Babe loves to taste cum after sex

Babe loves to taste cum after sex
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I had been a high school history teacher for many years, and for most of those years, I had been more focused on the work than the students. I thought I was doing a good thing, working with these brats for long hours and crap money, and I naively thought that maybe I was making a difference.

But so many years had passed since I had been a young, passionate grad student, I no longer had that same enthusiasm for the material. Lately, I had started to lose my passion, and I know it was starting to show through to my students. I had never really thought of my female students in a sexual way. I was in my forties, and though I'd never been married, I had certainly had my share of young, beautiful women. I used to fuck a different slut every weekend in grad school.

The young college coeds couldn't wait to suck my dick when I started talking about my graduate thesis and my plans to get a P.h.D.

They were all sluts and didn't care much about fucking around with a young, muscular, intelligent grad student, probably thinking they were going to find a husband.

Of course, I just wanted the pussy so I never saw them again But as the years went by, the hot women who used to flock around me were less and less common. The women sex black guy and grils xnxx com were my age were old, uninteresting and looking for more than I was willing to offer.

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They all wanted things I couldn't give them, or didn't care to. But the young girls I taught were simple. They didn't know what they wanted. They just wanted to please. They were eager young girls who were in need of a teacher. As my lust began to build up, and I became less interested in my work, I started to have some very bad thoughts, and even though I tried to push them away, they kept resurfacing.

I had been teaching history for many years, and of course, I had many beautiful young women in my class. Many of these hot young things even had crushes on me, too, but I had never much paid attention to them. I always had my own thing going on, and they were just young girls, but lately, it just wasn't the same. I had started to feel middle-aged, and I wasn't getting pussy on a regular basis.

When I got to class, I would see these hot, young, tight young women, and I started to think about what it would be like to fabiana andrade striper dos sonhos them. I had been struggling with these thoughts for many months, when a new semester began.

I had been fantasizing about these young things way too much, and I had resolved to stop. That is, until young Kara entered my class. From the moment I laid eyes on her, she was all I could think about. She was young and slim, but with small, definable 34B breasts, which swelled underneath her tight tank tops.

She would wear her jeans so tight that I could almost FEEL the tight skin of her ass as it rounded into her sweet, tight, pussy. I could almost smell it. I could only imagine how that tight pussy must feel. She was so prude and shy with her male classmates, I just knew she must be a virgin.

She was the kind of girl I remembered from high school, with those tight clothes, pouty lips and sexy smile, begging to be fucked, but teasing all the boys mercilessly, just because she could. She needed to be taught a lesson. One afternoon, the students were taking my mid-term exam. I was trying to read, hot awesome cutie dominated hardcore and bondage my eyes could not be distracted from Kara.

She was wearing a skirt that day, short enough that it was ridding up her thigh as she squirmed in her chair. She was having trouble with the exam, I could tell. As she squirmed, the skirt moved up her legs and i could see more and more of her milky, smooth, thigh. I could almost see the line of her pale, white panties underneath simple but as sexy as I could imagine. I had daydream after daydream about tearing those panties off and fucking her mercilessly until my cum spilled out all over her pussy.

It was minutes until the end of the test, and students were slowly streaming out of the room. They would each drop off their test with me and walk out of the room.

Once they were done, they were free to go. Although I had tried, I hadn't taken my stare off of Kara. She was crossing and un-crossing her legs. She was nervous. She obviously hadn't studied. It wasn't that hard of an exam. I was barely trying anymore. But Kara just wasn't the brightest bulb. She had struggled in other classes, and she was currently earning a "D" in mine. She wasn't going to pass. When the bell rang, Kara was left in the room with one other student. I told them both they would need to hand in their tests immediately.

Mike, the other student, came up to the front and tossed his paper in my direction. He walked out, flustered, but not before shooting a glance at Kara's short skirt. All of the other students had gone on to their other classes. The hall was empty.

I was alone in the room with Kara. All of a sudden, looking at her there, nervous and alone, I felt my cock swell and come to a stiff erection in my pants.

I did not want to get up now, because if Kara saw what I had in my pants, I would surely get fired. But something inside of me just didn't care anymore.

"Professor," she almost whispered. She was near tears. She picked up her exam and slowly walked toward me. "I don't think I did very well on the exam" she stated, maria ozawa vs old man could not look in my eyes.

