Amateur couple having oral sex at home

Amateur couple having oral sex at home
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This story, like Shannon III part A, is a more romantic tale than the other Shannon stories, however it has some hot scenes in it and some humor as well.

Shannon III the wedding part B Previously on Shannon. Shannon and I were married two week to the day from the bachelor party that I had first met Abhishek x sex story hot she. The wedding was a fiasco that resembled the bachelor party in almost every way except Shannon is now married to me and Woof a huge pure bred mastiff. Whatever her reasons are Shannon seems to despise me and has refused to live in my house with me.

She left the house full of fury and Dave had to collect her and forcibly returned her to "our" home. Dave drew up a set of rules that defined what was required of Shannon while inside our house. Once Shannon said that she understood the rules, she inadvertently broke one of them and Dave sought to discipline her. Dave sent me for a belt and I watched as he commanded… "Grab your ankles and spread your legs slut." "Whoa Dave, what are you going to do." I asked concerned.

"Shut the fuck up dick head and stay out of this. I am using aversion therapy to teach this cunt to obey the rules." Wa… What rule did she break?" "Not that it is any of your fucking concern, but when she said that she understood the rules and had no questions, she had five minutes to get out of her clothes.

I gave her eight he grabs her by her sexy thongs I told her to strip. Shannon was now naked, her ass was in the air and her legs were a little over three feet apart. Dave placed the buckle of the belt in his right palm and wrapped the belt around his hand until about eighteen inches remained hanging down.

Then he stood ninety degrees to Shannon and swung hard, right across her ass, leaving a bright red stripe across her butt and she yelped. Again the leather whistled through the air and bit into her tender flesh.

Again and again he swung and each time a little yelp escaped her lips. After about fifteen licks Dave stood behind Shannon and like a fast pitch softball pitcher swung the belt around and up between her legs, the leather popped against her pussy and she screamed.

Four more times he swung brutally up into her cunt.

Twice he must have connected with her clit because her knees buckled and her scream contained a groaning sound as well. Woof watched the alpha male beat the bitch with an attitude of detached curiosity. "Now crawl over there, suck your four legged husband hard and fuck him till he is tired of you. Don't make me come back here and discipline you again." Then he threw the belt at me and stormed out the door.

My wife wiped the tears from her eyes and got down on her knees, silently crawled over to Woof and rolled him onto his back. She scratched his belly, cooed at him and rubbed his fury sheath until about three inched of his pointed pink prick was exposed.

She then bent down and sucked his dick into her mouth and it began to rapidly expand into an angry red cock. His left hind leg began involuntary jerking rapidly like a dogs leg does when you scratch their rump vigorously.

As soon as she felt he was sufficiently stimulated, she turned away from him and wagged her rump at him. Woof popped gorgeous hottie pops out enormous bum and gets anal plowed on four legs and sniffed her ass and pussy.

Then the dog committed his tongue to drilling that cunt for a gusher of girl cum. Shannon groaned and squirmed under the onslaught of that long flexible appendage and came, spurting her juices and rewarding the mastiff for his efforts.

It wasn't necessary for Woof to jump up onto Shannon to mate with her. He was so large that he simply walked over her until his cock bumped into her ass. Shannon would reach between her legs and guide that massive cock into her body. Once connected he drove that poor woman across the room in hundreds of rapid jabs. I was amazed that her knees did not get rug burned. I spent the rest of the day with a hard dick but I would be dammed if I would let her see me suffer.

Shannon spent most of the rest of the day on her knees getting pounded by Woof. He would fuck her splashing cumshot on hot zeppelins pornstar hardcore wander off for a little while then mount her again and again.

It wasn't like she didn't enjoy it because she obliviously did. She got at least three nuts each time he fucked her. I discovered that when he wanted a blow job he just rolled over on his back and spread his legs and she would immediately go down on him and drink as much of his nut juice as he could give her. She seemed to really love sucking that cock. Around noon she got up and fixed three sandwiches ate one and put the other two on the table.

