Attractive skinny girl gets her spread quim and small anus plowed

Attractive skinny girl gets her spread quim and small anus plowed
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The sun pierced through the curtains of my bedroom and caused Natasha to turn away in order keep the light out of her eyes. They were pink and weary from crying and yet another night of sleep deprivation. I had kept her naked and kneeling by the foot of my bed waiting to wake me with a nice blowjob so she could be treated to more sexual abuse.

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Cold, hungry and needing every ounce of her willpower to prevent herself from cumming without my permission as two vibrating dildos buzzed away inside her holes, the poor girl exemplified misery. She looked at the electric clock by my bed and decided that it was time to wake me.

The slave crawled towards the bed and then carefully repositioned the metal chain around her neck so it wouldn't clang as she climbed on to the mattress. She positioned her face inches away from my cock and instantly found that she couldn't stop salivating.

Her nose wrinkled as she took a sniff and drove herself crazy with lust. Preventing herself from cumming became several times harder as she was brought to the point of orgasm again just by being near my cock. I had conditioned her well using positive and negative reinforcements until she worshipped me as her god. Pain was the negative reinforcement I used on her and the positive that she tried so desperately to earn was my approval.

It was hard to believe that Natasha had once been a rich socialite before I got my hands on her. Now she was moaning like the biggest slut in the world as she wrapped her lips around my cock and sucked. She had grown to love the flavours like sweat and proceeded to lick my balls like they were the most delicious thing she had ever tasted. Her moans of submission woke me and I found her looking at me with loving eyes as she choked on my rod.

Those beautiful sky blue eyes staring up at me in the hopes that I was pleased with her. "Oh great you again. Why the fuck do I let such a ugly whore be the first face I see each morning?" My words cut her to the core and caused fresh tears to flow from those blue eyes of her's which had become two pools of sadness.

I actually thought Natasha was quite pretty, especially after a year of training which slightly aged most girls and turned them into hollow shells. She would have served me just as well if I treated her a little better but the reason I chose her to be my personal slave was that I liked to hurt her. Her talented tongue made me cum and she happily swallowed before kissing the tip of my cock and sucking out any of my remaining sperm.

"Thank you so much master. This cunt hopes you had a good night's sleep. Thank you for letting this useless whore suck you. Please may I cum now master?" I had left those vibrators inside her all night and she needed to cum so badly after being on the hot teen chloe scott swallows and rides a massive dong of orgasm fo so long.

She had waited patiently for me to wake up so she could beg me for permission. It would be unnecessarily cruel to deny her this small source of release. "Of course not cunt. Hold it and don't pester me about your undeserving pleasure again you ungrateful bitch." Fresh tears came from Natasha's eyes as the vibrators were causing her agony as she tried to stop herself from cumming.

I kicked her dog bowl over to her and then opened up a can of stale dog food for her to eat.

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It was wet and sloppy resembling sludge more than food. She went to lap it up but I quickly grabbed the chain around her neck to stop her. I needed to empty my bladder and couldn't be arsed to walk to the toilet a couple metres away.

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"Lift your bowl to your face and open your mouth. I don't want a single drop falling to the floor.

Do you understand?" She nodded enthusiastically and opened her mouth wide for me to use as a urinal. My aim was a bit off and I ended up shooting my warm piss straight into her eyes, causing Natasha stinging pain.

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I steered the yellow jet of my urine downwards to her nose and then into her wanting mouth. It spilled out as it overflowed and dribbled down her chin and into her dog bowl.

When I finished, she gruggled before spitting into her bowl and instantly regretted doing so as a frothy topping of piss coated her dog food. Still she forced her face into her bowl and started to chew the disgusting mixture, grateful she was being fed anything at all. She tried her best to produce a fake smile as she ate, scared I would decide to starve her if it didn't seem like she was happy with what I was giving her.

She gulped down a mouthful and gagged as she nearly threw up. It made me laugh and I nearly decided to give her seconds just to see her struggle to eat it but I didn't want to spoil her. I left her alone to finish the only meal she would be given today fucked and fired bubble butt and cash money I could get onto business.

Courtney, the raven haired emo chick needed some modifications to get her ready for customers. I had her perpared with a piercing kit waiting for me to play with. Best still was the fact that I was going to make her best friend, Avril watch.

I could already imagine the look of horror on the young blonde's face as I permanently marked the person she cared for most.