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Nadir gul hot xxx prone vidios
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"Hey playa'." Jodie said to me, smiling. "You good?" "Yeah i'm fine, how about you?" I replied.

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"Yeah I could heard that you sound just fine." she said, winking at me. "I'm good too, thanks for asking. I blushed and put on a fake smile, I tried to walk past her but she lifted her arm and placed it on the wall, blocking my path. I stopped and looked at her. She was wearing a wife beater with no bra underneath, her nipples where poking through and I could just make out the sides of her breasts.

She had firm and juicy D's, the kind that make your mouth water. I'm not very good at sizes around the bod so I will just guess 33 or something? "You know the offer still stands from last night." she said, running her hand from my chest to crotch before starting to circle slowly.

She ran her tongue across her teeth, closed her mouth and winked at me. I suddenly crouched under her arm and walked quietly but quickly down the stairs. As I was going down I heard a slight sigh of disappointment coming from her.

I heard some voices from the living room, I couldn't understand what they where saying but you always make out your own name. I suddenly wanted to hear what they here talking about, I held my breath and placed my head next to the door, trying to hear through. It was quiet but I just about made out what they where curvy babe harley jade gets her bumhole punished. "He really likes you, you know." said a male voice.

I couldn't make out if it was Jake or Mike, they had the same low tone to their voice. "I know, i'm lucky to have him" said Beth, quietly giggling afterwards.

I walked in at that moment and saw Beth's hands cupped into each other with a smile on her face. Her feet up on the couch and her knee's into her chest. She looked at me, uncapped her hands and pointed at me. She then motioned me to walk forward by flexing her index finger towards me.

I walked over to her, smiling. She lifted herself and sat down onto the legal age teenager shows her most good in fucking rest, tapping her hand on the seat. As I sat down she launched herself onto of me, sitting on my lap facing me as she had her legs either side milf brett rossi grinds hot teen lena anderson wet pussy mine.

I tried to keep my cool and not blush, I looked over at Jake and Mike to see them both staring at me. Mike stood up and started air-wanking himself, creating orgasmic sex faces.

I laughed quietly and then looked up at Beth. Our eyes locked as she came down and began to gently kiss me several times. She pulled herself out of the kiss slowly to say "That was amazing." We both smiled as we kissed, it wasn't even a kiss, it was like a smile as our lips touched. As out smiles stopped, the serious kissing and making out began.

I had soon forgotten about Mike and Jake and a nice amount of leverage had been covered by my cock. Beth was leaning into me as she was standing on her knees/ She dropped herself down and placed her firm ass on my cock, very slowly grinding back and forth. "Hey, this isn't a strip club buddy." Mike said. "Keep the lap dances for later." Bethany looked back as Mike as she straddled me, she placed her feet on the couch and started seriously grinding me, placing one hand on my shoulder and waving the other in the air like a cowboy with the ripe trick.

We all laughed and then Jodie, Mikes sister walked in the room. She instantly looked over us and smiled "Oooh that's sexy." she whispered before walking into the kitchen. Bethany started to blush and turner herself around, the great mood was completely wiped from her face.

I lifted my arm and placed it around her as she rested her head on my chest. "What's wrong baby?" I whispered. "Didn't you find that sexy?" She turned around and gently slapped me on the chest as we both began to laugh. "You want to get out of here?" she whispered into my ear. I smiled at her and said "Guy's we are going to head out now, i'll see you later alright?" "Alright, I guess it's just me and Jake on this blunt then." said Mike, lifting up a rolled blunt and sliding across his nose, making an 'Ahhh' sound as he did.

Beth looked at me and smiled, I instantly knew what she meant. "You know what, the weather isn't good right now. We'll leave later." I said as we all looked out the window into the perfect blue sky. "Your sisters home though Mike." said Beth. "Don't worry, she smokes too." he replied. Beth looked slightly shocked for a moment, but then she rubbed it off and stood up off my lap. I noticed that I had a semi that was to the side of my boxers, instead of being vertical. It was pretty obvious as I was wearing jeans that got tight as I sat down.

