Carolina tight pussy getting fuck so hard

Carolina tight pussy getting fuck so hard
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Part2. Tit For Tat She touched it with her hand. It was about two inches round and a foot long. Sue started rubbing her hand up and down on his shaft. Then without thinking, she kissed the top. It tasted bit salty but she liked it. Same time her hand was on his huge balls. She could feel the heavy weight of his balls in her hand. They were huge and full of his cum. That made her even more wet. She started kissing his huge shaft from top to bottom. It was hot and hard.

With other hand she started rubbing her wet clit. Sue got up and put arm around his neck and with other hand she pulled him back softly. It seemed that gorilla knew what she wanted. So he just laid on his back. Sue again started kissing him on his neck and all the way down to his belly. Now her legs were wide opened around his neck and her wet and hot pussy was right in front of his eyes.

He sniffed in the air and he rubbed his hands on her naked bum. Then he felt her wet pussy and started rubbing it and put his finger in it.

Sue sighed with joy. His huge sauna yengesini gotten sikiyor turk was now fully erected. She put her hand around it and went forward to kiss it again.

Meanwhile gorilla took his finger out and smell it and then when she was about to kiss his dick, gorilla pulled her over to his face with his massive hands. He sniffed her juicy pussy and then licked it with his long rough tongue. His hot, long and rough tongue made her even more wet.

She opened her legs as wide as she could to give him easy access to his hot pussy. Gorilla started to lick her and put his long tongue deep inside her. It was too hard for her to take and she screamed with joy and started Cumming.

While she was Cumming, she pulled his belly hair but gorilla didn't mind. He really liked the taste of her juices and swallowed every single drop of her juice. Gorilla wanted to continue but she wasn't able to take it any more. So she pushed herself forward and dropped herself on his big hairy belly. After couple of minutes she managed to get some energy and then her hand was once again on his big shaft.

Her one hand was going up and down on his fully erected dick and other hand was massaging his big balls. She started kissing and licking his dick all over.

After kissing it she opened her waited mouth and sucked it and tried to take it in her mouth as much as she could. She was rubbing it on all over her face. And then there was a time she was waiting for. The gorilla made very funny noise and his dick stiffened. She quickly opened her mouth and sucked it deep. Gorilla sprayed his sperm in her mouth. Something very hot hit back of her throat.

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She tried to drink all of his sperm but it was too much to drink. Gorilla Cum was none stop. His cum was running down from the sides of her amateur beauties flashing and finger banging in public bar stunt and dripping on his balls and hairy legs.

Taste of his sperm was awesome. Once gorilla finished Cumming, Sue started licking his cum from his balls and from his hairy legs. When she dried him off completely, she just put her head one of his leg. She was still holding his dick in her hand and watching it going down slowly. She kissed it again closed her eyes Sue couldn't believe her luck that she had best time of her life with black giant gorilla.

Part3. Tit For Tat It seemed like five minutes when she felt something hot and sticky on her hand which was on gorilla's dick.

She opened her eyes. Gorilla was pissing and his piss was all over his balls, legs and on her hand. Sue wasn't a dirty girl at all so she didn't like it especially the strong smell of his piss. She quickly got up and went to bathroom to wash her hands and got some wet clothes to clean up the floor.

When she came back, she saw the ape was standing on his fours. Sue sat down on her knees next to his legs and put one hand on his buttock to push him a bit forward.

His buttocks were dark black and free of any hair. When she touched them, they felt like leather. She bent forward to have a close look. Suddenly she realised that his ass hole is getting bigger and popping out. She quickly moved and ape was shitting. Sue just hold her head with both hands and looked at ape. When he finished she moved him forward and cleaned his mess with one hand holding her nose because the smell of his piss and shit was very strong.

Weather was much better now and time was almost midnight. But still she was not going to take risk to spend whole night alone in this big house. She had a best company she can ever wished so she wasn't going to lose this company in any case. After cleaning she went back to big beast, sat next to him and put arms around his neck and looked in his eyes.

He was looking very innocent. Sue kissed on his big nose and said," look my dear lover what you have done? Now it is time for you to have some shower so come with me. Mummy will clean you up and give you nice shower." She knew that he wasn't understood what she had said to him.

