Petite teen learns how to suck and from from milf lake

Petite teen learns how to suck and from from milf lake
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I awoke feeling groggy and unsettled. I had woken up many times during the night to punish my new slaves, and I would punish them greatly for disturbing my sleep. All night Michelle had screamed, hoping in vain that her calls would escape the sound-proofed apartment, and so I had to repeatedly wake and beat her until she quieted down.

Amanda had cried and whimpered all night, not screaming for help but crying to herself, also requiring several beatings to shut her up.

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This morning I was exhausted. I had forgotten how much work goes into training one of these bitches, and this summer I had two to deal with. Amanda and Michelle laid on the wood floor, Amanda in a skimpy black thong and bra and Michelle in only a large t-shirt, huddled together for warmth. I reached my hand down without looking and grabbed hold of a leash, unclipped it from the floor hook, and gave a sharp tug.

I heard a startled cry and Amanda popped up next to the bed, looking flustered and scared. Good, I thought, I hadn't yet violated Amanda.

Michelle had received a brutal anal fuck, her first of many, last night because of her malice towards me. I loved Amanda's body, and I admired it for a moment before proceeding. She was a previously athletic girl who had gained some weight, so she had an interesting shape.

Unlike lifelong fat women, who are just fat and disgusting all over, I could still see a great form in Amanda's body. But this great form was carrying thirty or forty extra pounds in her ass, hips, belly, and mammoth tits thanks to a year of greasy fast food and beer pong.

I pulled the sheet off of myself and yanked hard on the leash, bring Amanda's chunky body down onto me in a heap. I held the leash by the part closest to her throat and roughly pulled her until she was on all fours straddling my legs, her face hovering an inch above my boxer shorts.

I flexed my hard cock, and the bulge in my shorts jumped and bounced off her face. Amanda didn't move, she showed neither resistance nor enthusiasm, and I thought that she would likely be the easier of the two to train. I held Amanda with my right hand and with my left I reached off the bed and took a firm grasp around Michelle's neck. She gagged and gurgled as I restricted her air supply. "Good morning slaves," I said and loosened my grip on Michelle's throat. "Good morning master," Amanda whispered up to me.

Michelle was silent. I clamped hard on her, choking her and smiling as I felt her squirm on the floor. After a few seconds I released and let her cough and catch her breath.

"Amanda got it right, the correct response was cum slut fuck blowjob and facials 16 tube porn morning master'." "Good morning&hellip. Master…" Michelle whimpered, still coughing. "Okay, Amanda will be rewarded for being such a good slave.

Amanda, I will let you eat my cum. If I ever feel either of you have been good girls, you will get this as a reward. Now, it occurred to me that you're both here essentially because of your bitchy little mouths. Michelle, after treating your parents like shit, you had the audacity to give them a bitchy attitude. Amanda, after also taking advantage of your parents, you also embarrassed them by winding up on the internet with a countless number of cocks in your mouth.

So I've decided your punishments should be specially tailored to deal with this issue. Your mouths, like the rest of your body, are my property, and right now I'm not very happy with either of them." With that I instructed Amanda to pull my boxers down.

She did slowly, revealing my large and bulging erection. She tried to remain indifferent, but I knew enough to notice a sparkle of lust in her eyes as she inspected my cock up close.

My left hand slid up from Michelle neck and settled on her lips. "Open," I instructed. Amanda did, opening her mouth wide and pushing her tongue out. I slapped Michelle hard. "That meant both of you!" I said. Michelle reluctantly complied and only parted her lips slightly. I pulled Amanda's slutty mouth down onto the head of my cock and held her there. I then roughly pried Michelle's mouth open, eliciting a weak cry from her as I began rolling her tongue between my thumb and forefinger.

In position, I told Amanda to start sucking me. She did, and it was clear quickly that she had sucked cock a lot. Her mouth was expertly working me right away, her tongue lapping at my shaft and massaging my head, and even her most conservative strokes took in half my length. I pushed all four fingers into Michelle's mouth, spreading it wide, and told her to keep it that wide open until told otherwise. I explored Michelle's mouth with two fingers, poking and probing along her tongue, inside her cheeks, and around her teeth to let her know that I owned her little mouth.

I did this while Amanda sucked my cock on her own power, I was starting out gentle with both of them. After a few minutes of this I turned it up a notch. I pulled hard on Amanda's leash, burying my cock up into her throat, and I felt the wonderful clenching of her gagging throat.

I held her there, feeling her throat struggle with my cock and her now useless mouth just pour thick saliva down my cock.

