Alaina kristar gets ready for anal with a butt plug myveryfirsttime johnny castle and anal creampie

Alaina kristar gets ready for anal with a butt plug myveryfirsttime johnny castle and anal creampie
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This is a sequel to my first story which is also true. It had been a few days since I had sex with Cara and I all internal presents leyla peachbloom creampie scene so horny just thinking about the time we had.We talked everyday and couldnt get over how much we loved eachother after just a short time.She said she had never been so sexually satisfied before in her life.I was like the pluasure was all mine.

Cara said,"Mike I cant stand being away from you I need you inside of me so bad." Upon hearing this I instantly got hard. "I so hard and wanna be inside of you too",I said. Then I started to tell her how big and hard my dick was.And how i wanted to slide it in and out of her warm wet pussy.How I just wanna slam it in her nice and hard.And lick her pussy till she cums. ''Oh my god im touching myself'',she said. ''Really'',I replied ''so am I.'' Then I really started to get into it with her.Telling her iI was imagining that i really was with her.And how I could actually feel her pussy on my dick.How warm and wet it was to be inside of her.This went on for about 5 or 10 minutes.Then I heard her moan out loud.

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''Oh my god i just came so much'',she said. Before she finished the sentence my ball tightened up and i let out a hella load all over the place. ''Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh'',I said. She was like,''Are you alright.'' ''Wow that was incredable''I said.

''It was amazing'',She replied.' We had just discovered the wonder world of phone sex.It was better than i ever imagined.I just couldnt wait to see her again.I couldnt stop thinking about her.I dont know how many times I beat off just thinking about the time we had and how beautiful her body was especially her tits.I complimented how on how gorgeous se was.But she would say ''your just saying that''or''im not really that hot''.But i thought otherwise.I couldnt believe how lucky i was to get to talk to her let alone fuck her.I couldnt wait to see her again but i realized when would that be.

So asked''When can we see eachother again?'' ''I dont know'', she said.''It cant be this weekend cause im going to be home and not at school.So how about next weekend'' ''i cant next weekend cause im going to NY with my friends and the weekend after that I have to work.Wow this really sucks we gotta wait a whole month to see eachother again.This sucks''I said.

"well if anything we always have phone sex now to tie us over''she laughed. ''Ha ha''I said. Over the next few weeks i couldnt get her out of my head.She was all i could think about.We talked just about everyday and when mature lesbian mistress medical sex roomates were gone we had some of the best phone sex ever i would cum at least 2 times everytime.I felt bad cause she didnt cum until i suggested she get a vibrator.It worked like a charm.We both looked forward to our sessions as she called them.As the days went buy the anticipation very high.Finally she called me one thursday and said''I will be able to cum on saturday.

"Many times''I replied in laughter. When saturday came she called to tell me she was on her way and i was just giddy.I was in such a good mood all dayiWhen she finally arrived i hopped right in her car and gave her a quick kiss on the lips and we decided to go to the movies.We didnt do anything at the movies except for a little kissing i wanted to just fuck the shit out of her right there but i knew there would be plenty of time for that later.After the movie we had some dinner and was going to watch the Uconn mens basketball team play because they were in the national semifinals against Duke but it was too noisy there and suggested that we get a hotel room and watch it there.She aggreed so we went to the store to get some snacks and some beer for the game.Then we checked into the hotel.

It was a few minuter before the game was to start and we were laying across the bed and i asked if she wanted a massage.she aggreed and took her top and her pants off.My dick nearly hit the ceiling when i saw her in her bra and her thong.I couldnt take my eyes off her beautiful ass and her flawless rack.She layed on the bed and i started to rub all over her gorgeous massage babes scissoring on table big tits lesbian continued during the game up until halftime.AT halftime i stopped and we ate some snacks and kissed for a few minutes and watched the second half of the game.During the second half of the game i concenterted on rubbing her prosterior region and her legs.Every now and then i would slap her ass and she would turn and smile at me.

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After the game,which Uconn won,she had some school work to finish so i watched some TV.When she was finished she jumped on me and started to tickle me.I am mot ticklish but i played along until i turned the tides andwas on top of her.I just looked in to her sparkling blue eyes and said''I love you''. ''I love you too''she replied.

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Then i moved down to kiss her.The passion we had for eachother showed in the kiss.Our mouths were unseperable.The electricity i felt when our lips touched still sends shivers up my spine to this day.We swirled our tongues in eachothers mouths and we kissed for what seemed like eons.Until finally i reached down to feel one of her tits and i squeezed and she said''Oh''. So i decided to kiss my way down to her perfect C-cup titties.I slowly licked and sucked on her titties for all the were worth.I was like a young baby sucking on its mothers teet.Her nipples stuck out like tic tacs and were just as hard.I then reached down and stuck my hand in her thong as i continued to feast on her nipple delight.

