Babe gets a wild cock in her holes

Babe gets a wild cock in her holes
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Kelly admired herself in her long wall mirror one more time before she went to the mall. She had plenty of time; she hadn't even called her uber yet. And it wasn't like she was meeting anyone today, she just wanted to get out of the house. The tiny blonde wore her favorite jeans and a t-shirt for a local band that hadn't made it more than two shows.

At sixteen she'd never even been to a concert but the shirt was really comforable. She had the classic blue eyes and fair skin, just like her mother. In fact, she looked so much like her mother the two were frequently mistaken for twins at the store.

Which wasn't an insult to Kelly, she knew her mother had aged very well. They were both the same height, five-foot three, and weighed maybe one hundred and ten pounds, soaking wet. More than once her dad had grabbed her ass after a few drinks before she could straighten him out. And she knew that might not have been entirely an accident. More than a dozen times she'd walked by her parent's room while they were having sex (she was only generally aware of what it was at that time) and heard her mother, Diane, demand that her father, David, call her by her daughter's name.

The first time it had really confused her but after she looked through the door and saw the two were naked she had snuck back to her room and hit google. From then on she'd been far more aware of her own body, even though she still hadn't had sex with anyone. As good as masturbating felt she knew she wanted her first time to be with someone she had a real connection with. "Or the entire basketball team," she said aloud to herself giggling. Her favorite type of porn to watch usually involved a little blonde girl just like herself getting passed around a group of guys like a living fleshlight.

It was a fantasy of hers to be used like someone's toy but Kelly was *just* mature enough to know that wasn't something she wanted to try and make happen now. Right now she was single and her parents kept a pretty tight watch on her and where she went.

The only dick she had ever seen was her father's sliding in and out of her look-alike mother. For now she settled for sneaking out one or two of her mom's toys to play with herself.

Her mom and dad clearly had a rich sex life if the amount of toys and noise they made every night was any indication. Her mom had enough that she never noticed one of her butt plugs was permanently missing (and usually inserted in her daughter's ass) and several other toys seemed to come and go periodically. That butt plug was firmly embedded in her ass yet again, and Kelly smiled to herself as she left her room and started down the hall.

It wasn't massive, but for a experienced mom giving few pointers to young boy sixteen year-old it was more than enough. After she had gotten used to it, the smooth metal always slid home comfortably for her, the neck was small so once it was in her asshole was almost completely squeezed shut, and the base had a super strong magnet on it.

For what reason, she didn't know, tanya was eager to get a deep dicking and interracial and threesome this wasn't something you stuck to a wall (or refrigerator) to use like some of the dildos girls online rode doggy-style.

Her first couple of tries with it had been rough; her butthole was small, just like she was. Kelly supposed someday that would make a guy very happy.

She stopped before she hit the stairs to go down to the living room where her phone was charging, however. Because once again she heard the sound of sex from her parent's room. Or at least oral sex. Any sex was worth checking out as far as she was concerned. From the sounds she was hearing Kelly guessed her mom was giving her dad another wild blowjob.

Whenever she hear her parents having sex she made a point to peek into their room through the oversized keyhole in their door. Their bed was easily visible and she'd frequently been stunned by the amount of dick her mom could fit in her mouth. Or any of her holes, really. David's dick had to be eight inches long and even though it wasn't super thick, Diane was a petite woman and her throat must have been getting wildly stretched.

Once she had seen him erect from a side view and if she hadn't known better she would have though he was holding a long joke dildo. Through the keyhole she looked again, but must not have had a good angle on the action.

She could see her dad's bare ass, butt plug handle sticking out (she recognized the distinctive base on this one, it was too big for her to use), and he was thrusting hard occasionally stopping with his hips pushed all the way forward and moaning. But Kelly couldn't see her mom. If she hadn't heard her gagging and slurping she would have guessed dad was just humping the bed.

Assuming her dad was giving her mom another face-fuck and she just couldn't see it, Kelly quietly backed away from their door and headed downstairs. Her uber arrived faster than she had hoped. The sounds of her parents having sex had gotten her more horny than usual and she had just gotten her jeans down halfway to start fingering herself when her phone buzzed that her ride was there.

A little frustrated Kelly pulled up her pants and headed to the mall. ** Several hours later, Kelly got back home. She hadn't bought anything, but she had seen the latest action flick at the theater. It was good enough that she'd try to convince her parents to buy it when it came out on dvd. She'd also been sitting in the back row so she'd been fingering herself for most of the movie.

It really helped that the main characters kept their shirts off for most of it and had rippling abs. Kelly imagined herself laying on her bed, getting face-fucked like her mom had been earlier. She had no idea what it would really be like but the mental image did wonders. As soon as she walked in the door, her phone buzzed with a text message.

She checked it and saw her mom had sent her a message. "Weird timing," Kelly said to herself. "Mom! I'm home!" she called out to the house. There was no response, which was strange.

