Sexy film sxxxexy ebony picture

Sexy film sxxxexy ebony picture
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I was young, in school and looking for my first sexual experience. I had read everything I could get my hands on including a lot of my Dad's magazines which dealt with the subject.

I hid them under my mattress and occasionally swapped them out for another issue when I got the chance. I also learned how to masturbate, which was a big milestone for me. I was in my teens and I could cum a gusher and often. I had to be careful laying in my bed and jacking off, as sometimes the cum would spurt out of my 6" cock like a rocket and spurt at least 3 feet in the air.

But a lot of good cum was going to waste drying on the sheets. Not to mention I was afraid my Mother would recognize the stains and who knows what might happen? I was still in school and had just gotten a drivers license, so I was beginning to sampling a tough love penis gloryhole hardcore a little.

Jewell was my same age, but more experienced. She had a boyfriend in the neighboring town who she saw on weekends. On one weekend, however, he had to be out of town. Jewell had always acted as though she liked me but couldn't understand my standoffish attitude toward her.

It was simple: I was pursuing the allusive babydoll. The knockout, the most beautiful girls in school. I had been wasting my time and a lot more. Jewell was an average looking girl, average face, body, average height, average weight.

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She was nobody's fantasy woman. She often hugged my waist when we'd meet at school, and would make suggestive comments and even asked some of our other friends why I didn't seem to like her.

They probably told her that I was weird. I might have been weird, but I was also horny, and I was getting tired of wasting my time on fantasy women. I was horny guy cums on a pretty babe to get 'REAL'. Jewell mentioned that she had a free weekend and suggested that we go to the drive-in movie, so that we could sit in the car and drink a beer or two while we watched the movie.

I liked that idea as I had just taken up beer drinking. We arrived at the drive-in right at dusk naughty america hot sex xxx before the previews started. I have no idea what movie we went to see. We ate popcorn and drank a couple beers, not enough to get intoxicated though. It got cool and Jewell asked if she could move over closer to keep warm and then asked if she could wear my leather jacket.

Once she had my jacket on, I started getting more turned on by this girl I had known for quite a while. I had kissed a lot, but that was about all.

Even my groping had been discouraged by most of the girls I had been close to. Jewell was into most anything. I was suprised by how far she would let me go. French kissing got no complaint, she kept coming back for more. I let my hand wander over her shirt and fondled her breasts.

She just french-kissed harder and probed deeper with her tongue. Her kisses were wet and slippery and intoxicating. Kissing was about all I had done, so I had a little experience to judge her. She was the best kisser I had experienced with soft sweet lips that thoroughly turned me on. My hand found its way into her lap and down between her thighs. I rubbed her crotch, afraid to reach for her belt, so she did it for me.

She reached down, unbuckled her belt, and unsnapped her jeans, giving me access to her crotch. I felt the smooth, sexy panties, she had on, that became damp to the touch after a little carressing. I couldn't believe we had waited so glamorous anal games with hot nurses tube porn for this.

She was turned on as well. I didn't consider it at the time, but I would bet anything, she knew instinctively that I had never gone all the way, as we used to say.

Somebody had gotten her virginity once, but I'll bet she had never gotten a cherry before. It turned her on big time. I had a large back seat, but I wasn't into backseat sex and there was no reasonable chance that we would not be caught in the act. Over a period of time the discussion became more serious and we both realised what we wanted to do.

I was the one who suggested something. "Jewell, Honey, I can't take much more of this; we're going to have to go somewhere." "Where would you suggest?", she asked. "I know a motel down the road that's nice and clean. We had a cast party there last year after the school play. I've videoz skilled lover earns money blowjob and amateur wanted to take a girl there; I'd like for it to be you." Jewell replied frankly, "I'm ready if you are, and the movie isn't any good anyway." I don't suppose we even knew what the movie was about.

It was only a couple of miles to the motel, and I agonized along the way about how to handle the check-in. Should I claim that we were man and wife, or just list my name on the check-in. I decided I would figure it out as I went along. We turned into the Terrace Motel, a small independent motel without 12 or 14 rooms at the most. I checked in with a cash depost.

I almost used my credit card, but I realised that I didn't want a bill coming to the house. Once inside the room, Jewell tried to be gentle and didn't want to scare me off by coming on too strong. "What made you want to do this all the sudden? You've always acted teen anal rough sex bondage and thick orgy some of these pigs just dont get it though you didn't like me much.

I've tried to be friendly all along." She was still wearing my leather jacket draped over her shoulders, which she removed and hung over the back of a chair. "I can't believe I'm doing this to Steve, I really love him, but I think I deserve one fling before we get married this summer. And I really want to do this with you even if it's only this once. I guess you do know that I'll marry Steve eventually, so we're just going to have some fun. I just want you to know that." I told her I appreciated her honesty and the truth was I wasn't interested in a heavy relationship, just some sex.

I had my hands on her hips now and was working her shirt out of her pants so that I could get my hands on the naked flesh of her back. Jewell moved even closer, pressing her 36C breasts against my chest, and started unbuttoning my shirt.

When my shirt was off, she seemed to like what she saw. I was in good shape that year after spending a summer working on a farm, and I had a good muscle tone.

Maybe even better than Steve, who was a little chubby. "You should show off your chest more often, it looks good," Jewell explained. "Yeah, and yours is pretty good too" I said as her shirt came off too. Only her bra was covering her tits now and she saved me the trouble of fumbling with the catch by removing her bra herself.

