure he didn't say anything and then carefully lay down alongside him. They turned to each other and kissed. David's body was warm against hers and she wrapped her leg around his hips, pulling him closer to her. She was not surprised to feel David's erection digging into her tummy.

She, too, was already wet between her legs and the anticipation was high in both of them. Knowing how quiet they would have to keep they had already discussed what they would do when in the woods that morning and knowing that they were both ready David shuffled to one side to allow Kate to take his place on the mattress.

She lay back and as David climbed on top of her she closed her eyes and parted her legs. She felt David's weight on her and already a thrill coursed through her body. She was actually unusual cutie is taken in asshole asylum for awkward treatment to do it! David reached down and took hold of his cock, guiding it between Kate's thighs and quickly found the soft wetness of her pussy.

He had told Kate that he had done this before with his girlfriend, which was of course a lie. He had lost his virginity to Kate's mother but was certainly not going to reveal this! David kissed Kate lightly on the forehead and then eased his cock gently into her pussy. It went in the first couple of inches quite easily and, as agreed, he rested there. He let his body relax on to Kate and she wrapped her arms around him. They kissed a few times, this time on the lips, and David whispered "Alright?" "Yeah…" Kate whispered back.

She was thrilled at the feeling of David's cock even though it was only partially inside her. She knew the next bit would be difficult but for the moment she enjoyed the feeling of this boy entering her.

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It was not as tight as she had originally thought, and she felt a little happier now at the thought of him breaking her. She ran her hands casually up and down his back and then down to the cheeks of his backside. She squeezed them which had the effect of pulling David into her slightly further and she felt the head of his cock against her hymen.

She knew now she was ready. "Do you want to take me now?" she whispered gently in David's ear. David kissed her and murmured assent. Kate closed her eyes and held her breath. David eased his cock out a couple of inches and then slid it back in, still gently but slightly more insistent.

She felt it bump against her hymen and spread her legs further trying to help him. He prodded a couple of times and she squeezed his backside encouragingly. Suddenly, a sharp stab of pain and then she felt rather than heard a small pop as David suddenly broke through. She stifled a gasp as in one movement the entire length of David's cock entered her.

Although he was big she was pleasantly surprised at how easily she accommodated him and the initial shock and pain soon subsided.

She realized she had been holding her xxx all worild storys com and suddenly let out a long sigh.

"Are you okay?" David whispered into her ear. She gave him an encouraging squeeze. "Yes I'm fine thanks. It feels alright now you're in me." David seemed to relax and once again his body weighed down on her. Mom and son small sleep shuffled her legs slightly to make herself more comfortable and then brought her knees up either side of David's hips.

This was even more comfortable and she was now getting used to David's cock inside her. David lifted himself up on to his elbows and gazed at Kate's face, just visible in the gloom. This was very different from her mother. Her pussy was tighter, which added to the thrill, and the fact that she was nearer his own age also helped. David could just make out a grin on Kate's face and he smiled back, kissing her once again on the nose.

He felt warm and comfortable in her embrace, his cock deep inside her. Kate grinned again and then squeezed the muscles of her pussy around David's cock. She saw him twitch. He wondered whether he was close to coming. "Do you want to do me now? Properly I mean?" she whispered. Without answering David eased his cock out of her pussy and gently slid it back in again. He did this a few times and Kate felt the familiar feelings building up inside her.

She closed her eyes and wrapped her arms around David as his young body rose and fell on her, his cock sliding easily in and out of her wet pussy. She found herself thrusting her hips up to meet his rhythm, and soon her hips were riding up and down as David thrust in out of her. Suddenly she felt her orgasm approaching and she gave a final surge of her hips, wrapping her arms around David and pulling him tightly to her as she came.

The feeling was sensational…quite unlike anything she had experienced before, and the feeling of David's large cock inside her heightened the exquisite peak of her orgasm. Eventually the feelings ebbed away and she collapsed back onto the bed, David's cock still buried inside her. As promised, he had not coming inside her. The last thing she wanted was to get pregnant!

David had suggested that she play with him once she had come and Kate waited for him to come out of her.

"What are you doing?" David and Kate froze as a quiet voice whispered hoarsely from the other side of the curtain.

They exchanged tall girl compilation frannkies a prompt learner stricken glances. At least it was only Sally rather than their mother… "Sally go back to bed." Kate urged her younger sister. "I want to know what you're doing!" Sally hissed back. "I'll tell mum if you don't let me see!" Kate slumped back onto the bed and she and David exchange glances. "At least we don't have to whisper now." Kate muttered.

"What shall we do?" David gazed down at Kate. As she said this he carefully withdrew his cock and knelt up. However as soon as he did that, a head appeared through the curtains. Sally gazed at the two of them. "Are you doing it without me?" Sally asked quietly, staring accusingly at the pair of them. "You were asleep little one." Kate stared up at her sister. Sally's gaze was running down Kate's body and then she gazed at David's erection.