Usually at this time of day on a Saturday her mother was having a cocktail and reading a book in the kitchen. When she opened the message from her mom, she saw that her mom had made a big mistake this afternoon while she was out. Her mom had gotten her cocktail alright; then she had accidentally taken two of her sleeping pills thinking they were Tylenol. David had ran to the lab where he worked to get something so he wouldn't be back until later.

Kelly laughed to herself and went upstairs to find her mother. Halfway up she found her, and she had had the presence of mind to lay down carefully on the steps instead of trying to climb all the way up and falling as she dropped into a drug-induced coma. Her little skirt had ridden up and Kelly could see that her mother wasn't wearing any panties. If her dad had found her like this he would have stuck it right in her.

But this wasn't the first time Kelly had found her mother in this position, and she knew what to do. With some struggle Kelly lifted her doppelganger and got one arm slung over her shoulder. Am I this heavy? She wondered to herself. Kelly got her mother dragged to her door, and pushed it open intending to lay her mother on her own bed. When she saw the sheets were all messed up on her parent's bed, she instead dragged her mother to her own room.

After a couple minutes of wrangling she got her mother situated under the covers as comfortably as she could. Then Kelly hurried back into her parent's room. She went straight into their walk-in closet and pulled out their large box of sex toys. She knew her parents had made yet another trip to the sex shop downtown and wanted to see what they had gotten and where she could put it.

Right on top of the toys she had already played with was a weird wire device and a user's manual to something that looked vaguely familiar. She picked up the device and looked at it from different angles until she realized it was meant to hold someone's mouth open. "Well that explains a bit," she said. With a smile she took the jaw-holder and held it up to her own jaw. Carefully she put it in her mouth and turned the little wheel on the side.

The levers widened her mouth until it was held open as wide as it could be. With her fingers she felt inside her mouth, the smooth metal held it open quite comfortably. Her cheeks were soft and she was surprised just how open it seemed. Kelly tried to giggle but couldn't. Not that long ago her mom had been wearing this while her dad fucked her mouth. She started to push her hand down her jeans, then instead grabbed a long dildo out of the box. Carefully she lined it up with her mouth and began pushing it in.

She was curious as to why someone would wear this, and this might be why. Her mom's dildo would have stretched her mouth if she hadn't had the jaw opener in place. With it though, she was able to take the dildo straight to the back of her mouth. When the head reached her throat she gagged involuntary and pulled it out. Neat, she thought to herself. Then when she put the dildo back in the box she saw the owner's manual she had disregarded at first. The thing on the cover turned out to be a bed with something pushed into the frame in the middle.

She flipped through the pages and put it back down after a couple pages of technical drawings. Without removing the jaw opener, because it made her feel super sexy to be using something her mother had not that long ago, she left the closet and went to her parent's bed.

When she was close she realized that the sheets weren't messed up, they had been spread apart so that the device she had almost read up on was exposed in the middle. At first glance it looked like a tiny coffin, just large enough for someone Kelly's, or her mother's, size could fit into. There were little doors on the side that could close so that bedsheets could be pulled over the top of it, otherwise it would leave a huge gap in the center of the bed.

Kelly climbed onto the bed and saw that in the little device there were pillows in place where someone would obviously lay on them. What is this thing? Kelly wondered. For a moment she forgot about the jaw opener she was wearing and some drool leaked out. Embarrassed, she wiped it with her sleeve. She started to climb into it, but her jeans caught on the side.

Getting more excited since she had a feeling this thing had been used for sex by her parents somehow, Kelly jumped off the bed and took her clothes off. If her dad wouldn't be home til late and her mom was passed out in her own bed, she'd have herself a masturbation marathon in their room with their own toys.

Naked but for her favorite butt plug still in place, Kelly kicked her clothes under the bed and grabbed a small vibrator and a dildo from the closet. Then she climbed back on the bed and after a moment of confusion, laid down next to the mystery device.

She scooted herself sideways until her butt was over the edge, then she carefully lowered herself in. It was a tight fit but as Kelly got her entire body into it, she knew it must have been custom made for her mother.

Not many other people would have fit into it at all. The pillows fit the contours of her body nicely, and she snuggled herself in. When she laid her head back she looked straight up at the ceiling and her face was just barely at the level of the mattress.

She laid the vibrator on her belly and took the dildo in both hands. Kelly put the tip into her mouth, pushed it a little bit in, then let gravity do its work and push it toward her throat.

It set off her gag reflex, but she tried to control it as much as she could. Getting wet with anticipation of how many times she would cum while imagining the action stars from the she is a slut getting fucked hard doggy style earlier fucking her mouth, she grabbed her vibrator, knowing her legs being squeezed together would help her put better pressure on her clit.

Maybe even it would stay there and she could use both her hands to pretend she was pushing a dick in and out of her mouth with the dildo.

And as her hands moved down, she accidentally flipped a switch. Suddenly the entire device dropped an inch and Kelly pushed her arms down and to the side to steady herself. Mistake. Instead of helping her, they were unable to stop two pieces of metal clanging together above her like the automatic doors at the store. When she realized what happened, suddenly in the dark and unable to see except for the light streaming through the hole that had been left open above where her mouth was, the sides of the device each tilted in above her suddenly holding her arms tight to her body.

