Two cute chicks bang like crazy masturbation and brunette

Two cute chicks bang like crazy masturbation and brunette
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Thursdays With Anne I come from a small town in New Brunswick, Canada. I'm not going to say which one, as that would make it obvious who I am. This story is about one summer that my cousin Anne came to live with us, and what happened as a result. I was sixteen at the time and she was fifteen just about sixteen. Anne was from Toronto, the big city, and her mother had sent her to live with us for the summer while she was traveling in Europe.

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Anne was a Pretty girl, she had dark brown hair, blue eyes, a nice round ass, and a rack that was just the perfect size. I was amazed by the girl that walked in the door on that Thursday in late June. She was completely different from the awkward little girl that I had remembered from the last time I had seen her when we were 9 or 10.

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Suddenly I snapped out of it, I couldn't be thinking this way about my cousin. What would she think if she new what I was thinking. "Ted, will you take Anne upstairs and show her to her room." my mother told me as she shut the door, and set down Anne's suitcase. "Sure mom." I said as I snapped out of my trance and realized that Anne back man sex with sunny leone looking at me with a quizzical eye.

I picked up her suit case and started towards the stairs, "follow me" I called. She followed me up and I led her into the spare bedroom that just happened to be right across the hallway from mine. I held her suitcase in front of my crotch in order to hide the developing bulge in my pants as she reached up to open the window curtains to let some light in. It exposed the small of her back and a hint of a black lace thong sticking out of her blue jeans.

Her hair was in a pony tale that bounced along with her boobs as she got down from her tippy toes. "So what do you do for fun in this town" she asked as she turned towards me. "What" I managed to stumble as I fell out of another trance. "What is there to do for fun around here" she repeated. "Oh. There is a movie theater 5 miles down the highway, a swimming pool at the school, and some times me and some of the guys like to blow stuff up down at the old junkyard" I countered.

"But that's pretty much it." "I see" she said. "Do you know if there is anyplace I can get a summer job, I hate being without cash." "Bill Graham is always looking for people at his diner, I can give him a call for you" I said. "Thanks, that would be great" she smiled as she took the suit case from my hands, luckily my erection had died down a bit and wasn't noticeable.

She started to unpack and I left to go to my room and rub a quick one off.

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I needed to relieve myself and Supper would be soon. It turns out that she did get a job at Bill's Diner and was there on everyday except for Thursday and Saturday. I to had a summer job at a farm down the highway and was only off on Thursday and Sunday. That left us home together on Thursdays, my 14 year old sister was usually at a friends house and that left just the two of us in the house.

It was a bright Thursday morning and I had just woke up to the smell of bacon frying.

I stumbled out of bed slipped some pants on and went downstairs to see who was cooking. I rounded the corner into the kitchen and there Anne was in a white cotton shirt and a pair of pink cotton panties. I stumbled for the table as my erection hit hard, I sat down just in time.

"Good morning" she said as she plated some bacon and eggs and brought them to the table. "I made breakfast." "I see that" I managed. "Something you learned to do at the diner?" I asked.

If she thought that it was strange I was seeing her in her panties she didn't show it. "Yes, I thought you could use a surprise" she said in a sultry voice. I swear busty teen girl had wild sex with her god, my cock lurched a full inch and a half, at least it felt like it. "Thank you" I managed. She walked over to the sink and started to wash the dishes.

I quickly ate my breakfast as I had to get upstairs to relieve my raging hard-on.

I couldn't believe that my beautiful cousin was making me breakfast in her panties. And what did she mean "I could use a surprise" in that sultry voice. On top of that she kept looking at me from the sink as I ate. I was one to talk as I couldn't help but look at her.

"Can you help dry these" she asked in a teasing voice as she washed. "Sure" I answered. Here goes nothing I said to myself as I got up to go help her.

There was absolutely no way to hide my 7 and a ½ inch boner as I walked over. She didn't seem to notice it at first as I helped her dry the dishes, at least not until it accidently poked her right ass cheek. She instantly turned to face me. She had a sexy smirk on her flawless face.

"What do we have here?" she asked as she grabbed my rigid shaft in her hand. I was speechless I didn't know what to say. "Sorry" I quivered as I went to turn away and run.

"Don't go I'm going to take care of this for you" She stated. "What!" I practically yelled. "I'm going to fuck you silly" she said in her sultry voice. She came closer and put her arms around me, she pressed her soft pink lips against mine swirling her warm tongue around mine. I couldn't believe that I was making out with my hot cousin, and that she was going to let me fuck her. I put my hands on the small of her back as I returned the passionate kiss.

She lifted her arms for me to take off her t-shirt. I slowly slid it off revealing the fantasy rack I had been dreaming about. They were perfectly round, they had just the right amount of perk to them, her nipples were just the perfect size for her quarter sized areolas. I kneeled down and took intense threesome action in the classroom pornstars and brunette left nipple into my mouth and sucked it hard. I repeated the process with the other as she moaned.

I stood up and leaned against the counter behind me as she pulled down my pants and underpants. My dick popped out sunny leone condom porn sex stories vedidownload she started to stroke it with her hand. She looked at me with her sexy eyes. "Cousin Ted want his dick sucked?" she asked as she got on her knees in front of me. "I sure do Cousin Anne" I said as she took the tip into her mouth.

She gently tickled my pee slit with her tongue. She pulled her head back letting my cock-head come out of her mouth making a popping sound.

She grabbed my dick, holding it up against my stomach as she licked the bottom side of the shaft from the balls up to the slit. She took each testicle in her mouth sucking gently, she licked up the shaft again this time taking the head once again into her warm mouth. She continued to bob her head letting my cock run back and forth between her juicy lips.

letting it go deeper each time. She finally let my shaft go all the way in, and down her throat. This put me over the edge. I squirted my load of hot jizz down her throat.

She swallowed every bit (as if she had a choice.) "Mmm.your cum tastes so good Ted" she said as she stood up and gave me a kiss giving me a taste of the leftovers. "Now its your turn" she said as she walked over to the kitchen table. She laid down on the table and put her legs in the air so I could take off her pretty pink panties.

I slowly pulled them off her smooth long legs and threw them on the floor. I grabbed her legs and spread them giving me access to her beautiful pussy. I rubbed her mound with my hand noticing that it was already running plenty of juices.

I wanted a taste anyway, I ran my tongue along her pussy slit tasting her sweet nectar. I felt her quiver when my tongue hit her clitoris. I began to finger her pussy with one hand, her beautiful brown asshole with the other and I licked her clit with my tongue.

This soon brought her over the edge. It turns out that she is a squirter as I got a pleasant spray of hot girl cum in my mouth as I licked. "Fuck me" she said in her sultry voice. As I pulled her ass to the edge of the table for easy pussy access. I held her legs up with my hands and rested them against my shoulders.

I took my now hard again dick and slid into her moist warm pussy. It was the most wonderful feeling in the world, the feeling of forbidden pussy.

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It was warm and tight, moist, better than anything I had ever felt. I began to slide in and out, increasing my pace until I was fucking her at a good speed. I had increased dexterity as this would be my second cum and was able to fuck for a good 30 minutes. Which felt more like 5 minutes. She started to moan and groan at an increased rate and as she orgazmed spraying her love nectar on my shaft I was put over the edge and sunny leone xxx story brazil hot shooting my biggest load of cum ever up into her tight hole.

I could not believe it, I had just fucked my own cousin, a member of my family. I had shoot my load right up her and she had loved every minute of it. She slid off the table and gathered her clothes. "Same time next week?" she said as she walked away. Damn straight I thought as I cleaned up our mess and went about my day. To be continued.