Milf sex therapist black male squatting in home gets our mummy officers squatting on his

Milf sex therapist black male squatting in home gets our mummy officers squatting on his
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My cousin and I were both 17 that time.(now 19) He went to boarding school near my house so, every weekend my family would pick him up and bring him to our house.

My cousin is 6'1 weights around 165lbs.he has a very rugged and at the same time sweet and boyish face.He has a nice muscular body because of all the sports he plays. I on the other hand, am 5'11 weights 160lbs, I have a trim and well-toned body and I'm on the swim team. I'm more boyish looking then my cousin but people do sometimes mistake us for twins.

I knew I was gay since I was 13. But I didn't do anything with other boys mia austin loves a rough fucking session I was 15. Just light stuff. None of my family members know I'm gay. I'm pretty much a str8-acting kinda of guy. And I also date girls (sometimes you just want to try something different. :) ). Anyway, I've always had this huge crush on my cousin, we were very close to each other.and I always fantasize about going down on him or see him naked ( I never saw his dick until then).

Vic ( my cousin ) was a heavy sleeper. You couldn't wake him up with a fog horn. Even shaking him up won't wake him. So, one lovely evening while giving him a back massage ( I always do that to him after he had a big game the night before ) in my room, on my queen-sized bed.oh, yeah forgot to mention this.we share the same bed when ever he''s around. OK, back to the story, I was massaging his back and rubbing baby oil on him.

he has the sexiest back I ever seen, even seeing his back made me hard.

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So, while massaging him I saw that he was almost fast asleep, so I told him that I want to stop and he should rest. I went to the bathroom and washed my hands. Turn of the lights and switch on the night light. By Now Vic was already fast asleep.deep sleep. He was so tired that he didn't even bother to put on his PJ's. I crawled next to him.

Looking at his beautiful,hot muscular body.the baby oil made his body glow in the light. It made me so fucking horny. That night, I finally took the courage to do something I always wanted to do. See his cock. I slowly grabed Vic's waistband and pull it down, and finally after all this while, I saw it.His Penis.He has a cut almost 7 inch dick.with trimmed pubes. I looked at it.held it a bit.kiss it.but I was afraid to do anything more.

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So, I pulled up his boxer back and pulled out my own dick proceeded to jerk-off next to him.while looking at his hot body. It felt so good.holding my hard dick next to him.rubbing it.

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(my dick is similar to Vic's.FYI :p ) until I blew my load. I slept well that nite. For the few following weeks, every weekend he came by.I did the same thing.only by that I got a little bit braver and sucked on his dick. And that was it. But then, something happen.Vic and I were texting each other one thursday night.we always text each other one in a while. Then suddely Vic text me saying "Dude, I think I want to tell you something :)" I replied what?

then came the text that change the course of history.well.not really history,,lol " I knew you sucked my dick last weekend.and I sort of figured out that your bisexual.

>:p " I was so shocked.I didn't know what to say.I asked if he was mad at me? he said now he's ok with it.he even said it felt good while I was sucking him. so, we talked about this for a while.and Vic and I planed to do something about it.this coming weekend.

The weekend came.we did what we do every weekend.hang-out at the mall with my family.catch a movie.and stuff.then that night.when we went to my room. The first thing I did was hugged him from behind and kissed his neck.I told him I so glad that I don't have to hide it from him anymore.He felt the same way to.we went on the bed.I kissed him.he kissed me.while doing this he told me that he always wanted to try it with a, what better way to try it then with his very own cousin whom he loved.

By now we started to undress each other.caressing each others torso.and abs.he smelled so spring and freshly cut grass.I took of his pants while he took of mine.soon we were both naked and horny.I asked Vic to lie down and let me suck skiny blonde babe katrin tequila banged outside by renato slow start making my way down.kissing his neck.his chest.his abs.licking his treasure trail.and finally reached his cock.I licked and sucked.I can't believe it.I was sucking his taste sooo good.I licked his balls.flicked his pee-hole.and Vic was loving every minute of this.he moans so softly.while jerking my own hard-on and sucking it.his mouth felt so warm and nice.but I knew it was his first time sucking a guy's dick because he teeth kept scrapping my head.but I did'nt fucking care.I was enjoying it.

I deep-throat Vic's hard hard dick.I could feel him tensed up.He told me that he was going to cum.I sucked even harder.he was breathing harser.then a loud moan.he shot his load in my mouth.It tasted good.he shot 4-5 time.till the cum was dripping from my mouth onto his pubes.he was still holding on to my dick so after he came he suddenly roughly jerk my cock faster.and it felt soo fucking hot that I came on his face.I was in heaven.I covered his face with my cum.I licked his face cleaned and we made out while swapping my cum.we spent to rest of the nite hugging each other.

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We are more then cousins now.even more then brothers.we are.LOVERS now. ------The End------- I hope you guys like this.if you do.then I will continue about the FIRST TIME WE FUCKED EACH OTHER. Thanks for Reading Guys!! >:)