Maya gets her pussy fucked by fat cock

Maya gets her pussy fucked by fat cock
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Horny Hogwarts disclaimer: i don't make jack shit off of this. #1 Professor Lilly Potter walked down to her office in the dungeons. The potions mistress sat behind her desk and waited for her student to come for detention. Draco Malfoy arrived five minutes late for his assigned detention. "Mister Malfoy, you are late again". "Sorry Professor, got caught up doing some reading.

"Well start scrubbing the cauldrons", spoke Lilly. Draco took off his cloak and got to work. an hour later he was finished. Lilly inspected his work and found residue in four out of twenty cauldrons. she made the sixteen year old lad redo the four. She watched over the young man critiquing his work ethic when her eyes were drawn to his bum. 'damn i would like to see that' thought Lilly. After Draco finished to cauldrons Lilly inspected them "K their good".

Draco turned to leave. "Where do you think your going young man", intoned the Professor. :But you said i was good". "Not to leave said the red head hopping up onto her desk you just have one more assignment" spoke the perfect looking MILF in front of him spreading her legs giving Draco a view of her snatch. Draco now instantly hard walked to his friends mum got down on his knees and started licking her pussy. canada finest beauty on faapy

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Lilly groaned as Draco's tongue creased her clit before diving into her quim. "Your so good at this oh Draco keep it up" moaned Lilly And Draco did just that till Lilly came screeching. Draco flipped the red head over and bent her over-her desk, shoving her knickers into her mouth before freeing his cock and shoving it into the woman's hot wet sheath.

Lilly shrieked at the sudden intrusion as she had just been entered for the first time in fifteen years she thrust back on her best friends son's cock. Draco started biting ans sucking on the neck of the woman who until recently thought of as an aunt.

Draco knew he could not hold off for much longer and shoved a finger inside Lilly's arse and pinched her clit and the thirty-three year old came violently She shrieked into her knickers as Draco filled her unprotected womb with his seed.

The two kissed fearsly when they pulled his limp dick from her cunt and Lilly said "Why Mr. Malfoy i do believe you have earned detention for the next mouth" Lilly said with a mischievous smile on her face which Draco matched. Neather knew who was hiding under his fathers invisibility cloak jerking off to the whole scean. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ #2 Harry Potter needed relief, he had just watched his mum and best friend go at it like two dogs in heat.

The young hero followed Draco out and then made his way to his quarters.

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Near his rooms he spotted young Hermione Granger the beautiful thirteen year old was stunning in her muggle dress and Harry decided to isabel craving for a large pole for her hungry pussy for it.

"Miss Granger" Hermione jumped and then spotted her captor. "You know you cant be wandering the halls at night whats gotten in to you"? The witch was looking nearly in tears. "I was just trying to avoid your brother again, You know how he was after i had told you of the bottle of Fire Whiskey that he anomusly recived even though it was found to have manticore venom in it, he still has been ungraceful Git".

Harry nodded remembering the day she had told him of the bottle. His mum was so thankful even going as far as giving a reward of a rare book from the Potter library, her next visit to flourish and blotts paid for up to fifty galleons amd a hundred and fifty points to Gryffendor.

But his Prat of a brother just saw it as Hermione being ungrateful to their savior and a lost opportunity to get pissed.

"Well you can stay the night in my rooms". You really mean it?" asked Hermione Harry nodded then walked up t the Statue of Wilfred the Bewildered and said "Dragons nest" the statue moved and reviled a large sitting room. Hermione moved onto the couch and sat down. Harry smelling an opportunity slid beside her. "My your shoulders look tense let me help you".

Harry started massaging her shoulders. the fourteen year old witch moaned as his seekers hands danced across her flesh and loosened her knots. Soon he had her spilling her secrets to him, the time turner, her breaking into Snapes private stores, and how she was getting wet just from him massaging her shoulders.

Harry turned Hermione around and leaned into her. Hermione who had never done anything like this wanted more of the sensations that were coursing thou the body. She egarly kissed him back. Harry picked his young conquest up ans carried her to her bed.

