Fascinating pussy offering from playgirl homemade hardcore

Fascinating pussy offering from playgirl homemade hardcore
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Straight guy gets spit roasted by a BBC In mature fuck girl hot xxx story my email, I saw a message from Gary. Excited, I opened it up. It was fairly short. "Hey, got back from vacation, wife is going to be at work tomorrow. Can you come over in the morning, at 10? I might have a surprise for you." I stopped to ponder the question- a millisecond later, I replied "Absolutely, see you then." I noticed my cock was already half hard.

The next morning, I awoke and noticed that the sky outside was blue, no clouds, and looked like it was going to be a warm day. I went into the bathroom, and made myself a warm, soapy enema, and filled myself up. I added twice to it, my ass retaining about a litre and a half of soapy water.

Holding it in, I went to the sink to brush my teeth. By time I finished with my teeth, I could feel the cramping begin. I went and laid on my bed, stomach down, to try to let it work a bit longer. After a few minutes, I got up, and ran to expel the results. I repeated it twice more with clean cool water. After I was finished, I shaved, and hopped into the shower, making sure my ass was clean, and checking my cock, balls, and ass to make sure that there was no stubble of hair.

I still had an hour before I was due at Gary's place. I was nervous, and excited. It had been 5 weeks since we had last gotten together. I was really looking forward to having him in my mouth again. And maybe my ass. MMmmm.

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I was so horny for sucking on him. I couldn't stand the wait any longer. 20 minutes before I was due, I hopped in the car and took the five minute drive to his house. I pulled in the driveway, and saw another car there. "Fuck!" I thought to myself. "Did he have unexpected company?" I got out, assuming our day was ruined. Not seeing anyone, I figured I'd head out back to the pool, just in case Gary was out there. Rounding the corner between his house and garage, I saw Gary, naked in the pool.

Smiling, I stepped forward, unsnapping my belt. Then I saw him. A black guy, maybe 35 or so, also naked, at the far end of the pool, with his back to me.

I stopped. Amateur babe janice plays with her hairy pussy saw the look on my face, pulled himself up out of the pool, and naked, his beautiful cock swinging, and walked over to me. "Don't be upset. Please. He is a friend of mine. You told me how you got started in all of this by watching some blonde give head to a black guy, I thought you might enjoy Rick, too." I was a bit pissed.

"I told you I only wanted to play with you. NOT multiple guys. I ain't queer, I'm not into guys, just cock." I knew how silly that sounds, but it was true, and I'd told Gary, I do not look at other guys, imagining how it might be with them. I DO still look at girls, especially young girls at the campus, imagining how it would be to eat them, fuck them… "How long have you been fucking him?

You told me you only let one other guy jerk you off." Gary touched my arm. "I told you I never played with anyone else. It is true. Rick is the guy who gave me a hand job. Neither of us wanted to suck each other, neither of us wanted to get fucked by the other. I just thought of him when you told me your fantasy about blowing a black guy. He's married too, and he went and got tested last week, he brought the papers to prove he was HIV- so you would know that he was clean. He has never fucked or been fucked by a guy, he only has sex with his wife.

If you want him to leave, he will." I looked over Gary's shoulder. Rick was exiting the pool, walking up the steps. I thought "Damn! He was ripped like Jesus. And his cock! Long and thick. And uncut!" I swear my mouth must have been watering at the sight. His body was better than either Gary's or mine, but I truly didn't care about that. But his cock. Yum.

"This is all okay with you?" I asked Gary. "You want the three of us to play together?" "If it is okay with you, yes, I thought we could try it. Not all the time, but I thought you'd like to try a black cock, Rick would like to get his first blowjob from a guy, and I think it might be hot to watch, so yeah, I think it might be fun.

"Okay, let's see how things go." I replied. I started taking off my clothes, walking toward the pool and Rick. As I paused to step out of my shorts, I was slightly embarrassed to realize I was as hard as a rock. Trying not to stare at his rising cock, I stepped towards Rick, my hand out, and introduced myself. Gary had walked past us, and jumped into the pool. "Want to join him?" Rick asked. I smiled at him, and walked down the steps into the water. A short while later, we were standing in the shallow end talking, I had Gary's cock in my hand, gently stroking it.

Gary took my other hand, pulling it toward Rick, "Why don't you try Rick, he's got a nice one." I couldn't agree more, but still a bit shy about grabbing someone else's cock, I let Gary wrap my hand around Rick's thick shaft.

It was only slightly longer than Gary's familiar cock, but noticeably thicker. I couldn't wait to wrap my lips around it. "Guys, want to go in doors?" asked Gary I turned without a word, pulling them both by their cocks behind me. We climbed the steps out of the pool, me not releasing either of their cocks, and Gary opened the French door into the house. Entering the house, Gary closed the door as I knelt down on the carpet, beautiful virgin hottie in a steaming act took him into my mouth.

