Holed tight asshole fucked with popular brunette lana rhoades

Holed tight asshole fucked with popular brunette lana rhoades
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After a few minutes, Gary got his breathing controlled, he looked at me, and asked if I wished to go indoors. I replied "Sure." And headed toward the steps to get out of the pool. As I got to the steps, Gary had already reached them, I looked up at his firm, but not hard cock, and balls. Interesting perspective. I realized that I could still taste his cum in my mouth.

It was very agreeable. When he shot into my mouth, it was so fast and such a large volume, that I hadn't really caught the flavor. I liked it. Climbing up the steps, I became aware that we were both naked. Essentially exposed to the world. I looked toward the patio where we came in, there was no door or gate, and anyone could have seen us.

He smiled, "Don't worry, the neighbors can't see us, and my wife is not due home until 5 o'clock." We entered through the French doors, from the patio into the wicked czech nympho gapes her pink twat to the bizarre room area. Everything was neat, clean, and well appointed. Apparently, whatever line of work Gary was in, it paid pretty well. "Bedroom's this way." He said, pointing to the left.

Barefoot and naked, I headed toward our next adventure together in man-man play. "Oops! Wait a moment, I almost forgot." He turned and walked out of the room, as I continued toward the bedroom. I entered what I figured was a guest bedroom, queen sized bed, again, nicely appointed clean room, but lacking of any personal items. I sensed Gary entering the room behind me, and turned to him. He held out an envelope to me. "Here." He said, "My HIV and STD tests for you to look at." I took them, and pulled several printed sheets out of the envelope, dated a few days previously, with both Gary's and the Doctor's name and address at the top.

Scanning the pages, I noted everything showed negative. The third page was HIV, showing that as negative, also. I thanked Gary and handed the papers back to him. Putting the envelope on the night stand, he bent over, and pulled down the covers.

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"Make yourself comfortable" he said with a smile. I slid into bed on my back, Gary followed, running his hand down my chest, to my stomach, and then lightly touched my cock. He leaned over, and softly said, "You've taken good care of me, my turn to repay the favor." He leaned down and sucked on my nipple, then began kissing his way down my body.

It was very nice, I have to admit. By time he reached my cock, he was holding it up with two fingers, then I felt his warm wet lips on me. I'd had countless blow jobs from women, but this was my first guy. Gary did NOT fail to impress. Using his lips and tongue, he stroked my cock, first the head, then the shaft. Still not hard, he took me to the base of my cock, I could feel the suction of his mouth as he pulled off slowly.

Very nice. He repeated this a few times, by this time I was fully erect. I was caressing his ass cheeks while he blew me, running my fingers gently up and down his crease.

Movement of his hips seemed to indicate he had no objection to my touches. After a few enjoyable minutes, I asked him "Roll over, so I can taste your cock too." We shifted on the bed into a somewhat side by side position, and I took him into my mouth, feeling him do the same to me. As he continued to suck on me, I kept getting close to cumming, but couldn't quite do it. Not due to anything Gary was doing wrong, but I guess I was focusing on his cock maybe, and not my own pleasure.

"Hold on Gary." I said, moving away from him. I rolled onto my back, and moved to the edge of the bed, my head hanging off the side. "Move over and try pinkraja fucks independce day fuck in hotel fuck my throat, please." I moved closer to the edge, and hung my head over a bit further.

Gary got off the bed, and straddled my head, his magnificent hard cock pointing out in front of him. "Lean over a bit so I can get you in my mouth, and try to line it up so you go into my throat." He approached.

The tip of his cock brushed my lips. Licking my lips, I slowly opened my mouth as he pressed his cock further into my mouth. Running my tongue around the head of his cock as it travelled further into my mouth, I felt his balls drape across my forehead, then settle on my eyes as I sucked on him.

He still wasn't fully into my throat like I wanted. Reaching up with my hands, I held his hips, to move him back slightly to get a better angle. Misunderstanding my intentions, he pulled back.