I watched as thick globs of throat yogurt trickled out of her mouth and pooled up on my balls. I grabbed the back of her neck to hold her steady and began thrusting up into her, pushing her face down on me at the same time. My fat cock was brutally expanding her throat, she winced and cried with each deep push, as my imposing girth opened her wider than ever before. Meanwhile, my treatment of Michelle turned rough as well. I crammed my first three fingers into the back of her mouth and in her surprise she bit down.

"No biting you playgirl bonks in a non stop manner hardcore and creampie cunt!" I cried, pushing down hard with my fist and gagging her. Her mouth opened some and I continued to plunge my fingers at her throat. I felt a tiny hole flex and tremble as I probed it and spread it. Michelle gagged and spit bubbled up around my fingers.

I played with her throat until I felt her wretch, barely holding back vomiting. I eased off for a moment, not interested in puke, before continuing. Michelle eventually caved, accepting her helpless state, and her throat relaxed as I explored. My fingers probed her throat and played with her supple tongue. Throat fucking this whore is going to be rough, I thought to myself.

Amanda's throat had clearly accepted cocks before and she still was struggling to fit my mammoth shaft into her. Michelle felt tiny and tight, like her virgin asshole last night, and I imagined the first time I cram my cock into her throat it may very well kill her. "I own these fucking throats! Understand you little cunts?" I was getting rougher and hornier now, frantically pumping up into Amanda and forcing her face down as hard as I could.

Still she couldn't take all of me, her nose hadn't yet reached my stomach, but by the end of the summer it would. Every morning one of these whores would receive a brutal face fuck, no questions asked.

I pulled Amanda up and off of my cock. She looked wide-eyed and was struggling for air. I sat up and spun her around, forcing her down on her back so her ass was on the edge of the bed. I unclipped Michelle and pulled her to her knees between Amanda's legs, pulling her shirt over her head as I did.

For the first time I saw Michelle's perky tits, and I was very happy she had come to me this summer. Her tits were round and sexy, not large but mouth watering, and I looked forward to my fun with her. I then straddled Amanda's face and commanded she open her slut mouth again. She did and I reinserted, her abused and stretched throat accepting me with a squishy sound. All of the thick, bubbly saliva that had leaked out and soaked my balls was now dripping down and onto Amanda's nose, eyes, and forehead.

I moved Amanda's panties aside and gazed upon her bare pussy for the first time. It was puffy, fat, and looked like it could take a pounding. I held Michelle inches from it as I slid my middle finger through Amanda's fat folds. As I suspected, her pussy was soaking wet and my finger fell in easily.

Amanda couldn't hide the fact that she was aroused by my cock. I began forcibly fucking downward, burying my cock in her throat and stifling her moans of pleasure as I fingered her sloppy pussy. I kissed and licked her clit gently, happy to give this whore some pleasure along with punishment. I wasn't all bad, I was perfectly willing to make these girls happy if they let me, and I hoped someday Michelle would enjoy some of the attention.

I dug my finger deep in Amanda's cunt before pulling it out, shiny and soaking in pussy juice. I pushed it hard into Michelle's mouth and watched her grimace at the taste of Amanda's pussy. "What's the matter cunt, don't like it? You're gonna fucking like it. Eat her pussy until you fucking love it." With that I pushed Michelle's head down and slammed her face into Amanda's sopping pussy.

"Eat it you fucking bitch!" I shouted, and Michelle began moving her tongue in and out of Amanda's pussy. "Don't lick it," I corrected her, "eat it, with your whole fucking whore mouth." I held her by the back of the head so her face was enveloped by Amanda's pussy. Michelle began munching and eating, and Amanda's juices poured. I turned my attention to Amanda.

I petite stepsis having a nasty dream about her stepbro up some so I could get a decent view.

Amanda's colossal tits bounced and quaked with each hard pump of my cock. I loved watching her fat stomach jiggle as I abused her throat.

I pulled her bra down harshly to get my first look at her bare tits. The mountainous things began shaking violently now that they were unrestricted and I began squeezing and kneading them, my hand looking tiny against her mammoth tits. Sloppy spit was bubbling up out of her mouth and rolling down her cheeks. "What a fat whore you are. I bet you're hungry you chunky bitch. Are you hungry?" Amanda just gurgled.

Her wet throat had sufficiently squeezed my cock and watching her fat shake as I fucked her, along with little Michelle looking positively lost in her quaking pussy, had pushed my to orgasm. "Yeah, eat this you fucking whore!" I shouted and slammed my hips down, bottom my fat cock out in her throat and feeling my balls smack hard against her nose.