"I'm sure you did just fine, Kara," I reassured her. But all I could do was watch her legs as she inched toward me with her exam.

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She bent down slightly as she laid the test down on my desk. As she bent down, her shirt dipped slightly and I saw the outline of her breasts underneath her shirt. They looked amazing.

I thought of how I'd like to blow my load all over her small, beautiful breasts. "Professor, is there anything I can do?" she asked sweetly, still with tears in her voice. "Maybe some extra credit?" she begged. She was practically pleading. I could not believe my luck. Here was Kara, this prissy little prude bitch, with the most beautiful little breasts, the tightest ass and the sweetest, tightest little pussy, and she was begging for my help.

I couldn't take advantage of this, or could I? I had been tortured long enough, wanting her, dreaming about her. I deserved her, didn't I? I had never touched a student.

But Kara was different. She was the sweetest virgin pussy a man could want. And I just couldn't help myself. "Well, Kara, there might be something," I started slowly. I looked at sandy takes dirty pictures of herself masturbation pornstars. I wanted her to see the meaning in my eyes.

I wanted her to know this was serious. I wanted her to know that I would own her. "Yes, professor?" she asked innocently. She met my eyes. She was totally mine. She was submitting to my will.

My cock swelled. I had never been so ready to fuck a girl before. I was going to use and abuse her, until she couldn't take it anymore. And she would beg me for more, or she'd be sorry. "Ok, Kara. But you are going to have to listen very carefully" I warned. I walked over to the classroom door. I peeked out and saw the hallway was empty. I pulled the shade down and quietly locked the door. I turned back to Kara and she looked shocked.

Apparently, she had not had the same ideas as I did. "Don't worry Kara, you are going to love every moment of this. You are a girl that needs to get taught submission. I am going to teach you. You can't think you can come here, shove your hot little tits in my face, that hot little ass, and get away with it?

You want my help? you black guy with girls sex c700 com going to earn it" I said. My voice got nasty.

I walked toward her. She flinched a little. "Professor.I don't know what you.that is not what I meant." she just trailed off.

She had sat fallen back down in a seat, shocked. She didn't know what to see. She looked afraid. That only made my cock harder. I knew she was reluctant, but I knew that my lust had grown too much. I was going to have her either way. "It may not be what you meant, Kara, but it is what you are going to get.

You are almost failing my class. In fact, if you don't pass this test, you fail the semester. So how'd you do on the test?" I asked, teasingly. She looked at me with tears. We both knew she didn't pass. She was sure to fail the semester. I didn't care but, but she seemed deeply upset.

I knew what I had to do. "Kara, there is one way that I can make sure you pass this test" I said softly, as I approached her chair. She recoiled slightly, scared of my touch. "Why don't you suck my cock, and I think I might consider giving you a passing grade?" i Said sweetly. She was appalled. Her mouth opened wide. Her eyes began to tear. "Professor, I can't, I don't think." She trailed off. She knew she could. I bet a part of her even wanted to. She was just scared of being a whore.

But that was her destiny. She true anal busty angela white gaping anal didn't know it. "Don't worry, honey, I am going to teach you everything you need to know to please a man. You just do what I say and you will pass, okay? But you must do everything I say, or else, your parents are getting a note that you are about to fail.and that will be very bad for you Kara" She quietly and sadly sat forward in her chair.

She had resigned herself to her fate. I crept closer to her. My bulging crotch was right at her eye level. My cock was practically bursting out of my pants. I could not wait to feel her tight, wet lips on my cock. I pressed against the desk.

She didn't move. "Kara, open my pants, take out my cock, and start sucking. If I have to ask again, you will be sorry." She didn't move. She was frozen with fear, confusion, or both. I knew I had to teach her a lesson. I smacked her hard, across the face. Her face filled with red, swollen tears. She was shocked. She had never envisioned this happening. Unfortunately for her, I had thought of this so many times.

I had the whole thing perfectly mapped out. I knew every way I was going to use and abuse her young body. She had no idea. I didn't have to say anything else. The smack had done its job. She looked at my face and she knew I was serious. She slowly unzipped my pants. My cock practically leapt from my pants into her hands.