She put her hand to her mouth. "You were doing it weren't you? You were doing it! Properly!" Sally muttered hoarsely. "Doing what?" Kate tried to sound innocent. "You were having sex weren't you?" accused Sally once again, staring now at David. David exchange 2 boys 1 girl sexy story with Kate.

"Well I am old enough you know." Kate retorted.

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There was now no hiding the situation. To her horror Sally pulled the two sides of the curtain apart and quickly stepped in to David's "bedroom". She knelt down next to her sister. For the first time they noticed she was naked. "If you do it to me I won't tell!" She said in a quiet smug voice. "No chance Sally!" Kate retorted.

"You're far too young!" She couldn't believe how stupid she had been thinking that she and David could get away with this while Sally was in the room.

Her head was spinning now. What if Sally told her mum? That would spoil everything! She looked up at David. Would he be prepared to do it to Sally as well?

She worried it was the only way out. David was thinking along the same lines. He would be lying if he said that the thought had not occurred to him, that having taken Kate, he could take Sally as well, even though this would, of course, be strictly illegal. However what Mrs. Ellis had done to him was also illegal and he kept this thought in mind.

"I don't mind." David muttered. Kate looked up at him. Had he been reading her mind? She turned to look at Sally who was gazing down at her, her face now eager. "Can I? Can I please?" She looked at the pair of them. This was a moment she had been waiting for. She had been very envious of her sister getting older, knowing she would lose her cherry quite soon and she had to wait a few years.

However this was her chance. "You know he's very big don't you?" Sally looked at David's cock, still twitching in front of him as she heard her sister's words.

It did look rather large. Would she be able to fit it all in? She knew the answer. "It is big isn't it?" Sally replied forlornly. In fact her pussy was starting to ache just to think about it.

Kate felt some sympathy for her younger sister and cowgirl lexie banderas sucking dick in pawn shop office suddenly said. "I know! Why shoplifter summer gets her wet pussy hammered David use his fingers on you? Then you can pretend!" "Yes that's a much better idea!" Sally replied, somewhat relieved. Kate sat up. "I'll go back to bed and you can stay here with David and have him all to yourself.

How's that?" Sally readily agreed. It would make her feel much more grown up having David all to herself without her sister being in on the act. Kate quickly got up and slipped through the curtains, leaving David with her younger sister. She felt sure that David would be very careful but she resolved to stay awake just to make sure. David and Sally gazed at each other before David lay down on the mattress and patted the area next to him.

Sally joined him and he quickly pulled the covers over themselves to snuggle down. David was excited to feel this young body cuddling up to him without Kate being there and Sally herself was thrilled to have David's undivided attention.

They kissed, gently at first and then passionately as David's hands roved over Sally's body. He enjoyed the feeling of the small cheeks of her backside in his hands and as they kissed he guided her on top of him.

Her legs parted and although his cock nuzzled between them he was careful to avoid entering her. "That feels nice." muttered Sally into his ear as the head of his cock nuzzled against her young pussy lips. "Don't worry I won't go in." They continued to kiss and Sally found herself rubbing her pussy against the head of David's cock, enjoying the feeling of it rubbing up and down her lips.

David's hands were still gently caressing the cheeks of her backside and occasionally she felt one finger rubbing across her opening. This was strangely arousing and she half hoped that David might slide his finger into her backside. Suddenly he said, "Are you ready then?" Sally knew this was it and quickly slid off, lying on her back next to him.

David turned onto his side and gently ran his fingers over the small bumps on her chest and then down her tummy to her pussy. "Will it hurt?" Sally whispered. "Only a little bit. The pain soon goes away." Sally nodded and then closed her eyes as David's fingers began to rub the slit of her pussy. After a few seconds she felt his finger probing between the lips and she spread her legs wide as his finger started to penetrate her.

Her own fingers had occasionally slipped into the entrance of her pussy but not as far as this and her fingers were tiny compared to David's. Then she suddenly felt a twinge as David's finger pressed against what she now knew to be her hymen. David kissed her gently on the side of the face as he poked his finger in out of her pussy, each time pressing slightly harder. "Ready?" he whispered into her ear. She nodded quickly and held her breath.

David pushed harder, a little harder, and then… Pop! She gave a little squeak as David's finger penetrated her. She squeezed her eyes tightly shut as the initial wave of pain shot through her but, as David had promised, it quickly faded and now David's finger was sliding further into her pussy. It was not as tight as she had anticipated, and she relaxed her body, realizing that she had tensed up completely whilst he had broken her.

He was now sliding his finger gently in and out, a feeling which was new to Sally but rather nice. She began to relax now, giving herself up to the wonderful feelings that were running through her body, emanating from her groin but radiating out to the tips of her toes and fingers. She found herself breathing heavily and starting to moan as the familiar feelings of an orgasm approach.

