Ass traffic nomi melone gaping anal fuck and swallow

Ass traffic nomi melone gaping anal fuck and swallow
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Working at a Mercedes Benz dealership has its perks. First, I get to spend my time around such beautiful cars. Second, I get to spend time around beautiful women. Trophy wives to these rich men that give them everything they want except what the really need; a man to pleasure them. "Hello Mama, how my I help you today?" "I don't know can you help me&hellip." She says with the smile of a innocent child, biting down on the frame of her sun glasses.

"Well what do you look for in a car?" "Something fast and… powerful" she says slowly as she drops the sunglasses in-between her cleavage. A beautiful woman, with long hair and red accents and mesmerizing brown eyes continues to stare at me, waiting for an answer to her question. She wore a black halter top dress that was only knee high, if that low. Underneath I could make out the beginnings of a red bra of some sort with, it slightly popped out at the top of the back dress.

I look down even further and notice the black 4 inch heels she is wearing. I can't imagine a more perfect woman. "Well&hellip. Do you have something that might…fill my slot?" She purrs the last words as she takes a seat in a C class and lays her hand over the bottom of her dress, hiding the underwear she is wearing, if any. She is tempting me hoping to get lucie revient nous voir pour une plus grosse sodo discount I'm sure.

She is probably use to getting what she wants. She wears a necklace made of solid gold, it reads princess. She is a little princess, on the surface. "well this car you are in is fine for moderate fun, a four door that has plenty of power under the hoo&hellip." "Fuck that, give me a two door with at least a V12 in it" she demands I have a surprised look on my face; she really wants to go really fast apparently.

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It does not seem to matter how much it will cost, or more how much I can get out of her. I take her to the side lot where all of our performance cars are kept. The SLK 55 a small but powerful little beauty is fun to drive and a little easy dirty minded granny loves to use a loaded meatgun for drilling purposes park.

"No to small, I need something &hellip. big" she looks at me with a little smile, I simply smile back and take her further into the back of the lot. "This is the SL550 twin turbo V12. This is a big hard top convertible that if you topped out would literally rip our cloths off your body" "OOooooo I like the sound of that, she says as she gets in the passenger seat." I see her uncross her legs for a sec, then I realize a small fact, she is wearing no panties at all, her smooth bald pussy is only visible for a short second, but it's a second I won't forget.

I show her most of the features that the cars, then I show her the convertible feature. She awe's as the sky opened up for her. I take the key and start the car, "Why don't we just&hellip. Go for a ride" We pull out onto the main street and go a pretty mild distance. I show her how smooth the ride is on the car.

She starts to play with the shifter a little as we continue to drive and I explain how the car would be nice for her and can cost less then she thinks it could. I notice finally what she is doing; her hand strokes the shifter up and down slowly; the breeze flowing through her dress causing sensation all over her breast. She rubs her thighs together more and more as she feels her pussy get wet from looking at the sales men with his blond hair the waves in the wind and his blue eyes watch as she strokes hard and harder on the shifter.

I finally get the car onto the high way and floor the accelerator. The cars twin turbo engine does the rest, kicking in and getting to 170 in no time flat.

Her breaths are hard as the car slows to get off the highway; I see a trickle of something wet slid down her leg as I turn onto the off ramp. She has an animal look in her eyes now. She stares at me till I get close to the dealership again. "Park the car in the back" she demands as we pull in. I pull into the back far behind the workshop and other cars as she had wished. She puts her hand on my leg and starts to slowly stroke it moving her way up to my groin.

I look into her brown eyes and I feel myself start to lose control. My hand grabs the back of her head pregnant busty teen enjoys good fucking amateur and preggo pulls her closer to me. Our lips making contact and my tongue exploring her gorgeous mouth. Her hand unbuckles my belt and unzips my pants.

My semi-hard cock, popping out of its constraints. She grasp my cock with her hand and starts to stroke it slowly. Our mouths part and she gives me a devilish smile before kissing my jaw line and continues down till her lips braze the head of my dick. I buck at the feeling, but she complies with my wants and takes the head into her mouth. Her mouth is warm and wet like nothing I have felt before. My hands find its way beneath her dress to find her breast, perky with erect nipples.

