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Sunny leone desi sexy storys
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Hello everyone! Dadachum is back! This chapter was taken down several months ago and I was banned and unable to even access the site from my IP addres. Now, however, I have returned and am more than anxious to continue these stories if there is still an interest in them! Because I am no longer able to access my old account all coming stories will be added on this one. If you want to read my old stories, i.e. Malpractice chapter 1-4 you can still find them on Dadachum's sweet pussy banging for sexy awesome chick. All coming stories, however, will be found on Neodadachum.

But rest assured, I am still the same person. If the old account is for some reason removed alltogether, I will repost the old chapters on this account. Glad adrian maya big butt bounces jumping pornstars and hardcore be back!

PS. Because I've learned my lesson, Hannah will from this point onward be 18 years of age. Chapter Five Deception and Corruption There was a strange air in the kitchen when we all had dinner together Thursday night.

Jordan and I had been having sex almost every day for the past week, and on the days we hadn't, I had banging wicked brunette college ex girlfriend in closet point of view least gotten a blowjob. That's not to mention the visits Denise had paid me. But even though things were better than ever between me and Jordan, my even younger sister Hannah was pouting and in a visibly bad mood.

Our mom noticed but when she asked what was wrong Hanna had refused to answer. Hannah looked much like a younger version of mom; they both had blond hair, eyebrows that were much darker, and suggestive little mouths which upper lips were always just a little bit open. They both often looked as if they were mommy got boobs eva notty into empty space, as they both drifted off into their own thoughts from time to time.

Unlike Hannah, who had a curvy dancer's body, with impressive hips and breasts that were about to take off sometime soon my mom had already peaked, her breasts were steady C-cups actually a bit smaller than Jordan's and her figure was fit but not overly so. She looked great for a woman in her late thirties she'd only been 18 when she'd given birth to me. I started to wonder. Hannah sighed, playing around with her rice, not even having touched the chicken on her plate.

"Jeez, what's wrong?" Jordan said, more than a little fed up with our younger sister. "It's nothing." "Well, you've been acting all sour this whole week.

Something's up, but you won't tell us." "Now now." Mom interrupted. "If Hannah doesn't want to share with us, that's fine. Just know, sweetie, that if you need anything we're all here for you." "I know, Mom.

There's just nothing you can do." "So there IS something." I stated, finishing my plate. "Yeah." "I knew it." Jordan said triumphantly, but stopped when she saw Hannah's face. "Hey, Hannah. You can tell us, okay? It'll be good to get it off your sage has her first diaper slut training session hesitated. I had been practicing my powers at least once a day, doing small stuff, just keep the headaches away.

It's okay. You can tell us "It's. It's Troy." "Your boyfriend?" Mom asked, in a way that felt a bit feigning. "He's not, or maybe. I don't know what he is. But he's been so mad all week. When we're together he's in such a bad mood because he's started peeing his pants." The pain on Jordan's face as she tried not to burst out laughing was a sight to behold.

I felt a little bad, knowing I had been the one who made Troy incontinent. But then, it served him right. He was a douche, and dating my younger old sister only made him worse. "Oh, I see." Mom said in lack of anything better to say. "I'm sure it will pass eventually." I assured her. "Yeah. I hope." … "So you don't have work tomorrow?" Jordan asked, as we went into her room to watch the movie I had gotten her at the thrift shop last weekend.

Having sex with my sister had actually made me enjoy her company more, british old man and teen hd first time finally at home finally alone when it was strictly platonic. "No, Fridays are always a bit on and off. Sometimes I go in sometimes I-" I was interrupted by a pair of arms that caught me, and two lips that pounced at my mouth.

Jordan let out a feminine sigh as we kissed. Then she let go of me. "Sorry." she laughed. "It's hard sitting next to you for very long and not kissing you or doing, you know, something else." "Are we watching the movie or not?" "Oh, I love this movie. Do not think for a minute we're not watching this movie.

I love you for getting this movie. Have I mentioned I really like this movie?" she said, holding the DVD in her hands. Gorgeous virgin legal age teenager enjoys jock in pussy cover was a yellow tinted image of a man wearing a worn black robe and holding a sword. The title was Kiru! Kill!. "But." I said, closing the door, and grabbing my sister by the hips.

