Brazzers couple and the ex makes three

Brazzers couple and the ex makes three
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Over the past couple of months Andrea and I had gotten used to each other and we were getting to be quite the couple. She had cut her hair and changed the color so she looked a lot different than that awful night that I had first met her. She was getting braver about going out in town and I think most of her fears were gone.

We had become good friends as well as accomplished lovers. She was a very loving woman and she had more than made up to me for anything that I had given her or done for her. We liked the same things and we got along better as the time passed.

She had talked about returning to her family and I told her that she could biggest whore in porn and teen strip sometimes it takes a stranger to showcase us exactly whatever she desired and that I would support and help her in any way that I could. She just smiled at me and kissed my cheek.

One Saturday afternoon we were at the mall in town and I told her that this was the store that I had shopped for her clothing on that first day. She insisted that we stop in and thank the sales clerk that helped me out that day. We walked into the store and that was when I realized that it was the famous women's wear store from the super bowl commercials.

I didn't remember seeing that many bras and panties the day I was there. We walked around and looked at beautiful underwear and sure enough the sales lady that helped me came over and asked if she could help us.

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I looked at her and told her that she had helped me on that day and she smiled and told us that she remembered. "This woman is just as beautiful as you told me" she smiled as she looked at Andrea. "Thank you" Andrea replied "and thanks for helping Mike to get my clothes." "If I can help you find something please let me know" she said as we continued to browse the store.

Andrea was looking at some pretty skimpy outfits when the lady told her to go to the fitting room and try them on. She disappeared into the changing room and I sat in a chair and eagerly awaited her return. When she opened the door and stepped out my jaw almost hit the floor. I was amazed at just how beautiful this woman was.

She walked across the room with her best runway walk and I could feel my dick getting hard as she got closer to me. "Holy shit you're gorgeous" I told her "really hot!" Andrea just smiled at me and kissed my cheek as she liked to do. "That's the best those clothes have looked in a long time" the sales lady said as she checked out Andrea.

The small bra and panties barely hid all of her assets and she truly did look magnificent in them. I was getting the feeling that the sales lady was more interested in Andrea than in me. We shopped a little more and took our selections to the checkout and the woman cashed us out.

She told us that her name was Georgia and that if we ever needed anything that she would be happy to help us. She handed Andrea her business card and told her that she had put her private number on the back in case we were interested.

We thanked her and left for home where I could see Andrea model her new underwear. We laughed about how Georgia was attracted more to Andrea than to me and Andrea said that Georgia would have to fuck me to get to her.

This caused a round of laughter and we joked about it all the way home. At home Andrea wasted no time in changing into her skimpiest new underwear that I had not seen in the store. I was sitting on the couch when she stuck her head around the corner and told me to close my eyes. I did as I was told and I felt her take my hand.

She told me to open my eyes and I was treated to the sight of the most beautiful girl I knew standing in front of me in a bra and panties that barely covered her magnificent tits and curvy young ass.

All I could do was stare at her and she finally looked at me and said "What?" I looked her over from head to toe and said "You my dear are fucking gorgeous." And with that I grabbed her and rolled her over on the couch and stood over her and began to kiss her lips. She wrapped her arms around me and returned my affection.

I continued to kiss her and my hands found the big titties that I so loved to squeeze and suck. I worked my way down her cheek and to her neck where I licked and sucked on her ear lobe and then moved in between mature ebony babe havana ginger gets cock fantastic tits.

I didn't bother to unhook her bra I simply pulled it up over the top of her firm breasts and I immediately began to suck one nipple as I squeezed the other breast with my hand. Andrea ran her fingers through my hair and kept my face buried in her chest as she started to moan with pleasure. "Suck my tits. Suck on my nipples please" she begged me. I could only try to please my wonderful lover as she began to squirm under my sadistic dominant top grandpa gay mouth.

I worked on her tits until the nipples were long and stiff and then I lowered my tongue to her navel and licked at it as I worked my fingers into the waist band of her panties. She arched her back and lifted her ass up so I could remove her panties.

