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This is one of four different points of view on this night. For the full story, check back for more! Sarah lay in her bed watching the minutes on her digital alarm clock slowly lesbiansex porn fingers horny teen, waiting for morning to come. It felt like hours since she'd gone to bed; in reality, only half an hour had passed.

She was 13, and anxious to hear footsteps on the rooftop. She'd missed him every year; this time, she'd stay awake and finally meet Santa Claus. She rolled over onto her back, adjusting her blanket to fit more snugly.

Winter wasn't usually this cold, but a sudden windstorm had blown in from the north, dropping the temperature to a record low. She was only wearing a light nightdress, but had on two extra blankets.

It was more than enough to keep her warm, and Sarah liked the extra weight on top of her. As Sarah settled in for a night of waiting for Santa to come visit, she let her imagination run wild about all the different gifts she would get that year.

There was that new stuffed animal she had seen a few months before that would finally complete her collection. And of course the latest Audrey bitoni all fuckying storys releases of her favorite movies and TV shows.

Her thoughts continued to wander, and eventually she felt her eyelids get heavy, and her body relaxed itself. She tried to shake herself awake, but sleep was relentless, and she knew that she wouldn't be able to fight it any longer.

But then she heard footsteps, and any chance sleep might have had vanished. The footsteps were right outside her bedroom door! But there was something wrong with them. She realized quickly that the steps were leading down the hallway from her parent's room, and as she listened she heard whoever was walking around their house head down the staircase.

That didn't make sense to Sarah, as their chimney led straight to the family room downstairs, and there was no way to get into her parent's room other than the windows. Santa wouldn't pass over a perfectly good chimney for a bedroom window, would he? Sarah pushed off her blankets, careful not to wake her twin brother sleeping on the other side of the room.

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Her father had promised that she would get her own room in the new year, and she was quite anxious for it to happen. She had started bleeding a month ago, and although her mother told her it was normal, she didn't want it to happen around her brother. Something just didn't feel right about it. Opening the door quietly wasn't a problem. Her father kept the house well kept, and she'd been sneaking out of her room for years.

She listened as the person walked down the stairs, trying to be silent but stepping on every creaking step. Sarah waited in the doorway to her room, and watched the silhouette of the person walk over to the family room. It was then that she saw the other person standing by the Christmas tree.

It was Santa Claus! No one smoking hot babe alexis deen swallows pawnmans cock hardcore and blowjob mistake the hat with the fuzzy ball on the end.

She squinted, but couldn't make out where Santa had put his magical bag of gifts. It was then that one of the lamps in the family room turned on. Sarah had to look away for a moment, but once her eyes had adjusted, she snuck closer to the railing on the staircase and peered into the room downstairs for a better look. 2 boys 1 girl sexy story saw Santa, but he was much taller and thinner than all the story books.

His beard was white, though, and he was wearing the right clothes. He must use his magic to make himself smaller, she thought to herself.

That way he can fit in the chimney! It all made sense to her now. But then why was her mother down in the family room? Sarah realized that it was her mother, Jessica, who had walked down the hallway, which made sense seeing as the footsteps had started coming from her parent's bedroom.

Her mother had a housecoat on, and was talking quietly to Santa. She leaned as far forward as she could, trying to eavesdrop, but couldn't make out any of the words they were saying. Her mother was probably telling Santa all about how Sarah had been a good girl all year, and really deserved whatever presents he had brought.

But again, Sarah could not find Santa's sack anywhere in the room. Then Santa leaned over and started kissing her mom, and thoughts of presents fled from Sarah's mind. She had never seen her father kiss her mother like this before. It looked rough, and painful, but she heard her mother sigh in what sounded like pleasure.

Sarah could see their mouths open, tongues flitting in and out, bodies pressed up against each other. Sarah's mouth slowly dropped open, amazed at seeing her mother act in such a new way. And with Santa! It wasn't anything that she had ever dreamed about. Santa's hands were on her mother's bum, and Sarah watches as those hands slid up her mother's sides, pulling on the cloth keeping her housecoat on.

Sarah watched as Jessica shrugs her shoulders back, and the housecoat slid off her shoulders to the floor. Sarah bit her lip hard, trying not to gasp. Her mother was wearing underwear that was bright red, and fit better than anything Sarah had in her wardrobe.

The bra was extremely low-cut, and Sarah could see much of the skin on her mother's breasts. She looked down at her own, two small budding mounds that barely pushed up against the soft skin of her nightdress. She could see her skin through her dress, and the small white cotton panties she was wearing underneath. Sarah looked back up, staring at the red panties her mother was wearing, admiring the lace around the bottom seams. She wasn't allowed to wear lace, and wondered why her mother was so adamant about it, and yet was wearing some herself.

She continued to watch her Santa walked over to the large leather recliner, pulling Jessica along by the hand sex xn xxx 2019 com him. She watches, amazed, as Santa undid the front of his pants, dropping them down to the ground. Her eyes widened as she saw her first penis.

It looked just like the pictures she had seen in the books at school, only more purple. She had the perfect vantage point from her position on the stairs, looking at Santa from roughly a 45 degree angle.

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She watched as Jessica knelt on the ground, taking Santa's penis his cock in both her hands. She watched intently as her mother platinum silicone tits hottest blonde babe bombshell bj her hands up and down, rubbing with one hand and twisting with the other.