She knew I would have been forever getting it off. A nice set of tits flopped out of her bra, just big enough to sag just a little, with large nipples which I started fondling immediately.

I pushed Jewell closer to the bed and together we toppled over onto the big double bed. I knew that we had done the right thing by not attempting sex in the car. This felt fantastic and we hadn't even done anything yet. We were enthusiastic and aggressive first-time lovers and rolled around on the bed, each getting a turn to be on top.

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I soon had Jewell's jeans off and laying on the floor, then my hand went, this time, inside her panties and stroked cunt hair for the first time. It was soft and fluffy and a real turn-on. My middle finger instinctively knew what it was for and was soon slipping up between the silky lips of her pussy, feeling the warm slippery juice of her young cunt.

I needed more room to work as I went along, so soon cum on karina kapoor xxx photoes in silk panties followed her jeans to the floor, I almost hated to see them go, they felt so good.

Jewell knew I liked french kissing now, and she was going at it for all she was worth. Her tongue was darting all through my mouth as though it was searching for something. I knew from my extensive reading that what I wanted was in between her slightly plump thighs and under that hairy snatch. I kicked off my pants to give Jewell the same level of access to my private parts that I had to hers.

I wanted to be fair. She pulled my briefs off easily and tossed them into the ever-growing pile of clothing discarded on the floor. She smiled as she looked down at my rock hard pecker. I needed no additional stimulation; at this young age, the sight of a woman would give me a hardon from Hell. Jewell seemed to be amused by the hardness of my cock, considering the only stimulation she had given me was some french kissing. It was more than enough.

Jewell had a lot of material to work with, her 36C tits, a soft hairy snatch, a probing tongue, plump thighs that were not too plump to be inviting. We kissed a long time, before Jewell said anything. "Jim, I love kissing you, but we need to move along, we don't have all night you know. There are other things that need kissing too. " She rolled over onto her back and started parting her cunt lips with her fingers.

"Look here," she said.

"Try kissing these lips, you can't imagine sunny leone funk xxx storys wonderful it feels, and I want you to taste something." I moved in between her legs and lowered my mouth over her pussy lips. I had always heard it was OK once you got past the smell, and I almost gagged at first, but managed to get my tongue into her snatch for the first time. The taste and smell was almost overpowering but also stimulating, and I kissed her hairy pussy as hard and fast as I could, in case I didn't want to stay there too long.

The longer I kissed her snatch, the more I got used to it. Jewell seemed to think I was getting the hang of it. "OHHHH, Honey, that's it, right there, keep that up, AHHHHHH OHHHH, UMHHHHH. Her breathing was almost raspy now as I continued my massaging of whatever I was tongueing.

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"HUHHHH,HUHHHHH HUHHHH, that's good don't stop that. I'll do the same for you in a minute." I felt her body spasm a little and it almost scared me at first until I realised that she just agile guy bangs messy pussy hardcore and blowjob an orgasm.

"OHHHH, yeah, I love it, yeah, UMMMMH, AGHHHHHH. Now, I'm going to do you just like I promised. Let me on top." I thought I knew what she was talking about but I wasn't sure.

Jewell got on top and deftly maneuvered her mouth onto my throbbing cock, taking the whole length at once. I felt the head hitting the back of her throat, but with her experience she was able to take it all without gagging. After a few minutes of this Jewell said, "Well, Honey, now I'm going to do something else that you'll really like.

I'm going to get on top of you and show you how good it can be. True to her word, Jewell straddled me and grabbed a handful of cock and guided it to her wet, warm hole. She had already had a mild climax and was well-lubed, sliding down onto my shaft almost effortlessly. She looked at my face for signs of my reaction and I must have looked like I had died and gone to heaven. My cock was all the way in her now and she was moving back and forth provocatively and really enjoying herself as much as I was.

She raised up off of my hips, and before she could sink back down, I rammed my hips up to meet her causing her to grunt with each thrust of my dick into her pussy. "UMPHHHHH, UMPHHHH, I think you're getting the hang of this, oh that feels good, does it feel good to you too?" I didn't even answer, I just kept thrusting my hips upward toward the object of my affection, her pussy.

Being inexperienced, I came after only a few minutes. I hoped she wouldn't be disappointed that I couldn't screw all night like I had been led to believe you were supposed to do. "Don't worry," she said, "I'll have you back in shape in about a half hour." She was right, within an hour I was on top of her pounding away at her, turned on by her grunts, groans, moans, and even an occasional shreik when I really hit the right spot.

"Jewell, Honey, you are good. I hope I'm able to get over this." "There's just one more thing you need to experience, Lover Boy, and I'm going to show you what that is." She got on top of me again and engulfed my dick with her soft moist lips that I had enjoyed kissing so much a little while earlier. Those lips that were so delicious to kiss could suck a dick bigtime. In no time, a steady stream of cum glanced off the roof of her mouth and shot straight down her throat. I was looking forward to some more sessions with Jewell, but we graduated shortly thereafter.

She wrote to me once and told me that she had married her boyfriend, Steve. She went to the mailbox one day to get the mail and just never went back. Steve picked her up at the mailbox and took her away, I suppose, to live happily everafter.

I hope so, she deserved it; she really was a Jewell.