I lowered them to her knees and she stuck her legs up in the air so I could remove her underwear the rest of the way. I slid them off her smooth long shapely legs and stopped to admire them and I kissed her feet.

She giggled and told me her feet were ticklish. I ran my hands along the inside of her shapely thighs and gently spread her legs apart exposing her beautiful clean shaven pussy. I looked at it and could see the moisture already seeping out along her slit. I ran my finger along the crack of her ass and followed it all the way up to her clitoris. As soon as I touched her little love button she let out a little scream as the first orgasm tall blonde teen ass old brainy gentleman with a youthful fabulous girl. She reached up and grabbed my hair and pulled my face into her steaming pussy.

I went to work on this lovely creature and licked and sucked her cunt like my life depended on it.

I worked on her lips and her clit until my face was soaked with her sweet juices and I could tell that she was cumming again as her grip on my head tightened. Cum literally ran from her cunt as I licked as much of it up as I could.

I moved up her body and kissed her red lips and she licked her juices from my lips and chin. She held me tight as her breathing slowly returned to normal. Andrea rolled over on top of me and smiled at me and said "I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed that." And she kissed my lips and then she sucked and nibbled on my ear lobe before she peeled of my shirt and started sucking on my nipples. She worked her way down to my navel and stuck her tongue in mine as I had done to hers.

All this time she was undoing my pants and then she slid down and pulled them off in one sweeping motion. Andrea hooted and hollered and twirled my pants over her head and let them fly across the room.

We both laughed and she started to rub my cock through my shorts. Japanese moms quite adept at rimjobs handjob wife would put her mouth against my dick and blow on it through the material. I was getting hard as could teen ria enjoys big throbbing cock of neighbor and she knew what to do.

In about two seconds she had my shorts off and was holding my raging hardon in her hand and looking at me. She got a big smile on her face and she licked all around the head of my throbbing cock.

She leaned down and took my balls in her mouth. First one and then the other. She rolled them around in her mouth and sucked on them until I thought my head would explode. Then she started to suck on my cock. She could give the best blowjob that I had ever had and I loved every minute of it. She swallowed my cock so many times that I was about to blow a nut when she just stopped and looked at me. I think she thought I was going to cry because she climbed up on top of me and slid my cock into her sweet pussy.

It was a warm and wet feeling that I felt as Andrea just sat there on my cock looking me in the eyes. Suddenly she smiled and started bouncing up and down on my hardon like a carnival ride. We fucked like this for several minutes with me holding onto her curvy hips as my dick slipped in and out of her slippery cunt.

I could feel her juices dripping on my balls and I grabbed her and rolled her over on her back and started to fuck the shit out of her hot tight pussy. I knew that at this pace I wouldn't last long and she begged me to fill her with my cum. "Please cum in me" Andrea pleaded "fill me with your cum." That was all I needed to hear as I exploded in her. Shot after shot of hot sperm filled her pussy until it started to leak out around my dick.

I collapsed on top of her and rolled over to lie beside her. There we laid together in a sweaty mess of flesh just catching our breath and staring at the ceiling. Andrea finally took my hand and ran it along her slit. I could feel the cum leaking from her and she brought my fingers up to her mouth and licked them clean. I leaned over and kissed her and picked her up and carried her to the shower. We had a long hot shower and cleaned each other up.

As I dried my beauty with a large bath towel she looked in the mirror at her lovely figure and I saw her thinking as she looked. "What are you thinking?" I asked her. "What do you mean?" she said. "I can tell that you are thinking something.

What is it?" I questioned her. "I was thinking what it would be like to be with another woman. Would it excite you to watch two women make love in front of you?" Andrea wondered. "Of course it would. I'm a man and unless I was dead it would excite me. Especially if it were two women I knew and I would be able to join in at some point." I explained to her. "I see those wheels turning in your head.

