Stunning asian teen loves to play with her vibrator

Stunning asian teen loves to play with her vibrator
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At Drew's grad party, Ellie was enveloped into my invisible bubble. Almost no one took notice of us, and those that did, Ellie's former friends, stayed far away. We sat together in a corner of his basement, resting, taking a break from the past few days. Ellie's parents had returned to her house giving us a more limited play time. I sat in the corner of a large couch, and she occupied my lap, one of my arms wrapped around her stomach, under her white tank top, the other resting on her bare thigh.

She had shorts on, deliciously dangerously short grey ones. The kind you'd wear in gym class, rolled up for a hotter look. A white, low cut spaghetti strapped tank top barely held in my toys. The basement was dark, there was a movie playing loud, music playing louder, ping pong happening in an adjacent room. People talking, more noise. Not my kind of place. I let my hands roam free, my one sliding up her body to her breasts.

I started to push them out the top of her tank top, she laughed. "Let's get out of here," I whispered over her shoulder. She nodded in agreement. I pushed her up off of me, stood up and carried her piggy back style up and out of the basement to my miley cole sexy horny teen busy with thick cock.

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It was about 10:30, neither of us was expected back until after 1. I climbed into the driver's side and she jokingly followed onto my lap, deliberately rubbing against the dick she loved to keep hard. She put her hands on the ceiling and pushed down laughing, squishing me into the seat. Seeing her vulnerability, I grabbed the thin top and pulled it op over her head. As her arms came down in shock, I was able to get it over her hands off the rest of the way and toss it into the back seat.

She kissed my cheek and slid over, not into the passenger seat, but into the middle seat right next to me.

She buckled the lap-belt and I pulled away. While I drove, she unzipped my pants and pulled my cock through the slit in my boxers and the fly and stroked it slowly. Fifteen minutes later I reached my destination, the town park. It featured a large, mostly open hill. The top was a circle of about an acre with a crescent moon of woods obscuring the side facing away from the road.

At the bottom there was a gated parking lot (it being after hours), but enough room outside the gate for a single car to park. Luckily there were no other late night visitors.

I put myself back, pulled in and hopped out. Shutting the front door, I opened the back and grabbed a sleeping bag then walked to the other side of the car.

Ellie was bending into the back door on that side to get her shirt. I smacked her ass causing her to bolt upright tank top in hand. Her eyes followed me as I walked around and kissed her from behind, cupping her breasts, pinching her hardened nipples.

We stood there making out, as I slowly slid my hands down to her hips. Finally we pulled away to stare into each others eyes. She smiled happily, I smiled mischievously, and slid her shorts and panties down so they dropped to her ankles. I gave her a quick peck before bending down and tossing them into the car along with her top.

Placing one hand gently on her cheek, running the other through her hair, I kissed her again while she reached down and returned the favor.

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I tossed my shirt into the car, grabbed the keys and the sleeping back, and we started up the hill completely naked, arms around each others shoulders. It wasn't a very long or a very steep walk, the top of the hill was only about a hundred feet above the lot. The top was bowled out like a shallow dish, and I spread the sleeping bag out in blanket form in the middle. When going up or down the hill we were probably visible to the three or four houses scattered about, here we were not.

I tossed the keys on a chair sized rock and laid down on my back next to her, arm still around her shoulder, looking up at the sky. For hours we lay there, forgetting about the others nakedness, enjoying the closeness, the surrender of it all and simply talked. She was headed to college down south and to the west in Illinois for art, I was headed kendall kross pussy satisfaction by a dudes big long cock the opposite direction for science.

There would undoubtedly be visits, but…not enough. She started to sniffle, I rolled over on top of her and looked into her eyes. She smiled through her tears. I brushed a wandering hair out of her face and kissed her.

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My arms slid under her shoulders, her to my head, wandering through my hair, down my neck to my back where they found a home. I rolled onto my back, bringing her with me to the top and ran my hands slowly down to her hips and back. I brushed my finger tips down her ribs and she smiled through the kiss. I dug harder and she laughed, her hands trapped beneath our combined weight.

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I continued and she struggled, my dick now fully hard pressing into her soft stomach. Finally I rolled her back to the bottom and kissed her, serious again. I shifted and entered her slowly, gently. She let out a deep, slow sigh as I slowly thrust myself in. I lay there still, inside her but not moving, kissing her, tracing the contours of her face, running my hands along her hairline, through her wavy hair, splayed across the sleeping back like rays of sun.

I moved my arms back beneath her shoulder blades, sex purm tarzun hot six iscandal wrapping around the shoulders themselves. Holding on I began to move in and out, slowly, softly, gently. With each outward pull she inhaled, with each deep thrust she sighed contentedly. I continued to kiss her as the minutes passed, our bodies gently caressing each other.

I loved the soft cushion of her minimal belly fat, the billowy pillows of her breasts, and the soft, warm confines of her mouth. Her breaths grew sharper as my pace quickened slightly, I could feel the very edges of an orgasm coming on.

I continued, still at a fairly slow pace, slowly bringing both of us up. Another hour passed as I alternated between fucking her gently, and kissing her passionately. All the while our breaths grew more ragged as we got closer.

Resisting the urge to speed up I kept my pace, our tongues danced about each other in her mouth… mine…in the cool night air as I pulled away slightly, then went back down again. Her hands moved to my shoulders as she moaned softly.

I could feel it too. She michelle martinez gets what she wants using her mouth and pussy a long series of slow, gentle orgasms as my cum slowly dripped into her pussy. Several minutes later, still dripping, my dick grew soft and started to slide out. I pulled away and zipped the sleeping bag around us, pressing us closer together.

She sighed and enjoyed the gentle warmth between her thighs as she moved into a spooning position in front of me. My arm wrapped over and around herrubbing her breasts as it passed but coming to rest just above them near her shoulder. Her one hand slipped under mine, intertwining her fingers, the other slipped over and held them in place. I leaned my head in close and smelled the lovely blueberry shampoo scent of her hair. After a while of simply enjoying the closeness of each other, I looked at my watch.

We were expected back a while ago, but it was no big deal. Both our sets of parents would trust up and would have headed to bed hours before. They would probably just inquire as to when we got in the next day. We got up and headed back down the hill, goofing around and shoving each other the whole way, her nipples small and hard, my dick seemingly trying to hide because of the cool night air.

We dressed, hopped into the car and started the three minute drive to my house. She was an only child and got away with murder. Her parents wouldn't french model knocking lesbians pussy at the massage room fingering foreplay anything of her absence for the night, mine would. We parked in my spot in the driveway and headed around back to the basement door. I had left it unlocked and we got in without incident.

The whole house was dark, no one stirred, not even the dog as we quietly crept to my room in the other end of the basement. It had been walled off to create some privacy for me when my sister took over my room. I let her in and locked the door.

My parents knew I didn't like to be bothered; no one would inquire about the locked door. Ellie put her house keys on my dresser and flopped into my bed. It was the top half of a separable bunk bed so it had a short rail around it and was slightly higher than a normal bed.

I slipped into the boxers-T-shirt combo that I normally sleep in and climbed in after her. We lay on our stomachs, faced each other and smiled, my hand moved to her back, my last two fingers slipping beneath the elastic waist of her shorts. I kissed her and we fell asleep to the whispered sounds and gentle wind of each other's breath.