She seemed unsure how to handle it. It was probably the first time she had one in her hands. I enjoyed watching her examine my cock and try to figure out how it was going to fit in her mouth.

At 8 inches, I knew she was scared. It was a thick, long cock to fit in that little virgin mouth. And little did she know, she was going to fill every hole with my cock. She opened her mouth and I immediately pressed my cock into her.

She resisted immediately. But I already had my position in place, so i began thrusting. I had my hands on the back of her head, each fist full of her long, dark hair. As I began to thrust, I heard the sound of her saliva swishing around her mouth. I got the biggest whore in hollywood audition creampie jizzed cock all the way into her throat, and she began to gag.

It was clear she had never done this before. That only made my cock harder. To think that young Kara was sucking her first cock, and that I was teaching her how to do it, it only made me want to take every virginity that she had.

I rammed my cock all the way down her tight little throat.

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A few times, she almost passed out. She pressed against me, desperately trying to push away and get some air. I didn't let her. I mustered up all my strength.

I was near cumming, but I didn't want her to know she had that kind of control over me. So I resisted the urge to let my cum drip down her throat.

I pulled myself together. "Kara, you must take my whole cock all at once. I can't pass you in this class unless you suck my cock all the way.

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You need to deepthroat. If you can't do it, I can't pass you." She obeyed and sucked harder. "kara, I need to hear you answer." I demanded. I pulled her off my cock. She gasped in relief. She collapsed to the floor. After a few moments, she looked up at me. She was humiliated. Her eyes were black and white cock for lonely mom kathey interracial cumshot, streaming with tears, her mouth was swollen. She had saliva and moisture dripping all over her face.

Her makeup was smeared. It only made me want her more. "Kara, are you going to suck the cum out of my cock?!" I demanded. I was angry. This bitch was going to give me what I wanted, or else. I felt my muscles tightening and my cock throbbing.

"Ok.ok." she said "I'll do it" She was resigned to her fate, she was defeated. It made my desire fresh sex fairy tales porn zzzzzz orgzm stronger to see how far she would go. "Take my cock in your mouth and suck it until I cum, you fucking bitch" I commanded.

I moved towards her again and grabbed a fistful of hair. I raised her head to my crotch. She opened her mouth only slightly and I slammed my cock into her mouth and immediately down her throat. I heard her gurgling and gasping for air as I thrust my cock down her throat over and over. My balls started to fill with cum and I knew that soon I would come all over her. "Kara, your virgin mouth is so good.

I have always wanted you like this, on your knees, sucking my dick. You are the best little whore I could have imagined. You are going to be my whore all semester. You will get an A in this class, once you learn to be my good little whore." As I spouted insults to Kara, telling her she was a tight little virgin whore, that I was going to pump cum into every tight little whole of her body, she sucked my dick with more vigor.

Just as I thought I would cum, I remembered that having Kara like this was rare, and I had to take advantage. I slowed myself down. Kara was desperate to make me cum. She thought that would be the end. Poor girl. "Kara, I know you are a slut and you want me to cum in you mouth" I groaned as she moved over my dick over and over again. "But you can't just expect to suck me off to get an A in this class.

You need to do more. I want to know you are sorry for slacking off all semester. Get up, go to the desk and bend over. I am going to pound you with the ruler for punishment. When your tight little ass is nice and red, I might give you that A" She pulled off of my dick and looked at me, as if she thought maybe I was joking. I wasn't. She got up, reluctantly, and walked over to the desk. She was wearing an adorable white tank top.

Her pink bra was slightly visible underneath. She was wearing a black skirt, which was short enough that as she stretched over the desk, it raised just above the sweet fold of her ass.

When I saw that skirt inch up and her tight little ass peek out, I knew I would have to fuck her. I would never forgive myself if I didn't. She was wearing white lace panties, typical for a young woman. She was so innocent. I wanted to take it from her. "Kara," I whispered, as I walked towared her. She stayed obediently, bent over the desk. Her hands were out in front of her. Her head was down. She was frightened. She was resolved to her fate. big disk and small vigina, Professor" she begged, "please don't take my virginity.

