Balls deep in the 19th hole p2

Balls deep in the 19th hole p2
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The snow had started early in the day and had come down hard. I hadn't looked up from my work twice the whole day. When I peered out of my office window at mid-afternoon, I wondered if I'd be able to make it out of the city much less get to my home some fifteen miles out.

The traffic thinned out finally as I drove in almost white out conditions. I was tired and my thoughts were of getting home, starting a fire and getting something into my stomach. For me it was almost to routine. Everyday go to work, home to bed, back to work.

I had poured myself into getiing a degree so I could work into the finance business and now that I was there, I had know time for anything else. I was constantly tired and reaching for the next business day.

I was thinking what phonerotica com sex stories in ebony pathetic life. I didn't see the car in front of me until I was nearly on top of it. Dim flashers through the snow caught my eye and I was able to slow enough to avoid hitting it. I wondered, as I slowly passed by if anyone was inside. I could not make out anything but the outline of the car. As I drove past I saw the lights flash faintly in the mirror.

There was someone in the car. I slowed and started backing towards it. I'm not in the habit of stopping for strangers on the highway, but the snow had really piled up and I couldn't just leave someone stranded.

There didn't seem to be any cars coming for miles in any direction. They might have to spend the night out there if someone didn't stop. I trotted back to the car and just as I got to the driver's door, the window slowly slid down.

The snow was whipping in all directions and it was extremely cold. In the dim interior light of the car I laid eyes on one of the most delecious females I've ever seen.

She was dark skinned with dark hair. She was well dressed and wore a sable coat down to her knees. The white alexis may and teen friend bukkake facials folded open across her chest to reveal the creamy round tops of her breasts.

She was worried to say the least. "Thank Good you stopped." Her accent was Russian or Europian. I couldn't tell for sure.

But the sound of her words seemded to blend into the pitch of the wind blowing the snow around. It was haunting the way she peered up into my eyes.

"I've been here for the longest time. No one will stop for me." I couldn't just stand out in the weather trying to decide what to do. I motioned to her that I was going to the other side, for her to let me in. Her name as Smanatha. She had been stranded since mid-afternoon. She was a vision. Her skin was dark and she had full length brown hair. Her eyes sparkled a golden brown color. She seemed skiddish at first.

I was a stranger and she couldn't have known what my intentions were. I explained to her that I lived another ten miles out and we could drive there and try to reach some help for her.

Both our cell phones were out of service. She looked back through the rear window and bit at her lower lip. She agreed to come with me. "Just let me get my bag." She reached over the back seat and retrieved a small carry on. I slid out the passanger door and helped her out into the driving snow. Once into my car I turned up the heat and started down the road. Brunette in fishnet katrina jade gets fucked by lexington steele interracial and hardcore had just come to this country from the Ukraine, she called it the "old country".

She had come to the US to start a new business in inport exporting. She had been in the City for the past three weeks setting up office. She was somewhat shy and reserved as she talked. We arrived at my place and I help her into the house.

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She hurried in and quickly commented how nice it was. I had sank all my time and money in remodleing this old ranch house instead of dating.

I was proud of it. I sat her bag down and took her coat to the spare room. beautiful babe in fishnet stockings gets pounded yourself at home.

Would you like a glass of wine?' She accepted. I helped her with the phone book to call a wrecker. I went to the kitchen to pour wine and grab us some cheese and crackers. I couldn't stop thinking about this creature in my den.

She was so beautiful. She had a knee high skirt on slightly split up the side; a soft angora sweater top buttoned up the middle; with just enough unbuttoned to reveal the golden tops of her firm breasts.

She was all I could vision as I slid the knife through the cheese. the knife slipped and cut the heel of my hand.

Not a large cut but big enough to gush blood and make me damn it. Samantha appeared in the doorway. "What have you done, Thomas?" She moved in beside me at the sink. I was trying to run cold water over the cut when she slowly pulled my hand up to her mouth. "Oh you poor thing. Let me see that." I watched as she moved her tongue lightly over the cut.

small pools of my blood gathered on her tongue. She drew her mouth closed over my hand and slowly sucked the flesh. The sting went away and was replaced with a burning sensation that went straight through my body into my cock.

She purred slightly as she nursed on the wound and worked her tongue over it. She was so close to me that she had to have felt my cock straining against my pants. It felt so good. She never took her eyes off mine.

I had to get out of there. ' I'll be right back.' I fumbled in the medicine cabinet for a bandaide. Out as ussual. I got out of my clothes and into my sweats. I could keep my excitement conceled better in bulky clothes. When I got back to the den I was shocked. I blonde babe riding her ass on cock only been gone for five, maybe ten minutes. She had a fire roaring in the fireplace, a wine glass pursed to her lips, and she had changed into a royal blue, button up night shirt.

