Slurping a giant and lewd male knob hardcore blowjob

Slurping a giant and lewd male knob hardcore blowjob
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***Disclaimer: This story has strong nonconsent themes. I do not condone any of these acts in real life and this is a dark fantasy - nothing less, nothing more.*** "Jake, baby, please listen to me! I do love you. I…I had even planned to ask you about renewing our vows. I know that doesn't seem like much after what I've done…but it's another reason why I can tell you, the woman who made that miya khalifa new xxx storys, look, she's not the real me.

I made a horrible decision, being unfaithful to you. I'll never, EVER do it again. Please believe me!" The naked, helpless young woman moaned as a muscular Spanish man named Felipe continued to fuck her from behind. With Miranda's ankles shackled to the floor, legs spread apart, and her wrists chained above her head, there was little that the sexy brunette could do about the ongoing gang-rape her husband had orchestrated. Meanwhile the other four men, all naked with erect hard-ons saluting her currently stuffed cunt, stood watching the proceedings with predatory interest.

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Sven, Baen, Viktor and Radic—all these men now looked at her with a hunger that set her heart galloping with fear. Sven had already fucked her and come inside her pussy, and Jake had just let it happen. No…even worse…he had whipped her breasts and actively encouraged it. Now, as she pleaded her last, most desperate plea, Jake merely shook his head. "You made your bed, bitch. Now you petite cute baby sitter wearing eye glasses sally squirt gets her hairless tight muff pounded in dif to lie in it." He turned to the other men.

"I think this slut needs more attention." The other men closed in as Miranda wailed. "No, please! Don't touch me! Don't come inside me! Ahhh, my breasts are too sore!" she cried. Radic began rubbing the girl's clit even as Felipe's cock rammed repeatedly into her moist sex from behind with a brutal frenzy.

Meanwhile Baen pinched her tits before licking each in turn, and Viktor stifled her protests with a deep, hungry kiss. Sven stood back, his cock elongated almost back to its victoria rae black johnny sins full massage glory. He folded his arms across his bare chest. "You hired me and my boys to fuck her senseless," he murmured.

"But you didn't say how far you wanted us to go." His gaze slid to Jake's. There was an unspoken question, clear as a blue sky on a cloudless day. Jake just stared darkly at his wife being tormented by the four insatiable men. "I haven't decided yet, but don't worry…when I DO decide the little cunt's fate, I'll let you know." Sven grunted.

He wasn't sure whether to be impressed or appalled at the man's brutality. Clearly the wife's decision to have a secret affair with her personal bodyguard had done something to the man's sanity. And for a man as wealthy and connected as Jake Shaw, that was a dangerous thing indeed. Sven nodded. Earlier that afternoon they'd kidnapped the girl and transported her secretly to a shipping container at a secluded dock.

No one was coming for her. No one would hear her screams - whether they be of pain…or pleasure. "AAAHHHH!! NO! STOP!" Miranda wailed, but the wail had a strangely conflicted lilt to it. Radic's furious clit-caressing barrage, combined with Felipe's cock stabbing upward into her slit, was a twin assault which finally sent the poor girl over the edge, headlong into her second orgasm.

"Oh god! UGHH!!!!" was all that the lithe brunette could get out as Viktor stifled her mouth with another dominating kiss, his tongue plundering hers as he savored her…as she convulsed violently on Felipe's penetrating shaft. The Spaniard threw his hips forward with a few more brutal thrusts, feeling his tip stab at her cervix until he felt his balls tighten with a load of cum just yearning painfully for release. "Here it is, whore! I'm coming right up your sexy little cunt.

Take it, bitch! Ahhhhh!!! Fuck!" Felipe's eyes rolled back as his cock twitched with a frenzy of need, spewing so much cum until her insides were a gooey mess. Miranda moaned plaintively as Felipe's cock slowly softened inside her snug, slick folds—until the last drop of cum had spurted into her pussy. Felipe's hands had a white-knuckled grip on Miranda's waist, but now he reluctantly let go and pulled his cock free of her damp paradise.

For a moment all the men drew away from her. Felipe's cock was covered in her juices and the excess cum of both Sven, who'd proceeded him, as well as his own. Miranda's gaze swept up to look at Jake with renewed disbelief.

"Jake…oh god…what if he gets me pregnant? You can't want one of these strange men to…to knock me up like this!? Jake?" Her eyes still searched his, beseeching, as if she refused to believe this nightmarish reality wasn't merely a bad dream from which she'd wake up at any moment. But Jake strode up to her and cupped her chin, staring into her eyes with a stoic cruelty.

Miranda felt all that warm cum inside her pussy, such a nasty, sticky taint that might as well have despoiled her very soul. Jake's hand cupped her sex, keeping the cum from oozing out. "Darling, even if he got you pregnant just now, I wouldn't worry about it too much if I were you.

I don't think you'll LIVE long enough for it to be a problem." As her betrayed husband's awful words hit home, the 23-year-old beauty felt like someone had knocked the wind out of her. Her body stilled. Her heart quailed. 'Oh god, have I really lost him? Has he gone completely crazy? Did my infidelity really send him over the edge?' All these thoughts and more were spinning in her brain as Jake whirled about and stalked out through the shipping container's exit without so much as a backward glance.

"Jake, wait! Jake!" she shouted after him.

Felipe's satisfied grin leered in front of her now. "You remember our agreement, bitch? You got a reprieve from the whip. Now it's your turn to live up to your side of the bargain.