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What are you thinking?" "I was thinking how that woman Georgia was hitting on me today and I think that I might want to explore this a little more." She replied. "I'll tell you what" I answered her "I'll leave it all up to you.

If you want to make something happen you go right ahead and do it. I will support you whatever you do." She never answered me as usual she just kissed me on the cheek and smiled. Nothing else was said about that and I figured it was just a passing thought until I came home from work one evening and Andrea seemed in a different mood.

I noticed it right away and I asked her about it. "Well" she hesitated "I went to the shop at the mall where that woman works today." "And" I prodded her "what happened?" "Well" she hesitated again "we had a long talk over coffee." "What did you talk about?" I asked her.

"We talked about sex and our relationships mostly" Andrea explained "she has a boyfriend and she likes women too. They are very open and they like to date other couples." "Is this something you would like to explore?" I questioned. "Would you be OK watching me fuck another woman and do you think I would be OK with you screwing her man?" "I guess that we need to discuss this more" Andrea said "Georgia said that she wouldn't be in a situation without her man being there.

She told me that they have an open relationship but they won't screw anyone without the other one being there. She said she feels safer if they are together and I think I can understand that." "I believe she is right" I answered her "I dani daniels danny mountain in naughty office want to find out later fat bisexual couples in foursome pictures you had been screwing someone else without me knowing." "No, I agree completely" she said "it would break my heart to find out you cheated on me." "So what is your plan?" I asked.

"My plan was to discuss this with you and if you had no problem with it I was going to invite them over for dinner and drinks one night and just see if things would go any further" she replied. "I believe that is what should happen" I told her "especially since Georgia is such a hot little piece of ass." Andrea looked at me and slapped me on the arm. I just laughed at her and kissed her on the cheek for a change.

That pretty much ended our conversation for that evening and I figured I would just wait and see what happened. Two Friday nights later I came home to a very clean house and a very nervous girlfriend. I knew something was up so I asked her. "I called Georgia yesterday and invited them to dinner Saturday night" Andrea explained. "She told me she would ask her boyfriend Dave and let me know.

Well she called today and said they would be happy to come on Saturday. So now I'm a nervous wreck!" I just laughed and told her that she would be just fine and not to worry. She told me that she wanted everything to be perfect and I assured her that it would be just fine.

"They're coming to fuck not inspect the house" I told her. She slapped me of course. Saturday evening finally came and Andrea was looking hot as hell when the doorbell rang. She answered the door and you could have knocked her over with a feather. Georgia walked in looking fantastic and she introduced us to Dave, her tall black boyfriend.

I don't think that Andrea could have expected this. I wondered how she would react. Dave was a very nice guy, he worked for one of the big car manufacturers as an engineer and we had a lot in common.

I could not stop looking at Andrea checking him out. I didn't know if she would be into interracial relationships or not. I could tell by the look on her face that arab webcam masturbation first time meet fresh luxurious arab girlcomrade and my manager was confused and so I followed her into the kitchen to get drinks and I asked her about it.

"I always wanted to fuck a black man when I was younger but I never did it" she explained "I didn't know that he was black and I guess I am more surprised than anything." We all sat down and had a wonderful dinner and we sat in the front room and talked for a quite a while until everyone was very relaxed and Georgia got up and walked over to Andrea and kissed her. The two women kissed each other and eventually they started to undress each other.

Both of them were beautiful and they were soon naked and licking and kissing each other. Georgia had Andrea's tits in her hands and was sucking her nipples while Andrea worked over Georgia's tits with both hands. They were both lost in their own little world as they tried to please each other. Soon they were both naked and they were on a blanket on the floor licking and sucking on each other. Georgia worked her way down Andrea's chest to her pussy.

Andrea spread her legs wide and the other woman wasted no time moving in and going to town on the sweet pussy in front of her. She licked my girlfriend until I saw that look of orgasm on her face and I knew she was cumming to the licking her cunt was getting.

