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Messy one eyed monster saddling hardcore blowjob
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NYMPHOMANIACAL: Part I The Beginning "Erica, could you stay for a minute after class. I'd like to speak to you." Everyone else in Mrs. Adler's grade ten geography class grabbed their books and exited the room, passing Erica by as she reluctantly sat back down. What could it possibly be now? She hadn't disrupted the class at all that period, in fact, she hadn't opened her mouth once.

But getting up and leaving would only cause more problems and she didn't want that. She had never been incredibly smart. She wasn't at all dumb but she never seemed to be able to do her work correctly. It wasn't much of a surprise to her that she had been asked to stay back. She could simply deduce that her grades were responsible.

But whatever it was that she lacked in intelligence or work ethic she made up for beauty. She was young with a petit build and a pretty face, long brown hair, full lips and a pair of perky blosoming B-cups underneath her tight sweater.

It was no secret that many of the boys liked her, but for some reason unknown to her, she was never interested in any of them. She looked to Mrs. Adler who was sitting behind her desk finishing some teacher work. Adler was new to Erica's school. She was about thirty years old, which was pretty young compared to most of the other teachers. Alder was fuck johnny san dani daniel tall woman with long legs and curly locks of strawberry-blonde hair that hung down over her exceptionally large breasts.

Although these breasts were never really appreciated for their sexual value at school. None of the male students had ever made a sexual remark about her or thought of her in any way besides that of an authority figure.

After all, she didn't display any of the charactoristics of a playful, sexual person. She had a reputation for being stone cold.

Adler finished up what she was doing at her desk and began walking towards the door. For a second Yong attractive cutie was fucked out side thought she'd been forgotten and opened her mouth to say something, but before she could make a sound she realised that Adler had gotten up to shut the door. Erica didn't take this as a good sign, since the only reason a teacher would want the door closed is so nobody could hear her yelling at a student.

Adler came and sat in the desk next to Erica and faced her with a pair of gorgeous green eyes that she had never noticed before.

"I wanted to talk to you about your grades." No suprises so far, "You don't seem to be keeping up with the rest of the class." "I'm really sorry, I've been trying my hardest." Erica apologized honestly. "Are you like this in all of your subjects?" "Most of them, yes." She wanted more than anything just to get up and leave.

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"Well, do want to repeat this class during the summer?" Adler asked in her signiture cold voice, "Because that's where you're headed if you don't straighten things out." She looked at the closed door almost nervously, "But I can help you if you want. I can make sure that you pass." Erica couldn't help but let a look of surprise sweep over her, "Yes, that sounds great." She began to notice something funny behind those breathtaking green eyes, and she wasn't sure what to think about shemale fucking girl hard best storys, "How?" "Every Friday stay an extra half an hour after class with me and I'll make sure that you get a solid 80% on your report card.

We can start tonight." Erica was uneasy about having to stay after school on Fridays and uneasy about whatever that look in Mrs. Adler's eye was, but it seemed female boss forced by employees more than fair deal.

So she accepted. She pulled out her notebook and opened it to the work they had been doing that day, thinking Adler would go over it with her. But Mrs. Alder closed the book. "I'm not going to help you with Geography," she said bluntly, Erica looked at her with pure confusion.

"As long as you stay once a week, you'll never have to do any Geography again." This made her look even more puzzled. "Erica, I want to be very sraight forward with you. You are a beautiful girl and I want you.

If you give me what I want than I'll give you what you want. It's a great deal and beleive me, it's not one that I would make to just anyone." Erica was shocked to say the least at the sudden realisation of what was going on. Mrs. Adler had just made a request to her that she didn't know quite how to feel about. After shock she found a terrible guilty feeling that made her want to walk out the door.

But she didn't walk out the door. She would have never admitted it then, but somewhere deep inside of her was a curious, adventurous ball of repressed sexuality that had finally been offered a chance to reveal itself.

Erica couldn't speak. Her mouth, framed with her perfect pink lips hung wide open. "If you say no, then you'll be taking this course over." Erica could have reported her to the administration for this, but that ball of lust deep within her said to do what Adler was asking of her.

She lied to herself and said that she was only doing it because she didn't want to go to summer school, and in a quite voice that was not more than a whisper she agreed, "I'll do it." Mrs. Adler grinned widely and asked a question that Erica was afraid to answer, "Have you ever been kissed before?" She shook her head slowly. She never had. "That's unbeleivable, you're such a beautiful girl. You know how to kiss don't you?" She nodded. "Well, I'll start slowly with you then." Mrs. Adler leaned in close to Erica and their lips embraced.

Erica's heart was pounding so loudly she thought she would have a heart attack. The taste of Adler's saliva made her knees weak and her body fell into her teacher's groping arms. The woman's tongue entered her mouth and began exploring with excitement until it found Erica's. She didn't think that she was a lesbian, but if she wasn't, then how could this feel so good?

Mrs. Adler's soft hands found their way to Erica's legs, which were bare because of the short skirt she'd decided to wear that day.

The sensation of her thighs touching another woman's flesh made her jump a little, breaking away from her teacher's mouth and letting loose a small moan of surprise and pleasure. She pulled her face back towards Adler's and once again their nimble pink tongue caressed eachother in their mouths. But this time Adler pulled away.

"Take off your sweater." She whispered. Erica obeyed. She reached down with both hands and pulled the pink sweater over her head. As she threw it girls out west hairy amateur pussy licked and drilled at home the seat behind her perky young breasts bounced a little inside her red bra.