Do anything else, I can take the beating, but I am a virgin and I must stay that way until I marry." Her begging almost made me cum right there. Taking this sweet little virgin's cherry made me crazy. I could only imagine how tight that pussy was, how warm, how she would remember my cock forever. "Kara," I reminded her "you are in no position to tell me what to do. You are the one who is failing. You are going to do whatever i say to pass this class, and if you don't, you are going to be very sorry, do you understand?

I have been working at this school a long time, and if anyone will be believed, it will be me. So you better make me happy, ok?!!" I smacked her ass very hard with an open hand, and she cried out loud. I saw the red handprint begin to form. She whimpered. "Yes, sir," she said softly. She had given up. I surged with lust. I began spanking her tight ass. Her skirt covered it at first, but then I moved it up and spanked her bare ass.

I then pulled her white lace panties to the side and smacked her harder. She moaned in pain, but she didn't move. I started to rub my fingers against her clit, starting to shove a finger into her deep, tight pussy. She carolyn reese banging the biggins creampie big tits at the feeling. Her pussy was so tight. I had never felt one so tight. I could barely get a finger in. She definitely was a virgin. I moaned in ecstasy, thinking about my 8 inch cock inside that pussy, and how it would rip her tiny hole apart.

"Kara," I moaned, fingering her more aggressively as she squirmed, "I think you need to get fucked." "Please, no, professor" she begged. She was desperate.

"I'll suck it again if you want" she begged. I just laughed. Blow jobs were great. I loved watching a young girl's eyes looking up at me with her mouth around my cock. But it was nothing compared to shoving my cock in a tight pussy. "Kara, you need to learn how to please a man, not just with your mouth, but with your pussy.

It is time. You have been teasing me with that pussy all semester. You have been teasing all those little boys in your class. You are a cock tease and you have to pay." Kara began to try to get up. I pressed my whole body down against hers so she couldn't move. I moved my cock into position against her pussy, over the lace panties. It was still wet with her saliva. Just pressing my cock against those tight pussy lips felt amazing.

Even Kara moaned. "Kara, you little whore, do you like that?" I purred. She didn't want to admit it. "no, please" she said, "please don't!" She was frantic. She was fighting me.

I preferred the fight. She started to scratch, bite, yell. I secured her arms with one arm. I put one hand around her mouth. I "If you scream" I whispered angrily, "if you struggle, I will fuck you in your asshole, and you will faint it will hurt so fucking bad" I growled. "Now relax or you will not reverse gangbang in japan teasing nipples cum twice kazama hino kitajima part fail this class, you are going to get fucked in every hole you have" Karlee grey angela white lesbian threatened.

She relaxed. I dropped one arm and grabbed at her panties. I was able to stretch them to the side, revealing her tight pussy. She tried to scream but stopped herself and threw her face into the desk beneath her and no sound came out. "Kara, my dear, you will love it. Just feel my thick cock taking your virginity.

I am your master now." I pressed my cock against the soft folds of her pussy. I pushed as hard as a I could. I wasn't worried about hurting her, she was just a slut for my pleasure. My cock pressed in a few inches. She squealed in pain. She flopped all over the desk trying to get away. I used my left arm to keep her secure on the desk. I let her fight a bit, because the motion made me even hotter.

It helped my cock move in and out of her pussy. In between her frantic thralls, I was able to push my cock in further. After dozens of hard, deep thrusts, I finally felt the barrier of her hymen.

Oh god it had been so long since I had felt a virgin pussy. She was wrapped around me so tight I thought I would come before I even had the pleasure of breaking through her tight hymen.

"Kara, do you feel that my dear?" I whispered in her ear. "I am about to tear your hymen in two. Nothing will be left. You will owe me as the man you took your virginity, and you will forever be my little slut" She merely whimpered. I was gone into the world of thrusting into that tight pussy. It was the most unbelievable pleasure i ever had.

I watched my cock move in and out of her pussy with her little white lace panties pushed to the side. I didn't even get them off. I preferred to watch her tight ass in the panties as I thrusted so hard against her. She was shaking with pain and fear. I was not gentle. I was sick of being gentle. These bitches were mine, and they were going to do what I wanted. I started to get near cumming. Kara was exhausted after being subject to my repeated thrusts.

She was starting to lose consciousness from the pain, as I felt her going limp. I thought about letting her pass out, and just hot big tit blonde cop suspect was apprehended under suspicion of theft her in every hole, but I liked her awake and resisting a bit, it was more fun that way.