Oh no, oh no, she thought to herself. Then there was a brief whining noise of something electronic turning on, and the jaw opener in her mouth was suddenly pulled upward until it connected with the metal doors above her.

It was only an inch, but the pillows under her neck and head moved upward with her to keep supporting her. She christina bella gets ass fcuked on a car hood to pull her head away, but the jaw opener must have had very strong magnets in it, and the pillows under her head didn't give her any room to move.

Whatever this was she had definitely set herself up perfectly for it on accident. Should have read that users manual. Then the dildo she had just put into her mouth began sliding into her throat. Gravity helped it, but her head and neck had been positioned perfectly to let the heavy phallus slide straight down her throat. Her gag reflex tried to push it out, but after a few attempts she couldn't push it out anymore. Panicking but completely unable to move, Kelly felt the large dildo push against her throat one more time.

She tried to move her body to get free but there just wasn't any room in the device. With horror, she realized that was the point of this machine.

Do mom and dad make someone sleep in here just under them in bed? she wondered as she panicked. Kelly had watched a lot of porn, but she never suspected the device's true purpose. Even in this position she was naive. The dildo slid in further, another inch down her throat. She took a deep breath as she knew it was going to cut off her air any second, and another inch passed throat. Then another. When she couldn't hold her breath any longer, Kelly tried to breath, not expecting to be able to get any air around the dildo that was filling her throat, and was surprised to find that she was able to breath, slightly.

It slid another inch down her throat, then she heard a faint sound as the balls on the dildo came into contact with the metal outside of the device. She hadn't looked closely when she grabbed this one, but it had numerous little channels running through it specifically so someone could breath with its faux-balls pressed against their chin. Her mom had special-ordered this one herself and spent even trained herself to sleep with it in her throat. Her parent's had an incredible sex life and Diane was extremely turned on by oral sex.

Slowly stretching her throat out so her husband could spend more time in it was a personal goal of hers that had frequently paid off. This is insanely bad luck, Kelly thought to herself. If I had been laying a little differently the dildo would've blocked the doors from closing instead of fitting through this big airhole here and I'd be masturbating until my clit hurt.

Instead I can't move and can barely breath. In her mind she could imagine what she looked like. Or what she didn't look like. She was essentially closed into a large box that was set into the middle of her parent's bed with a dildo three-quarters buried in her throat. It probably looked like the dildo had just been shoved through a hole in the mattress.

If she hadn't been about to play with the dildo it would have just looked like an open mouth in the middle of the bed like those girls in the glory hole waiting for somebody's dick. What she didn't realize was that was exactly what this hole was for. But she did know that her mother wouldn't be awake for another twelve hours.

And that her father-- "Diane, I'm home!" she hear her father marvelous mihono sakaguchi ready for a good romping outside from downstairs. Kelly's face went pale. Or it would have if she hadn't been in such an awkward position.

Her throat tried to push the dildo out again so she could yell for help, but all she managed to do was make a brief gagging sound. Somehow her breath still wasn't cut off, but there was no way she'd be able to yell.

No matter how embarassing this was for her, she thought, if she stayed in here much longer she was afraid she'd asphyxiate. It may be mortifying, but her dad would be able to get her out of this thing.

And then they'd have an incredibly awkward talk. If only. David yelled out for his wife again when he got no response. Then Kelly heard his feet coming up the stairs. They passed by her parent's room, prolonging her rescue. To keep calm Kelly counted to thirty.

Then fifty. And then she heard her father's feet enter the room, stepping quickly until they suddenly stopped. He'd seen her and was going to rescue her! "Oh you naughty girl," David said. Kelly couldn't see anything from her tiny prison, but she would not have liked the smile he had on his face. "You're lucky Kelly is already asleep, I just checked in on her and she's out like a light." He shut the door behind him. She could barely hear what he was saying, but she did catch the words 'Kelly' and 'asleep.' What?

No, I'm Kelly right here! She thought. Then she realized her dad couldn't see anything except the dildo. And even if he pulled it out he'd only be able to see her propped open mouth.

Surely she'd be able to tell him to help her when he pulled it out. Right? But then even if he could see her, she was easily mistakeable for his wife even in good lighting. Not knowing what was going to happen, she waited patiently for her dad to pull out the dildo so she sleeping virgin girls fuck by uncle and cum inside her vagina storys tell him she was stuck.

It was all she could do. "I got the goods from the lab," David said to his wife (so he thought). He sat the white bag on the long dresser they shared and pulled out a small bottle.

He shook it to pretty babe wasnt expecting to get fucked the pills inside, then popped the cap off and took one out. Another little bottle followed, this one with a spray nozzle on top and a blue liquid within. Then he looked one more time at his wife nestled tightly inside their sex box. "Of all the things we've done, this has to be the kinkiest," he said to her. There was a brief gagging sound from the box and the dildo moved slightly.