She pulled David closer to her and he began to nuzzle her neck and then, to her joy, moved down until he was gently kissing and licking her breasts. This was it! Only a few seconds of this and suddenly she came. She raised her hips off the bed, as if to deepen the penetration of David's finger and his mouth fastened around her nipple as her orgasm trembled through her.

She found it hard not to cry out at the sheer joy of this orgasm, the first one she'd had with anything inside her. It seemed to last an age and then, gradually, the feelings faded and she allowed herself to ease back down on to the bed. David gave her a final kiss on the chest as he gently slid his finger out and lay down next to her.

"That was lovely!" Sally gasped. David gave her another kiss on the cheek and then lay back staring at the ceiling. He glanced at Sally and started to casually play with himself.

He had yet to come and was bursting. He closed his eyes and then felt movement next to him. To his surprise Sally had got up on to her knees. He guessed she was going to offer to play with him and let go of his cock looking up at her invitingly.

"Can you do it for me?" he asked. Sally gazed at teen hoe yolanthe gets dp and facialized cock and to his astonishment started to straddle him. He then realized she was going to kneel over him and then play with him, which meant he could play with her breasts at the same time.

He reached up but then to his further surprise Sally shuffled forward and to his horror positioned the head of his cock against the opening of her pussy, which was still wet from her earlier orgasm. "Sally no!" David whispered hoarsely. "But David I want to! I know I can take it! If Kate can so can I!" Sally had been surprised how easily David's finger had slipped into her and following her orgasm she felt sure that she could now take David's cock.

However she knew very well that if she had suggested it to either David or her sister for a future date they would have turned her down and now that David was so close to coming she felt sure he could take advantage of him! Sally was a little startled at the size of his cock rubbing against her pussy but was relieved to feel her lips starting to part as she slid the head against them.

She was crouching over his erection and her hands were balancing on his chest. David, still protesting, brought his hands up to her shoulders and guy fills throat and butt with cock gave her all the encouragement that she needed. She closed her eyes and let her body fall, her weight just enough to give her the momentum for David's cock to penetrate her.

In one swift movement the entire length of David's cock slid into her pussy and she bit her lips hard to stifle the cry. It hurt! Jesus it hurt! It was huge!

She was determined not to give away the pain she was feeling as this enormous thing filled her tiny pussy. She was determined not to betray to David the fact that she was deeply regretting doing this.

She opened her eyes and stared at David, trying to fight back tears and hoping David would not see the expression on her face. However after a few seconds the discomfort began to ease and bit by bit her body relaxed. David was still gazing up at her, silently cursing her but admitting to himself that the feeling was wonderful. He was amazed that Sally had been able perfect ass realtor zoe doll shows apartment and fucks hardcore and brunette accommodate him but the tightness of her young pussy around his cock was incredible.

He knew he was very close to coming and had to be careful. "Sally I think I'm going to come in a minute…" This was what Sally wanted to hear. She felt sure at her age that she couldn't get pregnant and wanted to get one up on Kate. Wouldn't it be wonderful! Wouldn't it be great for David to actually come inside her! She grinned to herself and quickly rubbed her hand across her face to remove all trace of tears.

Her pussy was now starting to relax and she was starting to enjoy this. She lifted herself up slightly and then bought herself once again backed down on David's cock. This wasn't as painful as she had first thought it might be and so she did it again. This wasn't bad! This wasn't too bad at all! She raised and lowered herself several times and each time it got easier. Then he she began to ride him properly. Her little body bounced up and down on Asian pussy invaded by giant black dick cock and David closed his eyes and gave himself up to what he knew was going to happen.

The feeling of Sally's tight young pussy around his cock was too much to bear and suddenly he knew he was going to come. He hoped and prayed he would not make Sally pregnant, having half a mind that perhaps she was too young. Suddenly he grabbed hold of Sally's hips. Sally let herself fall forward and he wrapped her arms around her and suddenly his cock erupted.

Sally could not believe what she was feeling. It was if someone was pumping liquid into her pussy. She felt the first spurt of David's cock as it splashed semen deep into her, the second and third spurts following quickly afterwards. Then she knew she was going to come as well. She gave a small squeak and then clung on to David as her second orgasm of the night thundered through her. This was even better than the last one. The feeling of this huge…thing…inside her was all she needed to or experience the best orgasm of her young life.

It seemed to take a while for the pair of them to stop bouncing around as each of their orgasms subsided, but soon the last few drops of David's climax oozed into her and Sally felt herself coming down. "Have you two finished yet?" Sally's head shot round to see her sister grinning at them between the curtains.

She closed her eyes and felt herself go bright red in embarrassment. "Don't worry little one… I'm not jealous!" "Were you watching?" Kate shook her head with a grin.

"I was listening though…it was rather exciting! She turned her gaze to David. "Now you've fucked both of us haven't you?" The three of them slept well that night.