From mouth to a hole xxx action wouldnt stay u calm

From mouth to a hole xxx action wouldnt stay u calm
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This is my first time trying this. Positive feedback only please. "Brandon, time for dinner!" yelled my mother Kassy from outside my door. "ALRIGHT MOM! JESUS!" I yelled as I stood up to walk out of my room, turning my computer off before I left. I was at 16 years of age and sadly still a virgin, also roughly 5 feet, 11 inches tall with green eyes. "Wow Brandon!

Yell a little louder next blonde pretty girls lips print on wazoo and maybe my ears will fall off!" yelled my sister Rose, rubbing her ear in pain.

"Well who would complain, would be an improvement on your. Hideous face!" I sneered from across the living room. Rose was actually a pretty good-looking girl, as much as I hated to admit it.

She had a nice, slender body with a nice rounded ass and mom horny watching son jerking, which was seeable though the shirts she wore. Her cleavage was showing so much of her off, a huge crack went through the center of her chest. "There is no need for that Brandon. You know its hard enough to have had your father leave this family in the past week, you two should really try being nice, like you used to be." Said my mother, sighing softly as she laid down a steak for us both to eat.

"Well if Brandon here was not such a dumb ass- ROSE!" Yelled my mother, angry at what she just said. "You know I don't like that language in this house, especially from you! You're only 15 years old!" My mother was furious now. "I want you to finish your steak and get to bed! NOW!" Rose squinted her eyes at me and looked like she was threatening me with her fork.

I couldn't help but laugh a little, as I knew she was (for the most part) an innocent little girl, and would never hurt me. "Love you Rose" I said smiling at her. "Pfft, like you actually mean that" rose answered as she finished her steak. "Okay young lady, be nice and go to be now.

Its late." I said teasingly "Whatever." Rose said hatefully as she turned to mom. "Night mommy" she said kissing her on the cheek and strutting off to her room. "Isn't it odd how her mood changes so quickly?" I asked my mother.

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"I hate to admit it, but she gets that from my side of the gene pool, son." Said my mother quietly. We sat quietly till I finished my steak, I then put my dishes in the sink, along with roses, and walked towards my room.

As I was walking back, I found my sisters door partly open, and heard a light noise from behind it. I started to push the door open as quietly as possible, lucky me she got a new door put in just last week as the last one was worn out from years of being used and had a horrible squeaking noise.

I peer my head into the room. The lights were on and I could see my sister on the bed, she was watching something on her television, but her attention seemed to be somewhere else.

I peered into the door more and found what she was paying attention to, just as she seemed to silently scream. Her hand sweet and sensual fucking smalltits and hardcore rapidly moving back and forth over her clit as liquid started to shoot out onto a towel she had placed on the bed for easy clean up.

Or so it's supposed to be, but she seemed to get Gemma massey isis love krissy lynn and lingerie cumshot but the towel. "Holy shit!" I said as quietly as a surprised teen could be to watch a girl cum like that! Rose all the sudden noticed me watching and grabbed the towel to cover her self. "WHAT THE HELL BRANDON! HAVENT YOU EVER HEARD OF KNOCKING!?" "Well, yes I have, but your door was already open, so why should I knock?" for some reason, I was extremely calm after just seeing what I saw my sister doing.

"Because I was&hellip. was&hellip. I was&hellip. um&hellip. h-how much did you see? "Oh, I walked in about the time you were done. Good job though, I have never seen something like that in real life!" I said smiling "Shut up Brandon! Do you have any idea how embarrassing that&hellip.

that&hellip. Brandon, your pants!" she gasped. I looked down to see my pants bulging outward where my dick got extremely hard from watching her. "Oh shit!" I yelled turning away as rose dropped the towel she was holding and got off the bed, staring at me turned around. "Brother&hellip. are you okay?" she asked, turning me around as I held my hands over my crotch "I'm sorry rose, I should have just left&hellip." Rose grabbed my hands and pulled them away from my pants.

"Brandon, I know what that is.

Its called a boner, and guys get it when they are&hellip. aroused." I pulled my hands back to cover it again. "Y-yes, but I got it because of you, and that's wrong!" with that I ran out of her room and to mine. I laid on my bed and turned the television on and flicked through some channels, nothing good was on, so I turned my computer on and signed into a chat room with some friends.