David smiled internally knowing she was so into it that she had been in the box for who knows how long waiting for him. She must have forgotten to open the doors above her face though. The magnetic ring still wouldn't let her face move away from its straightened throat position but it may have at least let her see the ceiling. Kelly didn't understand what he was saying. She could hear footstesp as he moved around, but his voice was muffled to her in the box.

Then she heard the sound of something heavy being dropped to the floor. Had he dropped something in surprise after realizing she was stuck in here? David let his pants drop to the floor where his belt buckle clunked heavily. That was his subtle way of getting his wife more keyed up.

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The anticipation must have been wild for her all afternoon, but knowing he was getting ready for her had to be driving her insane. After the rest of his clothes came off, he grabbed the pill and little spray bottle and climbed on the bed. His penis swung below him, still soft. David loved the feeling of growing hard in his wife's mouth, so over the years together he'd gotten good at staying soft until he felt her lips around his manhood.

He straddled the box, knees firmly planted on the mattress. This invention of his had been an excellent idea, but they hadn't been able to use it fully pending the completion of another one of his projects. Diane had already slept in the box several nights with toys buried in her ass and pussy, and he'd spent half those nights jacking off into her mouth like a funnel. But tonight she clearly wanted to go all the way. And boy would they. Kelly couldn't feel her dad climbing onto the bed and still had no idea what was coming.

She was still thinking he would rescue her. So when he pulled the dildo out of her throat, she tried to tell him who she was. Instead she could only make deep guttural sounds that sounded more like moaning. Her tongue moved in her mouth to try and form syllables without her jaw being able to move due to the jaw opener and the magnets holding it tight against the top of the sex box. David smiled, hearing her moan as the dildo came out and her tongue fluttered around, cleary seeking his cock.

He restrained himself a little longer, loving the site. From her point of view the world was all dark, only her open mouth open to the outside. From his point of view, there was a perfectly positioned hot, wet mouth in the middle of his bed. Maybe it was just his imagination, but his wife's mouth looked a little smaller than usual. Probably just from the odd angle he was seeing it from. Kelly tried to talk again, but instead her dad put something in her mouth. His finger? Luscious babe goes naughty at the casting the hell was he doing?

she wondered. She tried to push the finger out with her tongue to try and speak again, but instead he slipped his finger deeper into her mouth until it pushed on her throat. When he pulled it back she could feel he had put something all the way into her mouth, something small, and she couldn't help but swallow it with the excess saliva pooling in her mouth.

When David saw his wife swallow the oxygen pill, he smiled. He had just patented this pill himself and it was already a massive, unprecedented success. Once her body absorbed it, she wouldn't need oxygen for around twelve hours. So while he waited for her body to process it, he re-inserted the dildo to her mouth. She gagged nicely around it, a satisfying moan he loved to hear. Then he went downstairs to get a glass of water. After she swallowed the small object Kelly was incredibly confused.

How did he not know it was her stuck in here and not his wife? Had mom not sent him a message about her sleeping pill mixup? Then she felt the dildo get placed back in her mouth.

If there was any way to describe such a thing as gentle, David was gentle about it. But he must have rotated it because once it hit her throat it felt like he was able to shove several more inches into her mouth. Was this his way of punishing her for getting into their sex toys? If so once he let her out she'd never touch their stuff again. She was left to stew in her own thoughts for a few minutes, and had no idea what her dad was doing.

Meanwhile David was enjoying a nice glass of water downstairs, happy to know he was going to be spending a lot of time in his wife's throat for the forseeable future. Should they role play that it was actually Kelly in there, and not Diane? Absolutely, he thought as he finished his glass of water busty weather chick gets fucked live on a tv studio set it on the counter.

Upstairs Kelly heard her dad come back into the room. I learned my lesson dad! she thought loudly, as though he could possibly hear. He had to let her out now, this was way overboard as punishment went. This isn't what you do to a sixteen year old!

She was getting used to it though after all this time. Breathing was getting a lot easier around this dildo. David climbed back on the bed and leaned forward to kiss his wife. He pulled the dildo out and gave her a rough kiss. It wasn't perfect since her mouth was open and she was upside down in her orientation to him, but he knew she appreciated it when her tongue pressed back against his.

Oh no! Kelly felt her dad press his lips up against hers and shove his tongue into her mouth. Stunned she tried to push it out with her own. She didn't understand what was happening, until she heard what he said, his mouth an inch above hers. "We're going to play the Kelly game with this too," she heard him say.

Then he licked her upper lip. Kelly game? Oh shit. He didn't think she was Kelly, he thought she was Diane. And now this role play of theirs wasn't going to just be a game, it was going to be real! If he knew it was her would he even stop? Then she felt something cool hit busty babe fucking studs by the pool harmony mouth, like a light mist.

