Hot asian thief jade noir fucks the detective pornstars and hardcore

Hot asian thief jade noir fucks the detective pornstars and hardcore
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As I lay there, I can't help but smile. The way Natalie moves as she straddles me, how the light brown hair that hung down her back sways, and how her heart shaped face brightens as she rubs against me through our underwear, stimulating the nerves in our genitals. If there really was a heaven, it was this moment right now. She opens her emerald eyes, they seem to shimmer like sparkling pools as she looks down at me.

"Are you ready?," I nod, raising my upper body from the silk sheets to wrap my arms around her, and gently touching my lips to hers, kissing her as softly as possible. She replies in kind, wrapping her delicate hands around my head, running her fingers through my coal coloured hair as we taste each others lips.

Hers are like strawberry. We stay like this for a while, kissing with a passion only two lovers could, and I lower my fingers to her exposed spine, running them down her back-avoiding the black strap of her bra-until I reach her tailbone.

I can feel her shiver at my touch, and it makes me smile as we kiss. I roll onto my side, taking her body with me, and end up on top of her, where I begin kissing the spot beneath her ear, making her giggle. She always loves it when I kissed her there. Then I begin lowering my lips to her stomach, planting a few kisses upon the cleavage her B-cup breasts formed within her bra as I do so.

I run my finger tips over her stomach, again making her shiver, huge juggs amateur asshole boned at home place three long kisses upon the sensitive area right above her belly button. "I need to taste you," I say as she lowers her fingers to my hair once again.

She nods yes and lifts her perfect buttocks from the bed, allowing me to hook the sides of her lace panties with my fingers and slide them off, revealing the puffy, pink lips of her vagina, some of her juices already seeping from within. I begin kissing her crotch, the soft, shaven skin around her opening, building the anticipation inside her, and run my hands over her milky white thighs, from her hips to her knees.

I can smell the sweet vinegar that are her juices grow stronger as her arousal increases. She hated that I was teasing her, kissing every part of her body except the one part that mattered, and I could feel her legs tense more and more as I do.

When her smell is stuck in my nostrils, and I can't resist her anymore, I place one more kiss right above her vagina, and used my hand to spread her lips.

Starting with one long lick, from the base of her vaginal mound to the the top, where I circle her already exposed clitoris with my tongue. She coos as my tongue stimulates her, which, in turn, gives me pleasure, as it tells me I was doing my duty well. I continue this way for a while. Long, slow licks up her lips to her clit, where I circle it with the tip of my tongue a few times, then down to the bottom again.

It drives her wild, I can see by raising my eyes to her face.

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Her eyes clenched shut, she's biting her lip, and her hands grip at her perky breasts through her bra, rubbing her nipples. After a while, when I feel that she's gotten used to my movements, I switch it up, this time just continuous up and down strokes with my tongue, moving my entire head with it. The sudden change in sensation makes her tremble, and she squeaks. I can't help but laugh at this, and she places her hand over her mouth in embarassment.

I don't mind, I think it's cute. "I'm honoured to have such an effect on you," I grin. She smiles, and I lower my mouth to her again, proceeding with the up and down erotic and moist hardcore gratifying blowjob and teen that obviously tickled her fancy. I take my finger to her, sliding it up inside her with ease, then twisting it as I pull it from her.

A moan escapes her lips, this one deep and long, and I do it again and again, stimulating her g-spot with each stroke. Her moans of pleasure grow louder as I begin to suck at her clit, nibbling it gently. I can feel an orgasm building in her loins, her vaginal walls tightening around my finger. I increase my pace, and introduce another finger, bringing her over the edge.

She cries out in absolute bliss, and her entire body tenses as a mindblowing orgasm erupts inside her.

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I retract my fingers, and release her clit from my teeth, climbing up her body to place a kiss on her trembling lips. She wraps her arms around my neck and we kiss for a minute, before she smiles. "Your turn," she giggles, rolling me over. She lowers her lips to kiss my chest for a moment, then climbs onto her knees. Slipping her fingers into my red boxer-briefs and sliding them from my hips, she releases my uncut seven inches, already semi-hard, and begins to rub my manhood with her palm.

She takes me in her hand and slowly begins to jerk me off, lowering her lips to my chest again and licking my nipples. I moan a low, throaty moan at her touch, and run my fingers through her brown hair.

Natalie smiles to me as my manhood thickens in her soft hand, and she lowers herself down my body, to run her tongue from my balls to my head, making me groan loudly.

She keeps pumping me gently with her hand as she runs her tongue along my length, clearly enjoying teasing me, until she wraps her lips around me, and lowers her head as far she can down my shaft.

The warm wetness of her mouth is mindblowing, and it becomes even more incredible as she begins to gently bob up and down on my member, making me groan even louder than before. I wrap my hand around her head and stroke her hair as she sucks me.

She increases her pace, her mouth covering almost all my length, and I can feel my balls begin to tighten. "I'm about to come," I moan loudly, and she pushes her head down onto me, deepthroating all seven inches of me as I explode inside her mouth. My body shaking, she sucks my juices from me and swallows, lifting her head and licking her lips to clean what escaped her mouth.

I smile to her, and she climbs on top me again. I sit up as she straddles me, and we begin to kiss once more. Her hands grip my hair, and I wrap my own around her buttocks, hot milf cant control her self with pleasure cums on cam them gently as our tongues massage each others within our kiss.

I raise my hands to her bra strap, unlatch the wire hook and release her beautiful, soft breasts from their prison. She slides her straps from her shoulders and pulls the bra from her body, exposing a pair of pink, perky nipples.

I smile to her and lean in to take one in my mouth, tickling it with my tongue. She coos, wraps her hands around my head once more, and rest her head upon my own as I suckle at her breast like a new born. My manhood begins to grow again, the intimacy is just too arousing. I roll her over onto her back, placing a kiss on her lips and positioning myself between her legs. "I want you," she whispers, looking into my eyes. I kiss her once more and grab my shaft, sliding myself between her moist lips and inside her.

We don't move for a moment. We just lie there, kissing each other, until I slowly begin to rock my hips, retracting myself from her and sliding back in. She closes her eyes as the nerves inside her send tingles up her body. I kiss her again as I slide in and out of her gently, and she responds by wrapping one of her legs around my body.

"I want to be on top," she gasps, and I allow her to roll me over so she was on top me. She begins to gyrate her hips, the soft velvet of her sex massaging my whole rod with each movement.

I grasp her hip with one hand and her breast with the other, massaging them as she throws her head back in bliss. Increasing her speed, she begins bouncing up and down on me, her pert breasts jiggling with each bounce. I can already feel another orgasm building, but wasn't ready to finish.I grab her suddenly and stop her. "I want you from behind," she smiles and pulls herself off of me,climbing onto all fours and raising her gorgeous behind into the air.

I position myself behind her and slideinto her once again, her legs tensing as my seven inches fillsher. Gently rocking my hips, She begins to maon once again, and I reach under her body to caress her breast.

Her moans grow louder and louder and my balls become tighter. Knowing I couldn't last much longer, I begin to pump into her like a piston, faster and faster until I can't take it anymore and I come again, filling her with my seed. Breathless after my mammoth orgasm, I collapse onto her body, gasping for air. She crawls out from under me and wraps her arms around my neck, kissing me gently. I wrap my own arms around her, and rest her head on my chest.

"I love you," she whsipers I smile to myself and kiss her on the forehead. "I love you too." THE END.