Beauty with nice ass bounces on one eyed monster

Beauty with nice ass bounces on one eyed monster
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"I just want to do something crazy and wild one day. You know, public sex caliber." I could feel the swelling within that started to get me wet even before we entered the spa. "Seriously?" Michi had me on the public sex thing. She had done it in a park at sunset. Granted it was fairly isolated, sitting on a bench with her boyfriend tucked between her legs so that even if someone chanced in, they would not see anything. Well, save for the exposed ass of her boyfriend. We were simply talking, on our way to the spa.

At most, a two minute walk from our lockers to the door. It was a shared spa that sat between the men's and the women's locker rooms, our favorite place to go and unwind.

I don't think I even looked inside when I opened the door. But once our eyes adjusted to the steam, the image came into focus rather quickly. Relaxed, leaning back with his eyes closed, was a man not so out of shape, but not something right out of Men's Health either. He was tan with short black hair, clean shaven, and not just his face; legs, arm pits, chest. Not even sure he had that much body hair to begin with, but he looked good clean.

He was sitting on his towel, legs partedenjoying the heat and steam in the room. Not sure if he thought it was a men's only spa, but I did not care and I don't think Michi cared either.

For a moment, we stood there scanning every inch of him. It was not unusual for us to see men in here, just not men completely naked. But there it was, situated between his legs, his gift from God. A nice mocha colored piece, resting against a generous sack that hung behind it.

Its length, drooping downward, over his testicles. Nice. His pubic area, was neatly trimmed, shaved around the bikini area, leaving no strays to be seen. His abs raised, expanded and contracted with his breathing.

"Wow." Was all Michi whispered. The steam jets were spraying the room, hiding her voice and our presence. But the visibility was still decent enough to get a good look.

At least before it started to cloud the room completely. "Something wild eh?" She nudged me. "Are you kidding?" I shot back a glare. Still not moving from our spots. "I don't even know him." "That's the point isn't it?" Her mouth smirked a devilish grin. We moved forward a bit until his body came into view, more importantly, until his package came into view.

For some reason, it looked inviting. Not my typical response and not something I am usually drawn to. But as I continued to look, the desire to have it in my grasp young fur pie filled by old cock my core.

I knew I was turned on, I was wet, and not from the steam. I still had my towel wrapped around me, but felt the urge to ditch it and without rationalizing anything, I tossed it aside onto one of the benches. "Kei? Are you?" She stopped short of her question. I was already moving forward towards the man. Unsure of his state or his possible response.

I suppose I could have risked more than having to apologize and back away. But nothing crossed my mind, I was focused and moved forward with the intent to take hold of his member. Michi just watched as my hand reached out and slid around it.

"Mmm." The man stirred, but did not jump out of his skin. I had him in my hand, fingers underneath, lifting it from its rest. The pure mass of it was intense. I was holding a strangers cock in my hand, in public and without his knowledge. Kneeling down I moved in closer. The ridges and blood vessels came into clear detail.

Time slowed. My body moved on its own, my mind a mere spectator, a puppet doing as it was told. Closer and closer, I approached, my mouth watered, hungry for his meat, anticipating the salty taste, the unique feel against my tongue.

Closer, until I felt the air compress between my lips, letting me know that he was passing the plane sofie marie plowed by her nasty stepbro my mouth, a second later, my first taste and then without hesitation, I closed in on him, sucking him in, all of him. My favorite is when a man is soft, taking him into my mouth like a giant marshmallow, engulfing him completely before he becomes hard.

Then if possible, letting him grow, sucking the blood life into it, making him hard and long. "What the?" It was not Michi's voice and I knew it. I felt his body attempt to scoot back.

I reached around his hips and pulled against his efforts. Inside, I used my tongue to caress him, to let him know that I meant no harm and that I was here to please him. "Please forgive my friend. She didn't mean to startle you." I heard her voice then noticed she had situated herself next to him, pressing against his chest with her hands.

His cock jumped. The blood was rushing in, I felt him swell and lengthen. "See there, just relax." I watched as her leg did a crescent over his chest. She was helping herself to the fun, straddling him, inching her way up until he had full access to her sweet spot. My heart raced, anxious to see his reaction. This was it.