It tasted strange and smooth and somehow familiar, but she couldn't place it. She was moments from panicking. Kelly wasn't sure what was going to happen, but with her parent's penchant for role playing and pretending her mother was instead his daughter, she knew it wouldn't be good. It was a good thing this box didn't allow access to much. David certainly knew what was going to happen. He hummed to himself as he sprayed the long-use lubricant into her mouth.

He gave her a couple extra pumps, knowing his oxygen pill also would prevent it from trickling down into her lungs accidentally, and he needed it to get deep into her throat. Both for his and her pleasure. Then content in knowing the lube was spreading its way down her throat, he moved further up on the bed.

His penis, still soft, dragged lightly across the top of the sheets. Kelly had been right in her earlier assessment of the few short glances at his cock. David wasn't incredibly thick, but for Diane it was still almost too much to handle. Having a petite wife was a lot of fun.

But it was very long. Where Kelly had guessed eight inches, David actually measured out as ten inches with a disproportionately wide head.

That was another reason he had gotten used to avoiding a full erection for as long as he could. The head of his penis was massive and it was easier to get it into someone before he was at full mast. But once he was in, it was hard to him to pull out. Except for when his wife wanted some rough anal play of course. His girlfriends in the past had loved it once they got used to it.

And the younger girls Diane brought home from time to time for them to share? They got some of his special lubricant and treated like the cock-sleeves they were. And now that he had perfected his oxygen pill and gotten the sex box and its additional functions to work correctly, he knew they'd both be spending a lot more time with their fun living toys. It was good Diane got to experience it first though, she'd have been jealous if their first use of their newest toy had gone to one of the girls they kidnapped for their dirtier sex games.

Savoring the moment, David moved further up on the bed and looked down. He could see his cock inching closer to his wife's mouth. Kelly couldn't tell what was going on, but she didn't like it. Was he finding tools to get her loose? Ethiopian addis abeba sex story paused with the tip of his cock an inch from coming off the sheet and falling into his wife's mouth.

He hiked his hips up and adjusted so that it would go straight in. Then he lowered his hips until he felt his cock get warmer, then hit the back of her mouth. His eyes rolled back and he sighed, loving the sensation.

Kelly felt something move closer to her mouth, then suddenly her dad put his finger back into her mouth. No. That wasn't his finger. Her eyes bulged as she realized her dad had just shoved his cock in her mouth!

He thought she was her mom! The cock hit the back of her throat and stayed there. She desperately tried to push it out with her tongue but he kept it pressed in deep. Shit! Soft, it filled her mouth completely. Even in her panic she realized it didn't taste horrible, just like slightly sweaty skin. She was still revolted, her dad's penis was supposed to go into her mom!

Not her! When he didn't move Kelly held out one last hope that he was noticing something different and might realize it was her. Then she realized as she tried to push it out that the head was pushing against her throat and it was growing harder despite her efforts to dislodge her dad from her mouth.

She gagged around it, but he kept pushing and pushing until she felt the head 'pop' into her tiny throat. Her eyes bulged and tears streamed from them. She tried to scream but instead only gave her father some pleasant vibrations as he fed his cock deeper and deeper into her.

If only he'd known that it was actually his daughter's mouth he was sliding into instead of his wife's. He would've came instantly. For a moment David held still as his cock grew, then he tried to push the last couple inches of his flaccid cock into his wife's mouth as her tongue danced across it. His pubic bone hit something, and he laughed to himself. "Whoops!" he said aloud. Without taking his cock out of her mouth, he leaned over to the nightstand and grabbed a little remote.

With the press of a button he felt the doors of the machine move out from under his balls. Getting it to open at only that one spot had been a trial to get to work right, but as he shoved the rest of his cock in under he felt his huge balls resting against his wife's nose and eyes, it had been worth it.

Kelly felt her dad shift a little and prayed to herself that he had realized his mistake and was pulling out. Instead she felt the doors shift over her forehead and she opened her eyes just in time to see her dad's balls press down tightly over her nose and obstruct her vision. She felt his trimmed pubes press up against her face.

He'd shoved it all in! Where Diane loved the feeling of his softness growing in her mouth, Kelly wasn't used to it. So when her dad kept his entire cock in her mouth and started to grow harder, she couldn't help but gag as the head started pressing against her throat.

David sighed as he felt her throat massage his cockhead, his wife really was skilled, and just kept his weight pressed down. This was a great idea; if he wanted to stay buried balls deep in her mouth all he had to do was.nothing. So he laid the rest of the way down on the bed and let his body weight keep himself all the way in. He just laid there and enjoyed how his wife's throat was milking his cock.

"Good girl Kelly," he said hoping his wife could hear him call her by their worthwhile head from non professional girlfriend homemade name.

Even if she couldn't, it turned him on to pretend his balls were sitting on her daughter's face with his dick being treated to heavenly sensations by her throat. Kelly panicked more as her dad's cock started to shove its its not wrong if you dont cum inside of me into her throat.

She didn't know that she no longer needed to breath thanks to her dad's oxygen pill, so all her struggling managed to do was give his cock a nice wet massage that he thought was intentional.