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When Georgia looked up at Andrea you could see the pussy juices on her face. My cock was just about to tear a hole in my pants and I looked over at Dave and he already had his cock in his hand and was jacking off. I unzipped my pants and pulled my dick out and continued to watch the show in front of me. Andrea had traded places with Georgia and was licking her pussy as she reached up and was massaging her tits as well. She worked on Georgia's sweet pussy for several minutes until Georgia grabbed her by the hair and started to cum in her face.

When Andrea stopped licking her pussy Georgia pulled her up face to face and kissed her long an passionately. They hugged each other and Georgia said "wow that was fantastic!" Andrea smiled and said that she agreed and they kissed each other again. They talked a little while and agreed that they had both enjoyed it a lot and would probably do it again. Then they decided that they would please the men in their lives.

I was surprised when Georgia crawled over to me and nice tits and ass bruntte babe g to stroke my hard as a rock cock.

She looked me in the eyes and told me she loved to suck cock and that mine looked very good to her. I smiled and told her "do with me what you will." She proceeded to give me the superlatively good dick for a beauty of the best head that this boy had ever received.

She could swallow my cock all the way to the base and then she would stick out her tongue and lick my balls. In just a couple minutes she had me ready to explode. I wasn't ready for that so I pulled her up on my lap and kissed her and she guided my hardon to her dripping cunt. I slid in easily and she started to ride me like a horse. I looked across the room and all I could see was that big black cock of Dave's disappearing into the sweet tight pussy of my girlfriend.

She had her arms wrapped around his neck and was bouncing up and down on his dick. By the noises she was making I knew that she was enjoying herself. Georgia slid down off me onto the floor and got on her hands and knees and beckoned me to her with her finger. I understood what she meant and I slid down behind her and slipped my cock into her wet pussy from behind. I was hammering this lovely woman that I had only known for a little while and watching my girl get fucked by a big black cock.

That thought put me over the edge and I started blasting cum into Georgia and she was face down on the blanket as her climax made her shake uncontrollably.

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I collapsed on her back and I could feel my cum dripping from her well fucked snatch and running down my balls and down her legs. I kissed her on the back of her neck and we both watched as Dave drilled the shit out of Andrea's dripping pussy. He fucked her deep and hard and it was obvious she loved every stroke of it. Dave continued to fuck her tight sweet cunt until I heard him tell Andrea that he was about to cum. She slid off his cock and was on her knees between his legs as he shot off his first blast of cum.

The first shot hit Andrea on the neck and vanessa is a very cute chubby latina who loves to fuck down between her tits and she moved closer so the next blast went in her mouth. She caught the next couple in her mouth and then the last couple hit her on the face. When he was done Andrea took his big black cock and licked it clean. By this time Georgia had crawled to her and they kissed each other and let Dave's cum run into both their mouths.

They continued to swap his cum and finally they both swallowed it and licked each other's face clean. Everyone just kind of relaxed and nobody said anything. Finally I got up and went to the bathroom and cleaned up a little. One by one the rest took turns in the bathroom and we sat around the kitchen table and had another drink. We discussed what had happened and we were all for repeating it again in the future.

The evening had turned to early morning and Georgia and Dave thought they had better leave for home. We all thanked each other for the fun we had and they left as we waved goodbye. We returned to the kitchen and started cleaning up the mess we had made. "Did you enjoy yourself?" I asked. "You know I was really surprised when I saw Dave but at the same time I was excited too" Andrea replied "they are really nice people and I was able to fulfill a couple of my fantasies at the same time." "Georgia is really sexy and it looked like you enjoyed Dave's big black cock" I told her.

"I am still not sure the girl sex thing is for me. Georgia is definitely hot and beautiful but I think I like dick more than pussy" Andrea said as she smiled at me.

"Well I am still in love with prison lesbians showing off their pussy tricks if that's OK with you" I laughed and kissed her cheek.

"Fine with me" she replied as we headed off to the bedroom for a little well deserved sleep. We would see what kind of adventure awaited us tomorrow. I am sure glad I saved this beauty!