"That doesn't mean we can't get cozy during, right?" "Oh, I don't know, bro. You think you can compete with this?" she pointed to the man on the cover. "I had my first orgasm masturbating to this man, you know." "Is that a fact?" "His eyes are really sensual.

Like his soul's flowing out of them." "You're starting to make me jealous." "Don't be. He's an old man these days, and you have everything to get me going, right," she carefully stroked my crotch, biting her lip.

"Here." "Let's watch the movie before we forget." The movie was good. It wasn't all as stoic and stiff as I had thought old samurai movies usually were. After a while I didn't even care that it was black and white. Though, I'll admit, I had a hard time remembering everyone's names. Jordan and I were hunkering under the sheets in her bed. From time to time I'd massage her sizable breasts and every now and again she'd affectionately rub my dick through my pants.

I was surprised to notice she'd always start jerking me during the action sequences. During a battle between the groups of ronin and the soldiers in the mountains, she stuck her hand down my pants and jacked me off until I was on the verge of cumming, all the while she lovingly kissed my neck.

"Are you getting off on this?" "Fuck yeah, I am." "That's little kinky, don't you think?" "You're one to talk. Not only are you having an affair with your sister, you literally have a sex slave." "It was Denise's idea." "I'm sure, bro. I understand her. You're downright unbelievable in bed." "I'm not lying when I say you're pretty darn incredible, too." "You think it's better because we're related?" "I don't know.

The taboo of it all certainly makes it more exciting." "You ever think about pulling Hannah into all of this?" "Wow. Jordan, easy. She's just a kid." "She's of legal age. And any previous statement saying she isn't is non-canon and should be ignored, unless the moderators ban the author for another three months or whatever." ".

What?" "I meant she's just turned 18, so until I turn 19 we're actually the same age. And she's had sex before. She told me Troy took her virginity a month ago." "He did what?" "Just don't get any ideas of stealing her away from him." "If anyone's having ideas like that, it's you." "But have you thought about it?" What was this?

Did she want me to have sex with Hannah? Why not just turn my whole family into a harem? I shivered when I felt exited at the idea. "Well, yeah. I've thought about it. But doing this with you is one thing. Okay, doing this with you and Denise is one thing. What makes you think I could just do it with Hannah if I was in the mood?" "Because you're having sex with your sister, and you have. A. Sex. Slave. I don't know what it is, but you're doing something right.

I don't doubt that if you put your mind to it, you could get Hannah in on this, too." "Yeah, but would I want to?" "Have you SEEN Hannah?" She grabbed my dick harder, as the movie played on. "Don't kapri styles kitten jada fire lacey marie me you don't want to take this big, amazing cock and fuck her until she screams.

Make her cum again and again until she can longer go back to that sleaze Troy." "Jordan." "Can you imagine her taking it into her mouth, greedily sucking you off? Working your shaft until you cum deep into her throat?

You want to make her addicted to your hot jizz, so she'll come crawling back to you, begging to become your loyal little fuck slave?" "Oh god. Suck my cock right now, Jordan." She licked her lips. "Mm, gladly, onii-chan." "You're such a fucking nerd." "I might be a nerd but suck I mean cock, don't I?" She dived under the sheet and took my cock into her mouth. The soft sensation of her lips closing around my shaft as her tongue swirled around the tip felt like being enveloped in a palpable mist, a tropical wind given form that gently embraced my penis and cared for it.

It was amazing. I kept watching the movie with my sister blowing me under the sheets. Around the time for the big showdown, I came in Jordan's mouth and she greedily drank it all. She looked up to me, still caressing my spent dick, and turned back to watch the film. The two heroes, together with a group of samurai, stormed the bad guy's house, as the villagers made a ruckus outside the walls. You hadn't seen a single villager so far in the movie, so I was a bit surprised there were even people living in that town full of people killing each other.

As the main hero waited in the bad guy's room, Jordan gave me a sweet kiss on the cheek. "Thanks for the movie, Matt." "No problem, Jordan." We kissed again, this time on the mouth. I never thought I'd be having this kind of evening with my busty nerd of a little sister. "I'm still not seducing Hannah, though." "I guess it can't be helped." she sighed.

On the TV, the bad guy just entered the room, and the hero, battered and bruised, barely able to walk, killed him with a goddamn candle. Jordan sighed again. "You know.

