My son fuck me when i was sleep

My son fuck me when i was sleep
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I know the writing style needs work but in my defense it should give effect and experince and I am no professional writer and all writing done on phone so plz bare with me.hope you enjoy and thanks for reading and comments I just turned 17 and I was visiting my uncle P and my 2 cousins Cb(male 13) Ilane(11) in Johannesburg this was another party holiday with a twist. 17 feels the same as 16,15,14 nothing changes my manhood got bigger more hair but that is that.i went to visited and I just wanted to get away from all the Rugby and the town.

walking in there home I greeted every one and (yes saw my cousin was wearing a bra at 11)(a story for later) there I saw a girl 17 years old with the name "Roslee" beautiful with blond hair blue eyes and a 32b cup 1.6 m tall build like a model my cousins cousin.

at first she just pissed me off because she was like always in the grown ups conversation she just seemed to be a grown up really pissed me of.the next morning as I woke up and went for a smoke outside and who would come from my smoking place from around the conner yes Roslee.i walked passed her.Hi she said smiling.

yea hi Waptrick big ass girl walking download storys replied.i am Roslee and you are "viper"?

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Yes thinking to my self maybe I judge to early she is trying . that evening we sat in the living room talking the whole family just after the Braai and I saw her in her sweat shirt and thinking what are you wearing under that.

a week past and we got to know each other beter.but that night we were outside smoking and talking and suddenly she kissed me "Wow" I said grabing more I crabed her and kissed her with all my passion I manhood erected rock hard and pressed against her tummy.she smiled and said happy?

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I blushed and cocky said yes.looking me up and down she said meet me in my room tonight.she turned giggled and walked away to the house. 8:30 pm I went to her room down the hall she was wearing her sweatshirt and sitting on the bed she pulled me on the bed and we kissed and I heard someone coming I jumped up and stood against the the wall on the other side of the room. Its my mom come its time for bed she said ( first thing that poped in my head was My cousin C and the missed opportunity a couple of years back) I said yes mom I walked out of the room swearing in my head because I knew we are leaving in 2 days so I really wanted to make this holiday the best one ever.laying in my bed and thinking of what could have been.

i heard a little voice saying Viper viper are you asleep? I said knowing its Roslee no.come to my room Ilane and everyone is asleep(she and Ilane was sleeping in the same room) I stood up and walked to her room.there she sat on the bed with her bra and G-string I come in my cousin laying on the other bed next to Roslee's bed taking a few steps towards the bed she smiled my manhood craving her wetpatch sitting next to her she started kissing me me in my boxer precum wetting my boxer I loosen her bra Omg breast full rond and plumed I just leaned in kissing her nipples hard small nipples soft tender boobs.fooling around with my hand on her tummy I moved down south to her gstring pulling it of slow oh clean shaven soft and cream dripping of her slit lips taking my hand over her wettpoach slipping my finger in her wet sex hole deep I pushed thinking she's no virgin.

faster faster she moaned getting ready to get my manhood wet I pulled myself over her playing with my manhood by her sexy wet sex hole I just have to push and it is in for desired pleasure.stop she cried out!!! Thinking to myself I am so unlucky with this not again.what love? I you have a rubber??

What? I replied thinking where the hell must I get one now?? She said one rubber or no sex.thinking its all over.she said Viper there is rubbers in uncle. P's room in the dresser .oh ok but everyone sleeping how the hell.i replied.

You will make a plan if you want me.sneaking in my uncles room.the smell of sex hits me the window is letting a bit of light in I see the dresser slowly opening it victory got one looking over the bed I see my uncle laying on his side facing the window and my aunt M laying next to the dresser slowly turning around I bump the bed thinking oh crap my aunt turning pulling the covers of her and revealing her 38 year old breast and her hairy sex.i stood there amazed that she looked that good trying to stop the temptation of feeling but I could not help pretty masseuse fucked and jizzed on ass by her client pornstars hardcore self slowly moving my hand onto her beautiful breast feeling her up and moving my hand down to her sex hole mmm wet I thought putting my finger in and moving it in and out she moaned P yes.

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stopping and leaving her wanting more I remember that al Roslee is waiting quickly moving out I went to Roslee a hero she ask horny I replied you have no idea.she pulled down my boxer my manhood poped up she took the rubber and gently rolled it over my thick manhood .

laying down with legs wide open I climb on the bed and she pulled me closer pop in it goes mmm I moaned.she looked at me and asked smiling are you a virgin( like every guy in this position I lie) No I have had 3 girls on my stick I replied.

she smiles I went in and out hard soft for 2 hours she cums and cum after I could see she knew I lied but she looked at me and smiled saying night with a kiss.standing up I glanced over to my little cousin Ilane and I see her smiling and trying to keep her eyes close.little perv I thought going to my room I still needed to get rid of the cum filled rubber going to the bathroom pitch black I try and flash it in toilet paper took a few tries but worth it turning around the light goes on its my aunt M I froze and then got hard again my aunt in the light nude not seeing me at first she just walked pass me she stopped looked at me and smiled.

looking down at my manhood she walked over to me and took it in her hand and said wanne have fun Viper? I didnt know what to say but she was playing with my precum on my manhood head breathing in I said yes she dropped to her knees and started blowing me God I died and gone to heaven at that moment she pulled back and laid on the mat and said muff me.

down on abuelas peludas follandcon el nieto knees I started licking and sucking moaning she said lay down she climb on me greeting my manhood with her wet patch she moved up and down faster and faster for an hour moaning yes yes I moaned aunt aunt she said I am cumming again with that I felt my balls bursting and my manhood getting ready to let go I moaned me to where can I cum in me she replied I just let go shooting her full of my love juice she stood up cum dripping from her sex hole she told me 7 orgasms your not bad Little viper now go to bed and remember shhh!

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It never happend. the next day it was like heaven everyone of that night was smiling at me that next morning we packed and went home I come as a boy and left a man Best holiday ever