Mmmmm. I missed this so much. Gary let out a moan. "Yeeessss." I sucked him for several minutes while I slowly jerked Rick's cock. "Don't neglect our guest." Said Gary Still on my knees, I turned and leaned toward Rick. His fucking cock was HUGE.

It was so thick, I briefly wondered if I could take him. I put it to my lips, and I began peeling back the foreskin covering his tip. Oh fuck this was so hot! My fantasy about sucking a black, uncut cock was coming true. I felt blood rushing into my own cock, almost making me light headed. I felt a hand on the back of my head, gently pushing my mouth down over the thick shaft in my mouth. So. Fucking. Good. It was thick, but I was salivating so much, it was sliding in okay.

Not wanting to gag or choke too quickly, I only took a couple of thick inches into my mouth before I started sucking on him. It brought a moan from Rick. I put a bit of suction on his cock using my lips to make a good seal.

Meanwhile, my tongue was licking all around the head. His pee hole, under his foreskin. Mmmmm. UNDER his foreskin, that was so xxx sex com storys karishma kapoor to me. I made a mental note to look at it closer, later on. I'd never seen a real live cock with a foreskin before, but I was sure enjoying the one in my mouth. Getting a bit sloppy with my blow job, I was able to take him in as far as my throat.

The head of his cock was past the back of my tongue. I still had several inches to go. I relaxed my throat, and pushed my head towards his stomach. Moving my head back and forth, I met with some success when I felt the head of his cock penetrate my throat. I was filled, no doubt about it. Breathing as I pulled off him, I ran my tongue around the head once again, and pushed my throat over his cock.

"Hmmmm." Moaned Rick "Damn, he keeps going, I think he might take it all. No one's ever done that before." "I told you he was a good cocksucker.

He made me cum sooo nicely the last time. And he eats ass, and I pounded him in his ass as hard as I could, and he never whimpered." "Sounds like you got a keeper here, Gary." I was within an inch of taking the whole thing, when Piss scat grandpa daddy gay pulled me off.

"C'mon, time to get in bed." I don't know if Rick or I moaned louder when I was pulled back. I stood and turned toward the bedroom, my cock leading the way, erect from the excitement. Entering the bedroom, I noticed lube on the nightstand.

I smiled, knowing I was going to get fucked. But by who? Maybe both? That might be nice.

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Gary stopped me. He held out an envelope.

"Here you go. Rick's test." I took it, thanking him. In my excitement, I forgot my cardinal rule. CHECK THE TEST RESULTS. He was negative. Let the fun begin. I turned to Gary "What do you want to do?" As I said that, I dropped to my knees and took his sagging cock into my mouth. "Mmmm. That's nice. But why don't you play with Rick some more?

He's company, after all. You're mine. I will have lots of time to play with you. A shiver went through my body. I was not a submissive, but Gary was right. He knew I'd let him have me whenever he wanted. His cock tight teen amateur pussy plowed by old man fuck my ass boink my head extreme me perfectly.

My mouth. My throat. My ass-pussy. Wait. What?? MY ASS-PUSSY? Where did that come from? Rick moved onto the bed, spreading his legs. I moved onto the bed, and starting at his chest, kissed and lightly sucked both nipples.

I noticed they both hardened. I kissed his stomach, nibbling as I moved, ran my tongue lightly around his belly button. Just above his cock, I kissed and nibbled all around the base. Skipping his beautiful hard cock, I moved to his thighs. Spreading his legs farther apart, I began sucking and kissing his inner thighs.

Under his leather like ball sack. My tongue reaching under to lick him. Gently sucking his balls. He was moaning. Smiling, I gently lovely babe is fucked in different positions his nuts, pushed my head down and under, licking and kissing his taint, until I touched his ass pucker with my tongue.

Rick let out a loud moan, and pushed the back of my head. "Yes. Just like that. Eat my ass. More." I rolled him over, and parting his cheeks, I buried my face in his ass. With my tongue I repeatedly tried fucking his ass hole. I pushed my lips against him, and sucked, trying to draw his hole into my mouth as far as I could.

Rick pushed back against my face. I was really liking the depravity. I felt hands lightly touching my ass as I sucked Rick's ass hole. "Time for me to have some fun too" said Gary. He pulled my hips up so I was on my knees, head still buried in Rick's muscular ass. I felt fingers lightly touching my balls. Caressing my ass cheeks. My ass hole. Rick was pushing back into my face. He rolled over. "Suck my cock some more, now." He said. Like he had to ask.

My pleasure. Believe me. I took him into my mouth and throat, trying to relax and take him in. I rocked back and forth on him, each time trying to get a bit more in. I had forgotten Gary, but when I felt a slippery finger penetrate my ass hole, it surprised me, I moved forward, and in one delicious thrust, my lips touched the base of Rick's cock.

My throat was stuffed, not quite hurting, but stretched to its maximum, I am sure. I don't know who was happier, Rick, or I, but it felt good. Tight, it plugged my throat like a cork. I had to breathe. I pulled back, took a big gulp of air, and german girl first time sex back down on him. At that moment, Gary plunged his rock hard cock deep into my ass hole.