Everyone in the room noticed and I crossed my legs trying to make it look like nothing had happened. Beth leaned down and grabbed my hand, opening it and placing a kiss into my palm as she pulled me up. She pulled me in front of her and hugged me from behind, as she did so her arm crept down and grabbed onto my crotch. As her head was resting on my shoulder I could see her looking over at Mike and Jake, smiling. "Don't be shy, they are just jealous." she said, as she gently bit onto my neck.

We walked through the kitchen and into the extension that was built several months ago. We walked out of the extension into the garden, and a beautiful one at that. Mike's family where pretty rich, even though the parents where divorced, Mike's mum hired workers around the house. The middle of the garden had a seating area, four benches and a long swing. Beth grabbed onto my hand and ran towards the swing.

As I stood there she placed her hands onto my shoulders and pulled me down so I was lying on my back. She came on top of me, placing her hands on my chest as we began to furiously make-out. After about thirty seconds she rolled over next to me, placing her head on my chest and her hand on my stomach. She was running circles on my stomach with her fingers.

I finally had a chance to show off my six pack and I leaped at it. I lifted my neck, placing it against the arm rest of the swing which made my abdominals tense up.

I slowly grabbed her hand and ran it up and down my stomach, she seamed to enjoy it as she was smiling at me like crazy. "You're prefect." I whispered into her ear. She didn't say anything back to me, she just kissed me on the lips and rested her head back on my chest, continuing to play her fingers on my stomach.

Mike and Jake walked out of the extension with several bags of crisps and bottle's of beer in their hands. "Bit early for drinking isn't it?" I said. "Don't have some then." said Jake as he sat down on one of the black sun-bathing beds next to the swing.

Two crisp packets where launched towards me, I brought my free arm up and blocked one of them and the second hit the back of the swing. I didn't feel like eating so I left them there, and I suppose that Beth felt the same way as she didn't touch the crisps. Mike's sister walked out of the extension and sat on the chair next to the swing, facing me. Beth had placed the hand that I had around her over her face, blocking the sun from her eyes. I guess Jodie took this as an opportunity, as I looked up at her she ran her tongue across her lips.

She was wearing the same clothes as before, her nipples still standing up through her top. I was surprised that Mike let her dress this way, but it was none of my business. Besides, it was hot. She was in a position that she couldn't be seen by Mike or Jake, not that it would matter, they where too busy lighting the blunt and drinking beer.

Jodie lifted her hand and placed it on her left breast, she began circling her nipple as she licked her lips. I instantly got a hard on and it jabbed into Beth's left leg that was over me. She didn't move as she probably didn't mind, she probably enjoyed it either. I continued to look at Jodie, she was really hot! I planned on keeping loyal to Beth, but that didn't mean I cant look at other girls, right?

Jodie pulled the left side of her wife-beater to the right, letting her berate fall straight out into my vision. My jaw dropped as I looked at her beautiful D cup breasts, small brown nipples surrounded by a cute light pink areola. She left me only a few seconds to look before covering it back up again, the blunt reached Jodie, she raised it whilst looking at me, placing it in-between her lips and taking a single toke before extending it to me.

I took it instantly, as I laid down I closed my eyes and positioned my head to look straight into the sky. I took a long toke and inhaled it, I opened my eyes to watch myself release the smoke from my mouth (Something I always like to do) I took another few tokes and then pinched Beth's nose with the hand that was blocking the sun from her eyes. She lifted her head to look up at me. She noticed Jodie from the corner of her eyes, and I saw her eyes dropping down to see her tight fitting clothing, revealing almost everything.

I could see in her eyes that she thought she had some competition for me. She looked back up at me and smiled, taking the blunt from my fingers, she leander forwards to give me a long and tender kiss on the lips, lasting about ten seconds.

She broke the smile by whispering "I love you.", loud enough for Jodie to hear. "You better sit up, you wont be able to handle that blunt." I whispered ever so quietly into her ear. "Don't take me for an amateur." she said out loud before taking a toke from the blunt. She instantly coughed all of the smoke out and sat up right, holding her chest.

I sat up with her and placed my hand around her, gently tapping her back to ease her. She continued to cough for a while, her cheeks blushing overall. She was embarrassed. I pushed her down onto her back and got on top of her. "Don't worry, just relax your throat." I said, before gently kissed her on her forehead.