She had not spoken a word from the time Dave left and until now and then all she said was "Your lunch is on the table if you want it." Then she got back down on her knees and wagged her butt at Woof. He took the bait and plugged her asshole with that huge cock of his and she whined with pleasure. It got to the point that she had to keep a roll of paper towels beside her to keep from messing up the carpet.

Toward the end of the day she got back up and explored the house. I assumed that she was familiarizing herself as to where everything was. After awhile she came to me and said. "We need dog food, groceries and cleaning supplies." I had forgotten about the solder japan rape woman famely food and I knew I needed to get some. As for the other stuff I deferred to her expertise.

She had a piece of paper in her hand and again I assumed (correctly for the second time) that it was a shopping list. She looked at me expectantly and it dawned on me that I was to take her to the store and pay for the things that she needed. "We need to bring Woof with us." She said with her hands on her naked hips.

"He can't go into the grocery store with us." I told her. "It's cool out and he can stay in the van while we shop for groceries, but he can go into the pet store with us. I stood and called Woof to me. She went to get the little white pleated tennis skirt and the thin white blouse that had buttons on the front and began putting them on. She had no panties and she buttoned no buttons on the blouse, instead she tied the tails under her tits and walked out the front door.

I closed it behind her and locked it. Then I made sure Woof was behind me and walked through the house to the garage and loaded Woof into the back of the van. Then I pressed the automatic door opener and walked over and picked up a short length of rope as the overhead door rattled open. She walked into the garage and got into the van's passenger seat. "Dave usually has me ride in the back and Woof rides in the front." She informed me. All I said was, what I would discover was what I was to repeat time after time.

"I'm not Dave." I started the van and turned to back out of the garage and noticed that her skirt was not covering her pussy and Woof's sperm was rich babe jade jantzen enjoys her hung bodyguards out of it.

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"We need to go to Pet Depot to get Woof's food." I drove to the pet store, opened the side door of the van and tied the rope thorough the metal loop on the dog's coller.

Shannon took the rope from me and Woof pulled her behind him to the pet store. Shannon would have to have a bunch of rocks in her pockets (If she had pockets) to make her weigh as much as a hundred and fifteen pounds. Woof however, weighed over two hundred pounds. All she was doing was holding up the other end of the rope.

The wind constantly blew her skirt up and she did nothing to restrain it. Once inside the store it was apparent to me that she and Woof had been there before. The store was pretty big but I could see no other shoppers. The male manager came from behind the counter and greeted Woof, then grabbed Shannon, kissed her and stuck his hand under her dress and scooped some cum from her pussy. "I see you just fucked our big boy here." He said smiling and fed her the dog cum on his fingers.

Shannon smiled back and groped his crotch. "Sure did Joe, he's been pumping his cum in me all day. There must be six or eight loads in there." The manager called a female assistant over to him and he told what kind of dog food to get and bring to the counter. He also told her that he was taking Shannon into the back room and not to disturb them. Shannon looked over at me I guess to see if I was going to interfere. She had a kind of half smile on her face as she handed me the rope in her hand, then he led her through the swinging double doors at the rear of the store.

I went around and selected a leash and a choker chain. I got the largest one I could find and I wasn't sure if it would fit so I tried it on my husband-in-law. It barely fit. The female assistant came over to me and told me that Dave would not like that choker chain on Woof and would probably make me remove it.

I considered buying it anyway but Woof had not been a problem so far and perhaps I would never need it. So I put it back. "You have never come in with her before." The woman said. It was more of a question without really being one. "No, this is the first time." I told her. I could tell that she wanted more information from me but I wasn't going to volunteer any.

She fiddled with the leash display and glanced at me a couple of times. "Ok." She said, "Who are you?" I looked at her and smiled, "I'm her husband." Her jaw dropped and seemly could find nothing else to say.

Then something struck her. "You know he's fucking her right now." "I figured as much." I responded. "Why haven't I seen you before now?" "We have only been married for about fifty five hours." She turned, shook her head and as she was walking away said, "Jesus Fucking Christ." A lady came in the store with a white miniature poodle and Woof decided he wanted to visit. He nearly took me off of my feet before I let go of the rope.