Harry slowly undressed her making sure all the was he keep her going as he kissed her breast and nipped her neck, he lost it when he beheld her hairless snatch. Groaning Harry dove right in licking sucking and nibbling on her clit until she came screeching her release cum squirting out of her cunt in buckets. Harry slurped down all of her juices before dis-robing.

He lined his well hung cock at her entrance. He looked at his young lover and she nodded her consent. He thrust in all he could at once tring to get it over with. Hermione bit his shoulder when he did this getting some of his blood in her mouth.

Harry groaned in pain/pleasure as the tightest and most wet pussy he had ever experinced enveloped his cock. Harry waited until Hermione nodded for him to continue. Twenty minuets later Harry feared he had unleashed a Demon upon the world An hour later he found he was right, Hermione rod him like a pro to her completion several times in that time frame and drug Harry along for the ride three times and they now were on the fouth.

But what they did not know was that when Harry went down on Hermione and licked her cunt He had injested some of her virginal blood joining them in a anchent marrige legal age teenager deep face hole fellatio. A supriised couple would wake in the morning to a Gringotts owl tapping on their window _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Bill Weasley walked into ath Mating chambers on Gringotts bank to fullfill the part of his contract he had singned years ago and was supried to find Narcissa Malfoy Wido of Lucius.

Knowing he couild not back out he disrobed and walked up to he beautiful witch and mounted her. SHe whimpered when he entered her She had specally requested him for she knew the Weasley gift to impregnate wemion without fail every time.

Narcisssa or Cissa as Lilly called her was suprised to find a well endowed pure blood as most were well below avarge because of imbreeding She smirked and thought "Damn i am going to enjoy this". __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Lilly crawled into bed and sleep dreaming of her Golden haired sex machine Draco the two had taged eight broom closets and every core class room before once in Filches office never realizing "Dray" could knock her up.

SHe went to sleep with a smile on her face thinking about her new plains for the week end. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ #3 Amelia Bones was grunting and groaning until "damn it Black", "wrong hole" she yelled but the wizard keep pumping into his wife of ten years anyway until her came flooding her colan with his jism.

Amelia moaned when he with drew it from her arse with a pop she smirked and thought 'if he only knew how lucky he is, it because i love him so much that i don't kill him. the Minister of magic snuggled into her husbands side and falling into a deep sleep.

__________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ #4 Grunting and groaning was all that could be heard in the boy's side of the qudditch shower rooms. Ron had Seamus Finnegan against the wall going to town on the Irishman arse. This was their first time together and Seamus was squealing like a pig ever thrust in but he just could not get enough cock ramming his prostate."FUCK ME HARD RON PLEASE I LIKE IT ROUGH" He yelled his command.Seamus thought of his first partner with little regret he fucker would get off quickly then run off without returning the favor.His defloration of greta polack hardcore close up partner Cormack was caught tiring to rape Luna Loovegood last nite and he lost his wand and admitted to paying several Ravenclaws to lock her out.

Professor Flitwick was enraged never before had he been forced to expel even one of his students but Meretta Edge comb, Stephen Carrow, Danielle Rook wood and Stevens Goodman for several rapes and illegal oblivations most rapes were on Luna (which was why she was so odd) He removed the charms but immediately recast them at her behest but not in a way to damage her mind. Seamus grunted as Ron emptyed his balls into to him causing him to loose it as well. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ #5 Susan Bones was having a good time she was ridding Cedric Diggorys broomstick with a passion her hair flying around her the wind ripping it in different directions.

She spotted her broom lender getting a Bj from his girlfriend on the ground. Susan went into a dive and landed right beside Cho and Ced. "Ah Susan nice of you to join us" i Know you aunt checks you every time you come home so i wont ask taboo sisters get wild at pool room to join us fucking, but My little sub Cho needs tending to he said lifting Cho's skirt showing off his girlfriends shaved cunny.

Susan a experienced pussy licker egarly leaped into the action sucking and biting on her clit while rubbing her own cunt. She continued until Cho shuddered in orgasm.

While Susan did not join in the fucking she sucked Ced cock until he exploded all over her c-cup breasts. Susan whet to sleep easy that night. I will go more in depth in the stories at a later date and i might mesh some of them together.