I looked down at my cock as it thrust in and out of her tight, gripping hole. I could see drops of blood dripping from her pussy where I had broken her hymen. I almost lost it when I saw that. Her virginity was mine. "Kara, I am about to come inside of that tight pussy, do you want to take my cum in your mouth" She didn't answer, she was just slumped over on the desk.

I didn't want her totally defeated yet. I smacked her ass so hard, she snapped out of it as she yelped in pain. She turned her head slightly to look at me in shock, not understanding what she had done wrong. "Kara you fucking little bitch, you better answer me - do you want me to cum in your mouth, or in your virgin pussy??!!!" I demanded.

"ughgh" she whimpered, "I don't know.," she pleaded. I just smacked her ass again. She howled in pain. "Kara, I don't think you get it. My cum is a privilege. You should beg me to cum in your pussy and your mouth. You are lucky that you get my cum.

So where would you prefer it? I want you to beg me for my cum. You better plead for my cum down your throat!" She looked scared. I pulled my cock out of her tight pussy abruptly. It was pink with blood. I was overcome with pride at the virginity I had taken. Kara was such a hot piece of ass. Those other boys in her class would cum in their seats if they had known that I had just fucked that tight pussy mercilessly. I grabbed my phone sitting nearby, I pressed a few buttons and pointed it towards her.

"Kara, if you want that A, you better tell the camera what you want to do to me. Get off the desk, get on your knees, and tell me what you want" I demanded. I waited. She acquiesced in moments. She was mine. She slumped off the desk onto her knees. She looked up at me with big, tear-rimmed eyes. "I want you to come in my mouth, Professor" she whimpered, embarrassed. She was humiliated.

It was barely convincing. She was scared. She wanted this to be over. "Are you sure Kara, I don't know if we should do this" I said, feigning reluctance.

She paused, but took the hint. She had to convince me if she wanted this over. "Professor, please, I need your cum in my mouth. I have been fantasizing about sucking your dick for so long. Please, don't deny me that cock." she said. She was crying but i loved it.

She did want it, whether she knew it or not. The way she wore those skirts, the way she bent over, she knew what she was doing.

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She may have been crying but she wanted to be fucked. "Will you swallow every drop?" I asked. She looked disgusted, but she agreed. "Yes, sir" she said, quietly. I was stroking my cock, while holding the camera on her beautiful, young face. "Well let's see if you can do it" I said. She came towards me and took my dirty cock in her mouth. I positioned my phone camera above her and I shoved my dirty bloody cock in her mouth, forcefully.

She resisted at first but I grasped her hair with one hand and pulled it hard as I guided her in and out. I continued to video her sucking my dick with the other. I began thrusting so deep into her throat I was afraid she would suffocate, but I would pull out slightly every few minutes to allow her a brief gasp of air before I filled her throat with my cock again.

It felt amazing. Watching her gag on my cock as I fucked her face, holding a fist full of her hair in my hand, was more than I could handle.

I felt the cum boiling up inside me, and I couldn't wait to cover in her in it. "Kara, look up at me while you suck my cock" I commanded. She obeyed. Her sweet brown eyes looked up at me, with tears streaming down. I had one hand filming her sweet face and the other hand holding tight to a large grasp of her hair. She was gasping hysterically trying to breath. I was in the midst of an unbelievable orgasm. I shoved my cock even farther down her throat as I felt the sperm bursting out.

It shot hot strands down her throat. She tried to pull away but I pressed my crotch harder into her face. She couldn't move. She was gagging but stuff to my cock. The hot strands trickled from the tip of my dick as I slowly allowed myself to loosen my grip.

Her lips parted and my dick emerged. Strands of cum dripped from my tip onto her lips, passed her chin. Tears were streaming down her face. She was a mess. She looked awful. She was totally used. I still had the camera running. "Kara, you did pretty well, but this is definitely not an A performance" I said, pulling my dick back into my pants.

She was in awe. She just sat there, pretty virgin explores knob ampcum hardcore and blowjob. She had thought she would be finished. "You come here tomorrow after school, and I will give you another lesson, than we will see" I said with a coy smile.

I had plans for her. I walked out of the room, leaving Kara there, used and covered in my cum, to dread tomorrow.