Either he freaks or he buys into the scenario. With him inside my mouth almost full mast, I knew his body was all in, now it was just a matter of his mind. I grabbed his shaft, stroked it while trying my best to evoke yet another moan from him.

I had to do my part. His back arched, pushing him to the back of my throat. I did my best to open up, but was not expecting it. The last thing I wanted to do was gag. That would surely end it right there. But I managed. All I could see was Michi's back, more accurately, her ass, just slightly above him and from what I could just make out, her pussy lips were on top of his mouth. Then I saw it, his tongue peeked out and dipped between her glistening folds. Michi moaned and braced herself against the wall.

He was in. Time was ticking and not on our side. My mind raced letting fear settle in. We could be caught. Deep inside my mouth, even in my throat, it was what it looked like and there was no talking our way out of it.

I began to pull back, feeling him slide from my throat and into my mouth. Escaping my lips with a slow pull until at last it released, bobbing in front me.

It looked so big this close up. A short glance up and I saw his hands wrapped around my friend's ass, guiding her in all directions as his tongue worked her closer to an orgasm. By the sounds of it, she was well on her way and leaving me behind.

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Competitively, I felt the urge to pursue and the only way I knew how to do that was to find my own stimulation. One quick moment for analyzing my approach and I moved into position, swinging around to face away from him.

Reaching through my legs, I grabbed him and guided him to me. Just enough to bury his swollen head. When it touched, the lust surged through me. I was about to actually do this, do something crazy. In that moment, I shifted back, pressing him into me.

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"Oh god." Inside of me, he pulsed, twitched and swelled. Deeper he went as I pressed harder into him, drawing him to me. I was shaking, both in excitement and terror. I paused to look at the door and imagined someone walking in. Shifted my hips up and pressed back down. Gyrating, I circled and pumped my way down his never ending shaft. That is until I came to rest against his slick skin. I listend for Michi. She was moaning quite loud now and begging him to use his fingers.

I assumed he complied as shortly after she screamed, "Oh fuck!" I had just started my ride and adjusted my stance, using his legs for leverage. Bouncing my hips in all sorts of crazy movements, I controlled the depth and angle of penetration, stimulating every inch of my inner self. I did not care what this man tagalog movie sa pagitan ng langit thinking, I just wanted to make sure he lasted long enough for me to get off.

"Oh god, so close." Michi declared as she made her final sprint to the finish line. No way, not this time. I straightened my back, changed my position so that I could use my hands. One to my nipple and the other to my clit. My legs bounced off his thighs as his hips pushed me up. His cock bumped into my cervix, he was deep. His efforts relieved some of the burden magma wet machs maul auf ich muss me and allowed me to concentrate.

Each, thrust of his cock, each tweak of my nipple and each rub on my clit charged me like a capacitor, filling it to capacity before releasing the surge. I was getting close. "Oh god yes! Yes! Oh my god. Right there!" Michi's orgasm hit. Michi fell silent as her orgasm took over. I had lost, but I was no doubt going to finish.

"Oh so close." I was moaning and didn't care who was in earshot. I was frantic, sprinting, bouncing, rubbing my clit, doing everything to finally come. I heard a grunt and felt his hands lock onto my hips. His strength, pushed and pulled me. His cock drilled into me, further, somehow finding more length, more power. I was on the edge, one last push.

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"Fuck!" I exhaled. I felt his cum rip into me. It was all I needed to find my own. And in one instant, that internal capacitor released all of the stored energy. Suddenly, I was out of control, my legs lost strength folding underneath me. His cock swelled and exploded relentlessly. My own body felt like it was under attack, jerking as the surge shot through me over and over. One last shock and there I was, sitting on this man, trembling, looking down between my legs at the sight of him inside of me.

"Kei? You okay?" Michi was also staring between my legs. "Oh my god Michi. That was.

. . " It was incredibly unbelievable. "Did he?" She gave me her hand and helped me off of him. It was odd to feel him slide out.

His mass left me, leaving his sticky pleasure seeping from me. He most definitely did. Without saying a word, we grabbed our towels, wrapped them around our flushed bodies and left.

My nipples still sensitive to the touch, made me jump as the towel rubbed against them while between my legs, the slick residue trickled down. "I guess he did." I smiled at my friend. "Kei. . you crazy girl."