Her young tummy and mouth-watering cleavage were now exposed to a person she would never have thought would see them, "Come here", Adler motioned for her to sit on her lap. Once again she obeyed, wrapping her legs around Adler's waist and rubbing up against her. Adler began unbuttoning her blouse as Erica stared on with facsination. This was the first time she'd ever noticed just how big Adler's bust was. She breathed hard with anticipation as the last button came undone and Adler's flesh rubbed against her through her thin white bra that barely contained her big pale melons.

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Erica reached behind herself and unhooked her own bra at the same time as Adler unhooked hers. Erica's breasts were a good size and her little pink nipples were erect. Adler's were incredibly big and almost to the point where they sagged, but somehow they managed to defy gravity. Her nipples were big and glorious and the two women once again embraced, their bosoms rubbed up against eachother causing pleasure to run threw eachother's bodies like electric currents.

Their hands rubbed all over eachother's bodies exploring every inch of exposed flesh. Soft moans filled the air and Erica realised she'd never felt so light headed, so good. She knew now that she wanted to lose her virginity this day in this classroom and she wanted Frisky lesbian dolls are gaping and fisting anals. Adler to take it.

Almost as if Erica's mind had been read, Adler gentley pushed her off her lap, "Go to my desk, and take off your clothes." As always, Erica obeyed. She crossed the room to Adler's desk at the front of the room.

Adler stood up and sat on one of the students desks at the front of the room to watch the young girl put on a show. She bent over backwards so her skirt came up high enough to reveal her little pink panties. She untied and removed her sneakers, but decided that she would leave her long white socks that came almost up to her knee on. Then came her skirt, she pulled it down slowly and sentually until her young virgin body was wearing nothing but her underwear, but that was next.

We practically tore them off, sat up on the desk naked and spread her legs. The perfect pink pussy with just enough lips and a little strip of light brown hair above it. She closed her eyes tightly and rubbed it between her fingers. She'd only masturbated once before and never found that much pleasure in it, but now she was genuinely turned on and the feeling was incredible.

When Erica opened her eyes Adler had taken off her pants and was rubbing herself through her silky black underwear. Her long delicious legs lead down to her feet in high healed shoes and her mouth open, letting tiny gasps out of her.

A stain of fluid was very visible on her crotch. She came towards Erica and placed her hands on the virgin's pussy which was now very wet itself. She rubbed the clit with her thumb and Erica let out a yelp despite her best efforts to contain herself. Alder then inserted two fingers and gentley pulled in and out. She withdrew them and sucked the juices off them licking her lips. She stood up and pulled off her panties and threw them across the room.

Her shaved pussy was even more wonderful than Erica could have expected. Erica's small hand reached over and began to rub Adler's clit and the teacher moaned loudly.

Imitating what had felt so good on her just a moment ago, Erica reached inside Adler's cunt and withdrew and re-entered with increasing speed.

She soon discovered that it was very elastic and without realising it her entire fist went up inside of her teacher. This pushed Adler to the point of climax and her moans become high-pitched and louder. Erica pulled out and began sucking on her fingers, the taste was suprisingly xx sanny lion sex stories story.

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Adler forced hereself to sit down naked on the floor for second and Erica did the same, leaning her back against the desk at the from of the room. After a angela white fuck comedy gajan seconds, Adler found the ability to speak, and what she said needed no further explanation, "And now for you." Mrs. Adler got down on all four and leaned into Erica's pussy with her tongue outstretched.

Another yelp from Erica. Adler's tongue was now inside of her, licking her with a sex-crazed ferosity unlike anything she had ever felt before. Then two hands reached up and began to massage her breasts and with a great force she reached a climax for the first time in her life.

A spray of vaginal fluids splashed Adler in the face and dripped down onto her large breasts which were pulsating with the incredibly fast beating of her heart.

She leaned back and licked around her lips. Erica began to quiver and her entire body seized up. Her breath came out as a shivering noise and for a few seconds she felt nothing but explosive pleasure everywhere on her body. She lied there for who knows how long, completely naked except for her long white socks.

Finally she sat herself up. Adler was putting her pants back on, her face still dripping and her lips up in a wide grin. "Looks like the janitor has a little mess to clean up." She smirked at the girl picking up her blouse and put it on over her large wet breasts. "Yeah." Erica wasn't sure what to say, "I didn't know that would happen." Adler smiled at her warmly, whatever coldness that there was to her had disappeared for the time being, "You're a squirter kid.

It's a good thing, don't worry." Erica stood up and began collecting her own clothes, "No, I meant, this. I didn't think I was a. you know. a lesbian." Adler was now fully dressed except for her giant bra that she'd forgotten and then stuffed into her pocket.

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"Well, if you like boys, then maybe you're a bisexual. That's me. I love sex more than anything. You should experiment and find out what you really want." Erica put on her underwear and her skirt and began searching for her bra. She found it near her sweater and grabbed them both. She pulled them both on. Adler wiped her face off with a cloth and unlocked the door. "Good news, you're officially a woman." She smiled and Erica smiled back, putting on her shoes and collecting her books.

Mrs. Adler opened the door and the two left the room. They walked down the hall together for a while and even passed by some students who had stayed late for whatever reasons. She felt so dangerous, dirty and fantastic.

Nobody had any idea what had just happened and that next monday students would be receiving their lessons where she lost her viginity to the busty geography teacher.

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"Have a good weekend, Erica." Adler went down a different hallway towards the staffroom, "Same time next week." Erica waved and began walking towards the front doors.

Something deep inside had been woken up, and Erica's life was about to change forever.