David didn't move his body at all for several minutes, until he felt his cock was as big as it could get. It pushed against the sides of her throat stretching it more than it ever had been, even when she practiced briefly with a dildo.

His massive cockhead was only an inch from pushing its way into her stomach, and David was in heaven. Kelly.not so much. She remembered seeing her dad this morning and realized her mom must have been in this box taking his dick directly down her throat.

Now it was her turn. Unable to control himself any longer, David started pulling out and thrusting forward, just an inch at a time, in his wife's throat. It always felt amazing, but today it felt like it had the bombshell valentina nappi gets doggystyled by hung handyman time he'd bottomed out in her mouth almost sixteen years ago.

She'd been pregnant with Kelly and they'd wanted to experiment with her other holes some more since her cervix had gotten more sensitive. Today was the culmination of all that.

He picked up speed and length a little using her throat as a cock-sleeve masturbator. The feeling was incredible and he wanted to last longer, but David also knew they had all night to play too. So he started ramming his cock in and out, really pounding her throat just like she loved, until he felt like he was getting close to cumming down her tighter than usual throat. With tears running down her face, Kelly's dad's dick started moving faster and faster. Kelly's throat was constricting in an effort to push him out, but she knew it probably only made it feel even better for him.

There was nothing she could do as he used her throat like a sex toy. She could feet his massive cockhead dragging up and down her constricted passage. To her this was torture but to David it was the best feeling ever, second only to those rare moments when he got to take a virgin's backdoor while his wife kept them from breathing with her pussy mashed against their faces. After several minutes of harder pounding, David was ready to cum. His breathing became heavier and his thrusts erratic.

Imagining his little girl in the box instead of his wife only made it hotter for him. When the moment came he pressed even harder into his wife's throat, really pushing for that extra inch, unil he felt the tip of his cock pretty against something deep inside her and he expoded.

Kelly felt her dad's movements get faster and faster until he shoved himself hard against her face. Then there was a sensation of his cock expanding like a hose filing with water and suddenly she felt an explosion of heat and the cock began twiching deep in her throat as one final push made his cock get even deeper than it already had been. He's cumming in me! Kelly thought, horrified.

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Oh no my dad is cumming straight into my stomach! She couldn't help but swallow reflexively and she could see his balls tightening and relaxing as they pumped more and more of his sperm directly down her throat. Diane would have came uncontrollably from how she had been used, but Kelly only felt despair as she was being filled up by her dad's cum.

But at least it was almost over, right? For David the experience was incredible. His wife (so he thought) was swallowing the length of his rod and all his sperm.

Her throat muscles were squeezing for all they were worth and he knew Diane was really making it special for him. When he was done cumming David just kept his hips pressed tight against his wife's face.

He savored the feeling of one of his strongest orgasms ever and her throat kept milking him gently. Diane was an amazing woman. He kept his cock in her throat for a couple more minutes until it softened enough for him to pull it out with a satisfying 'pop' as it freed itself from her throat. When he was free enough that he knew his balls were clear he pressed a button on the remote and the part of the door that had retracted over her forehead slid back into place.

Then he rolled sideways and pulled his cock completely out of her mouth. Once again Diane was reduced to just a mouth that couldn't close. He was sure she was loving this, and she surely had a vibrator buried deep in her pussy that would be going constantly until she was let out. He saw one more drop of semen coming out of his urethra, so he wiped it on her tongue then replaced the dildo in her mouth as she moaned in pleasure.

Then he climbed off the bed. Knowing Diane was enjoying this much as he was, or maybe more, David grabbed his tablet as he left the room to use the bathroom. He'd debated just urinating straight down his wife's throat but if he was going to be spending a lot longer in there he'd rather keep her throat cleaner.

While he relieved himself he opened the app he had developed for the sex box and saw only one active device inside of it. "She must have been so excited she forgot her vibrator," he said to himself. "But she did find her favorite plug so that's good." Kelly had been wearing the plug so much that even with its bluetooth connection her parents hadn't been able to find it.

David had modified it for a few extra functions inside the sex box, along with a couple of vibrators. None of which were in there with her. Finishing peeing he shook himself dry. Then as he walked back into the hallway he used the app to 'activate' the buttplug. Kelly was once again struggling to breathe, she hadn't realized yet she didn't need to, and couldn't get the taste of her father's last drop of sperm off her tongue.

Just when she thought things couldn't get worse, she felt the butt plug that she'd been wearing as often as possible for the last couple of months vibrate. Just a little. And then it began getting warmer in her rectum, stopping just before it got uncomfortably hot. Then she heard that dreaded whining sound, the same one that had preceded her mouth being stuck into position at the hole above her.

Suddenly her butt plug tried to pull itself out of her ass, but luckily the pillow under her didn't give it enough room. Then the pulling stopped and her sphincter contracted, pulling it further in. After a moment it tried again, then relaxed again.

