Dancing on a striptease bar and riding a dildo

Dancing on a striptease bar and riding a dildo
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I was still gripping my dick, trying to understand what I'd just her come from my 15-year-old cousin's mouth. She was looking me in the eye, a strange hungry sort of spark in hers. "Wha- what?" I asked in a hoarse voice. She walked froward into my room further, her tousled hair curling in blonde locks around her tan shoulders.

Her pajamas clung tightly to her full ass. Seeing this, my dick gave a spasm. "Do you need," she began, girlfriend in school uniform gets fucked doggy style dropping to her knees beside my bed, "some help with that?" I merely stared at her, uncomprehending.

She leaned forward and wrapped her hand around mine, the one that was clutching my dick tightly. "Well?" She asked again. "Uhhh, I mean, you're my cousin, Jessica, I don't think that- ah!" While I was speaking in a strangled tone, she had bent her head down to lick the red throbbing cap on my shaft.

I let my hand fall from it, and she looked up at me, her face still tilted down toward my dick. I thought she was going to back off, say that this was wrong, and I was sick, but she didn't.

Instead she opened her mouth and slid my slick penis inside it, closing her full pink lips around my throbbing meat. A small moan came from the back of her throat as well as mine. She just let the majority of my cock rest inside her slightly sucking mouth, savoring the pre-cum, her eyes closed in evident pleasure.

I was finding it hard to concentrate, my mind still wondering what the hell she was doing. I remembered her when she was seven, chasing me around with her Barbie Dolls. I remembered her when she was ten, living with us, and interrupting my masturbation by running downstairs screaming, "Aunt Mary, Aunt Mary, Kyle is doing stuff in his room!" Of course that damned me on the spot to my mother.

"Stuff" could be whatever her mind wanted it to be. And then there was yesterday, and the surge of lust I felt just by looking at her. This couldn't be my cousin, no way in hell.

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She rolled her eyes up to look at me and started bobbing her head up and down on my cock, slowly. Unexpectedly, I came! In a hot rush I started to shoot my cream inside her mouth. Surprised, she tried to swallow it all, but some leaked out. She did her best and kept on swallowing until I was just spasming on mom and son 2019 ebony dubbed. After some time, she pulled her head away and just looked at me, her bright eyes sparkling, "That was so awesome Kyle!" She breathed loudly.

"How was that awesome for you?" I asked, feeling confused and embarassed. Why did I cum so fast? "What? You gotta be kidding. I've been wanting to suck your dick since I was twelve! I almost raped you at Uncle Jon's wedding!" She giggled and rested back on her calves. I studied her body and felt a new wave of lust. My dick twitched and I knew I'd be hard again soon. Her face fell at the sight of my confused frown. "You think I'm some kinda slut, don't you?" She asked in a hurt voice.

"No, no! I-" I never got to finish it. I did think she was a slut, afterall. "Yes you do!

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That's what everyone calls me at school! Most of the girls just laugh at me, so I have to hang out with the other sluts. I can't help it! I don't have any control!" She screamed, jumping to her feet and running out of the room. I lay there on my bed, completely naked, my dick semi-hard, with absolutely no fucking clue as to what I was gonna do.

I pulled some pants on and exited, padding down the hall to the guest room. As I had expected, the door was locked. I knocked on it softly, "Jessi, come on, I never called you that!" I called. Sobbing could be heard from inside. I continued, not knowing what else to do. "It's not that I don't want you.

.cause I do! I saw you yesterday, and I wanted to fuck you till you cried. I wanted to-" The door opened in my face. Jessica was still beautiful, even after she'd been crying. The room was dark. She had pulled the shades across the window. "Do you mean what you just said?" She asked in a small voice.

I nodded, keeping my eyes locked on hers. She smiled at me and asked, "Do you wanna come in?" I nodded again and walked in. She shut the door behind me. I strolled over and sat on her bed. She stayed leaning against the door, wipping her eyes. "So, why do girls call you a slut at your school?" I asked, maybe a little bluntly. She shook her head, saying, "I have a little problem with self-control.

I was caught giving a guy head under the bleachers during a pep rally. I was found bent over my teacher's desk, with my Algebra teacher fucking me. I was found all these times by students, so my reputation is awful," she now looked down at her pretty pink toenails, "and what's worse, is I'm kinda wierd in bed." I looked hard at her, "Weird?" I asked.

She came over and pushed me back on the bed and straddled my waste. My dick strained at my pajamas, and against hers as well. She leaned over me, "You know how alot of girls complain about guy's using them?" She asked. I nodded. "Well, I kinda get off on it. I like to be used. Pleasing pussy take up with the tongue makes me feel so horny.

. ." She finished. I looked up at her and tried to think of a way to tell her how much the idea of using her for my own pleasure turned me on.

"Do you want to be used now?" I asked her softly. Her eyes were half-closed when she said, "Yes, use me baby." I rolled her over so I was above her. Lovely teen stepsis amina allure banged by hard meaty cock smalltits and pornstar pushed up her tank top and caught her tits in my hands.