Tatsuya Nakadai would be able to seduce her." "Are you, seriously, trying to make me jealous of 70 year old Japanese man?" "I'm talking about 30-something Tatsuya, of course." "That's still twice her age." I didn't know why we kept having this conversation, but I wanted to indulge her. "Then it should be no problem for you, right?" "Do you. do you actually want me to try and seduce Hannah? Our little Hannah?" "Well. you know, I think it would be. pretty hot." "You're serious?" "Yeah.

Not that you should do it, of course! I'm not serious! Just that the thought turns me on a bit." "I really do have a perverted sister." "Maybe not as perverted as Hannah, though." "What do you mean by that?" "Hehe, let's just say that the things she told me she does with Troy or rather, to Troy were not the kind of things I was expecting." "Huh." "But hey." "What, sis?" "Surely, me and Denise is enough to keep that chin-chin in your pants occupied?" "Yeah. of course." … Friday!

Around noon, at work, I got a call on my cell. It was an unknown number, so I assumed it was nothing important. Yet, I just had this feeling that should answer anyway.

Some people I'm sure would take the call and ask no questions I on the hand never did feel very comfortable picking up a phone without knowing who was calling.

Silly, I know. I picked up my phone from my pocket and answered. "This is Matt Almquist." "Hey, Matt! This is Rose." Rose! Of course, I had given her my number. Right after using my powers to make her go from lesbian to bi.

Still wasn't sure about that call. I looked at my jacket hanging on a hanger on my office wall she'd been there when I bought it. "Rose, hi! It's. well it's good to hear from you again." I said, smiling. Was I nervous? I wouldn't be able to use my powers over the phone, right?

Unless. whenever I used them for the first time on someone, I made some sort of link. That's why I only had to make eye contact on the very first command. Maybe I could reach- no, I was getting ahead of myself here.

"I'm sorry I made you wait so long." she said. "Well, it's only been since last weekend." "Barely a week? I've sort of lost track of time, I've been going through some stuff, been very confused. Anyway, I thought of you and I wanted to see you. Is your offer still on the table?" "I thought you said you were-" "Well, like I've said, this past week I've gone through some stuff.

I'm not really sure what I'm feeling right now, but it would be nice to see you. I think it would set my head straight, you know?" "Yeah, sure. I'm free tomorrow, if you want to grab a coffee." "I'd love that. The same place where we met? Remember the place on the strip? Well, you have my number now." "Yeah, I'll see you there. At three. Can't wait." "Okay. Awesome. Bye." "Bye." I put my cell on my desk. Well, I have to admit I had almost given up hope.

To be honest, I'd been so occupied with fooling around with my neighbor and sister that the idea of dating had slipped my mind for the past week. But I really liked Rose. Smart, funny, beautiful with her short hair and big eyes and full lips. I couldn't wait for tomorrow to come.

… Back home I was greeted by my sister Hannah. She told me that mom was working late and Jordan was over at Denise's house. I wondered what the two of them were doing. Hannah told me she'd be taking care of dinner, and I feared for my stomach. When Hannah ran the kitchen, it was all salads and pinkraja fucks independce day fuck in hotel. How she ever got hips like that on her diet was beyond me.

She told me not to come into the kitchen when she was doing her thing, and thus I was exiled to the living room. I sat on the sofa, watched half an episode of Huff when the sight of Lara Flynn Boyle made me think of Twin Peaks, which made me think of the first time I had used my powers on Jordan. What was she doing over at Denise's?

Could I find out? I focused, tried to sense them through the walls and down the street, the way I had unknowingly done a few times before. I thought I could see them, somehow, but still I didn't see them.

It was strange, they were like sun spots on my eye. Then it all became clear, and I let out a scream. I was in Denise's room. I was standing by the foot of her bed, on which sat Jordan and Denise. Jordan was gently fingering Denise's bare pussy, as the tanned athletic girl took most of a big dildo down her throat. None of them seemed able to see or hear me. Denise gagged, and with a gasp she escaped the dildo. "You're getting better." Jordan said to her reassuringly. "Really? I want to get as good as you someday." "Oh don't bother.

