Sexy milf gives head to a lucky dude

Sexy milf gives head to a lucky dude
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My wife and I had five kids but they were all grown-ups and away from home. My wife worked while I was unemployed and I stayed at home with my 19-year old maid who was attending to our house. Most of the time I went out but occassiohally I was home. My wife trusted me so much she never thought of me getting involved with our maid. Our maid had been with us for a year and there was nothing unusual between us exept that at times my maid would "accidentally" bumped on me but I hadn't given a thought to it until the day my maid and I were left alone at home.

It was afternoon and my maid was lying on her bed with her bedroom door opened. I thought horny and I thought I would try courting my sunny leone shooting by xxx story making sure she would never report to my wife.

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She was lying facing the wall away from my approaches, so I gently felt her hand for any reaction. She never moved at first, so I bent down and looked expecting her sleeping but to my surprise, she offered her mouth for a kiss. I turned her body towards me, hugged her, caressed her and kissed her.

Then to my astonishment, she stuck out her young and tender tongue. I engulfed her tiny tongue and we both sucked each other tongue while her saliva tasted sweet to me. I tongued her faces, and neck and I opened her shirt and tongued her tiny tits as well. The sexual electricity built inside me and I wanted her whole body so I undressed her and I undressed also and I started licking her stomach down to her navel and her thick-haired pubis and pussy.

I found her vagina and explored it to my content. I kissed her cunt and bit and pulled the hairs of her pussy to as taut as I could without hurting her. I pried her rosy vagina and I found her reddish clitoris sticking out (Shirely, my 19-year old housemaid was still a virgin) and I found her pussy was oozing with the pre-cum and I loved licking it but I concentrated on licking her soft clitoris.

My maid moaned softly and I knew she enjoyed the foreplay as much as I did. I changed my position with my penis dangling over her mouth while I placed my head between her spread legs and I dug my tongue deeper into her wet vagina.

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She held on to my cock and put my dick inside her mouth. She sucked my moistened penis which forced me into ecstacy that I wanted to mount her.

I reverted back to my original position and started licking that area between her ass and her vagina and worked upward to her clitoris. My maid moaned and moaned in satisfaction. It was time for fucking and I placed my whole body on top of hers and clamped hers closest to mine with my arms clutching her shoulders.

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She spread her legs and I pried open her pussy with two fingers of one hand while she guided my penis into her tight vagina. She screamed in pain and for a pause when I drove my cock deeper into her pussy but the sweetness of fucking urged me into pumping deeper and deeper into her virgin, tight cunt and she cooperated by bumping her cunt in unison with my push-and-pull motions.

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She chattered silently, her lips trembled and she breathed slowly and silently while she trembled at every thrust of my circumscised penis. I always strived for a contact of my penis against her clitoris whether I pushed in or pulled out my dick which made her tight pussy cling tightly around my dick.

Her clitoris sought contact with my penis everytime I pulled back my dick because she wanted her clitoris massaged by the soft head of my hard shaft. The backside of my penis head with the foreskin removed acted as a grove to which her pussy tight lips clung desperately whenever my dick moved and my imprisoned penis tickled the inner and sensitive linings of her tender pussy.

Her tight cunt involuntarily engulfed the head of my circumscised penis which gave her the sweetest satisfaction. The urge for fucking became strong that I couldn't help but increase the cresendo of pumping while she cried for more pumping into her pussy, her fingers grabbed and held on to my hair as she crossed her elbows tubby brit bitch jizz slapping and european my back denying a space between our bodies and then when the pumping got out of hand, my sperm spurted in streams of spasms into her filled up pussy.

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The stream of my warm sperm hitting her clitoris made her scream in heavenly delight and happiness. From the moment my warm jism hit her clitoris, she moaned and I was sure she was on her way to orgasm. My pumping was involuntarily stopped while I was forced into ejaculations. Knowing that my maid was on the verge of orgasm, and immediately after I ejaculated, I resumed pumping her pussy 500 more times as fast as I could before my dick got limp and in the process brought her into complete orgasm.

She rose from her back, kissed me and sucked on my cock in gratefulness for the heavenly bliss I had given her. Day after day when opportunities presented, Shirely showered and led me into her bedroom for rounds of fucking. Sometimes I cradled her in my arms like she was a baby and showered her with tender kisses while my dick tickled her cunt from her behind in gratefulness for giving me rounds of fucking, even when she was getting pregnant. Shirely begged me into allowing her taking complete custody of our child because her parents loved their granddaughter dearly.

A young and tender pussy of a virgin 19-year old woman was most desirable to a 60+ year old man even after 40 years of blissful marriage. My wife later on suspected our secret relationship and my wife terminated the services of our young maid.

My wife loved me so much that she accepted my denials rather than lose me and we are still married.