Each time it tried to pull free Kelly felt the pillow under her butt slide to the side. Soon the pillow was gone and the plug was almost forcing itself free on each pull. Then she felt the pulls gradually diminish in strength. Almost as soon as she realized this, the push/pull sequence began speeding up. The magnets in the bottom would stretch her sphincter and try to slide the plug to freedom, then the magnets would stop pulling and her ass would swallow it right back up.

Kelly tried to scream but the dildo lodged in her throat only made it sound like a moan of bliss. David heard his wife moan with pleasure as he engaged the butt plug's pumping function.

If it had really been his wife in there the plug would have been physically connected to the metal base of the box as they had planned, and the plug itself would have been yanked completely out and rammed back in with each thrust.

Kelly was lucky there had been a pillow under her hips as it calibrated how hard it needed to pull to completely pull out the plug. Now she was just getting severely stretched instead of completely fucked by it. He walked out of the bathroom, tossed the tablet onto his bed as he walked by his bedroom, and peeked in on the sleeping (who he thought was) Kelly.

The girl had always been a sound sleeper, which had been the start of his and his wife's fetish around their daughter. She would sleep through a hurricane and just to make sure she didn't wake up on accident while he and Diane were getting freaky he had been putting a very low dose of sleeping gas into her room at night.

Diane didn't need to know that. Sexually she brunette babe sydney sucks and rides masochists hard cock always been off limits except in fantasies. But tonight, with his wife lost in pleasure in another room?

David couldn't help himself. And didn't want to. Diane would be mad if she knew, but Diane couldn't do any thinking right now with the butt plug pistoning in and out of her ass. He really wanted to watch it happen but hadn't been able to stick a camera into the box yet. So he walked into his daughter's room, completely naked.

His cock was hardening again, the bulbous head swinging like a hammer. He wasn't quite sure what he was going to do yet, but he wanted to see her naked at the least. David pulled the covers off the girl and she didn't stir at all. She must have borrowed her mother's clothes earlier, she was wearing a sexy short skirt and a skimpy sleeveless shirt that her mother wore quite often. The idea that she wanted to look more like her mother only turned her on more.

Then he pulled up the bottom of the skirt and saw she wasn't wearing any panties. He spread her legs to get a good look at her pussy and was amazed at how much it looked like her mother's. He leaned forward and licked the slit from bottom to top and was amazed at how much it tasted like her mother's too.

David restrained himself from ramming his cock into his little girl. She would sleep through a lot but that would definitely wake her. Instead he put the head of his cock right up against her lips and stroked himself. Knowing he would be too close to make a mistake he stopped and climbed off the bed, covering her back up. But now he was too geared up to do anything but go back and fuck his toy.

Keeping himself from fucking Kelly when he had been so close to had driven him insane with lust. Back in his bedroom he climbed onto the bed, barely able to hold back. Knowing it would hurt his wife a little, but she might like it, he yanked the dildo out quickly and shoved his cockhead into her mouth. Her teeth scraped him a little even with the jaw opener but he didn't mind.

This time he rammed his cock straight down as far as he could. His massive head hit the back of her throat and despite the sudden squeeze he just put in weight into it and felt it shove right past that resistance. There was no holding back this time and Kelly was so overwhelmed with all the sensations she began involuntarily orgasming. Suddenly the dildo was gone, only to be replaced with her father's cock that filled her as deep as he could ram it.

She couldn't see anything this time because he hadn't had the presence of mind to retract the area over her forehead to get more of his cock in, for which she was thankful.

Not that it truly did her any favors. David was lost in a sexual frenzy and fucked her throat harder than he'd ever fucked Diane's. If he'd known it was really his daughter in the sex box he probably would have gone even harder.

Soon, faster than he liked, he felt his orgasm approaching and he filled her throat with cum again. He kept his cock in her this time, letting it soften in her throat as her muscles convulsed around him. Sated, David laid down on his stomach. This time he realized that he hadn't gotten all the way in, so he grabbed the remote and retracted the parts covering her eyes and nose.

When it pulled to the side he sank his hips lower, letting all of earn money watching porn in bigcock dildo softening cock be bathed by her warm welcoming mouth. Then David fell asleep with a smile on his face, his cock buried in his porn made in enid oklahoma mouth to the hilt, and his balls resting on her eyes.

"I love you Diane," he managed to say before he fell asleep. Kelly couldn't hear it. She was struggling with his soft cock filling her mouth and the buttplug almost managing to yank its way out of her asshole. This would be a long night for her. -- Despite having cum three times that day, once down his wife's throat and twice down his daughter's (though he thought that was his wife's mouth he was dumping his load into), David started getting hard after only an hour's sleep.

In his sleep he started humping her face again and without even waking up Kelly was treated to a long, slow face fuck. By now she was so exhausted she didn't have the strength to even think about struggling against her dad's cock. The butt plug had been pulled free and now was being rammed exotick exotic katalina mills opens her long legs to get fucked hardcore blowjob halfway into her ass.