I moved the joint to her lips, whispering "Only a small toke." I looked to my side to see the three of them looking over at us. I looked back at Beth to see that she had blowed smoke into my face. "You did it!" I whispered to her. She grabbed the back of my hand, taking a nice handful of my hair before pulling my head down to hers, kissing me several times as she laughed. I came out of the kiss, smiling from ear to ear. What could be better than being with the girl of your dreams whilst smoking a blunt?

I looked up to see Jodie looking at me, she looked away and blushed as I looked at her. Jake and Mike where just chatting away and being donuts as usual. Bethany took another toke from the blunt, she could only take a tiny toke or she would cough.

Beth passed me the blunt and I took a toke from it, offering it to Jodie. She turned it down so I handed it to Jake. I came back down and started kissing Beth.

She grabbed around me and rolled me over so that she was on top. She started licking my neck and ears, occasionally biting and licking whilst we both laughed. I locked my arms around her and lifted her up as she sat on me, she wrapped her legs around me and I lifted her off the swing.

We continued to kiss as I walked away. I had to stop every few steps to open my eyes and see where I was. Smoking blunts and balancing whilst making out aren't the right combination of things to be doing. I have to tell you that I hadn't smoked a blunt for about two weeks then, and that was the best feeling I had had for a while.

It had made us both get the giggles, and just put us in a fantastic mood. (We did smoke for longer, but there is no point writing it all out.) I walked into the living room, still having Beth wrapped around my waist kissing my face and neck. I placed her down onto the large sofa where Mike and Jake where sitting, kissed her on the forehead and walked to the kitchen. I opened the fridge and looked inside. Me, Mike and Jake where practically brothers, there where no limits in each others houses.

I looked through the fridge, nothing interesting. I looked through the freezer to find a couple choc ice's. I picked two up and went to the door to the garden. "I'm off guys, i'll see you later." I said before walking off. I grabbed Beth's hand and walked to the door, putting our shoes on and walking outside. We began walking back towards my house, eating the choc ice's I had gotten when a couple of teen's in a speeding car nearly ran us over.

It was going about 20 miles an hour but it passed a red whilst we where crossing. As it passed us I threw my choc ice at it to make contact with the passenger seat mirror.

The car hit the brake and stopped. Four black hooded guys jumped out and walked towards me. I suddenly felt an amount of fear I had never known existed, I controlled myself and pulled Bethany behind me. I stood still, just staring at them as they all walked towards me, all had their fists clenched. I knew I would get a beating. The first one came up towards me and grabbed onto me. I grabbed him and pulled him backwards with my weight and twisted so that he fell on his back with me on top.

I pulled me arm back to throw a punch when I heard "Smithy?" coming from one of the voices. I looked behind me to see my cousins boyfriend. "Smithy that you?" he asked. "Oh don't mean to scare ya, what's up man?" His grammar was poor, but I expected no more from someone that has their hoods up with three other black men in a car.

I let go of the guy and pushed myself up, "Tye?" I said. "Yeah man it's me bruv!" he replied. "Oh that's good, I wouldn't want to explain to my cousin why her boyfriend is in hospital." I said, smiling afterwards. We all laughed and I looked around to see that Bethany was gone. "What the fuck?" I said. "Where the fuck is the girl I was with? Did you see where she went?" "Yeah man she ran like a sissy when we got out of the car." said one of the other black guys.

"Shut your dirty fucking mouth" I said dazzling liliane tiger is naked and will do anything to suck a cock him as I grabbed his collar with both of my hands. "Did you see which way she ran?" I asked. The pointed towards a road, I let go and ran in the direction he had pointed. I pulled out my phone and called Stacy, one of Beth's close friends.

I continued running and looking around as I had the phone to my ear. "Stacy, hey, do you have Beth's number?" I asked. I suddenly saw Beth leaning on a wall with the phone to her ear. "Yeah, why do you need it?" said stacy. I walked towards Beth, she spotted me and ran towards me. "Hello?" was the last thing heard before I pocketed my phone.

Beth ran to me and wrapped her arms around me, she dug her he'd into my shoulder without making a sound. She wrapped her arms around me and hugged me with the most force I had ever seen from her. She pulled her head back and I saw that her mascara was running down her eyes in a pretty way, she had been crying.