It seemed as though Santa's cock grew even more once Jessica's hands were on it. Jessica leaned over, taking the large purple tip in between her moist red lips. Sarah was suddenly aware of a wetness between her thighs, and in a panic brought her hands up to her panties, ashamed that she had wet herself.

No, she thought, if I had peed then I would have felt it. This is something else. There was a warmth, certainly, but it wasn't like anything she'd ever felt before.

It was a deep warmth that came from somewhere inside, one that couldn't be urine. She slowly slid one hand down the front of her panties, feeling the warmth of her own flesh. She pushed her hand lower and lower, and when her middle finger touched the first moist spot she almost gasped.

She felt pleasure shoot through her, and once again bit her lip to keep from calling out. Slowly, Sarah slid her hand down again, pushing it further and further, feeling the pleasure of contact in a new area radiate through her body.

She looked back towards the family room, and saw her mother take one hand off Santa's cock, putting even more of it in her mouth. She watched Jessica's head move slowly up and down the shaft, going further and further down just like Sarah's own hand, watching as her mother looked up at Santa with obvious lust in her eyes. She saw the same feeling matched in. It was then that she saw Santa's beard had fallen off.

No, it was more than that. He had taken it off. And then Sarah realized something she had never wanted to consider. Santa Claus was actually her neighbor, Alex Murphy! She didn't think of how her mother shouldn't be doing such private things with the neighbor. She didn't think of what Mr. Murphy's wife would do if she knew what was sunny leone fuck with tomy gun on. Sarah's only thought was of how all her life she had believed Santa lived in the North Pole when really he lived next door!

Alex had his hand in Jessica's hair, and was guiding her head as her mother sucked his cock. Sarah began to move her own hand in a similar motion, finally understanding what those books were talking about when they mentioned stimulating the clit. She used her other hand to pull off her panties, giving more of an access to her fingers instead of having them pressed so hard against her.

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She sat down on the stairs, and very slowly rubbed the outside of her vagina with one finger. She leaned back, wanting to close her eyes and lose herself, but not wanting to miss what was happening in the family room. She felt strangely intoxicated, like if she looked away it would be worse than anything else she'd ever done. So it was that she saw Alex deftly undo her mother's red bra, and pull Jessica up to kiss him once more.

The daughter watched as the mother slid off the lacy red panties, and then turned around, lowering herself onto Alex's lap, pressing her back up against his chest. Sarah watched as Jessica's hands grabbed Alex's cock in extremely horny dude fucks his slutty babe hands, jav uncensored ameri ichinose ichinose guided it to her vagina.

Sarah saw his cock enter, and heard both adults as they sighed in unison. She wanted to know what her mother was feeling, and so gently slid her middle finger into the hole she had been rubbing. And it was magnificent. There were nerves that had never been touched, and they were on fire now that they were being touched. Sarah's eyes were glued to her mother as she watched Jessica rock her hips back and forth, the cock inside of her sliding in and out with every motion.

Her mother had her head leaned back, and Alex still with his santa hat on was sucking on Jessica's neck. He had both hands on her breasts, kneading them so hard they were turning white.

Sarah saw her mother's nipples, saw that they were hard, and glanced down at her own. They too were more defined than they'd been before. She brought up her other hand, and began to mimic they way Alex was touching her mother.

She had to lean back against the wall, because the combined feeling of her finger inside of her and her hand on her small breast was overwhelming. She pushed harder with her finger, and felt a slight pinch. It was so sudden, she couldn't help but gasp out in pain.

She looked around quickly, trying to figure out if anyone had heard her, but no one came from the rooms upstairs, and her mother and Alex were too busy fucking. She realized what word had just gone through her head, and even though she knew it wasn't a good word to use, she knew what it meant and that it was right. She watched her mother get fucked by their neighbor, and knew that she was turned on.

She felt more wetness between her legs, and inserted her finger even farther inside of her. She let out a small moan, and licked her dry, cracked lips. She moved her other hand back down, rubbing her clit at the same time. The sensation was too much, and she began gulping and gasping for air.

Her hands were moving faster than ever, but it wasn't fast enough, and suddenly her entire body seized up, her legs closing on her hands and waves of heat flooded her body.

Again, her teeth came down on her lips, and she was surprised that they didn't break. She realized that she had just given herself her first orgasm, and watched as her mother writhed on top of Alex's cock, and listened as they both moaned and shook, their own orgasms happening at the same time. Sarah absently wondered if she would ever be able to do that with someone. It was then that she realized that the pinching she'd felt earlier was her hymen breaking.

She panicked, began to stand up, but then fell over. The orgasm she had given herself had sapped her of all her strength.

She glanced down the stairs, and was alarmed to see that her mother was picking up her clothes, and putting on her housecoat. Mr.

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Murphy was gone, probably back up the chimney. Sarah grabbed her white panties, now dried, and used it to wipe up where she thought the blood might be, then scrambled back to her bed.

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She laid down, turned towards the wall, and shut her eyes, praying that her mother didn't come into her room. Sarah listened as her mother's footsteps came up the stairs, then passed by the room she shared with her twin brother, before ending in her parent's room. She sighed, grateful that she hadn't been caught, but wondering when she'd be alone so that she could touch herself again.