The first stream of semen launched from me with such force that I nearly lost my balance. I pumped my cock in her, keeping the pressure on with my hips to keep my cock deep inside. Spurt after spurt of hot cum rocketed out of me and into her throat. Amanda choked and gagged as I dumped my enormous load into her. "Swallow you fat fuck!" I cried, grabbing the back of Michelle's head to hold myself up. This served to plant Michelle in Amanda's pussy and Amanda was bucking and rocking on the bed violently.

The flood gates opened and my cum poured out, drowning this slut and backing up into her mouth. It poured out of her and rolled down her cheeks and I emptied my balls in her fuck hole of a throat. "That's your reward, don't lose it, fucking swallow!" I commanded. I held my swollen cock in her there for long moments after the waves subsided, listening to the sweet sounds of her pathetic attempts to swallow, gag, and cough.

I let go of Michelle but told her not to dare stopping, and she stayed buried in Amanda's cunt. I finally dismounted Amanda and looked down at the stream of cum that had escaped her mouth. I slapped her hard, and sticky wet slap. Her face was covered in cum and thick saliva. Amanda was spent, she looked dazed, and her body twitched each time Michelle's tongue tickled her cunt. I walked around the bed and told Michelle to stop. I pulled her by the leash to me, on her knees, and placed my swollen cock in her mouth.

"Suck me, gently, like you love my cock," I instructed. Michelle's eyes were filled with hatred, but her little mouth worked lovingly. She barely fit my cock, even as it was tall skinny teen with big pussy hole, in her and I knew this mouth and throat would take a lot of work. My cock finally softened and I pulled it out and told her she had been a good girl, and that good girls get rewarded.

She began to sob, probably thinking that I meant she would receive a vicious throat fuck next. She wasn't entirely wrong but I had different things in mind for this little slut.

I led Amanda and Michelle to the bathroom and instructed them to clean up and take care of any business. In the mean time I went to the kitchen and prepared a breakfast. Each girl's parents had supplied a small bag of random clothing for them, mostly underwear as I'd instructed, and along with a simple breakfast I laid out new clothes for each in the living room. Amanda's underwear consisted mostly of thongs, and I absolutely loved how the tiny string just disappeared between her fat ass cheeks, so I found a nice red one for her and a random t-shirt.

For Michelle I laid out skimpy, tight, baby blue shorts of the same material as sweat pants and a black sports bra. My slaves changed and sat on the couch next to each other to eat. I sat in a chair on the other side of the little table from them, holding both leashes in my left hand and aimlessly rubbing my cock and balls with my right.

I admired them silently as they ate: I had two really beautiful girls before me. It's such a wonderful truth that the beautiful ones are always the ones who feel entitled, who take advantage of people, and who think they can get by looks alone.

Lucky for me. As they finished their breakfasts I finally spoke. "So, slave girls, I have some questions for both of you. I think you already know how to answer and what will happen if you don't." "Yes, master," they both whispered. "Good," I started. "So, Michelle, before today, how many cocks have you sucked?" "Only one, master," Michelle looked away, clearly uncomfortable talking to me about any of this stuff. I was surprised. "Only one? Bullshit, you'd better not be lying to me." Michelle looked back and said, "honest, master, only one.

I don't like it, so I don't do it." "Well," I said, "from now on whether you do it or not is not up to you, so you might as well learn to like it. But let me see now, only sucked cock once, I know you were an anal virgin until last night," Michelle grimaced when I brought this up, "so what does that leave us? You aren't a virgin, are you? You do like it in your pussy, don't you?" "None of your fucking business!" Michelle burst out before she realized what she was saying.

Her face contorted and she looked frightened when she realized she had yelled at me. "I'm sorry, master, I'm sorry…" I held my right hand up and she quieted down, still looking frightened and whimpering.

I looked sternly at her. "Stand up," I commanded. Michelle did, continuing her apologies. "I'm so sorry, master…" she continued. "Bend, at the waist, bend the fuck over!" I shouted. Michelle did, tears welling up in her pretty eyes.

I dropped both leashes and stood up in front of her, her head level with my crotch, and grabbed a handful of her long black hair. "Amanda, you good little slut, remove this whore's shorts." Amanda did without question, sliding the tight shorts down to Michelle's ankles.

Michelle whimpered in protest.

