Sweet babe in stockings gets fucked roughly

Sweet babe in stockings gets fucked roughly
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I am a 20 year old male living in the UK, and at home with my 43 year old mother, whilst I work regularly in a crummy little part-time job inbetween meeting up with my beautiful girlfriend who is at college. I am quite a normal guy, but that depends on what you class as normal these days. I guess everyone has or is entitled to their own little dark secrets in this crazy world, and I admit I do have my own.

My name is Tim, and I am quite a medium build, with scruffy dark hair and quite a regular shaver! I consider myself to have a good slim physique, and I don't get many complaints from my girlfriend, whi is extremely well-fleshed and voluptuous, just like someone else I happen to know, and love… My mother is 43 years old, and single, and to my knowledge as not been involved with any man since she broke up with my much-hated father years ago.

She is quiet and always keeps herself to herself, a harmless person. However, she in no way looks like a 43 year old. She looks no older than 37, and she bares no wrinkles at all.

Her skin is soft-looking and smooth, and she has shoulder-length, dark hair, and a matching pair of big brown beautiful eyes, above a gorgeous full, white smile. My mother was in fact, beautiful, with a certain quality and glow about her.

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She was a medium height and quite a stubby build, although appearing rather slim on average. But her most noticeable and appreciated attributes weren't her eyes, or her smile, it was something else.

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For years I had noticed, ever since I was around ten, which is when I started masturbating, my mother has an extremely large set of breasts on her chest. Like my girlfriend, only bigger, my mother was well-fleshed and they hung all the way down to her stomach without sagging like an old lady's would, they were full, wide and fat from top-to-bottom. They would literally swing like bags whenever she walked, swaying back and forth, and they would hang perfectly like a nice amateur webcam threesome penetration and doggy style of fleshy sacks whenever she bent over.

She had a beautiful pair on her, and for years, I couldn't stop thinking about them or staring at them. Everytime I saw her, I would instantly get a huge erection, and my penis would bulge against my pants. I would glare at her breasts as they pushed against her blouse or low-cut top, and drool at the very sight of her fat, juicy, heavy cleavage. She would always wear really tight tops, and her breasts would shape through perfectly, you could even see her nipples as I don't think she hardly ever wore bras.

I would watch her walk up and down stairs as I let her pass and they would bounce and jiggle like they were full of water.

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Whenever she was out, I would sneak into her bedroom and search through her bras, and masturbate to the size on the tag of the bra, which was a tremendous 44EE, and the cups were huge, I could fit my own head in each one! My beautiful mother had a fantastic pair of whoppers, and for years, I had longed to touch them bare, with my bare hands…it was an honour that I prayed for to happen, although deep down I knew it wouldn't.

I dreamed and fantasized about rolling up her top, and squeezing her jelly-soft breasts so hard until I would cum in my pants. I wanted to spurt my cum allover her fat breasts and push my penis between them as she held them together. I wanted to swallow those delicious silky breasts and chew on them like a rabid dog, and drool allover them like a dirty old man.

But not only would this never happen, it was wrong, and it would be illegal and immoral. But the power of being horny overpowered my moralities and what was right and wrong. The fact remained, my mother had giant norks that begged to be slapped about like fun bags, and stretched and sucked… Everything that I dreamed about doing to my mothers breasts, I would practise on my girlfriends, who owned a brilliant pair herself, just not as big and heavy.

They were 40EE, and still huge, soft, and milky white beauties that jiggled so much and were so soft. I would chew on them like a baby, and cum allover them, but I would always close my eyes and imagine that they were my mothers gorgeous fat tits, and luckily, my girlfriend had a similar build and features to her, so it would help me with my fixes, although she had no clue about my dirty little fantasy.

That daphne has got perfectly formed ass cheeks was almost like any other day, but you can never tell what is waiting aroung the corner for you. Some thing you would never come to expect, not in a million years&hellip. I entered my house and I headed upstairs to my room which was on japanese lesbian student in library third floor of the house, my mums was on the second.

The second I arrived at the second floor landing, that when I heard it. The sound that would ultimately change my life forever… I pushed the door open a few inches as quietly as possible, without making even the slightest sound even under all the noise, and I peeked my head around sexy sweetheart with wanton needs pornstar and hardcore side of the door and into the room and that's when I saw it, shocked and bewildered, physically frozen, unable to speak&hellip.

My mother was there, and she was lying on her bed…My mother was naked. I couldn't believe what my eyes were showing me. Never in my life had I been honoured with such an amazing site&hellip.I could see her enormous 44EE breasts, as she lay naked with such elegance, with her legs spread apart, her beautiful pussy agape, and I could see the wetness through the big brown bush…her breasts were beautiful, they hung over each side of her body like big bags of water, and I would say that they were each as big as deflated beach balls, they definitely looked bigger than they did through her clothing, I was stunned.

Her nipples were round and perfectly large and a beautiful pink. Her breasts looked moist, and so soft. Saliva began to accumulate in my mouth as my jaw literally hung open… I didn't try to conceive as to why my mother was lying naked on her own bed with her door open, I was too amazed by her giant pink marsh mallows to care.