''Can i go down on you?'' i asked. ''Oh yes please do''she replied. I kissed her again briefly then i kissed all over her body.I licked her ear and she said mmmmmmmmmmm.I gave her one more quick kiss and slowly kissed my way down her body with soft tender kisses.Stopping at her tits to give her nipples another round before moving ever so closer to my target.

When i got there i saw a wet spot on the sheets mom and son tweeking sex her pussy was soak and wet.I didnt want anymore of her sweet nectar to go to waste.I dove my mouth right in between her legs and immediately started to slurp up what ever juices i could.Then i stuck three fingers into her and probed her G spot and ran my tongue over her pussy.She seened to enjoy this quite a bit from the reaction she gave.I then moved my whole mouth over her lips like we were kissing and twirled my tongue inside of her and massaged her cunt lips whith my lips.Gathering whatever juices i could.After this i really started to go to town on her.I started to suck on her clit and furiously rub my tounge over it at the same time.This set off a serries of rolling orgasm as her body shook and spasmed making it difficult to keep up whith her body movements.Her legs crushed my head like a vice so i was barely able to maintain focus at what i was doing.

After about 5 orgasms she stopped me and literally begged my to let her suck my dick for doing such a good job on her.''Please let me return the favor''she panted as she was out of breath.With this she got up and pushed me down on the bed.My dick was hard as steel and aching for some attention of its own.I laid back and she grabbed my rock hard member and gave it a few strokes before licking the tip with short flicks of her tongue.I was in agony as i wanted to feel her warm mouth all over it but she kept on teasing it with her tongue.After a few minutes of tongue teasing she finally put opened wide and fit about half of my big cock into her mouth.I let out a sigh of relief as her warm wet mouth engulfed my mushroom head.She started to go to work on my dick like a pro.Twirling her tongue around my large head and licking the shaft up and down.Her head bobbed vicioucly up and down my cock and it was incredible.Then she started to suck on my skin pacifier as if she was to suck the cum out of a straw while snaking her toungue around my helmet.I knew it wasnt long before she was going to sample my protein shake stirring in my now heavy sac.As she continued the tongue assault i went past the point of no return and let out a load for the ages.''AHHHHHHHHHHHH my god''I yelped as i shot my load into her unexpecting mouth.She was scurring to lap up all my cum as i continued to force feed her my man chowder.She some how managed to get it all down without missing a drop.

Then i pulled her down and wrapped my arms around her.I waited a few seconds to let her finish swallowing all my baby batter before i lock lips with her once again.I flipped her on her back so i could get better access to her goodies and stuck my fingers in her hole again with was wet as usual.I kissed her and she said''I want you inside of me right now.''This was music to my ears because my dick had never gone down after shooting my load so i was just as eager to get inside of her.

I sat up and lined my dick up to her pusssy and rubbed my cock up and down her slit causing her to moan.I was going to do a little teasing of my own.I put my tip right on her opening and just left it there for a few seconds.She tried to thrust her hips but i backed away as if i lost my balance.Then again i rubbed it up and down her lips and she literally begged me to put it inside of her.I gave in to the teasing and slowly started to slide my baby maker into her honey pot.I went slow because being so large i knew that it might be uncomfortable.I wanted her to get a chance to get used to my cock.After a few minutes of this i started to pick up the pace a but and got into a nice medium paced rhythm.I plunged into her vagina with long forcefull strokes.Her pussy felt so good aroung my cock.It was warm and unbelievably tight not to mention wet as a soppy sponge.After a while i started to get tired and asked if she would get on top for a while.She aggreed and in no time we switched positions.She grabbed my cock and slowly lowered herself on to it.Her pussy clamped around my dick.Then she started to ride me like a bucking bronco.Man this chick could ride a cock like nobodys business.Her titties were bouncing uncontrollably i reached up to squeeze blonde spinner gags and fucks huge dick as she rode me.I rolled my fingers around her nipples and then i pinched them this set her off to an orgasn woman sells her violin and fucked hard again.I could feel her juices run down my cock.This new found slickness felt so good.I stopped her cause i wanted to fuck her from behind.She unsaddled herself and i went behind her.I plunged into her depths and older woman has her way with young stud moaned in delight.I went slow at first but i was in desparate need of letting my seed go and i started to pick up the pace."Thats it fuck me fuck me harder.I want you to cum inside of me''she said.Thats when i really started to savagely thrust into her.I was violently fucking her with all my might.My nut bag was slapping up against her on every in stroke.I knew it had to hurt her but i was too into what i was doing.The slapping sounds that our bodies was loud enough to wake the dead.She grabbed my hand placed them on her big jiggly titties.I played with her titties for a while before i sensed that i was going to erupt.I placed both hands on her creamy ass and really started to violent fuck her as hard as possible.Then a few seconde later i couldnt hold back anymore.I shot another load inside of her.On the first splash she had her umpteenth orgasm.I shot off like a fire hose.It felt like i let out a gallon of trouser custard in to my babys quivering body.

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I finally finished and apologized for being so rough towards the end. ''Thats OK''she said''The pleasure was more than worth the pain.''