"Open you mouth," I instructed Michelle. She did, looking up at me with pleading eyes. I grasped my thick cock firmly and placed the head on her tongue, pausing before insertion. "Amanda, take two fingers and insert them this slut's asshole." Amanda did, gently sliding her fingers into Michelle's tight ass. Michelle groaned, her mouth around the tip of my cock, as Amanda's fingers broke her threshold and found the inside of her rectum.

"All the way, Amanda, to your knuckles." Amanda did as told, reluctantly, and pushed until her two fingers were completely swallowed by Michelle's ass. Michelle was squirming and moaning. "Now," I continued, "when mia khalifa er x three boys cock is in this cunt's mouth you will fuck her ass, hard, with those fingers.

When I pull my cock out to let her speak, you will stop fucking her but keep them in. Clear?" "Yes, master," Amanda said.

With that I pushed Michelle's mouth down, her lips spreading over my shaft and her eyes closing in concentration. She tried desperately to be wide enough for me, to keep her teeth from nicking my cock, in fear of angering me more. I appreciated the effort and decided to keep this to a forceful blowjob, holding back on the throat fucking unless she was further uncooperative.

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Michelle's mouth was tender and inexperienced, but it felt warm and tight and wonderful all the same. Amanda was pumping her ass hard, as I'd commanded, and I was impressed that Michelle maintained concentration as her butt hole was violated. "So," I started, "I'll ask again, are you virgin?" I pulled my cock out to let her speak.

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"I'm not a virgin, master," Michelle was hesitant to continue, knowing where it might lead. "Yes, master, I do like it in my pussy." I reinserted and forced her down a few more times. "Okay, now we're getting somewhere.

How many times have you been fucked?" I asked. Michelle gasped as I exited. "I don't know, master, a lot." I pushed my cock back in, not satisfied with the answer, and let Amanda punish her ass for a while before continuing.

"A lot of different guys?" I asked. "No, master," she said when I let her, "only my boyfriend, but a lot of times." Amanda moved slightly, and Michelle groaned and squirmed as Amanda's fingers wriggled deep in her asshole.

"Hmmm, well, you can forget about his cock," I said as I forced mine back into her mouth. Amanda resumed finger fucking her ass. "So, Amanda, on to you." We kept violating Michelle as we spoke.

"How many cocks have you sucked?" "I don't know, master, at least thirty, when I've been sober, but I don't really know." Amanda looked scared, afraid I might punish her for being such a whore.

In truth I was punishing her for it, all summer, but at this moment I wanted her to tell the truth. "Good girl, I appreciate your honesty. Now last night you said you've been fucked in the ass, so how many times?

Did you like it?" "Twice, master, and I don't know. Kind of, but I don't know for sure if I like it." "Well, I won't even ask if you're a virgin." I laughed, and Amanda cracked a smile, the first I'd seen from either girl. I continued guiding Michelle's mouth over my cock and she had gotten accustomed to working my shaft. She would need a lot more practice before she could suck the cum out of me by herself, without me guiding her head like this and essentially just masturbating with her mouth instead of my hand, but she had proven that she could wrap her little mouth around me.

After a few minutes my cum was boiling, so I pulled out. "Michelle, while I'd love to cum in your mouth, you're being punished. Amanda was a good girl, so again she gets the reward. Come her you fat slut." Amanda pulled her fingers out of Michelle's tight asshole and crawled in front of me on her knees. "Open," I commanded and she did, stretching her mouth wide and sticking her tongue out.

I aimed my cock at her tongue and stroked it, calling Amanda a fat hungry cunt as I did. My cum sprang forth, coating Amanda's tongue in one shot. Thick bursts pumped into her mouth nagru japnis xxx storys sex stories spastic blasts over shot and landed on her cheeks, nose, and forehead. My load poured out, mostly into her waiting mouth but hot babe gives blowjob you wont forget spilling down her chin and onto her shelf of a rack, soaking into her t-shirt.

Amanda squeezed her tits together as I came, clearly enjoying being my cum dumpster. I finished by stuffing my cock into her mouth and telling her to sunny lione all sex vidio the last drops out. She did eagerly. I instructed Amanda to gather all the cum in and enjoy her reward, and I turned to Michelle.

"Stand up straight," I commanded. Michelle did, looking at me in fear of further punishment. I moved in close, our bodies brushing together, and I could feel her trembling. Staring into her, I locked her in a kiss and pushed my tongue into her mouth. She resisted for a moment before caving and lapping at my tongue with hers. I kissed her passionately for over a minute and during I felt her body press into me instinctively.

When I unlocked she still looked scared but also confused. I kissed her lips gently and pulled away.