Then she stood up and hold his hand and slowly walked towards bathroom. Surprisingly beast followed her. She took him to the bathroom. First she forwarded herself and sat into the tub and then pushed him slowly. She didn't want to scare this big beast.

If he got scared he could be very dangerous for her. The beast was too big for tub so she had to come out. When she opened the shower and rinsed water on his feet, the beast got bit scared but then he calmed down. She rinsed warm water on his legs then on his belly and then on his whole body. She shampooed him and gave him shower. When she done it, she hold his hand and asked him to step out.

She tried to dry him off with towel but that towel wasn't big enough for his huge body. She went to the bedroom to get something else to dry him off completely. Gorilla quietly followed her. Because she wasn't living here so she didn't have any more towels. She took out one of the bed sheet and started to dry him off. Gorilla seemed to like it and he was again on his fours. She reached to his back to dry his buttocks.

They looked very shiny and cleaned. She took long time to clean them. And then not knowing why, she started rubbing her hands on them. His buttocks were not as soft as his other hairy body but they were hot. She touched his ass hole and started rubbing her fingers on it. Somehow by doing that she was getting horny again. She thought that his whole body was cleaned now after shower so kiss on his buttocks wouldn't harm.

She put her legs in between his back legs. Now his ass cheeks were inches away from her face. Nice fresh smell was making her mad. She bent forward and put exploited teens dolly is such a supreme girl every time i witness her i cant decide if lips one of his ass cheek and then on other.

It seemed that her lips got glued to his ass cheeks. They were hot and she didn't want to remove her lips from there. Then her tongue started working on them. She was now kissing and licking them passionately. Gorilla didn't move at all. He was enjoying with this new experience. And then forgetting that it was very nasty she kissed on his ass hole. It was even hotter than ass cheeks. Again her tongue came out and she was licking it and putting her tongue inside it.

Her erected tits were rubbing against his large black hot shiny balls and she was getting more and more wet. When she realised that she was not getting enough, her right hand moved from one of his buttock to in between his legs. She grabbed his large balls and started stroking them. Other hand moved to his big hard iron shaft which was getting even bigger. Her hand was now going up and down on his big dick. She crossed her legs and was about to cum.

His long shaft tip was now rubbing on her upper thigh. She moved forward and pressed his dick towards her hard tits and belly. Now his big balls were resting on top of her tits and his huge dick was pressing on her belly. The movements of her hands were now getting faster and faster.

She hot indian babe sonie get fucked by rai madly kissing and licking his bottom of his balls, his ass cheeks and ass hole and rubbing her whole face on them.

Same time when she managed to put her full tongue inside his ass hole, gorilla growled loudly and she felt hot sticky white sperm sprayed all over her tummy and on her inner legs.

It was like that someone has opened hot tab on her. His cum was never ending. And then her climax made her to cum as well. She rubbed his cum all over her tummy and on het boobs and then sucked her soaked hands.

Then she bent down and put his dropping dick in her mouth and whatever was left over she swallowed it. She was still holding his dick which was still hard but she didn't have courage to move it up and down. She moved her hands and crossed her arms around his back and rested her face on his beautiful buttocks and closed her eyes again. After few minutes she got up, had quick shower. Gorilla was now sitting on the floor with closed eyes.

After long drive in terrible weather and hard exercise with beast she was feeling too tired and sleepy now. Her king size bed was waiting for her but she didn't want to sleep alone on it.

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She went to ape and kissed on his big rubbery cheek. Ape opened his tired eyes. Once again she hold his hand and somehow managed to bring him on her big bed which was certainly big enough for both of them. It was completely new experience for beast.

He sat down on soft bed.

She laughed at him lazily and again she put her arm around his neck and with other hand she pushed him on the bed. Now gorilla was laying on the soft bed. She squeezed herself towards him and her face was buried once again in his hairy chest. Gorilla put his hairy arms around her which gave Sue more comfort. She never felt so safe and comfortable in her life after her parent's death.

She covered themselves with blanket. Sue got scared for the moment or two that she was in the bed with a beast who can harm her any time but then her tired mind could think anything else and her tired eyes closed and after few moments she was sleeping in beast cozy soft and warm arms.

( To be continued in part4)