I started to go down to suck on them, but I remembered that I was supposed to be in it for my own pleasure. So instead I pinched her pink nipples cruelly until she cried out. I think it was inpleasure, but I couldn't be sure. I squeezed her tits roughly and she cried out again, this time a full sign of her pleasure. I laughed and pulled the tank top over her head. This was wrong, and I knew it, but it was so good. Too good to stop. I ripped her pajamas off her ass and slid them down her legs until she was completely naked.

Her puss was shaved smooth. Not a fringe of hair to be found. This was awesome. I had my own personal fuck toy!

I decided to test it out by pulling her up to a sitting position and droping my pants. My dick was already hard. I wound my hand in her beautiful blonde hair and put my dick in front of her face.

Feeling kinda silly, I shakily ordered her, "Suck on it, bitch." Expecting a stern look, or a smack in the face, I didn't say it very loud. But she moaned and took my dick inside her mouth hungrily. I wound my hand tighter and told her to suck harder. She did and I moved my dick in and out of her mouth, pushing farther back ech time until I was shoving my full 7 and a half inch dick all the way inside her.

She started to gag, and I pulled it out. I looked down at her face, and then lower, to her crotch. I looked back up to her face, "Lay down, honey, I gonna fuck you." I growled. She lay down immediately and spread her legs wide. Without care or caution, I got the head of my dick wet at the dripping entrance to her pussy, and shoved it inside. For being a slut, she had an incredibly tight cunt. No slowing down or concern for her pleasure, I began to rock in and out at a pace comfortable for me.

I looked down into her wide, starstruck eyes, and said, "Make yourself useful, slut, and talk dirty to me." I ordered.

She looked as if she were about to say no, but instead, shouted, "Fuck me harder baby!! Use me, cum in me, tell me what a slut I am! Oh. . .oh, God! I'm yours! You can do whatever the. .oh FUCK! You can do whatever the fuck you want to. . oh! I'm gonna. . .ughhhhh. . .CUUUUMMMMM! Oh, it's so big baby, honey, I want it. . .oh. . .everywhere!! In my mouth, in my pussy, in my ass!! Just give me your big.

.oh!. .hard. .ughhh!.

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. . .cock!" She knew how to talk like a fuckin hooker! I started to cum, not caring that I was shooting my load deep inside my cousin's teenage pussy. Not caring if I got her pregnant, because she was a slut. And sluts are there for you to fuck, not to worry about. My dick throbbed inside her sweet tight slit, pumping load after load of creamy cum into her.

Suddenly, she arched her back, and came! She grabbed my ass and got as close to me as possible and writhed like a hellcat, cumming hard and loud.

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She fell, limp to the bed and I fell on top of her, dick still lodged in her puss. Same Day, 1:46 p.m. I was sitting by the pond, far away from the house, back in the country feilds of our land. The sun was hott. I was wearing shorts. Nothing else.

I heard a slight noise, and looked to my left. My cousin was coming, wearing a bikini top and shorts and carrying a cooler. As she got closer, I began to get a hard dick.

Jesus, what was the matter with me? Between May and Jessica, Emily grey yoga babe fucks in the jacuzzi i know that girl was constantly hard! I thought of May, I thought of how sweet she was, how beautiful she was. Love? Damn that was gonna complicate things. "Hey, what's up?" she asked me, setting down the cooler and unfolding a blanket. I shook my head, trying not to notice her generous breasts. She sat on the blanket.

"Are you alright, Kyle? Did what we did earlier freak you out?" She asked, looking concerned. I stared at her intently, wanting her so badly that my dick made a painful tent against my denim shorts. "Yeah, I'm fine, it's just. . a little bit different." I answered school girls full sex storys. She laid down on her back, slipping her shorts off her legs, revealing her gorgeous legs.

I wanted her even more now. She closed her eyes and began to sun herself, talking without looking at me. "You know, that was the best sex I've ever had, Kyle." She said matter-of-factly. I just gulped, helplessly staring at her body. She continued, "When I think about it, I get kinda wet. . .you know?" She asked without looking. I slowly and quietly, almost unknowingly slid the zipper down on my shorts.

My dick crept hard and ready from the slit. "Yeah, I know what you mean. . ." I answered. I spit into my right hand and began to stroke my dick slowly, quietly. She must have caught it out of the corner of her eye, because she turned to look at me. She smiled seductively, and sat up, crawling over to my chair.

She removed my hand forcebly. ""I want to repay you for what you've done." She whispered, taking my slick cock inside her wet hot mouth. This was becoming a trend! How many girls were gonna want to "repay me properly" in my life?

She eagerly guided my dick in and out of her throat, her pink lips rubbing deliciously across my rigid shaft. Her tongue swirled hungrily over the skin and she accompanied her mouth with her hand, which she clenched tightly around my dick.

Moving her head back and forth, still on her knees, she looked like a mirage. Her tan skin shone beautifully in the hot sun, and her eyes were shut with concentration.

Not caring whether it was wrong or right anymore, I buried my hands in her hair and urged her to go faster, squeeze harder, suck more. Soon I was shooting my cum inside her. She stopped moving her head, but instead put strong suction on my dick head, literally sucking the last bits of sperm from my penis.

I was groaning softly, but she was making mewing sounds in her throat as if this was pleasurable to her. After she was done, she stood, bent over me, and kissed my lips. Watching her walk over to her blanket, I thought to myself, "This summer was turning out to be incredibly fun."