"No, no, don't stop, just let me reposition my head a bit." He stopped, I moved a bit further down, and pulled his hips towards my mouth. Opening my mouth once again, I slowly pulled him in deeper. Deeper. Deeper. My lips touched the base of his cock.

The tip of his cock was in my throat. His balls covered my eyes, and blocked my nasal passages. I was happy like this. I gently began moving his hips in and out. He caught on quickly. He continued to thrust, I continued to lick and suck. Taking in air between thrusts through my nose, we continued for hot euro party with pornstars getting pussy fucked while, until I felt Gary leaning over me, our bellies coming together.

I felt him take my cock in his mouth.

Kind of a sixty nine, but more of him fucking my mouth and throat as opposed to me just giving him head. For his part, he was suckling on my cock. I loved it. His weight on me, as he fucked my throat, didn't bother me.

I actually reached up, and held him against me, newbie kimberly gets her pussy pounded hardcore style brunette and cumshot lightly caressed and stroked his back while he nursed on my cock.

It seemed we did this for 5 or 10 minutes, time flies when you're having fun, Gary lifted up off me, pulling his cock out of my throat. As he withdrew, I wrapped my lips around the head of his cock, and sucked hard, as if to hold him in my mouth by suction alone.

"OHhhhhhh." Came from his mouth as he stopped, letting me suck the head. "Feels nice", it almost came out as a whisper. I tasted a salty drop of cum as I sucked, but then he withdrew. Standing up, he reached down and grabbing my shoulders, lifted and spun me around so I was on my back. "Sorry, I enjoyed that, but I couldn't quite get off" he said. I pulled back, rolled over on my stomach, pushing myself up on my hands and knees. Looking over my shoulder at him, I wiggled my ass. "Want to try my asshole?" I asked.

"100% virgin, waiting for your cock." Well. Not quite true, I HAD been playing with dildos and vibrators to loosen my ass up. He looked uncertain. "Come on, Xxx sex com storys karishma kapoor told you I wanted to get my ass cherry popped. Now's the time." I felt so wanton. Whorish. But my ass hole tingled, I could feel my cock thickening.

So horny to feel a real cock in me. Wondering if I could take the pain, then thinking, shit, I had fucked a half dozen women with my cock, which was thicker than Gary's. It hurt them all, but they all did it multiple times with me, one making it her preferred method of fucking. I had to at least take it in my ass to try it. Looking him in the eyes, "Please?" "I don't know" he said, I've never done this before, I don't want to hurt you." "It'll be just like fucking a girl in her ass.

You've done that before, haven't you?" "No, I haven't" he replied. "You'll love it. Nice and tight. Besides, I have fucked myself with vibrators and stuff, I can take it." I think. I hope. Looking at his cock, I saw it was standing up and rigid. Well, his cock was willing to try my ass. "You got any lube? I am clean inside, I cleaned out before I came over, just in case&hellip." "Alright, hold on, I'll be right back" He left the room, I could hear drawers or cabinets opening and closing.

After a few minutes, he returned, a tube of K-Y in his hand. "This should work, I hope" I was hard, in anticipation. Feeling a bit playful, and sexy, I wiggled my ass at him. "Come on, put some in my asshole, and on my ass, lube your cock, and get in me." Putting my head down on the bed, I reached behind me, and parted my cheeks, letting him see my asshole.

He squeezed some K-Y on his finger, and reached over to put it in my asshole. Mmmmmm. It felt nice. "Put some around it too". I held my ass open as he coated his cock with the lube. He pulled my hips back toward him. My knees were on the edge of the bed. "Hold on" he said, grabbing my hips, he turned me over so I was on my back, "Let's try it this way first." He said.

I pulled my legs back to my chest, and reached down to spread my cheeks for him to get a clear shot at my ass hole. I realized I was holding my breath. He reached out, grabbed my legs, picking my ass up off the bed, and held them vertically, bringing my bottom against him. Seeing he was trying to enter me like this, I reached out, took hold of his slippery cock, and placed the tip against my lubed hole.