After an hour of talking to a friend from school, I decided it was getting lat and that it was time for bed. I laid down trying to sleep, but I couldn't. The thoughts of my sister were still racing through my head, and they seemed to keep repeating. Someone knocked on my door and then slowly opened it and came in.

I couldn't see who it teen pals fuck amateur xxx debbie banged in public toilet because my lights were off. "Hello?" I said finding this kind of strange.

I felt a hand press lightly on my chest, I only sleep in my boxers. "Brother&hellip. I can't stop thinking of what I saw&hellip. C-can you let me see it? I got up and turned the lights on to see my sister lying on the opposite side of my bed. "Rose? Shouldn't you be asleep right now?" Rose sat up and stared at me with her innocent brown eyes. She was wearing a nightgown, and by the way she made sure to keep it covering her entire body, I guessed she had nothing else under it.

"I can't sleep, I want to see your penis…it looked so big through your jeans." Her voice sounded sad and desperate at the same time. "What?! I cant do that! You're my sister!" I said taken aback by her words.

"Brother please!" she said as she started to cry lightly. I noticed the tears and she buried her face in her hands. "Why are you crying about this? You actually thought I would show you?!" I asked taking a step forward surprised by his sister crying.

Rose was usually a tough girl. "But&hellip. It's not the first one I would have ever seen! I have seen other ones before!" she said through the sobs in her voice. "What?! You have had sex with a guy before?" I asked really freaked out imagining my 15-year-old sister with another guy.

It made my stomach turn. "N-no! I mean online." She said staring up at me with her soft brown eyes, piercing me to my soul with her innocent look. I don't know what caused me to do it, but I walked over and wrapped my arms around her hugging her tightly. "I still don't know why you're crying&hellip. but if you want, I could keep you company till you feel better. Sound like a good idea?" Rose stopped crying and hiccupped once while saying: "w-well, I guess that's okay&hellip." I picked my sister up and I took her back to her room, where I laid her down on one side of the bed, and I laid down on the other side.

As soon as I laid down and we were both under the covers, she grabbed my hand and pushed herself to my chest and rested it there. "Brother… Do you not want me?" rose asked, she sounded half asleep already. "You know I love you rose…but&hellip." I was half asleep now too. "But&hellip. you're my sister, and&hellip." My mind seemed to be loosing focus as I felt her breath breeze over my chest.

My vision blackened in minutes, and I awoke later. I looked at the clock. it was almost 10 A.M.

"Ugh, lucky its Saturday&hellip." I said about to sit up from lying in the bed as I realized something was wrong. My sister was still lying across my chest, but her hand was in my pants and seeing as how it was morning, I had morning wood. "Mmmn. Hey brother." She said to me. She had a triumphant look on her face as she squeezed my cock's shaft softly." I would say you're at least 6 inches!" she said a little surprised.

"R-rose&hellip. Stop it! I was getting uncomfortable and tried pulling her hand out of my pants. This was useless, as she held onto my shaft tightly. "Let go rose! This is wrong and you know it!" I said as she started to pull on the elastic on my boxers downward. "But brother, your hard cock here says that you need some attention!" she said with a teasing look on as she pulled my boxers down to my ankles exposing my hard dick to the cold air in the room. "Oh brother! Its so beautiful!" she said as she pulled down on the shaft, exposing the head of my dick to the cold air too.

A shiver was sent through me as I tried to force her off, but no use came from it. "Oh brother. Are you cold? Let me help you warm up. Please." The put her most innocent look on and put my cock against her cheek to make her look more innocent. "No rose! Stop it now!" I said to her, a little angry that I was not resisting that much.

As I expected though, she started to slowly stoke my cock up and down. That did not last long though, she started stroking faster and faster till I could not stop her anymore and dropped my head back and accepted what my sister was doing.

"Oh, so you do like this, huh brother?" Rose asked teasingly as she started to kiss my shaft all over. I still could hardly believe my own sister was doing this as she licked the head of my hard dick a few times, then pushed her mouth and lips down around my cock, sending it from cold to warm in a split second. "Ah! Goddamn Rose!

Y-your mouth is so warm!" I gritted my teeth as she swallowed half of my shaft, then she started to move her head back up as my hand grabbed the back of her hair and forced her down to almost the base of my dick. Her throat seemed to resist for a while, till I did it a few more bbc fucks white wife super long compilation hour part before it seemed to slide down her throat easier.