I placed both of my hands on her face and ran my thumbs out from her nose to her ears, rubbing the tears from a face. "It's alright, nothing happened." I whispered to her, before kissing her on the forehead and hugging her again. "It's all right, just breath." She began to calm down, I lifted her up as her head was still on my shoulder, I walked over and sat on the curb with her facing me on my lap. I pulled her head out of my shoulder and began to kiss her in an effort to comfort her.

"I was so worried, I saw you on the ground!" she whispered into my ear with fear still thriving in her voice. I wiped the last tears away from her face and kissed her again. "I'm fine, do you see anything wrong with me?" I said, smiling to ease her. "Well you lose your ice cream." she said, in a voice which breaks the barrier between crying and laughing. "Alright, we'll go and get another one." I said, as we walked to richard mann vs crista moore nearest corner shop.

I got a cone with the white creamy ice-cream that comes from the machine, I paid for it and left. I handed it to Beth as we walked down the street. She licked it and said "Wow it's really nice, try it." as she angled the ice cream cone towards me.

I came down to take a small bite of it when she pushed it into my face, my lips and chin where covered in ice cream. "Mmm that's really nice." I said, nodding my head.

She dropped the ice cream and pushed me against the wall and began to kiss my lips eating away the the ice cream as she did. After about 5 kisses I grabbed the back of her head and started turning my face form side to side, wiping the ice cream onto her.

She screamed and pleaded me to stop but I continued, we broke out into a kissing fit and ended up laughing all the way home about it.

As I got home, no one was there except my little bother who was 15. He had a girlfriend before me so that seriously depressed me, after a year of being abused and bullied by my own brother about never being in a relationship, I finally walked home with the most beautiful girl in my school.

He hadn't yet fucked his girlfriend so I wanted to make him jealous for once. We walked into the living room for a second, my brother Harvey was sitting on the couch watching TV with his girlfriend. She came round the house every friday, saturday and sunday and they both did some weird boring shit with each other. Harvey saw Beth, his expression made my day. He was ogling her breasts and tanned legs.

Beth just gave him a 'weirdo' look and turned around, walking to the hallway. I planned to ruin their day. I grabbed a drink from the fridge, turned the TV off and walked up stairs.

"Hey you dick!" shouted Harvey as me and Beth walked up the stairs. We got to my room and I launched her onto my bed. She flipped around onto her back as she laughed, I jumped on top of her and we began to furiously make out. As we kissed, I began to rub her thigh's and chest, circling her nipples as I reached them. I lifted her t-shirt off her and lowered myself, kissing through her chin and neck before getting to her breasts. As I started to circle her nipple with my tongue, I ran my hand down from her breasts and her stomach until I made it under her thong.

She moaned as my fingers reached her pussy lips and propelled her thigh upwards, grinding against the movements of my fingers. After a couple of minutes of rubbing pussy, swapping from nipple to nipple to mouth. I began to make my way down her body. Kissing ever inch of her stomach until I reached her skirt. I unzipped the side and pulled it down her skirt and thong all the way off.

I moved myself back up to her and began to kiss her on the lips and I stroked her hair with one hand and massaged her pussy with the other.

After a minute of kissing, I move straight to the thighs, I started kissing her inner thighs, from her knees up, until I reached her pussy. I slowly started to lick her labia as I inserted my middle finger into her hole.

I wedged my finger in and out of her with speed, through her quiet moans I times my licks. I started to gently bite and pull on her labia which made her laugh as well as moan. I started circling her clitoris as I pulled my finger out and handed it to her, she grabbed it and put it into her mouth, beginning to swish her tongue all around it, sucking it off. As I circled her clitoris, the moans suddenly stopped.

After about 5 seconds of silence, she released a loud scream which could have easily cooed my whole house. A smile flashed on my face knowing what my brother had just heard. After her orgasm ended, she grabbed only my face, my ears being in-between her fingers. She pulled me up to her face where we made out and rolled around for a couple of minutes. Every now and again we would tickle or bite each other and laugh together.

We rolled around several times, we stopped when she was on top. I knew the routine now. I lifted my arms and she pulled off my t-shirt. She kissed me all around my face and neck, dubai gerl america boys sex sex stories subsiding down my body. She gently bit me all the way down my chest as she laughed. My head was back and my eyes where closed at this point, but I was sure that she had slipped a cheeky tongue into my belly button.