I'm the greatest. Oh, I'm just teasing." "You think Matt will like it?" "He already likes it. The point is to make him love it. Crave it. Need it. You got to please your master, right?" "Yes." "Well, it's not going to happen simply because you can swallow a big cock. You need to find the right rhythm. Change between sucking and licking and stroking and kissing and just have fun with it." "It all sounds like a lot of work." "It is.

But with time and practice it gets easier, and more fun." I snapped back, and suddenly I was once again sitting on the sofa in my living room. What the fuck had just happened?

I couldn't have actually been in that room. I must have been able to see it around me based on what Denise and Jordan saw. I could recreate the locations of my what to even call them. Subjects? Victims? The sight of Denise gobbing down that big dildo, training herself to be able to suck all of my cock, and my sister coaching her.

It all made me unbelievably horny. I could feel myself getting hard. Then my youngest sister came in. "Okay, Matt. Dinner's all done." "Wha-" For a second Black woman gets drilled by fake driver in the backseat felt exposed, like my pants were down.

Just for a second." Okay. Awesome. What's it you made, lenses and beans?" "Oh, you'll find out." We walked into the kitchen/dining room. I smelled tomatoes, and ham. I looked at the table and saw two plates. On one was an arrangement of beets, avocado and chicken. On the other were three slices of homemade pizza with ham, bacon, avocado and enough cheese to kill someone with lactose intolerance. "Hannah." I said. "You know your brother loves you, right?" She gave me a kiss on the cheek.

"There are even three more slices in the oven, bro. Dig in." … During dinner I thought I'd forget about the excitement I'd felt after seeing Denise and Jordan through my weird telepath-o-vision.

But as it turned out, that sight stuck with me. Even watching Hannah take her small bites and put them in her mouth, swallowing them, turned me on.

I was afraid I really would so something. And what if I did? As before, I could make it as good for her as it would be for me. I wouldn't have to force her or anything. And still I had these feelings inside of me saying that I was taking things too far. Would I listen? My inclination to do just that was decreasing rapidly. Then, as Hannah finished her last bite, I did something rash.

"So, Matt, do you want to do someth-" I'm Troy. I've been Troy all day "-ing later? Well, Troy? You're not still mad, right?" "What?" I said, trying to buy me some time to think.

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What the hell did I do that for? And what was that dick Troy angry about again? Oh, right. I had made him unable to hold his water. "No, of course I'm not mad. This was great, really." "So, do you want to stick around?

Maybe, go up to my room?" "Yeah, sure." I said, amazed of how easily my little sister's brain had just rewritten the entire evening to fit what I made her think. Did she even remember I had been here, the actual me? We went up to her room, leaving the dishes in the sink. She held my hand as we went up the stairs and my heart was pounding from excitement. We went into her room and she didn't even bother closing the door. We sat down on her bed and started making out. My little sister was more aggressive than I ever would have imagined.

Her tongue was a typhoon in horny blond babe enjoy enormous dildo min joined mouths. Her hands clawed at me, her breathing was heavy and she pushed her B-cup breasts against me.

"Hey, if you're really not mad anymore. how about we do that thing?" "Uh. what thing?" "You know! That. special thing I like to do." "Okay. sure. Why don't you walk me through it?" She got up, walked to the other side of the room and turned her back at me.

I just sat there on the bed, not knowing what to do. Then she turned around, all coy and girlish. Her legs were crossed and she nibbled her fingernail, with her other hand behind her back.

She looked as if she was about to say something like 'I've been a bad girl, Professor'. What she did say fucked me up big time. "Hey, Matt. I need to ask you a favor." What the hell! Did she know it was me? Had I done something wrong? I knew I could make people see people as other people! I could people people and - "You see.

back ally bang for kinky nymphomaniac ellie springlare brunette reality Troy and I are having sex but I don't know if I'm good enough at it." she spoke with such a girlishly seductive voice, that was when I realized she was role-playing. And I was playing myself! "So." I started, trying to play along. "What can I do to help?" "Well, for starters.

You could teach me how to fit a big, fat cock aaall the way down my pretty little throat." "But, you're my sister.

My little sister." "I know, I'm just so awful. But, please, I need my big brother to teach me how be a good little slut." "Well. we shouldn't do this.

But since you need my help, I'll do what I can." "Oh, thank you Matt! I have the best big brother in the whole wide world!" She was really living her character. I'd never guess she had an older brother fetish. Was this the thing Jordan had told me about?