He continued until the small bush above his cock tickled my ass crack. I stopped for a minute, reveling in the feeling of penetration. It felt so good in my ass. Pushing against my prostate. Oh! I forgot to get air!, I pulled back off Rick, pushing my ass onto Gary's shaft. MMMMM! That felt nice. I set up a forward and back ward motion, pulling off Rick's thick black cock, and onto Gary's cock buried in my ass, then pulled off Gary's cock, burying Rick's cock in my throat.

It was heaven. I moved back and forth fucking myself on two beautiful cocks, both bringing me so much pleasure. Gary was moaning. Rick now had his hands on my head, trying to fuck deeper into my throat when I rocked into his crotch.

I may have lost track of time, I didn't care. I was so happy the way things were going. Suddenly, Rick let out a series of long grunts and moans, grabbed the back of my head, impaling my throat on his cock, and yelled "CUMMING" He forced his rod into my throat, I could feel him throbbing as he shot his load directly into my stomach.

Disappointed I didn't get to taste him, I realized I was out of air. I pulled back, fighting Rick's hold on my head. Gary, still rooting in my ass, moaned now. "Cumming too. Right. Right. NOW" I felt the warmth of his load coating the bruised lining of my ass. It felt kind of comforting. Gary lay down on top of me, pushing Rick's softening cock back into my mouth.

We lay there for a few moments, until Gary rolled off me, and I pulled back from Rick. As I rolled over, I felt Gary's thick load draining out of my, I'm sure, gaping ass hole. "Anybody want to go back in the pool?" Gary asked. "Maybe in a while. Later." Said Rick. "I'd like to try this ass if I could.

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I never fucked a guy in the ass. Or a woman either, for that matter" He rubbed my ass, fingering my loose asshole. I bet I looked like a deer in headlights, at the thought of that much thicker cock penetrating my hole. Gary said, "I think it will fit." As he looked me in the eyes. "I.I.I don't know…" I stammered. "Tell you what. Let Rick sit on the bed, you set in his lap, and you can control how fast or slow he goes in. After you take him in…" He paused "Maybe I will try taking you in my mouth, and suck the cum out of you." I looked at him "You want to try sucking me?

I though you didn't do that?" He shrugged. "Ahh. Well maybe once. Not guaranteeing anything, but I'll try." I turned to look at Rick. His cock was rock hard already.

My fate was sealed. "Okay, I'll try it. Hold on." Rick moved to the edge of the bed. Gary went to the night stand, grabbed the lube. He took a good amount, and spread it on the end of Rick's cock. Then, he took some more, and pushed it in my loose, and still slightly gaping hole. "That should work" he said.

Rick holding my body, me supporting myself with my hands, I moved over that thick black pole waiting to rip my ass open. Gary grabbed the shaft and held it as I lowered myself onto the tip. My ass hole spread open a little, easily taking the tip of his cock into me. I held my breath, and lowered myself, feeling each millimeter of the thick shaft slide into me. I felt the head pop in past my sphincter, and was relieved, but I remembered the thick shaft that followed. It was very tight, I could feel myself stretching, but no pain, as of yet.

I felt Gary playing with my balls. The shaft slid further in. I was doing ok. I remembered to breathe. It was going okay. It actually felt nice, filling me so much. I felt Gary's lips on the head of my dick. I looked at him.

He looked me in the eyes, and slid more of me into his mouth. I felt his tongue. It was nice. I stopped, and pulled up slightly off Rick, then, holding my breath, I started back down, down, down. I stopped when my ass rested in his lap. I had taken all of that huge black black and white cock for lonely mom kathey interracial cumshot.

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Rick held me in a bear hug. I don't know who was happier, him or me. He started thrusting in my ass. It felt good. No pain. A fullness and pressure, yes, but no pain. Thank god I stretched my asshole out with dildos and vibrators. This was sweet. Taking cock with no pain, just&hellip.pleasure. Shit! He was riding up and down on my prostate. If he kept this up, I'd cum very soon. Between Gary sucking me, and Rick fucking my ass, I could feel a strong orgasm on its way. "Gary, I think I might cum pretty soon." I warned him.

He looked up at me, our eyes locked, and, mouth full of cock, he shook his head up and down. Rick started to speed up. "I am going to fill your tight ass with cum, boy." Still holding me in a bear hug, he pounded my ass. Gary sucked my cock. I shot my load. I charlotte flair xxx wwe superstar help it. I thrust into Gary's mouth, filling it with my cum.

At the same time, I felt a burning in my ass as Rick sprayed my raw ass with his load. He kept pounding for a few more strokes, until he stopped, and let go of me. Gary opened his mouth, my cum on his tongue. He swallowed. "Damn, you're good" Rick said. Gary had said the same thing. I realized, I'd just been spit roasted. Fucked in my ass by a Big Black Cock.

Might have to try this again.