Hard fuck in the morning young girl and cumshot on her face

Hard fuck in the morning young girl and cumshot on her face
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It was a cold winter's night in late autumn.

The fog had set in just before midnight and gradually blanketed the streets. The air ender ebony xxx story 2019 full of mist and visibility was becoming difficult as I walked the City streets.

My pimp had forced me to work the streets tonight. I was hoping for a profitable night to keep him and his henchmen away from me and my family. My name is Louise and I am a single, twenty-one-year-old mother and also a prostitute. I have a three year old daughter named Misty (Melissa). She was being looked after by a close friend.

My slender framed body was feeling every icy cold whiff of air tonight. I stand 5 foot 7 inches and weigh 103 pounds and I wasn't dressed appropriately for the elements tonight. I was more worried about earning money then dressing up properly. When I set off on my evening route, at eight pm, it wasn't as cold as it was now.

It was just past midnight. The only protection from the elements, I was wearing, were my fish-net stockings, held up by my black garter belt, black latex mini-skirt, black tank singlet, red and black lace corset and my black knee length boots. I wore my black knickers but no bra. Luckily, I also wore my fake mink-fur jacket or I would have frozen to death. I shivered as I walked, clutching my fur jacket as goose bumps formed, on my thighs and chest, from the cold, night air.

I tried not to stand in one spot too long or the chill would start biting into my already chilly skin. Deciding it was a bit too foggy and cold to be out near the park area, I walked towards the food district where the booming sounds of a nearby night club could be heard.

I stood not far from an alley that led to the rear of some restaurants. There were trash cans, dumpsters and wild rodents near where I stood. I lit up a cigarette and just watched as people were leaving for taxis or their cars.

I while I puffed on my smoke, I noticed that most of the restaurants were either closing or already closed for the night. As I was taking the last few puff of cigarette, a man noticed my image from a distance.

He now was strolling toward me. The closer he got, the more I stared. He was bald and his head was shaved and he wore a black trench coat. He also wore noisy boots.

I could hear every single step he made as he approached me. I took a deep breath and tossed my cigarette as he was now just barely a few feet from me. "Hey honey, damn you're a stunner," he said, with his hands in his pockets. "Why, thank you," I replied to him. "And what brings you here at this time of night," I asked. "Oh, I don't know. I just finished a business meeting and then dinner," he answered me. "Are you looking for dessert," I asked, and lifted a leg up and rested it on top of a trash can danny d screwing kylie page pussy on the desk naturaltits and blowjob that he could see the view of my bare thigh and garters above my fishnets.

"Oh, it depends, what are you offering," he said, staring at my sexy leg. "Hmmm, let's see," I told him. Fifty for a mouth full, one hundred for a precious specie offer hardcore and european and 200 for the works," I explained my price list. He ruffled around in his pockets and smirked at me. I was handed a hundred dollars in screwed up bills.

I nodded and placed the money inside my bum-bag. He led me further into the alley away from the lights and prying eyes. We found a secluded spot and he kissed my neck. I leaned myself against a cold, moist brick wall. I wriggled and murmured as he kissed and bit my neck.

He then squeezed my breasts and yanked down the top of corset. My breasts now feel the cold winter's air. Goosebumps develop on my skin group three dicks for a sexy blonde the chill. He now stops kissing my neck and begins to bite and suck on my nipples while roughly squeezing and twisting them. His focus was on my left breast and every now and then he would roughly kiss my neck again.

I was so into this, my eyes were flicking and I let out slow moans. As he went to kiss my mouth, I stopped him with a free hand. I touched his bulging trousers and slowly unzipped his fly. Then I pulled his cock out from his underwear and began to stroke it. He kissed my neck as I stroked his cock until it was hard and glistening with his pre-cum. He stopped kissing me and watched me play with his cock.

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I looked into his eyes and spat a glob of saliva on his cock. I stroked my saliva and his pre-cum over his hard cock. He caressed my breasts as I stroked his manhood. My mouth was agape and my eyes flickered like I was on some party drug. It then I pushed him off of me and into the opposite wall. I had my hand on his throat and another on his cock.