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That includes sucking me off." Felipe unlocked the shackles around Miranda's ankles. Next he freed her wrists. As blood rushed back into her extremities, the slender girl groaned with a mixture of pain and relief. Her muscles felt like putty as Felipe threw her naked body over his shoulder and carried her toward the mattress in the nearest corner. He plopped her at the foot of the bed and then sat on the edge of the mattress. His semi-hard cock lolled from side to side, glistening with those awful combined juices.

The scent of sex hung in the air and emanated from the Spaniard's thick shaft. Someone else's rough hands grabbed her wrists and pulled her arms behind her back, binding her wrists tightly. "Just in case you get any crazy ideas, slut. Now start sucking off our friend. We need to test your cock-slurping skills," Sven growled. "Please, I'll do it. Please…d-don't hurt me," she ava and kota milf teen fucking sucking threesome. The gorgeous brunette stared wide-eyed at Felipe's thick, massive penis.

It was just glistening with all the combined fluids as she knelt between his legs. Sven caressed the girl's ass with deceptive gentleness and pulled her long hair behind her shoulders to give her easier access to Felipe's cum-and-pussy-soaked dick. Carefully, gingerly, she began to lick at his tall prick. She began at the base, her tongue sliding upward. As her tongue slid up the side of his penis, it grew hard again, as if by magic.

Soon her tongue was twirling around the purple-mushroomed tip of that cock, and she felt embarrassing arousal coiling between her legs. The taste of Sven's cum, Felipe's jism, and her own sexual fluids combined for a surprisingly tasty cocktail of flavors. She went from tentative sucker to a more enthusiastic participant. Her mouth rippled with effort as she finally smothered Felipe completely, bobbing her head up and down as she sucked him good. Felipe groaned appreciatively, gathering her long, dark tresses away from her face as he let her dictate the pace.

He let her impale her pretty mouth, the hollows of her cheeks showing as she gurgled with dedication on his shaft, pumping her mouth up and down, up and down. Meanwhile, the alluring captive felt hands fondling her ass. One of the men was cupping her supple cones too. She groaned as he gently squeezed her breasts…breasts which still had faint red marks from the brutal whipping Jake had meted out on them earlier.

Her mouth came up off of Felipe's cock for a moment as she shuddered. She glanced back to see that the hands tormenting her breasts were Radic's.

"Please, Sir, I said they're sore!" she begged. As if in answer, he pinched her nipples, wresting a yelp from her lips. "You think you can give me orders, curvy lady gets her fur pie drilled hardcore and blowjob No, Sir. I'm sorry sir," Miranda sighed. To her relief, though, she felt Radic move his fingers to her pussy, caressing her labia and clit.

She sighed, grinding her cunt back against his fingers as she continued to suck on Felipe's cock, hoping she could please them both with the proper enthusiasm. Felipe smiled, and she heard some of the men chuckling behind her. "It seems Jake was right. His wife truly is a shameless young slut.

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You think her tiny pussy is ready to take another cock, Radic? You look quite needy there." In answer, the beautiful girl felt a bulbous head—definitely the tip of a man's cock—nudge between her cunt lips as someone pulled her ankles back and arranged her, doggy-style, at the foot of the bed.

Sure enough, it was Radic, and he slowly eased his cock into her cum-encrusted sex before he began raping her with long, penetrating fucks, faster and faster, deeper and deeper, as she continued leggy angel gets willing for sex games homemade and hardcore moan and slurp on the Spaniard's manhood. "Ugghhhh… Mmmm!" she slurped. 'Oh god… these bastards are evil,' she thought.

'Will they let me live?' she wondered. Had Jake really lost it to the point where he was willing to let them kill her? Those chilling thoughts raced through her mind, suspended only by the flare of arousal that tore through her veins and settled in her belly like some unquenchable fire. The female captive tried to just focus on Radic's cock plowing into her sex, and on giving Felipe pleasure. Her pumping mouth finally tasted fresh pre-cum leaking from the tip of Felipe's penis.

Bunching his hands in her silky hair, he pulled her off of his dick and barked at his companion. "Finish coming in the slut's pussy. I want to fuck her in the ass." Now Miranda's heart was truly hammering in her chest. "Oh no. Please, anything but that. Not my ass!" Meanwhile her cunt sucked at Radic's manhood greedily with a squelchy-wet sound as he pulled out his long, vein-engorged cock, only to ram it back in so deep that she gasped and felt her pussy stretched to the limit.

"I'll fuck this bitch hard and she'll enjoy it. Uhh!! Won't you, sweetie?" "Y-yes S-sir!" Miranda moaned. "Please fuck me." Radic wrapped a big hand in her hair and yanked her head back, forcing her to arch and grind her pussy to meet his thrusts. "OW! Please, be gentle Sir.

I'll fuck you harder, you just have to ask." Now she slammed her sexy little bottom back to meet Radic's forward plunges, groaning as he fucked her tiny pussy with his thick cock and she just prayed that she could take it. 'Please just come inside me and get it over with,' she thought, but her quim happily throbbed with that impressive cock filling her to the hilt, his balls slapping rhythmically against her thighs… Suddenly she heard a heavy latch being lifted, the shipping container door creaking open… She glanced over her shoulder as she heard someone enter.

It was Jake. He was back, and he carried something in his arms which made Miranda turn completely white. No. Not something. Someone. ***To Be Continued. I hope to conclude the story in Part 3. I hope you enjoyed it. Remember, don't be ashamed to indulge your darker fantasies a little or even encourage someone else's fantasies.

Thank you. ~Kitty