She was curled up on my sofa with her silky legs folded filling attractive hotties mouth with a lovestick her. " I hope you don't mind that I got ready for bed. The wrecker people won't come out in this weather." I moved to the sofa.

"Set down Thomas and get warm. I brought you some wine and crackers. Is your hand better?" I couldn't feel my hand. "I really appreciate you opening your home like this." We sipped wine and talked aimlessly for hours. Her voice was soft and alluring. I found myself just looking into her eyes, her voice not even sounding anymore.

The wine must have dulled my senses. "Thomas. I hope you don't think Im forward, but I am so hungry for you right now." What did she say? My mind was asleep. Before I could form another thought, she moved over close to me.

Her face glowed in the fire light. She moved in on me and slowly pressed her lips to mine. Her breath was sweet with wine. She slowly parted her lips and drew my tongue in. Our lips melted together and she slowly sucked my tongue in and out of her wet mouth. My cock came to life once again. She worked my tonuge as she slowly brought julie bowen silver milf girl bbw granny hand down over the tent in my sweats.

I ran my hands over her smooth shoulders as she peeled my cock out into the open air. Her hands were soft and gentle against my swollen flesh. She broke off our impassioned kiss and whispered into my ear. " I love to feel a mans cock, filled with blood, so hard.

It's full of life when it's like this." Her words sent shivers through my spine. She moved her hands under my shirt and slowly pulled it up and off. She took in her breath as she moved down into my lap. I leaned back into the couch as she slid her hands under my ass. She curled her fingers into the waste band and dragged my pants onto the floor. She never took her eyes from mine as she moved her mouth onto my ball sack. Her lips were soft agianst me and her breath hot against my jewels.

She slowly pulled them into her mouth, first one, and then the other. Then both of them together. She was gentle and deliberate not to hurt as she pleasured me. She spent an eternity bathing my swollen testicles with her tongue. I had never experienced a women that seemed to enjoyed feeding on balls this much.

She stopped to move her tongue into the joint of my thigh. I have always produced thick, tangy man musk in my groin. I was worried it might repulse her.

quite the opposite. She became inflamed with even more passion as she tasted me. "Thomas, you taste wild." My spine stiffend each time she passed her tongue over my swollen balls. I moved my hand through her smooth hair and quided her up to the top of my meat. Her eys glowed in the fire light as she slowly parted her soft lips and slid them over my shaft.

Her tongue was hot against me. She pulled me into the back of her throat and slowly nursed my cock. This was karlie brooks in voyeurs rub and tug apology brunette big tits going to be a face fuck, I could tell. Samantha pulled my cock slowly in and out of her mouth at first. Then she began working deeper.

I felt the tip wedge into the void at the back of her throat. She took in her breath, tilted her head slightly, and swallowed. I pushed against her open mouth and watched more cock leave my sight. Again she swallowed. Her throat contracted hard against me and more cock sank in. One more swallow and my cock was fully embedded deep into her gullet. She had complete control of herself and my cock. She would hold me deep inside her throat for long moments while she gently nursed my cock inside her mouth.

Her tongue caressed the midsection of my shaft while her throat muscels swallowed my knob over and over and over. My cum would boil up through my shaft and she would pull away to retreat back down to taste more of my cock paste. My balls began to ache for release.

I was ready to cum for this lovely creature but she would have none of it. She worked my flesh, pulling me to the edge and then stopping to snake her tongue into my ass or lick my balls. She came up and over me again and lightly bit my cock as she did. I liked it. I began to coax her to do more. 'Yes Samantha. Bite it. Chew it up.

Bite through it.' She obeyed.

With each pass into her mouth she would bite harder. I was really into it. Suddenly, as she bit into the thickest part of my shaft I felt pin pricks all through me. What was that? Before I could form another thought the needles turned to searing pain that went straight through to my ass. I pulled Samantha away trying to see what was going on.

She held on firmly and wouldn't stop working my cock. The pain subsided as her hot mouth bathed my cock and she swallowed me back down into her gullet. I urged her to go easy and she did. She held me deep in her mouth, sucking and swallowing me for over twenty minutes. I had to do something.

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I reached for her shoulders wanting to push her over onto her back. I suddenly found that I was too weak. The wine must have done a number on me. Experienced mom giving few pointers to young boy was ready to blow too. She slowly slid my cock out of her mouth and moved her body up the front of mine.

In the dim light of the fire I could stil make out ever lovely feature of this Goddess that had blessed my home.

Her breasts were firm fake agent cums on big tits pov rounded in a perfect shape and as she slid her body along mine, I felt her sex peel open around my shaft.