He stared at me, puzzled at first. He relaxed once I lowered myself and squatted down. I think he knew what I was up too. I opened my mouth and placed his cock inside my mouth and I went hd blond getting creampie car jacking suspect gets the jacking he deserves my business of sucking him. He caressed my hair as I did it. It inspired me even more to suck slowly then a little faster.

I would suck hard around the head then swallow deep before sucking on the head again. He would pull out and slap my tongue with his cock before inserting it back inside. Slowly I deep throated him and he moaned in sex-induced pleasure.

I squealed a little as I gagged for air and saliva oozed out of my mouth. While I gasped and caught my breath, I stroked his cock. I stroked it, sucked it and lick the head and then swallowed it deep. This was repeated, over and over, for about five minutes. All the time I was looking to see if anyone was watching or approaching each time I gasped for air. He lifted me up and made me face the wall. My skirt was unbuttoned and unzipped and it dropped to the ground.

Then my knickers were pulled down and off. Squeezing and then spreading my butt cheeks, while I face the wall, he went about squeezing my ass before licking my asshole. I liked the his tongue, prying into my ass. He then forced me hard against the cold misty bricks and eased his cock into my wet and willing pussy. "Condom," I nervously, pleaded.

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"Shut up bitch," he growled menacingly, "I have a condom." I looked over my shoulder as he cupped my bare breasts, shielding them from the chill of the night. I let out several faint cries as he went about slowly fucking me to moderately fucking me. My cries became gasps as my heightened excitement exceeded my early expectations. My pussy was juicing in torrents and the sexual feelings made me stagger and stumble to my knees. "Ooh God! Ooh, ooh," I moaned.

He then picked me up and forced back into the wall.

He teased my pussy with his cock before slowly inserting it into my ass. I froze, at first, as he didn't pay me any money for teen slut and stepmom crazy way session in the bedroom. "That wasn't part of.

," I tried to say. "Shut it bitch! I paid you for me to get off," he grumbled back at me. Deep down I didn't mind, but I didn't want him to know that I loved anal. The cries of joy, I was muttering, would have given me away though. "Ooh, yeah! Ooh, ooh ooh," I cried and moaned. I couldn't help it. "Oh bitch, you were so tight and now you're just right for the humping," he talked down to me. I hated him for referring to me as a bitch, with his tone of voice but my cries made it seem like I like being called one.

When he finally stopped my ass pillaging, he took his condom off and made me get back on my knees again. I sucked and stroked his cock until I could tell that he was just about to cum.

While he was moaning with his eyes shut and his cock throbbing with impending release, I deftly reached into my purse. When he grunted and squirted his cum on my face, I pulled out my flick knife and hacked open his ball sack. "Bitch," he screamed at me and slapped my face. He reacted on instinct and reached for his bleeding balls. That's when I saw the opening I needed. I sprung up off the ground and sliced his throat. Blood sprayed and squirted from the gash in his jugular. I watched as I always watched my victim's life slowly fade.

Then, while he took his last gasps of air, I rifled through his pockets and helped myself to his money. I used my knickers to cleaned myself of cum and blood splatter and then I pulled up my corset to cover my breasts and collected my belongings. I looked back at the corpse of my victim and then left the tight crevasse in the alley. I lit up a cigarette and walked further down the alley and away from crime scene. Wearing no skirt, no knickers and only my corset, garter and heels.

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Ever since my uncle and his friends raped me as a child, this had been my outlet for vendetta against the male species. If they treated me kindly, they lived to fuck another day. If they used my uncle's favorite "B" word in "bitch". well they didn't. Tonight's victim was number five. Clip clop clip clop, was the sound of my feet as I walked into darkness. Then booming sounds of the night club could still be heard. I leaned against the moist bricks of a building and finished my cigarette.

When a young boy who had been clubbing saw me and my exposed pussy, he walked up to me. "Hey, looking to party?" he asked.

The End for now…&hellip.