"So, first thing you need to do is, get down on your knees." "Okay, Matt." I stood up, took off my pants and underwear, revealing my hard seventeen cm cock. "Oh, wow." she gasped, and suddenly broke character. "Troy, it's way bigger than usual." "Just carry on." I said, not feeling all that bad about the complement. She strode over to me, on all fours, tongue out and ogling my dick with hungry eyes. She took it in her hands, gently and slowly jerking it. "It's so big, Matt. I don't know if it will fit in my mouth." "Well, that's why we have to practice, right?" I said, having accepted the situation.

I thought of Jordan and Denise, who at this very moment were doing something very similar. "Okay. Here I go." she said and put the tip of my dick in her mouth. She slowly swallowed more and more until my entire cock was down her throat.

I realized that she didn't need any practice, it was all just part of the act. She pulled away. Licking her lips, she looked up at me, thinking I was her boyfriend but pretending her boyfriend was me. Again she took my entire cock, and greedily yet skillfully bobbed up and down on the length of my member. Jesus, was my entire family made of natural cocksuckers? Her speed was rising, and her twirling tongue was working up a hefty amount of saliva.

She released my cock from her mouth, and between the tip and her lips was the thickest string of spit I'd ever seen. She took it in her hand and spread it all over my dick as she jerked me off. "I'm so sorry your sister is a dirty little whore, big brother." "Well.

oh my god. Well, I'm sure you'll make Troy happy." "Mmm, yes. That's all I want to do." This, for some reason, made me angry. I didn't want Troy to get any of this. Any of it. Hannah was my sister. She was mine. I realized I was about to cross yet another line, but Hannah had to become mine, body and soul. I often thought of her as much younger, even if she was just ten months younger than Jordan.

The fact that she was TOTALY 18 now became apparent by her sheer skill at sucking dick. Probably thanks to that asshole Troy. And I was sure she wasn't a virgin. Then, I got an idea. I pulled away from her, got up and put gina lynn lisa ann and shyla stylez dick back in my pants.

"What are you doing, Troy?" she said, hurt. "This is just to weird for me." I lied.

"You have issues, I'm out of here. This is over." "No, wait! Troy!

It's just make-believe!" As I walked out her open door I turned and looked her in the eye. Don't follow me. Stay in your room for young fur pie filled by old cock an hour, then come downstairs. By that time you will see me as Matt again She stopped dead in her tracks as I walked down the stairs.

To further the believability of my plan, I opened the front door and slammed it shut, never stepping outside. I went into the downstairs bathroom, and took a shower. I struggled not to relieve myself.

When I got out I wore nothing but a towel and sat down on the sofa, and turned on the TV. After about ten minutes of watching Con Air, Hannah came down the stairs, with a defeated look on her face. "Hey, sis." I said happily. "Uh. Hi, Matt." she said, avoiding my gaze.

"I noticed there were two plates in the sink. Had some company while I was out?" "Yeah. Wh- where were you exactly?" "Working late. Want to sit down for a spell?" "Yeah, sure." "So how was Troy? Any luck with the-" I asked, making a pissing noise. "Stop it!" she shoved me, but sat down close beside me. "Can I be honest?" I asked. "Okay." "You're too good for him." "Really?

You think so?" she said, blushing. "I really do. I think you're amazing, and if I wasn't your brother, well." "Oh you perv!" she said, and gave my shoulder a light slap, but let her hand stay on my arm and soon took a cautious, affectionate hold of it.

I turned to look her in the eye, drawing just a little closer to her face. "I'm being serious. Sometimes, I honestly wish we weren't related." "Matt.

I'm your little sister." she sighed, lost in my eyes. I wasn't using any of my powers.

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I thought she might actually have a thing for me. "I know." I assured, laying my thumb lightly on her lower lip. "But sometimes I just, I don't know, wish we were something-" "More." she finished my sentence. "Yeah." I whispered and kissed her.

The kiss was light at first, almost virgin-like. But then it steadily escalated, rising like a storm of tongues and lips and saliva. I grabbed her amazing, divine hips, and she wrapped her arms around me. I lay down on my back as we passionately wildly made out on the sofa. As she was lying on top of me, she could feel my stiffening cock through my towel.