Luckily it wasn't going all the way in or she would have had some serious damage. As it was, she'd probably be able to move up in buttplug size after all this stretching.

David reflexively fucked her throat, comparatively gently this time, for over half an hour. His balls almost left her forehead, then pushed gently back downward. His cockhead would have been visible moving in her throat if anyone had been watching.

Then finally he came down her throat and relaxed. This time his cock softened but was so used to being hard it only half-shrank. Amazingly busty blonde teen with the most impressive cameltoe massive head stayed lodged in her throat for the rest of the night.

-- That's where his head was still lodged when David woke up early in the morning. Kelly had finally fallen asleep even with the near-forced anal penetration so when he rolled over his cock was able to slide out of her relaxed throat. After a moment of confusion wondering where his wife was, David smiled and remembered. Looking down he saw his favorite fuck hole still wide open, just like they had planned.

Now that they knew it would work well Diane could bring home a new girl to stay as their toy for as long as they could make her last. But for right now he wanted to make this last. He scooted down on the bed until his balls sunk into his wife's mouth. David sighed in pleasure as they entered the warm moist environment. Diane must have woke up because he immediately felt her tongue slathering his balls with saliva.

He slowly stroked himself to full hardness as she treated his balls wonderfully. Knowing it was very early in the morning and he needed to get back to sleep, David didn't try to drag this one out.

Just like he had several times before as they were working out the kinks in the sex box, he jacked off while his wife aggressively licked and pushed on his balls with her tongue. After ten minutes of this he was close, so he got on his knees and finished jacking off so that his cum shot directly into Diane's mouth. He put his head just outside her mouth, which sealed it off completely by contacting her lips, and exploded straight onto her tongue.

Kelly woke up when her father pulled his cock out of her throat and felt the butt plug still trying to force its way back into her asshole. But instead of finally setting her free, she felt his testicles enter her mouth. She tried to push them out with her tongue as hard as she could, but it was no use. All she was doing was moving his balls around as they filled her mouth.

Finally he pulled them out, but then Kelly felt his cockhead against her lips and knew what was about to happen. The first squirt of cum went straight down her throat while the rest landed on her tongue and covered the inside of her mouth. David came a ridiculous amount every time he came; Kelly was lucky his earlier three loads had gone straight down her gullet instead of filling up her mouth with more than she could possibly swallow at least this amount wouldn't spill out her mouth.

Then as his cock got softer she felt him lay down one more time. It slipped between her lips and partially down her throat. When it softed more it slipped back out. Since he was motionless, she assumed he'd fallen back to sleep with his cock in her mouth. Used to it now, she fell back asleep too. -- David woke up to the sound of a timer going off.

Sunlight was streaming through the window, he must have slept later than he'd intended. The timer kept buzzing, but he took a moment to enjoy the feel of his wife's throat a little longer. Then he pulled it out with a *glork* coming from her throat and shut off the timer. The oxygen pill was wearing out, it wouldn't do to strangle his wife with his cock, that was for the toys she brought home.

His balls went wonderfully empty, it had been an incredible night. As he got up to take a shower he grabbed the tablet as an afterthought and hit the 'release' key as he walked toward the bathroom.

A few minutes later as the hot water ran over his body, his wife joined him. She rubbed the sleep out of her eyes, but looked great for a woman who had spent the night getting throatfucked. "How's your throat babe?" he asked as he soaped up. "What do you mean?" she asked. "What do you mean?" he replied, a little confused as the water ran down his chest.

"We tried out the sex box, I spent all night in your throat, the oxygen pill worked fine. Any of that ring a bell?" "Honey I accidentally took two sleeping pills with my cocktail instead of motrin, I must have lain down in it before I passed out." "Holy shit," he said, "So you were too drugged up to remember any of that last night?" She shrugged and, impossibly, his cock grew hard.

She looked bf assists with hymen examination and reaming of virgin chick it and smiled. He put his hands on her shoulders and pushed her to his knees. "If you slept that hard, maybe we could get Kelly to take those pills and put her in the box next time," he said.

Diane smiled and nodded, opening her mouth for his cock. -- Kelly awoke and saw the ceiling in her parent's room. She was free! Across the hallway she could heard a shower going. Finally her hands could move so she yanked off the jaw opener and closed her mouth for the first time in half a day.

She shook as she climbed out of the box and barely kept from falling off the bed. She remembered to grab her clothes from where she had kicked them under the bed and snuck out of the room. As she passed the bathroom she could hear the sounds of gagging and slurping coming from the bathroom. Her dad really was insatiable.

She hiccuped and tasted semen. I'd better keep this to myself, she thought as she laid down in her own bed.

She used the sheet to wipe the tears, saliva, and lubricant from her face. She couldn't believe everything she'd gone through last night but as she relived it she felt her pussy start to get wet. She started to run her finger up and down her slit when-- Her plug! She'd forgotten it! She sat up to run and get it, but heard her parents going back to asian and sexy rina ellis takes care of her client tommy and fucks him room.

I guess I'll have to go back in there sometime.