Roses eyes watched my face intently as she watched as my face changed expressions, all of them a blissful joy expression of some kind. Suddenly, Rose took over and sucked my 6 inch engorged dick down her throat as I squeezed her hair tightly.

Rose knew what was coming, and pulled all but the head out of her mouth as I came with a huge explosion into her mouth as she stared at me in shock by how much shot out of my pulsating dick, she started to swallow it. After her first few mouthfuls she closed her eyes and made a deep moan from down in her stomach. When she finally finished, she pulled her mouth off mf my dick and stared at me with her sparkling eyes.

"That was amazing brother&hellip. and your cum tasted so good!" she was still holding my dick with both her hands, then she started to blush.

I just laid there, confused "Brother… I was wondering if you could&hellip. Do something for me&hellip." "What do you mean Rose?" I was pretty sure I knew what she wanted me to do, this was my little sister, but I have never seen a side of her like this. I was not sure of anything anymore. "I want you to&hellip.

fuck me brother…please." She had that desperate look again, but of all things I would not do, that was it. "Oh my god sis, no way!" I sat up so my back was on the headboard for support as I pulled my boxers back up. "Oh please brother!" twister game with a milf leads to his cock penetrating her wrapped her arms around me and held me close to her.

Her boobs were pushing into my chest, and I could feel her nipples were hard through her nightgown. I suddenly had an idea to get this horny, seductive girl off me.

"I wont fuck you, but I have an idea." I put one of my hands between our chests and pushed her back a little, then pinched one of her boobs hard. She let out a high moan as I pushed her back so she was lying across the bed. I pushed her nightgown up and over her head. Her boobs were huge! I found myself thinking if a 14-year-old girl could possibly be this big here. Next thing I knew, one of my hands mexican fucks her best friend in the ass honey deamon softly pinching her boob while the other was lightly biting her nipple with my lips.

"Oh Brandon, that feels good. Don't stop please&hellip." I kept this up for a few minutes. Sucking and licking with my lips. Pinching and rolling them between my fingers. After a few minutes, I realized that my sister was pushing her pussy upward into my boxers, trying to get at my dick. Her pussy juices were actually coating my boxers with a warm liquid from pushing against it for the past few minutes.

I put a hand on her soft mound above her pussy and pushed down trying to stop her. "Please brother! Please fuck me! I'm so hot right now!" I stared at her. I had never seen my sister this crazy before. I wanted to see what her pussy looked like, so I started repositioning my hands to get a better view when my hand brushed over her clit, and her body stiffened as she let out a loud moan. "Fuuuuuhhhk!!!

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God damn it!" she yelled as she had an orgasm that easily. Her pussy stopped contracting right when I got in a good position to see it. "Awwww, how cute. My lil sis came that easily?" I teased her "Shut up and do it again brother!" She said with a mad look on her face, waiting for another. "Excuse me sis, but I think I'm in charge here!" I rubbed the slit of her pussy when I started talking, and pinched her clit lightly when I finished.

She moaned loudly and started gasping for breath deeply. "Oh wow sis! Seems like your weak spot is your clit!" I started to rub her pussy lips while lightly licking her clit. "Oh shit, oh fuck, oh god! Yes! Brother, right there!" my sister seemed to be loosing all control as her blonde cougar brandi love enjoys a big fat cock pornstars and hardcore bucked up and down. She let out a loud continuous moan and I knew she was about to cum, so I changed my licking, to sucking on her clit, and shoved a finger deep into her pussy.

I hit a wall just a little; it was almost out of range of my fingers. But Rose did not scream in pain when I hit her Hymen, she screamed in ecstasy, as her orgasm seemed to intensify by that. All the sudden my face was hit by running water, I threw my head back and realize she had came, and HARD!

After she was done, she grabbed my face and pulled it to her as she kissed me. This kiss was strange to me, it was not a brother and sister kiss, it was a lover kiss.

She used her tongue to explore the inside of my mouth, but she seemed kind of sluggish at it. I stuck my tongue into her mouth and did the same to her, only faster. After a minute or two, she finally pulled away and went almost completely limp in my arms. I figured after the orgasm she just had, she would be kind of tired. I laid her down in her bed, and put the covers over her.

I went to get me some breakfast and turned the television on. A few hours later, I heard her call my name. "Brandon, can you&hellip. come in here for a minute?" I walked towards her room and entered after a minute outside thinking of what happened. "Yes sis?" I stared at her as I walked in and… TO BE CONTINUED…if I get some positive feedback that is.