My hand plays with her prefect breast, squeezing her flesh and twisting her nipple till I drew a moan from her. My other hand stays below, fallowing the trail of wetness all the way to the crease of her twat.

She continues to bob up and down on my cock as I play with her pussy lips and breast. She starts to go up and down faster and faster, sucking harder on my erect cock. Her tongue moving all over my cock as she sucked. She hums a little as I rub the very top of her slit with the tip of my finger, getting her more and more sarah vandella enjoys first jumbo cock tube porn. She gives a finally moan and causes me to cum right into her mouth.

She sucks up all of it, drinking it down with a pleasure look on her face. "God&hellip. that was good" I say as I lay my head back on the seat. "I enjoyed it myself" she says with a smile before kissing me again. I taste a little bit of my own cum on her lips, but now I am ready to taste her.

I grab her by the ass and sing her to the top of the trunk. Lifting the skirt up a little higher reveals her sweet, delicious pussy. It's still moist from earlier when I gunned the car down the highway. I follow the drip worth my tongue all the way up to her wonderful warm slit.

My tongue just laps over it at first, teasing her with a little pressure at first. She grabs my hair and pulls me in. I give her what she wants.

Sticking my tongue out and penetrating that soaking pussy. I only go have way in at first, but later thrust my whole tongue deep with her nice cunt. Moving it up and down all over; my thumb circling her clit as I tongue fuck her on top of that car. I push deeper and deeper till I have her gasping for air, ready to explode. She finally cums all over my face and on my tongue. I lick my lips tasting more of her, her sweet smelling pussy equally compares to her sweet taste. She gets out the car and crawls onto the hood of the car.

Raising the skirt again, she looks over her shoulder, with animal lust in her eyes. I have the same look as I look back at her. My hard cock still wet with her spit I slowly move behind her and pop the head of my dick into her wet pussy. She moans at the size, feeling it stretch her tight little pussy. I pop the head back out, she groans and whines looking back at me with a sad face, but it does not last long as I thrust back into her going a little deeper.

She gasps at the sudden thrust I give her, throwing her head back. I go deeper and deeper into her with each thrust till my full length is all the way inside her. I thrust again and again, rocking both her body and the car, but she however thrust back at me. My nuts slapping her pussy with each push forward.

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I give her ass a few nice firm slaps; she moans at the rough treatment. I take my right hand and slowly rub her clit as I fuck her from behind, only to be surprised by her hand grabbing and beginning to massage my balls as I do. The feeling is intense, as I already feel my second orgasm start to build. I quickly flip her over, putting both her legs to my sides as she lay on top of the long hood of the car.

Thrusting like a wild animal she hangs onto my body for dear life, "grab your own breast" and play with your tits" I demand. She does so, moaning and breatheing hard again.

"Fuck me… fuck me&hellip. O god your dick feels so good" I thrust harder and faster, she screams out in pleasure as the sum drips from her pussy on to my cock, as well as the hood of the car.

I grab her off the hood of the car and grab her neck and bring her slowly to her pussy juice she has spilled. "Lick it up&hellip.princess" She sticks her tongue out and tastes her own juices of the car.

I get behind her again; I give another firm slap to her ass. She whimpers at it. I place my cock in-between her petite ass cheeks and move back and forth slowly, enjoying the sight I have in front of me. I take my cock and slowly find the last hole to fuck. I push hard against her tight rectum before it gives way to my dick. She whines and cries in pain. But it only last for a short while before she begins to feel the pleasure real young looking teens first time comrades sisterly love it.

I thrust slowly, enjoying her ass more than ever. I give another slap, she whimpers that childish whimper that droves me insane. It's not long before her ass contracts around my cock, making me want to cum almost instantly.

I give a few more thrust before I have to get out and cum. I force her to her knees and she automatically takes my dick into her mouth again. She sucks like a pro.

I cum almost instantly filling her mouth again. Little bits of cum fall from her mouth onto her gorgeous tits. We climb back into the car and cool off in the air-conditioning before we go in to sign the papers for the car she wants.

"I hope you like this car, and enjoy it as much as I enjoyed it with you" "O, I willmight see come back more to get it fixed and have test drives with you, just to make sure its working right." She says with a smile .