"Push" I said. Holding my legs up against himself, Gary pushed. I felt pressure, and realized I was clenching my asshole in anticipation. I breathed out, and relaxed my ass. His cock shot halfway in at the sudden relaxing of my hole. He looked at me "You Okay?". He looked concerned. "Yes, no problem, keep going." I felt no pain at all, just a bit of pressure. Not long after, I felt Gary's bush tickling my smooth bottom.

He was all the way in. Gary looked me in the eyes, I looked back, and nodded my head up and down, he began to withdraw that beautiful cock. I was thinking, this seemed pretty nice.

No pain, felt okay, we can do this. Gary continued thrusting in and out of my ass, picking up a little speed, but staying at a constant pace. I was still feeling no discomfort, which I guess surprised me. Apparently, those sessions of fucking myself had paid off. After maybe 5 or 10 minutes of fucking my ass, Gary seemed to be tiring of holding me up off the bed.

"Gary, put me down." He lowered me, pulling out of my ass as he did. I rolled over, and again, wiggling my ass at him, said "Try it doggie style. Fuck my ass like this." Ass titans cd savannah stern madelyn marie moved back toward him, lowering my bottom so he could line his hard cock up with my hole.

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My knees on the edge of the bed, Gary walked in between my legs. Holding his cock in one hand, my hip in the other, I felt the head start into my loose hole. It slid in an inch or so. It felt nice, but I was a bit impatient, I rocked back, causing his cock to penetrate me completely. As it slid in, the most fantastic feeling hit me as the head of his cock rubbed my prostate. Oh. My. God.

Best ever. I put my head down, and looked back between my legs. My hard cock pointed straight down, a long, thick, string of cum dripping from the end of my cock toward the bed.

Gary's balls hung down, rubbing against my balls as we mated. I began rocking back and forth, fucking Gary. He held onto my hips, I was caressing his cock with my asshole.

I was in ecstasy. I went busty blonde fucks and sucks outoors exhibitionist and hardcore. This was good.

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This is why guys fuck guys. IT FELT GREAT. Looking at my cock, I watched it swing. Cum dripping from the tip. Suddenly, I felt my impending orgasm.

Looking at my hands, I saw I was clenching the bedding, just like the women I fucked doggy style. I was going as fast as I could, trying to get off. Gary was moaning, I was moaning. I started to cum. Hard. Without even touching my cock. As I watched cum spurt, my ass involuntarily clenched Gary's cock as I rode him. "OH MY FUCKING GOD!!" Gary fairly shouted.

He grabbed my hips so hard it hurt. He hot teen and sexy mom pleasuring pussies in the bedroom oldvsyoung fingering pounding my ass.

FWAP!.FWAP!.FWAP!.FWAP! His abdomen slapped my ass. It didn't hurt at all, but was it loud. My cock was shooting more cum than I ever remember.

"CUMMING!" he moaned. I felt warmth in my ass as he filled my ass with his cum. He kept pumping. I could hear my ass squishing as he filled me with his cum. I looked at the bedding below me, a large wet spot, with clumps of my cum, too thick to soak in.

Gary leaned forward on my back, I slowly lowered us to the bed, me on my stomach, Gary laying on top of me, his cock buried deep in my ass. We laid there for a few minutes, until Gary tried to lift himself up off me.

As his cock slid out, it felt real nice. Apparently, it felt good to him also. Next thing I know, he is gently fucking my ass again. After a few strokes, I tried to squeeze his cock with my ass, with the unintended consequence of pushing him out of my ass. He rolled off me, and onto his back, his still firm, but softening cock, starting to lay back onto his stomach. I got up and moved down, and taking a hold of him at the base of his cock, I swallowed him into my mouth.

He let out a gasp "That was just in your ass." "It's okay," I replied "I cleaned myself out before I came over.

I want to see if I can get a few more drops of that salty goodness out of you." I took him back into my mouth, running my tongue around the head of his cock.

"Mmmmmmmmm" I got up on my knees, licking my lips to get all his cum off my lips.

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I felt a tickling on my balls. Reaching down to scratch, I felt wetness on my balls. I extended a finger, touched my gaping open hole. Holding up my wet hand, "Oh look, I'm leaking."