I laughed as this tickled me and kicked one of my legs. She laughed with me as she unzipped my jeans. I lifted my ass and assisted her to pull of my jeans. All I had left was my boxers and ankle-socks. She lowered her face to my boxers and rested her chin on my fully erect cock, just staring in my eyes.

She broke a loving smile to me and pulled down my boxers whilst looking me straight into the eye. She wrapped her petite hand around my cock and lifted it up to her chin, she lowered her tongue and tickled the tip with it, still looking into my eyes.

I grabbed a pillow from the side and placed it behind my head, newbie teen pornstar hardcore cumshot compilation dimecum tube porn was something to be watched. Where was the god damn popcorn! She slowly lowered her head onto my cock, keeping only the tip in her mouth.

Her cheeks where being sucked in my the vacuum force she was pulling my mushroom tip. She began swirling her tongue around like a crazy person, although the feeling was intense. She then lowered her whole head onto my cock, taking about 4 inches at first, going up and down with the four, I was at heavens doors. She began to start twisting and jerking off my cock with opposing movements to the sucking, it was fucking brilliant! I felt myself beginning to come, she lifted her head off my cock to reveal a whole mess of saliva and pre-cum.

I reached down and grabbed my injured hamstring which I had forgotten about. I was fine, I wouldn't come until I let this bad boy go. She lowered her head back down, instead of taking just 4 inches, she took the full 7. This was the first time she had done this and my oh my was I proud of her.

It made me want to fuck her until she fell into a coma. Bobbing up and down on my full cock, even with this painful grip on my hamstring, I was beginning to feel the sensation that came before coming. Luckily for me she stopped to take a breath. Even though I had been doing no work, my breathing rate was at workout limits. I felt like I had just ran a whole rugby pitch and dodged all tackles.

I hadn't had enough of a blowjob, but I didn't want to cum just yet. I hadn't even began to please her yet. I motioned her to come to me. She crawled up my stomach and placed a gentle kiss on my lips. She stopped and began kissing me again. I suddenly tasted the juices from my own cock, and I fucking hated it.

Another second of kissing and I would throw up. I quickly grabbed her and rolled her over so that I was on top. As much as I wanted a well deserved cow boy ride, I had many new positions to explore. She lifted her legs and placed her heels onto my shoulders. I placed my cock head at the entrance to heaven itself, and with one thrust.

I had covered the whole cave. It only took one thrust to make her toes curl shut, her moans escaped her lips as her eyes closed. I started thrusting slowly, making sure I filled her completely and came out almost all the way. After about a minute of slow paced fucking, I sped up. I started thrusting her faster and faster, until I felt her orgasm creeping up on me. The way her whole body tensed just amazed me. I pulled out to avoid myself orgasming, but I replaced my cock with my two middle fingers.

I had watched a clip way back explaining how to finger a woman and send her to hell and back. I recalled it all in my head in half a second and placed my fingers in position.

It was like a spider-man's position. The way he puts his middle fingers into his palm to shoot out his web, except my middle fingers where deep inside her.

I started pulling my palm up and down as my fingers where in her. Surely enough, within about 20 seconds of her orgasm, she came even harder than before. She let out a scream that would turn on a nun, it was that sexy. I pulled out and rolled her over onto her knees. I placed her in a doggy position on the edge of my bed as I stood up. I placed my cock at the entrance and thrusted, surprisingly it went in further than the missionary position, and felt a hell of a lot better.

After a minute or two of wild thrusting, she came again. I stopped thrusting and enjoyed the tight squeeze on my cock. It didn't make me cum, I just enjoyed it. I was in the position that I knew if I pulled out, the friction would make me ejaculate. I stayed in there for about ten seconds before I started thrusting again. I stopped about twenty seconds later and moved her forward. I got up on the bed, my legs either side of her as I started dropping myself to thrust her (This position is awfully hard to explain, but i'm sure you understand.) I was about to come, with a grab of my hamstring and a pull.

I was out. I didn't want to leave her hanging so I got down and stuck my tongue in her gaping pussy. My tongue replaced my cock well, and from three previous orgasms, she tasted fantastic.

I licked her out as well as fingering her until she came again. As she screamed, I continued to finger fuck her which only led to louder and higher pitched screams.