The woman stopped dead when she saw the monster mastiff headed for her. He sniffed the poodle at her feet then he stuck his nose under her skirt and I could tell when he made contact with her pussy because she gasped and stood on her tippy-toes.

I finally reached Woof's rope and hauled him from under her skirt. When the dogs head came out, her skirt was gorgeous slut ashly bounces on a hard dick in a wild pussy fuck around her waist and her panties were exposed. You could tell that Woof had got in a few good sloppy licks because the material was plastered to her labia lips.

She snatched her gray skirt back down and I apologized to her profusely. She huffed something about having proper control of such a nasty beast and dragged the poodle from the store, vowing never again to return. The assistant khloe capri horny step sister and said, "That's why I don't wear a dress in this store. That and the horny manager that works here." At that very moment the horny manager returned to the show room a little less horny and my wife followed in his wake.

She stopped by my side and took Woof's rope. Woof stuck his nose into Shannon's cunt and began lapping the sperm from it. She stepped out with one foot to give him better access.

The female assistant walked away and spoke quietly to herself, but we all heard her say. "What a slut." Shannon smiled at the comment. The big mastiff was still lapping away when two women walked into the store.

The older woman didn't seem to notice or had decided not to notice the dog licking the ladies pussy over by the cash brunette babe sydney sucks and rides masochists hard cock. However the younger woman zeroed in on the ladies bare ass and the big red tongue sliding through her slit and almost tripped over a dog food display.

Woof was now energetically digging in Shannon's cunt for the manager's sperm deposit and Shannon stepped out further. I stepped up to the register, took out my wallet and handed the manager my credit card.

As he rang up my purchases, I asked. "Do I get a fucking my wife discount?" He looked me directly in my eyes and said. "Sorry sir, sluts are not discount worthy at this establishment, but I do have a gift for your dog." He reached behind the counter and pulled out a large rubber bone. Then he walked over beside Shannon and pushed Woof's head from her pussy and shoved the rubber bone into her cunt.

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I thought the young lady who had been staring at Shannon was going to faint. I took back my card and signed the slip. They had put the large bag of dog food and my other purchases in a shopping cart. I pushed the cart out of the store and Shannon followed with half a rubber bone dangling between her legs. We loaded Woof and Shannon got into the passenger seat with the bone sticking from her cunt. I glanced down at the obscene object but kept my poker face on. I was wondering if she planned on going into the grocery store like that.

If she did I wasn't going to say a thing and act as if every woman on the planet went shopping with a rubber dog bone hanging from her cunt. When we got to the grocery store Shannon got out, opened the back of the van and extracted the rubber phallus from her pussy and tossed it to Woof. Then she admonished him to be good, did a twirl right there in the parking lot showing off anal loving amateur gf fucked pov style bare cunt and ass.

She was having a good time tormenting me, but I refused to let her antics disturb me. I pushed the cart and she loaded it and she took every opportunity to flash her ass and pussy to everyone. Not just men but the women too. The only time she resisted showing skin was when a kid might be able to see her.

Otherwise all adults were fair game. At one point she picked up a large cucumber in front of an old couple and turned to me and said. "This is a nice one honey." Then she proceeded to slide deep inside of her, pumping it several times. She then commented. "No, I don't like that one." and placed it back on the pile of cucumbers. The old lady was apoplectic, but the old man picked up the vegetable and put it in their cart when his wife wasn't looking.

Almost everything that she picked up that would fit went into her cunt for a test drive. After a while several men were trailing us just for the show. Fortunately we got out of there before we were arrested and made the quiet ride home. At home she fed Woof, offered him some pussy, which he promptly took. I put away the perishables and frozen items at her instruction while the dog knocked off a piece of ass.

Then she put the rest of the groceries away with a paper towel stuffed in her twat to keep the dog's sperm off the kitchen floor. Shannon showered and sat next to me as I watched TV. I looked at her in all her glorious nudity and I got hard again. She noticed and a smile played across her lips but she said nothing.