She slid up and down my cock, pinning it to my stomach as she smeared her juices over it. I took in my breath as she left up, titled her pelvis forward and slowly wedged my cock into her pussy. Inch by inch she suck me in until my cockhead was nestled deep inside her, rubbing her cervix. She fucked me in and out of her tender body for even longer than she had nursed my cock.

I was too weak to be more to her than a riding post at this point. I could feel every move she made but I was helpless to move. She worked my cock harder now. She lowered her face to mine and closed her lips over my mouth.

She kissed me deep as she road my spear deep into her socket. I tasted wine earlier on her sweet breath but now I tasted something different. Not cum, but salty like blood. The harder she fucked me the weaker I became. She whispered into my ear again, "It won't be long now Thomas." As she pulled her sex up and down on my cock, crimson juices would flow out of her snatch. I felt the warm mix running down my thighes. Samantha began to pull her breasts through her hands as she worked toward her climax.

I watched in pure lust for her as she bent her head to her nipple and sucked it into her own mouth. She bite through back man sex with sunny leone with her teeth several times and fucked harder against me. She growled and moaned as she bent forward and forced the nipple between my lips.

The taste of her blood filled my mouth. I spat it out and tried to push her her away. She pinned me down tighter and pounded her cunt around my meat. "Drink it Thomas. Drink from my tit or you'll die from this. Suck . Suck my tit." I swallowed the first mouthfull and threw up. She never stopped fucking me. She just force the nipple back into my mouth and made me nurse. Soon the taste turned sweeter and I liked it.

I began sucking her nipple deep into my mouth, drinking her blood, as much as she could produce. She starting cumming like a wild animal on top of me. Her body stiffened and her cunt muscle contracted around my cock.

Her joint began spewing thick crimson colored spend between us. She ground my cock deep inside and coated my thighes and lower stomach with thick bloody cum. Samantha had taken blood from me while she nursed on my cock. The pain had been her biting into the thin vien that crossed over the top of my prick. The blood now seeping out of her bloody cunt was mine. She was replenishing me by making me take blood from her swollen nipple. I felt new lust coarsing through my heart. I found renewed strength from drinking Samantha's blood.

I pushed her over onto the floor and crawled between her thighes. I lunged into her nest and sank my cock back into her belly. She pulled her legs back and cradled my body next to hers. I began stabbiing my cock in and out of her thick cunt. I tried to saw her in half with my prick.

The sound of her cunt sucking at my meat filled the room with sounds that blended with the crackle of the fire place. Each time I sank my cock into her tender body, creamy blood would seep from her sex lips. I was loosiing blood inside her from the punctures Samantha made in my cock. I wanted to cum so bad and yet I was getting teacher nicole st time anal and creampie by the minute once again.

Samantha was ready to cream and sensed quickly I was fading. "Thomas. Suck me Thomas. Suck from my tit." She quided me over the nipple yet untouched.

I slowly pulled it into my mouth but couldn't bring myself to bite it open. I didn't want to hurt her. She begged me. "Thomas, please. Bite it. suck it hard. It feels good to me. Bite me." I did. It took three sharp grasps but the blood began to flow as a sucked harder and harder. The blood tasted sweet again and I began to feel my cock tingle from base to tip.

I drank more blood and fucked so hard into her body that we slid across the carpet leaving a skid mark of bloody cum. She started to cum. "Thomas. Yes fuck yes. Stab your cock deep into my body. Yesss. oh my God. Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. Thomas don't waste it inside of me. Don't cum in me!

Let me have it Thomas. Give it to me." Samantha pushed me over pulling my cock from her dripping pussy. I was ready to explode. She moved quickly over me and clutched at my cock. I thrust toward her open mouth.

She closed her lips over the tip of my cock just as I erupted. The cum was thick and lots of it from being pushed back so many times.

Her mouth filled with my hot cream. The tip of my cock pulsated inside her mouth again and again. I felt like I was pissing my load now. She had to swallow soon or loose the nectar. I my balls rolled over in the sack as Samantha slowly pulled the head of my spewing cock down into her soft gullet one last time.

There was cum, fresh blood, cock and all pulsing deep inside her throat. She held onto me, swallowing and choking down everything I could put out.

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My lower half began to twitch out of control. She held me down for the longest time, sucking and cleaning up the juices from our union together. That was how it all began that faithful night back in the winter of 06. This dark and mystrious women had called out in the night for help, stranded by the wayside.

Had she really been stranded or had she just been lying in wait for Thomas? Was she a modern day vampire? What will happen to Thomas now. Is he cursed to live never satisfied. Never to die, only to thirst. Stay tuned for more, Blood Lust.