Big white wet butts 2 scene 2

Big white wet butts 2 scene 2
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When I was 16, I was still at school, trudging along, doing average, not knowing what I wanted to be yet. I was son to a housewife mother and a workaholic father who had me in their early twenties. I had a 13 yr old sister too. At 39, mum decided she was putting on too much weight and joining the local gym to get fit was on the cards.

Bringing the point up at breakfast one morning, she said to dad, " I've decided to join the gym and get fit dear, what do mandy nvg calendar audition remastered think?" " Thats fine honey" he said from behind his paper. She rolled her eyes and smiled at me.

I grinned right back. About milf teen bath borrowing milk from my neighbor week later, a lady she met at the gym started to visit after their sessions. They'd chat and have coffee and biscuits at the dining table. Her name was Joy and she'd been at the gym for a few years and it showed.

She was married with three kids, but she had a tight well toned body and at 43 could put 20 yr olds to shame. When I got home from school they were usually there, chatting and giggling about something or another. I'd get in, say hi, they'd say hi back, I'd go to my room, dump my bag, saying something smart to my sis on the way, she's always in her room doing girlie stuff, go to the kitchen grab a drink and a munch, retire to the lounge in front of the telly.

Mum always sat with her back to the lounge and with Joy's lycra clad body just to right of her, I only had to glance right to admire it from the couch. Only for short periods though as she was always facing me and I didn't want my perving to be to obvious. After a few weeks of this I think Joy must have noticed how much I was looking at her, and looking back, I realise she did.

She started to sit more provocatively and if I got up to use the kitchen, she would, more often than not, glance at my crotch, or use the sink when I was there, getting a little too close, brushing my arm with her tits, brushing my leg with hers.

With teenage hormones raging, I'd usually get a hardon and have to relieve myself quite often those days and Joy was the centre of alleviation, a lot of the time while she was still visiting. One afternoon I got home and they were dressed up like they were going out. The usual "hi's" later and I discovered they'd skipped gym and gone shopping to get mum some new clothes as she apparently was, losing weight.

" Thats great mum" I said although I couldn't really tell. Settling into my usual position on the couch, I glanced at Joy.

She was wearing a dark blue skirt, matching jacket, business type suit thing, light blue shirt, high heels and black stockings or hose, couldn't tell which. Stunning anyway. I imagined stockings. Snatching glances now and again I thought I could discern flesh up her skirt. telly. Mum got up to use the toilet and I took the opportunity to get a better look, and, yes, definitely. stockings. I could clearly see inner thigh and black lacy panties.

I looked up and she was looking straight at me. I flushed bright red. but instead of closing her legs. she spread them a little wider. christ.

I was hard as a rock. she didn't say a word. just looked at me. Mum came back and she just crossed her legs and carried on their conversation where they left off, I turned back to the telly still red as beetroot. As soon as mum sat down, I slipped to my room ignoring sis, closed my door and wanked my hard cock, coming in no time. I went back out and sat on the couch, glanced over and she looked me in the eye and winked as mum rinsed the cups in the sink.

As she rose she spread her legs giving me another prolonged flash. said her goodbyes, and was gone. After that episode, she teased me no end in her lycra tights, brushing against me when I'm in the kitchen, bending over when mum couldn't see.

Countless jack off visions for me to recall. It happened about 2 weeks later. I got home after school surprised to find mum alone. " Hi mum, Joy sick?" I said. " Not sure dear" she replied.

I settled in and with nothing to perv at, tried to pick up the missing pieces on tv. Ten minutes later, a knock at the door interrupted my daze. Before mum or I could respond, my sister bounded from her room to open the door blonde hostage tied up and anal fucked what she thought would be a friend of hers.

to find Joy. " Hi Angela" Joy said, " Is your mum home?" " Come in Joy" mum said. " Hi Joy" Angela said as she pranced back to her room.

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Joy came in and shut the door. Mum was putting the jug on and I glanced at Joy who was crossing to the dining room and looking at me. "Hi Bern " . She was In pink. Short tight pink skirt, matching jacket, pink high heels, white shirt and white stockings?. I hoped. " What happened to you today?" said mum. I turned back to telly. " Oh I had to go and meet with Judy's teacher and headmaster, she's been playing up at school" and took her usual seat.

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With mum busy in the kitchen I looked at Joy. She looked at me and spread her legs under the table. just like that, spread her legs. I could see her stocking tops, flesh, and white panties. I was hard in an instant, I flushed. she just smiled. " Nothing too bad I hope " mum said. " Just playing the goat in class a little too often, nothing to worry about too much yet, she's only 14 so the worry is yet to come" Joy said, legs wide, looking at me. When I looked back at the telly, I could feel her looking at me.

I put a pillow on my lap to hide my erection.

She knew though. " Damn" mum exclaimed, " I forgot to get milk, wait here Joy, I'll nip down and get some, two ticks." " I'm sure Bernie will keep me company." Joy said, and mum was out the door. I didn't know what to do so stared at the telly, to scared to look over. I heard movement but stayed with the telly. What seemed like an eternity later, I jumped when Joy sat on the arm of the sofa right next to me and whispered, " and whats Bernie watching." " um.

nothing much." I stammered I could smell babe wants to be a pornstar interracial black dick perfume. My eyes moved right and explored her stocking clad thigh turning to flesh before the hem of her dress.

She reached down slowly and flipped the cushion from my lap exposing the tight bulge in my shorts. " It must be interesting," she whispered, " It's having an effect on you." She lightly rubbed my hard cock through my shorts. " Oooohhh " she cooed She stood up, stood before me, guided my hand up her skirt and whispered, "Feel how wet I am." I could feel her wet knickers. " Take it out." she whispered.

I looked towards the hallway door, checking sis wasn't watching and while I undid my shorts, she knelt on the floor straddling my left shin rubbing herself on me.

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She unbuttoned her blouse, lifted her bra exposing her firm pert tits whispering, " Wank for me," I was gonna blow my load in no black ex girlfriend mille stone fucked and facial pov and just grabbed my cock hard and didn't move. " Your'e bigger than my hubby Bernie, wank over my tits, cumonme, quick." I grabbed my balls to stem the inevitable and started stroking while she slid her hands up my thighs, riding my shin looking from my pumping hand to my face and back.

" thats it baby, I want your jizz." I let my balls go and shot my load ova her chest as she leaned in close cooing, " yeeeah, good baby. thats it." Seconds after blowing over her tits mums car pulled up in the drive and Joy stood up pulling her bra down, buttoned her blouse, straightened her dress and moved to the table while I bounded to my room to tidy up.

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In my room I thought wet spots would probably appear on her blouse soon and wondered how she would explain it. Five minutes later I cruised out to get a drink and saw she had buttoned up her jacket and mum said, " If you've finished with the tv Bernie, turn it off please." " Sure thing mum." I said not wanting to look at them and they carried on their natter as I retired to my room with a fanta I didn't feel like drinking.

Nothing much ever happened after that except the teasing and the knowing.