"Is there something that you would like to watch?" I asked her. "No." she responded. "I don't watch much TV." We sat in silence except for the noise of the TV. Now she was watching me with her arm on lesbian dry hump black guygy style dailymotion back of the couch and her chin resting in her palm.

I glanced at her several times, but she said nothing. After about thirty minutes of this she gets up and stretches right in front of me.

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"I'm going to bed." She announced. "Ok." I said. "Good night." She said, as she bent over to re-stack the magazines on the coffee table, placing her ass in my face. "Goodnight." I said. "Are you coming to bed?" she asked, facing me again so close I could pay attention to this pretty ebony girl leaned forward and licked her pussy. "In a little while." I said.

Then she left me to my throbbing dick and aching balls. When the show I was watching ended I got up and took a shower. I put on a pair of underwear some gym shorts over that and a huge "T" shirt that came below my shorts and got into bed beside her. She watched me when I came into the room and as I slid under the sheets. I turned out the lights and said. "Goodnight," and turned my back to her. "Goodnight." There was a pause.

"Why did you marry me?" "I can't tell you." "Why not." She asked. "No, you misunderstand. I can't because; I don't know why I married you. It's just that something inside of me wanted to be in your life or you to be in mine. I am still confused. Anyway, Dave gave me only one option for that to happen and I took it." "I bet you wish you hadn't done it now, huh?" "No, absolutely not. I mean I am still trying to figure out what being married to you means, but I don't regret a second of it." I rolled onto my back and looked over at her.

She was staring at the ceiling. I asked her. "Why do you hate me so much?" She looked into my eyes. "Because you destroyed my life." "How did I do that?" "By marring me. All my life I have been a possession, But when I was a little girl I had a dream that one day someone would rescue me and love me and I would belong with someone rather than too someone.

I knew that it would never happen so I had reconciled and accepted that I would be a possession and that is all I would ever be. I had everything figured out. I had boiled everything down to a simple formula. I could live my life being owned or take my life and be free.

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Simple huh. So far I have cuban chick sells her tv sells her pussy at the pawnshop that being owned is good enough for me until it isn't any more. "How did my marring you screw that up?" "Our marriage fed the dream, I had everything worked out and some anal for asian sharon lee bootylicious twerking life, while not very pleasant was acceptable.

I was ok with being a cunt. My problem is that I need to be used, otherwise I have no value. I could live with not being loved as long as I was needed, even if to be needed meant being a whore and a slut then here I am.

Then the marriage made the dream a possibility and if it was possible then it could someday be a reality and that fucked everything up. Now nothing is simple anymore.

Hope has reared its ugly head. The real pisser is that I understand in my head that the dream is only a fantasy because I can't be loved, because no one will love a whore and a slut.

But my heart wants to hang onto the dream. I hate you because you can't possibly love me and you will eventually leave me." We lay there in silence. Many minutes passed before I finally spoke. "Yeah, I can see that your life was really great before I came along and fucked it up." She laughed and slapped me on the arm and we fell silent again although now we were looking at each other. "How come you haven't tried to fuck me?" she asked.

"Because I don't want to fuck you." "Bullshit. You want my body. Your dick has been hard all day. It's probably rock hard right now." "True, on all three counts" I said. "I want your body more that you can even know, but I maintain that I do not want to fuck you. I want to make gentle, caring, sweet love to you." "So if you want me so bad why haven't you done anything to have me?" "I do want you, but I want you to want me more than I want to satisfy my desire for you and I am willing to wait until you desire me.

I guess the best way to put it is that I want you to believe and trust that the dream is really possible. I am not saying that overnight you change into someone you have never been.

What I am saying is that you trust that someday, whenever that day may be, that the dream will come true." Tears were running from both of our eyes. "I want you now." She whispered. "I want to believe." Whoa, beautiful. I'm not sure you we are ready. First I can't tell you that I love you, although whatever is going on in my head has to be dam close. Second, I can't tell you that I will never leave, I don't know if I will ever be able to say that.

She looked deep into my eyes and asked. "Do you believe that the dream will come true?" "Absolutely." I responded. "Then we're ready. Get those clothes off."