She opened the fabric and held my dick in her hands. "It's so much bigger than Troy's." "I don't want you to be with him, Hannah. I mean it. "Don't worry. He broke up with me." "Then can you." "I don't know. We shouldn't be doing this." Don't be afraid to live out any of your sexual fantasies "I mean, of course. I'd love to." She then proceeded to hungrily devour my cock, she didn't even kiss or lick it first.

She just swallowed the whole thing on the get go. She violently pushed her face up and down on my rigid member, as if her neck was a piston. This was really what she wanted, the only thing I had fooled her of was the whole Troy thing.

And I hadn't made her want to suck me off, I had merely made her let go of her doubt. "Oh god, your cock tastes so good, Matt! I've wanted to this for, like, two years!" "Two years, really?" "And I've wanted to do. things. with you, famous melissa lauren roxy panther are real sluts since I found out about sex." "You're amazing at this." "Thanks, Matt." she said, and started jerking my cock.

"You know, whenever I'd do this with Troy, I'd always pretend I was sucking your big, tasty cock." "You're serious?" "Yeah. Even last time, I imagined it being you, and I swear to god this is what I imagined it being like. This long, hard, beautiful cock. I want to suck it, and I want you to fuck me like a whore, and I want you to stretch out my asshole." "Wow.

Just, wow." "Oh god, I'm sorry!" she said, letting go of my dick and covering her eyes. "You must think I'm a fucking freak!" "No, Hannah.

That's not-" "I just want you to do it with me like with Jordan." "Wait, you. you know about Jordan and me?" "Are you kidding? Last Sunday, when Denise came over? For, like, the first time in two years? You two went straight up to your room, and that thing with the key?

Come on. I knew you were fucking the moment she looked at you. What I oscarporn my dirty maid priya price has big tits and a fat latin booty would have expected was for you to be fucking Jordan too!" "But, I just-" "And the worst thing is that I, your sister, is having this crush on you, fantasizing about you, even asking my boyfriend to pretend to be you sometimes and here you are, having sex every other night with your other sister!" I got up and kissed Hannah hard on the mouth.

"I'm going to be fucking you too, from now on. If that's what you want." "It is. Fuck's sake, it really is. But you're doing it with two other girls and I can barely-" You're completely fine with me having sex with other girls. You like to join them and can enjoy sex with them as well "- understand what's happening to me. What is going on with you? What is up with you!?" "Hannah, listen. Denise and Jordan and I, we have this deal.

An arrangement." "Where you fuck." "It's more than that. They are, well, no need to sugar-coat it, my own personal whores." "Your whores?" she said, and just as I'd expected, she was getting off on the word.

"Yeah. Denise has already agreed to be my sub, my sex slave. And Jordan says she isn't interested in any other guy but me. Hannah, do you want to be my whore, too?" "I." "To be my own little, dirty slut?" I grabbed her hand and put it on my hard cock. "Oh, Matt. I." "Are you my little slut?" I whispered in her ear. "I don't know if." "Say it. Are you, or are you not, my little, horny, filthy, obedient slut?" "Yes!" she finally folded. "Oh god, yes! I'm your slut. I'm your fucking whore, Matt!" "Then show me that fucking pussy.

I'm going to fuck my little sister's cunt until it breaks." "Oh fuck yes." she breathed and got down on her back, spreading her legs for me. It occurred to me that she never would have gone this far, if I hadn't given her the command to feel free to do what she wanted.

This side of Hannah that I had unleashed, was the side that most of us only keep in our sexual fantasies, the part of our imagination where there are no consequences. And now I fully realized, that was now my reality.

I shoved my cock right into her pussy, and unashamedly pummeled her hard. Violently and without mercy, I fucked her sweet, smooth cunt and she screamed in pleasure as she clawed at my back. I didn't last more than two minutes like this. I pulled out and came a jet stream of cum on her tight dancer's stomach. "Oh yes." she sighed. "I have the best fucking older brother in the whole fucking world." As I looked on my youngest sister, whose mental filter I had completely removed, who now was an open gate where all her wildest fantasies could come rushing out unhindered, I felt stares on me.

"Well, well, well." Jordan said, holding Denise's hand like a couple. "Welcome to the team, sis."