Three stunning babes suck big dick

Three stunning babes suck big dick
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My dad usually picked Tiff & me up from school. He drove a cab during the day. Sometimes he'd take us to the garage after school. We loved those days because it meant we wouldn't go straight home & we'd get Mickey D's! It was something about that garage it was freedom we'd sit in the car eat our McD's & do our homework. If my dad's car was up for the lift we'd get to sit in someone else's car.

One particular guy, Joe, was a coworker of my dad at the cab company, he would sometimes pick us up if my dad was too far on a call & wouldn't make it in time to pick us up. He met up with my dad at the garage for some kind of money exchange of some sort. He noticed Tiff & I sitting in a car & came over to say hi & be playful. He asked us if we'd done our homework & we responded yes & rewarded us with a dollar each. We said thank you & asked my dad if we could head to the store but he said we needed to learn to save.

Joe said he'd take us when he'd leave. He asked us to wait in his car.

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I called shotgun. After he & my dad was done with their transactions he drove Tiff & I to the store. We picked out all kinds of candy.

After we were done there we got in & headed back to the garage. I liked Joe he was nice. He thats a pretty bra take it pleasure photorama also a perv. On one occasion he picked us up from school & took us to McD's I sat next to him in a booth & Tiff sat across from us.

We were all talking he'd ask us about school & if we had any boyfriends at that time I was 9 & Tiff 11. We said we didn't have any boyfriends because all the boys were rude, he laughed. We always wore skirts; dresses & shoes because our parents believed pants were made for men & sneakers for gym. I reached across to pick from Tiff's nuggets & my butt came up slightly off the seat she smacked my hand away & I laughed.

I sat back down into my seat & to my surprise into Joe's hand. I looked at him but he made it as if he was looking away either looking to see if anyone was watching him or avoiding eye contact with me 'cause he knows it is wrong. Tiff excuses herself from the table to go to the bathroom. I stay seated; he moves his fingers around as if searching for a particular thing. I think my clit. He finds it & uses one finger to touch on it. It feels good so I start to purposely raise my butt off my seat & sit back down again.

I do it again & again & he waits for me to raise my butt up again & he slips his finger into my panty & rubs on my clit & pussy really quick then pulls his hand away, he was done. He asked if I was finished with my food, I said yes, he told me to get Tiff from the bathroom & that he'd be waiting in the parking lot waiting in the car.

I got Tiff & also used the bathroom before leaving. When we reached the car he looked dazed & looked at me with lust in his eyes. He told Tiff to get in the back & I rode up front with him. When I got in I noticed he had a napkin over his crotch & I could see the outline of his hard dick. I could tell it was out of his pants. We sat in the car a while he put on the radio. He then took it out from under the napkin & held in his hand & asked me to move closer to him.

Between the music & the cab partition Tiff had no clue what was going on. I move closer baby sister sucking her boss breast milk him as I scooted over he slips his hand under me. He slips my panty only off my ass (he didn't take it off all the way) & starts to squeeze my butt run his fingers between my crack & pussy.

He massages my clit, whatever he was doing to it felt so good that my belly ached from pleasure. He jerks his dick with his left hand while pleasing me with his right I grind on his hand letting him know I like it.

When he's getting ready to bust he makes me hold his dick, his hand over mine motioning me on what to do. He bust in my hands & his…he smiles & kisses my forehead. Wipe my hand clean & makes me pull up my panty. He cleans his self & he drives us home. I had fun that day. He made my pussy feel extra sensitive somehow. Another episode was a long time after the first time, he picked me up from school & he drove us home.

My mom & dad were out so my Aunt Beatrice was supposed to be home to get us.

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We lived in a 4th floor walk up, I lived on the 3rd floor & Tiff on the fourth she was the only apartment on the top floor. Near her apartment was a set of stairs leading to the roof. When you're on my Aunt's floor you can hear can the lobby door & see who's coming upstairs. The door leading to the roof wasn't locked so we can go there anytime.

Tiff & me sometimes did that. We ate some Chinese food that he'd bought us. As we waited, Joe sat on the staircase & I between his legs he talked about how he needed to get on the road but he didn't want to leave us alone. He massage my shoulders & felt on marie madison has her wet muff pumped chest (my bee stings).

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He played with them underneath my shirt. Tiff saw this & said she was going on the roof. He didn't think it was a good idea but we told him our parents let us go out there. Off she went. He continued to feel on my titis. He pulled me up to him, open my blouse & licked & sucked them. He was feeling me all over with his hand: my back, my ass, my legs, big dick up tthe hilt clit, and my pussy.

He put my hand on his dick so I can feel it. He pulled it out & I made the same up & down movement as the last time, he asked me to squeeze it too.

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He called me baby & sweety. He kissed my forehead my cheeks my lips & then stuck his tongue in my mouth but I didn't know what to do with that so I just let him do as he pleased. He picked me up & brought me up the landing near the roof, laid me down on my back pulled my panty to my ankles one leg out & opened my legs & ate my pussy like it was his first meal in months.

I remember him wanting to put a finger in my pussy I kept jumping & pulling back from him because of the pain- it hurt so he stopped trying.

He was jerking his dick as he ate my pussy & shot his cum on the stairs. He was done. He fixed me up. He checked raven ray and riley reid sperm swap Tiff & asked us if we wanted him to get us something from the store. He came back with some snack cakes & candy. He had a bottle of water & napkins. He wiped between my legs & told me to shower as soon as I got inside then wiped my face & hands with a wet napkin.

He decided that we should go downstairs & wait in front of the building. Tiff & I played hopscotch while he watched us. Twenty minutes later Aunt Beatrice runs up apologizing to him but he says it was no bother. She tries to give him money for the trouble she thinks she's caused him.

He gives Tiff & I hugs & waves goodbye.