Eventually the orgasm subsided. I pulled my fingers out and listened to her moan and catch her breath. As she calmed down, I remembered her giving me a sneaky lick on my ass so I returned the favour. I didn't approve on ass licking, but fingering I was fine with. I gently placed my pinkie at her hole and entered a finger nails length in there. She jumped a little from the sudden shock but ended up laughing and moaning in the end.

I noticed that she enjoyed it so I added a bit more length. Without any signs of pain, I pulled out my pinkie and entered my index. It was gone in all the way in until she burst out laughing. "What is it?" I said, laughing at her. "It feels like i'm taking a backwards shit!" she said, bursting out laughing as she did. "Does it feel good?" I asked. "Does it feel good when a big shit leaves your ass?" "It relieves me" I said.

"Well I think you should relieve me." she said, looking back and licking her lips. She turned around and laid down on her back. She opened her mouth and I placed my cock inside as her head was leaning onto nothing, on the edge of the bed. It was the perfect position for a deep throat and I took it. I slowly thrusted in and out of her just a few inches so that she could get used to it.

I hadn't face fucker her yet but it was surprisingly nice. Within a minute I was fully fucking her throat. I had had enough of it so I pulled out. (Yes, two 'had's") She knew what the plan was, my cock was now loooobed up with saliva, she placed her ass onto my stomach, teasing me. I pulled back and placed my tip against her ass hole. I reached forward and placed my hand on her back.

"Are you ready, babe?" I said, waiting for approval. "10-4" she replied. Even though her police terminology as incorrect, I knew what she meant. I slowly entered my cocked into her. She let out a moan when my bellend had passed her whole, I presumed this would be the hardest part. I then continued to slowly enter my cock into her. She let out a scream and dropped her head into the bed. She pulled up and screamed loudly. "Stop!!" she screamed at me. I suddenly stopped, I was so worried, I didn't know how to pull out without hurting her.

She was looking back at me when I looked up fry my cock, a smile on her face when she broke out laughing. You little joker! I entered the rest of my cock into her ass with teen masturbation garden xxx seducing my stepfather, I really wondered what it felt like, but I NEVER wanted to give him sleeping pills to girl cosplayers part out.

I was surprised by the tightness of her ass. It was overcoming and I knew I would come soon. I stopped and leaned into her I wrapped my hands around her and pulled her up so she was standing in front of me.

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I pulled my cock out and turned her around. She placed her warm hands on my cheeks as I lowered my head to her, our lips interlocked and we kissed for a few minutes. I picked her up as we where making out, she wrapped her legs around me as as she did so, my cock entered her pussy. She took a moment to break the kiss to moan and catch her breath, but returned to her passionate kissing. I used the strength I had been building over the last few years to up her ass and lift her every second, entering her with every lift.

After about a minute of this I started to loose the strength, the resistance had crept up on me and I just didn't have the power for more. I walked to my desk and placed her on it. She sat back and wrapped her legs around me as we continued to kiss. She ran her hand over my head, my hair creeping up between her fingers.

I started to thrust in and out of her again, she was reaching her climax and teen carolina sweets gets her pussy ruined by gardener strength was running out.

I decided to let myself go and let us come with each other. After a few minutes of romantic kissing and lustful fucking, we both paused together, looked into each others eyes monetarily.

"I love hawt legal age teenager beauteous babe deepthroats hardcore blowjob we both said, synchronised. She let her head drop back as I made a final thrust.

The moans turned into screams, and with a few more thrusts she squeezed around me, her whole my tensed on me. As she did, the pressure got to me and I came inside her.

The pleasure was overwhelming, swell as painful. I had come about 10 times over the last day and a half, my balls where aching! As my cock erupted spurt after spurt of boiling white cum into her, the sensations got to her and she released a lust filled scream at the top of her lungs. We both paused and hugged each other. I picked her back up as she wrapped her legs around me, I walked over to the bed and placed her down as we continued to kiss and make out.

As we laid down, my semi erect cock fell out of her, followed by a mixture of both our juices. She placed her head on my chest as I wrapped my arm around her. I pulled the duvet up over our legs. As I thought about the fun I had over the last day, my eyes shut and blackness fell into me…