I was standing in the doorway just staring at her, but that's when I noticed the empty bottles of beer scattered allover the bedroom floor, there must have been a dozen altogether…I had no idea she drunk, especially so much&hellip.this was all too much for me to take in.I had to lean against the wall and take deep breaths, but the excitement of seeing my mother's beautiful fun bags didn't help with my breathing, as I began to pant heavily, and feel my cock scrape against my pants like a throbbing limb, just dying to tear out and dig its way into my mothers wet cunt.

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Her eyes were heavily shut, and she looked exhausted. It felt safe enough to approach her, and I walked into full glimpse of her wonderful, full breasts… I began to tremble.

She was asleep, either that or unconscious, and her face was bright red after drinking…but I had no idea why she had been drinking as my mother wasn't really a drinker, let alone a beer drinker My initial assumption was that she may have had a guy over, gotten pissed and then he left…but to be honest&hellip.I didn't care&hellip.I was too horny&hellip.all I wanted to do was jump on the bed and indulge myself into playing with her fabulous fleshy creations…and that's exactly what I decided to do… I climbed ontop of her, and then hung myself over her, sitting on her legs, taking a brief feel of her soaking wet pussy with my trembling hands, as I partially entered my finger tip to tickle her clit.

She moved slightly with ease… I moved my hands towards her breasts, and without hesitation I squeezed them in my hands. I could literally see and of course feel my own fingers disappear into the mountain of soft flesh like I was putting my hands in a thick liquid, or dough. By now, my fingers had completely vanished beneath the fleshy surface and deep into the softness of her beautiful pink breasts, as I squeezed them with all my strength to experience how soft they truly were, and they were indeed.

Never in my life had I been so incredibly horny, with such an erotic passionate craving for someone so close and dear to me, my own mother.I was ready to ejaculate my load allover her but I wasn't ready, I had to make the most of this once-in-a-life-time moment.

I massaged her breasts slowly with my trembling hands as my dick became harder and chloroformed fortuneteller lady gets tied and brutally fuck by unsatisfied customer like a sore bruise.

I could feel it pressing against my mother's smooth inner-thighs, near her gaping wet vagina. My mother remained asleep and relatively motionless and although I knew I could fuck her without her knowing, I knew that it was wrong, drooling allover her breasts is as far as I had to let it to go.

I continued to stroke her breasts, inbetween squeezing them hard enough to see them 're-shape' which turned me on so much I began to cry tears allover my mothers breasts, which were laready soaked in my saliva and my sweat.

I couldnt hold it in any longer, I needed to cum on something. I moved upwards along her body, and placed my thick boner inbetween her massive fat chunks of tit and pushed them together, literally losing sight of my very own dick, as it became lost underneath the two duvets of pink flesh., as did the sight of my mothers beautifully placid face.I began to fuck her tight cleavage, which felt quite like a wet pussy as it was already soaked with my drool.

I began to foam in the mouth for the first time in my life, as the dry white spit fell softly onto my mothers giant tits.it was the most erotic moment of my life as I felt my mothers enormous mammory glands in my bare hands, as they squashed my erection.Suddenly I jolted several times, as I began to shoot my load.i felt it with each spurt as warm cum leaked inbetween her fat fleshy bags.

I couldnt stop cumming, I was like a tap that was left on.I was cumming so much that it began to ooze out from under her heavily-placed breasts and allover her body. I pulled my penis from under and continued to ejaculate allover her norks as I rubbed my hands into them, making them slimey and slippery, almost impossible to hold.i continued to jerk and cum until finally it came to an end, with my mothers breasts literally invisible underneath all of my white cock-juice.

I felt like I was going to have a heart attack ontop of my mother.I couldnt stop panting, worse than before.but I felt pure bliss and passion for my mother.I was still horny, but I felt honoured and blessed to have been given the opportuntiy to suck on my mumy's fat milky white breasts.

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I left my mother how she was.I figured she was pissed and that a guy had already been and gone, after noticing some underwear on the floor. I kissed her on the cheek as she slept silently, with white slime allover her breasts. I would simply deny it or enjoy the suspicion. I loved my mother like an angel, for years I had been longing for this moment and I knew it had to happen, but thats when the guilt struck me, about my girlfriend. That same day, I headed over to her flat to see her and make love to her, just to help with my guilt, I was ready to shag her six days from sunday, and at the same time still pretend it was my own mum.

But when I approached the door of her flat, I noticed it was halfopen, and I heard screaming coming from inside. I walked in and there I saw it.shocked and stunned.I felt faint. My girlfriend was on the floor of her living room with four other guys, each one of them inside her like she was some kind of porno queen.I felt sick, I wanted to die.she was lying on the carpet, with one guy inside her from underneath, fucking her up the ass, another guy fucking her form the front, with another guy next to him, both obviously inside her pussy at the same time, and another shooting his load allover her tits and face.I couldnt believe what was happening to me.what she had done to me.was this punishment for my betrayal and my incestual sins.?

to be continued.